September 26, 2004 - October 2, 2004
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October 2, 2004

To: Jimmy
Good luck with your saxaphone section, and with Miss L. I love you so much, and wish I could see you more!
—Rebecca Mountain

To: Mom & Dad
Greetings to the Sun City West Republicans from the California Democrat, the only member of the family assured of salvation. There is still time to repent!
—Melissa Dugan

To: Cub Fans
Raised a Lutheran & a Cub fan...what more is there to say???
—JB in the UP

To: Ranger Deb
PSU in MInn/St Paul the same day as PHC and your in ND and we are in PA. Some time we should meet in the middle. Dad
—Ed Lease

To: Harv and Karen
Mom and Dad, Hope you enjoyed the tickets I got for you to the show. For a Christmas present, ten months late isn't too bad...for me.
—Micah Schreur

To: Ben Thornewill
Hey Ben -- I thought we were all Republicans now, what's with this
—Terry Smith

To: David H Jinno
Happy 66th Birthday Dad
—Josh Jinno

To: Mom and Dad
Hope you're having fun in St. Paul. College is great. My friends and I will be doing a shot whenever Garrison says Lutheran.
—Robert Mihalcik

To: Mom & Dad
Thanks for visiting. Now, do you believe that I'm in medical school?
—Stephen Mihalcik

To: Jackie
Glad that a St Paul girl uprooted to Silicon Valley can enjoy two hours of the Midwest each week with Garrison; a brief respite from the chips and dips of the Left Coast. Enjoy the show.
—Jack Lee

To: Jeanette
Happy belated sixteenth birthday -- I know it was last month, but you'll have to blame two very unkind ladies named Frances and Jeanne!
—Michael Jezierny

October 1, 2004

To: Barb
St. Paul is pretty but cold and the show is sold out. I miss you, I miss our daughter, and I miss sunny Georgia. Wednesday won't come soon enough.
—Jack Dominey

September 30, 2004

To: Justin
Hello my love! Happy 26th Birthday. I know that Garrison has stolen your heart, but I won't go down without a fight! I love you tenderly.
—Mary Goodspeed

To: Ma and Pa Jones and Ma Thornburg
Hope the mission to Atlanta is going well. We're looking forward to the Guthrie next week. (You know the pins in Ma T's hip are getting us special seats...)
—Mary and Grant Jones and Thornburg

To: Amelia
Enjoy your first birthday as a college student. Come over to Washington some time and I'll treat you to a ride on the metro. Have a great one!
—Stacia Falat

September 29, 2004

To: Simona
You were right about how much I would enjoy Garrison's show. Make sure you take care of all those cute dolphins, seals and baby octopuses in sunny San Diego.
—matthew miller

Dear Dad, It's funny how the older I get, the smarter you seem! You rarely get the recognition you deserve, therefore, the world should know that you are a wonderful guy and the best father a kid could have. HAPPY 60TH BIRTHDAY! Love, Your Daughter,

To: John & Lin
Mom & Dad, Happy anniversary. So glad you're still able to help me move. Hopefully it won't effect Dad's 22nd Long Beach Marathon performance.
—Kirsten Sumpter

September 28, 2004

To: Amy
I'm at the age where I've stopped counting the years, but still shamelessly trying to get Garrison to wish me a Happy Birthday (today) on-air!
—Amy Torchinsky

To: Grandma & Grandpa Mattson( Joyce & Paul)
Wish we were there enjoying the show with you. We're listening tonight in Maine with you in our hearts! Have a juicy lucy for us!
—Ruth Thyen

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Mr. Keillor, Hello, it's me, Kristine Johnson of Northeast Minneapolis. I wanted to thank A Prarie Home Companion for the opportunity to share my loon call at the street dance last Saturday. The cash prize was very generous; the opportunity to meet you in person, thrilling. I would like to offer up my loon calling services in the furure to you and A Prarie Home Companion. My talents are at your disposal. Sincerely yours, Kristine Johnson
—Kristine Johnson

September 27, 2004

To: Barbara Hodge
Cliff sends birthday greetings to his lovely ex-wife Barbara. The alimony check is in the mail.
—Cliff Borbas

To: Sister Margaret in nursing home in Oregon
Happy belated 91st birthday and many more. It's been too long since I visited and hope to again real soon. I miss you. Love, Debbie
—Deborah Bacon McGhan

To: Aja Mae Ramsey
Happy third birthday sweetheart! and congratulations to mom and dad who survived the terrible two's.
—nicole fabrey

To: Alan Seltzer
Happy 50th Birthday to Alan in the audience from your friends from Wyomissing, PA, with you tonight! Glad your wish could come true!
—Anne Seltzer

To: Mom, Darren and Suzanne
I hope you are all having fun at the show. Suzanne, please send me a copy of the Cabbage soup recipe. I have been dying to make it ever since i left MN.
—Shannon McGann

September 26, 2004

To: Chad
We've survived 3 years together. I'll bet $20 we make it another 70.
—Ashley Micco

To: Karen
Happy Birthday Karen! From Mike and the kids! We love you!!
—Mike Catling
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