November 14, 2004 - November 20, 2004
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November 20, 2004

To: Grandpa Kay
Hi, here's to listening every week!
—Keith Kay

To: Carolyn Schwarz
Don't think of it as another year older, but another year wiser. Thank you for all your wisdom, encouragment, laughter and love, but most of all have a blessed birthday.
—Marlene Jones

To: All of my Lindberg relatives
It has been 1 year since we gathered in Lakefield MN to say good-bye to our 108 year old grandmother. God bless.
—Karen Caldwell

To: Dylan "Creaky" Voorhees
I remember you climbing in my window with diamonds on my 16th birthday. I bet you could still fit through. Thanks for the kitty litter.
—Annie Voorhees

To: All Head-fiers
Greetings to all Head-fi friends! Cheers, Raul
—Raul Saavedra

To: Dad Olszewski
A big birthday hello to my mighty grouse hunting Dad. Next time you visit, we'll set you after the wiley conch. love, Jenny, Rick and the good ship High Country, still sailing after those St. John rainbows.
—Jennifer West

To: William
I can't wait to be home and watch Prairie Home with you and the dog. Eating beans and hotdogs of course. I love you. Ethel
—Ethel Locke

To: Larry and Gail
Hey Ya'll down in Charlotte. You may have the weather but we have, uh , never mind.
—Mike Thompson

To: John Beddoe
John, I am thankful that we finally tied the knot, without going to Las Vegas and Elvis officiating our vowes. Love, Nancy
—Nancy Flolid

To: Garrison Keillor
David and I are thankful for Martin Luther. Otherwise we would have to spend all of our savings on indulgences!
—Suzanne Raddle

To: Maryellen
Happy 40th Birthday!
—Eric Manley

To: Nick & Betsy Salvati
Nick & Betsy: Zep sends a great big hug, even though he's just a little guy
—Giuseppe Volpato

To: Mary and Jim Mills
Hey, we're listening on the web in Venezuela and thinking about you. Hope your Turkey Day goes well. Lots to be thankful for even if the W did win.
—Nancy Ringier

To: Dale and Stu and Mom
To Mom, Dale, Stu, and Dakota. Enjoy Turkey Day a week early in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. Love you dearly. Hope to see you real soon. Shana
—Shana Hagan

To: Mom and Pop in East Peoria, Illinois
Make sure the griddle is hot and the aquavit's cold - I'm coming home for Lefse Day!
—Matthew Beets

To: Jonathan Stottmann
Jonathan don't sweat the small stuff. You will have your day in the sun soonerthan you think. Dad
—Leo Stottmann

To: Estella Garner
Happy Birthday, Great Aunt Estella A terrific lady is turning eighty, Ever faithful to PHC, she hasn't missed a one. Tonight in Florida (11/20) their celebrating and having lots of fun. Love you -- Mary, Darius & Quin
—Mary Meyer

To: Charles Helmboldt
Our love to "Charlie", "Dad", "Opa" in Rockport, Maine, O'Captain, Our Captain, Congratulations on 90 years of bringing the ship home safe and sound.
—Lisa Schleelein

November 19, 2004

To: Eileen in Slingerlands
roses are red, violets are blue, it's 20 years later and I'm STILL older than you! act 20? look 30? feel 60? must be 40! Happiest Birthday greetings from your (still) older friend Steven
—Steven Gentile

To: Buczia (pronounced: boo' sha)
Happy Birthday from Matt Michelin, Rachel Michelin, & Leanna, with all our love.
—Rachel Michelin

To: Jen and Eric in Sauk City
Dinner plans for Thanksgiving are progressing ... Dad has the turkey cornered as I write. Don't forget the cranberry salad! Love, Mom
—Sheri Breuer

To: Dad
Happy Birthday dad! I can't believe you are seem much older. I'm glad you are me real dad, I love you!
—Dougal McDougal

November 18, 2004

To: Dad
Happy Thanksgiving. We miss you. DOn't worry, we are heading up to spend the holiday with Mom. Kevin has been practicing how to carve the bird. Give our love to everyone you've met in heaven. We miss and love you, Your family
—Beverly Baird

To: Katie
Even though Alice can't always keep up with the rabbit, I'm sure glad to have you along this rocky trail with me! (I submitted an incorrect version earlier, sorry!)
—Jeff Dambrun

To: Katie
even though the rabbit can't always keep up with alice, i'm sure glad to have you on this rocky trail with me!
—Jeff Dambrun

To: eileen in slingerlands
eileen in slingerlands roses are red - violets are blue it's 20 years later - and i'm STILL older than you! happiest birthday greetings from your (older) friend Steven! act 20? look 30? feel 60? welcome to 40!

