September 19, 2004 - September 25, 2004
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September 25, 2004

To: alien pat
Pat, This show is pretty good, even though it's silly.
—bill verrinder

To: Ben
Congratulations on your graduation from bootcamp and the school of infantry. I am so proud of you, Ben. Good luck in the Marines! xxoo, Mom
—Nancy Mulford

September 24, 2004

To: The Hamon family
To my second family back on the mainland, I'll be thinking of you when the cold starts coming. Of course, I'll be on the beach...but I'll drink something cold and it'll be nearly the same, won't it?
—Michelle Scott

To: John
Dear John, I'm remembering a year ago when we we're enjoying meatloaf, loons, cute babies, good music, and the cold, cold north wind. We left our coats at the St, Louis airport but you and Garrison warmed me. Love, Rae
—Julie Gardner

September 23, 2004

To: Anne and Jim
Mom and Dad, Happy 50th anniversary. The week at the lake was great. Enjoy the show, and remember you're babysitting next week. We all love you.
—Doug, Peter, Rich and Bruce Hays

To: Ed Hogan
Ed, Cathy sends her long distance love and reminds you that if you propose, she'll promise to stay local.
—Cathy Nicoli

To: Sarah B.
Wife, thank you for bringing our child into this universe. I am tickled pink each and every time the thought of you two pops into my brain.
—Edward Bennett

To: Dad and Mom
Mom and Dad, the war here in Afghanistan is a daily reminder of how great the mid west is. Love the letters, tell the family I will be home soon. Love your son-CPT Hurlbuurt. PS - I didn't ask but I don't think you will be able to visit me over here.
—Captain Hurlburt

September 22, 2004

To: Jenn
Wish the elk in my direction while I'm hunting this weekend. Think full freezer! Love, Denny.
—Denny Hostetler

To: Christina
Happy First Year Anniversary....I guess you can finally tell your friends we are married! I love you
—Shawn Watwood

To: Gordon of Minneapolis
" For the fifty-eighth time, our anniversary in on October twelfth!' "
—Betty King

September 21, 2004

To: Dorothy LaMere
Happy 80th Birthday to Dorothy LaMere, one of the finest English teachers a son could have. Enjoy the show (Sept 25) and your visit to Minnesota. Love, Pierre, Diane and Joseph
—Pierre and Diane LaMere

September 20, 2004

To: Nancy Rappaport
Thanks for moving to Hawaii. Wish we could visit but we are too busy unpacking our sweaters. Give our best to the sea turtles!
—Jon and Katie Hemingway

To: Ellen S.
If you are listening: I'm feeling an impending sense of doom. Please send orangish ASAP.
—Heather Bennett

To: Tanner and Jen
You've become a man in every way, I'm thrilled about your special day. Jenn, she is the perfect match, Your children should be quite a batch. Dad
—Bob Womack

September 19, 2004

To: Dad
Happy Birthday, Peggy, You're beautiful, whether or not you're here. Miss your great chest. Love, Bob
—Robert Giovannucci

To: Kate and Mark McWiggins
Thanks for coming to the Vinyard with us. Sorry about my friends. Even I can't control them.
—Ann Stromgren

To: Dad, Judy, Melissa and Grammy
Can't wait to get back home to the States for a good ole' American Halloween! (Be sure to save the best candy for us!)
—Nicole, Mark & Rhys James (Wales, UK)
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