October 31, 2004 - November 6, 2004
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November 6, 2004

To: Mom, Dad, and Emma
Although we are in different countries, we can still listen to the show at the same time during supper... the only difference is you are eating roast beef, and I am eating tacos! Love and miss you ! See you in six months!
—Leah Yingling

To: Robert, Sue-Ann, Dad
Happily connected with my American family thanks to PHC and webcamming with my sister in Des Moines. Love from Sheryl in North Queensland Australia.
—sheryl hime

To: Jackson
Congratulations on being who you are....even coming in near the end is an accomplishment....most people are afraid to even show up!!
—Robert Bewley

To: Joke Submission
Not sure what the e-mail address for jokes is (From New York - two originals jokes) I read something that said if you get winded walking up two flights of stairs, you shouldn't engage in sexual activities. Wow, that really hit me hard. I realized that I had to make some changes. . . Now, I'm dating a woman on the first floor. * * * * * * * Sorta in honor of Rodney Dangerfield: After a romantic evening as we prepared for bed, I asked my wife if she would wanted to make love. She said nothing would please her more. So, I took off my shirt and pants, crawled in next to her and leaned over and kissed her. She said, "No, I meant 'nothing' would please me more.
—Andy Ford

To: Ben
You make me laugh even more than the Pretty Good Joke Book. The past year with you has been so wonderful (except for George winning another term). Sorry I made you wear a tie tonight. I love you, sweetie.
—April Bergman

To: Chad
To Chad from Carrie in Sioux CIty, Iowa: Take a break from siding the house; come in for a cup of coffee and enjoy the jokes with me. Love, Carrie
—Carrie Radloff

November 5, 2004

To: Rick Barry
Happy 60th birthday Dad! Don't take any of the Iowa jokes personally. I know that Iowa is the greatest place on earth to grow up and treasure that it will always be home! Love from California!
—Kate Barry

To: Tarra Sackett
Tarra, Happy 51st birthday. Treating you like a goddess for 31 of those years has been my reason for living. Forever John
—John Sackett

To: My Dearest Hon Bun
Happy 30th Birthday! Sorry for all of my are not old, just 1,417 days older than me! I love you more than all the cats in the world.
—Teja Huntley

To: Chad
Chad, please take a break from siding the house; Come inside for a cup of coffee and lets enjoy the joke show together. Love, Carrie
—Carrie Radloff

To: Cliff Schlueter
Happy 60th Birthday! Garrison may not remember meeting you on the golf course that day so many years ago, but we certainly do. And when you start to forget about it we will be there to remind you.
—Kevin Schlueter

To: Adam Steel
Happy 59th Birthday my love. Nov 23, 2004. From your most devoted fan Lady Steel.
—Lady Steel

To: Adam Steel
We celebrate our first 6 months together as a couple on Nov. 9, 2004, now we have 54 years and 6 months to go on our first 50 years together. Love Lady Steel.
—Lady Steel

To: Dad and Lynn
Alright, we concede. Congratulations on your candidates' winning campaign "strategery." We must have "misunderestimated" what we up against. We're moving to Canada...or maybe even to Minnesota.
—Brian Gryzlak

November 4, 2004

To: Steve & Roz Starn
Happy 40th Anniversary! Thanks for your love, support and good example. I love you both.
—Katie Starn

To: Chuck
Happy 49th Birthday! Let's grow old together. You go first! Love, Sharon, your younger and 'first' wife
—Sharon Rezek

To: Julie, Audrey, Quinn, Brian
We are so excited that we get to see Prairie Home Companion. Thanks for the 40th anniversary gift. Mom and Dad
—Kathleen Dunn

To: Bob & Barb Munson
We wish you safe travel as you motor to Kansas City next week to attend Megan & Tracy's high school production of "The King and I." It will be splendid...excetra, excetra, excetra...
—Denise Gilbertson

To: Fellow Democrats
To my fellow Democrats, take comfort in knowing that half of America is suffering the same heartache as you. Also, rejoice in the fact that for the first time in his life, Bush actually has to clean up his own mess!
—Tess Lewandowski

To: Sue
My love, thanks for marrying me on the 5th, for our children, for loving me, and for dancing with me to the Tishomingo Blues
—Neil Calkin

To: Mom and Dad
From your daughter in California. The one who drives a German car. Still love you even though you didn't give us Florida. Back for more in four more years. Hope it doesn't feel like forever. Thanks for making me proud to be a liberal! See you for Thanksgiving. Love Zib
—Elizabeth Cosin

November 3, 2004

To: GW
I'm so glad you will be around for another 4 years...can I say that here? I'm so happy for you.
—Dougal McGuire

November 2, 2004

To: John Engels - my husband living in FL
We are finally listening to the show together this Saturday. Although we have to live in separate states for now, my love for you has never been greater. Thank you for your patience and support of always.
—Christine Engels

November 1, 2004

To: Mom,Dad, and Aaron
Hello everyone, can't wait untill Rachel comes home. Mom, your grand kitten is taking over the house. Love ya, lexy
—Lexy Crawford

To: My Fellow Americans
Congraulations on our new president!
—Antonio Rodriguez

To: Tom
Happy Birthday to Tom of Duluth! Looking like 27, feeling like 37, turning 47, hoping for 107!
—Peggy Spehar

October 31, 2004

To: Harry Cagin
Happy 90th birthday to Papa Harry in Cleveland. We had a terrific time at your party and can't wait till your 100th! Your loving grandchildren
—Susan Baruch

To: Dee
Dee, Through the cancer, the rowdy teenager, the career changes...We have made it through 15 years.I simply could not have made it without you by my side. Happy 15th anniversary !! I love you, Kathi
—Kathi Winstead
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