To: Bill
Bill, I know you don't like surprises,but here's one anyway. Happy Birthday from your wife Batool and kids Syed,Azam and Sarah. We love you !
—Batool Tauseef

To: Carol, Roger, Chuck and Mom Rezek
Carpe diem and the apple strudel. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!! Love, Sharon
—Sharon Rezek

To: Sharon
Happy 26th anniversary. The love we shared on our wedding day sustained us until God blessed with the secret of a happy marriage, separate bathrooms.
—Ed Lynch

November 17, 2004

To: kathie
happy birthday to kathie up in philo! from your bluegrass buddies pat, jean, & anne
—anne wilson

To: Jackie
Jackie, I love you and I really can't wait for you to come for thanksgiving.
—Mark Schlasner

To: Mark
I love you. Not to pry, but are we ever going to get married?
—Mia Anderson

To: Gramma Katie!
—Granddaughter Debbie

To: Julie Mom
Minnesota Mom to be, soon their will be three, sharing one love, blonde as they can be...Peace will Win.
—Jason Downing

To: Ryan and the Fortunes
Hope you and your family are enjoying the show in the big city, or at least this is where you said you would be instead of spending Saturday night with me.You can tell me all about it next Saturday. Love, from your lonely, Minnetonka girl friend. PS; "HI" to your family there with you.
—Caitlin McCulloch

To: Linda
Thanks for saying yes 25 years ago. I didn't know what a blessing I was getting.
—Jim Graham

November 16, 2004

To: Sooch
Right this minute,(starting 3:30 California time), we're sending you love at your memorial. You died at 104, but we want you to know that although you had Alzheimer's, and didn't talk, see or hear much, you gave enormous joy to those around you. Mazeltov!
—Betsy Wood

To: Billie and George Mills
We are so glad you are visiting us from California! The "home" folks are looking forward to the busy Thanksgiving week ahead, starting with a show the Fitz on November 20th!
—Jay Wilcox

To: Duane
Sorry I've been so grumpy. But then you knew I was a Liberal Democrat when you married me.
—Betty Layport

To: Mother Starlin
Hi Mom, remember to keep Fred off the desk, and get outside while it's nice.
—Donald Heffner

To: Aunt Kathleen
To the biggest fan of winter I know. Finally! You're into the chilly weather. I hope you're snuggled up to the fire under the warm glow of those hard-won sconces.
—Brigid Fitzsimmons

To: Sherry & Tony Zampino
My parents will be attending your show on December 11, 2004 for their 30th wedding anniversary. I tried to talk them out of leaving FLORIDA for SUNNY MINNESOTA (that's humor in case you guys don't recognize it), but to no avail... They absolutely insisted that they love frozen toes, digging cars out of snow, and something called the Mall of America. Personally, I will never forget the walking a mile in the freezing wind to so-called parochial school day in and day out when we lived in Chicago. I know it didn't bother them, because whenever I left the house to walk to school, they amazingly had some kind of joyous look on their faces (imagine the nerve!) Anyways, Prairie Home Companion is as much a part of my upbringing as my little sisters, the memories of the house we grew up in, and so on (not necessarily prioritized in that order). Many many times we waited for Mom to get off of the nightshift at the hospital and listened to your show on NPR late at night in the darkened car. As soon as I hear Garrison's voice, I think immediately of those memories of my parents and how much they love your show, and how much they love each other. So, on December 11, 2004, can you please announce a Happy 30th Wedding Anniversary to Tony & Sherry Zampino, the crazy nooks who decided to spend Winter in St Paul instead of staying home in Sunny Florida (against the advice of their grown daughters)? I think they will be in the Front Row during the show. Thanks very much for all the wonderful memories, Mary Zampino Clearwater, FL
—Mary Zampino

November 15, 2004

I'm sorry I ever told you you looked like a pregnant stork, I still love you even though you decided to get married and have a kid with someone else, My bad I guess.Merry Christmas I know you're an Atheist but you deserve that...
—Anne Do I have to

To: Uncle Al
Hey Uncle Al! All's well here in Vermont, Just wanted to say hi and see if you were listening to the show,
—Nate Moore

November 14, 2004

To: Earl Wolleat
Happy Birthday to Earl up on Pelican Lake. Can't wait til the ice gets thick enough to get the fish house out with plenty o' beer in the fridge, and the excitement of watching the "fish cam" on the TV.
—Cathy Britell

To: Andy
Happy Birthday! i hope this makes up for the past couple years when i've told you that your gift was in the 'mail'.
—Becky Russo

To: JW Lown
Happy 28th to the biggest Prarie Home Companion fan I know! Keep them West Texans talking. Good luck on your campaign. Love, Your sister
—Alicia Lown

To: Rayburn Gornall
Happy 80th Birthday Dad. Thank you for being a devoted father and serving our country during the Big War. Love, Sarah and Scott
—Scott Gornall

To: My Daughters, Marian & Megan
Stay warm there by the fire. We're thinking of you and we wanted to report: here by the South China Sea in Davao City, Mindanao, Philippines, there is still no snow. Love, Dad
—Stacey Baird
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