November 21, 2004 - November 27, 2004
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November 27, 2004

To: Markie
hope you are well. Just want you to know that the Warlord is alive and well, having settled for the time being in Dallas. The one in Texas. Hello to Jack and Andy.
—The Warlord

To: Hannah Linnea
You Mommy and Daddy, Grandma's, Grandpa's and Many Aunts and Uncles Miss you Sweet Heart. We said goodbye before we had the chance to say Hello....
—Brian and Gloria Doyle

To: Andrew Schlieter
Andrew, Congratulations on achieving a double-digit age. We're really proud of you. Happy 10th birthday, Mom and Dad
—Kurt Schlieter

To: Gallupos
Thanks for keeping the Tradition alive with good food, great spirits, and even better compnay.
—Paul Jackson

To: Tom Peterson
Happy 11th Wedding Anniversary tomorrow (November 28th) to my own "Dudley Do-Right". Life with you continues to be a holy and amusing adventure. Thanks for coming to the Fitzgerald with me tonight.
—Sue Peterson

To: Cindy
It was great spending Thanksgiving with you and the rest of the family. I hope we can do it again. P.S. Don't let the buttheads get you down!
—Peggy Brown

November 26, 2004

To: Thomas Harsevoort
Sending my love from across the sea. It has been a tough year living in England without you, but only days away now and I will be in your arms again.
—Shauna Bridger

To: Pam and Al Conkling
To the Mayor and First Lady of Badger, IA - Congratulations on 40 yrs of marriage! As parents, your're a tough act to follow. I'm sending you to St. Paul to see your favorite show. It's your turn. Love, Stacy
—Stacy Cassell

To: Mikael
Thank you for coming all the way from Salt Lake City back home to Minnesota with me just to sit in the sauna, eat cloudberry jam and fresh-baked bread, and chill with a crazy family of Swedes. I love you!
—Emilie Berglund

To: Uncle Gary
We miss you Uncle Gary! Had you only put on your snowtires! The I-55 median at Lincoln, Illinois, wouldn't have those new tire ruts . And you could have made it to Thanksgiving and our night at the Fitzgerald Theater. Be Safe. All our love, Kathy, Tom, Allison, Greg, Cristen, Bill, Beth & Emily Rochester, Minnesota
—Thomas Schwab

November 25, 2004

To: Cheryl Speck
Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary today from your hubby. Life with you has been like riding a real fun roller coaster. We've had our ups and downs and we screamed a lot in the beginning. I can't wait for the next time around. All my love.
—Rick Speck

November 24, 2004

To: Theresa
To the love of my life, *: In two days, we'll be celebrating our 19th wedding anniversary. Remember when we first met 24 years ago at a party neither of us wanted to be at, and where our mutual appreciation for dark beer and Frisbee brought us together? Since then, we've lived halfway around the world and raised two great teenagers. I couldn't have asked for more! Love, *
—Jim Accurso

To: Veronica
I look foward to spending many years together as your devoted Husband.
—Juan Garcia

To: Judy
Don't forget to save the Pope's nose for daddy!
—Ceil Gram

To: Linda & Richard
Hi to you all in England and have a Happy Thanksgiving Brian in Okie
—Bruan Jones

November 23, 2004

To: Mom Katie
Happy 96th Birthday from your kids Gail and Glen in Crescent City, CA. Please stop beating us at 4 Kings in a Corner or we're taking you to Las Vegas.
—Glen Brunner

November 22, 2004

To: Erik Larson
you said after the second cold day you'd take me to the butterfly pavillion, there has now been six cold days.
—Cynthia Holdeman

To: Ted and Carol Evans
Hi, Now there are 3 people in Meyersdale that know of Lake Woebegone and Garrison. Since this is being read do you think I'll get ANOTHER Kiss?
—Jessica McClain

November 21, 2004

To: Rachel
To Rachel Welcome to baby Julia, my dear one. She could not be more beautiful than you were. Love, Mom
—Carol Anderson

To: Jimmy & Esther Sorensen
Happy 50th anniversary Mom & Dad! Thank you for not getting mad about the biscuits on the ceiling or the smoke in the basement.
—Your Children
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