November 28, 2004 - December 4, 2004
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December 4, 2004

To: wayne "BEST VIKING" franson
Having just finished chemotherpy GET SWIMMING !!!!
—steve roen

To: Tree
Thank you for making my life right. I could not have done it without you!
—Geo Lytle

To: Rachel Elliott
Hey Banana Twin, Just wanted to wish you a superbly exciting ninteenth birthday! Watch out for the cinderblocks and alarmclocks. Say hi to Tony for me.
—Racheal Pressnell

To: Joel
Hi Joel: Thanks for 2 years of wedded bliss. I'm looking forward to the next 48.
—Rebecca Johnston

To: Stefan
Good evening, Stefan, my love. While listening, loving.
—Rutherford Witthus

To: Artie in Homer Alaska
Hope you are enjoying the show. The snow is melting here, soup's on the stove and I'm fixin' to make an apple pie with praline topping. Wish you were here. Fiamma in exile on Turtle Point.
—Fiamma di Gioia

To: Gary George
The cats and I are so proud of you. We can see you on the stage of the Fitz. You must be so happy!
—Jim Cox

To: Mary and Jim
Listening in Venezuela and looking forward to seeing you in Paso Robles soon.
—Nancy Ringier

To: J
To the best actor in Madison. Love you
—Jeffie Robinson

To: Mom and Dad
With medschool loans, I couldnt afford a radio to listen this show. So found a job in St. Paul, and now I can at least press my ear agaisnt the theater door. Now if I could only afford some handsoap for my office...
—Kit Vanichkachorn

To: Agnes, Ella, and Joe
Hello to Agnes and baby Ella from your husband. Sorry I havent helped breastfeed the baby; she doesnt like the way mine taste anyway.
—Greg Vanichkachorn

To: Jan-Henrik Andersen
Thanks for all of the wonderful times, with all my love~
—Lenee Lane

To: Ellie
Happy 21st Birthday to my wonderful daughter! Enjoy studying peaceful conflict resolution in Northern Ireland next semester. I am so proud of you! S'Bohem.
—Mommie Hunter

To: Braden
Almost 6 months now of marriage bliss. Only 75 more years to go. God give us patience. Your loving wife,
—Aaltje (pronounced al-cha) Baumgart

December 3, 2004

To: Lucille Esposito
"Birthday Greetings to Lucille Esposito, from the former loyal clients of her Café. We all love her and await her next enterprise."
—Paul Hopson

To: Grandma Helen
Grams! Have the best birthday ever! I love you! p.s. I would appreciate giftcards and makeup for christmas and MONEY if possible thanks much. MUAH!
—Lauren Cole

To: Emily
Hey, i really did put ur name on here before! So HI!!!!! I hope to see u Saturday. I called Alex and he said he probably won't come.
—Dana A

To: Tom and Squanchy
Two weeks to go and I can impress the family with my new British accent. I can say "Oye" with conviction again! Love ya.
—Shauna Bridger

To: Buzz
To My Man, Buzz Happy Birthday! May all your wishes come true and I hope that one of those wishes includes me! Thanks for 7 wonderful months! Love, your Barbie
—Barbara Stringham

To: Mom & Dad
Congratulations on forty years of marriage. What an inspiratin you are to my brothers and me. We hope the next forty are as fun as the first forty have been!
—Shanna Dale

December 2, 2004

To: John
Happy 25th wedding anniversary to the only man who ever got me into a fishing boat. You were the best catch of all! Love,
—Rhonda Degelau

December 1, 2004

To: Emily
Just wanted to say Hi!!!
—Dana A

To: Lynwood Bryant
Happy 96th birthday, Grandpa! May the coming year be happy and healthy.
—Katherine Bryant

To: JuJu
I am so proud of you on your first snow in Minnesota. Don't escape back to California, tough it out and brave the tundra, you can do it!
—Rick Palm

To: Karen Olson
Happy Birthday to Karen over at the UTNE, and congratulations on the new promotion. Even though I'm on the West coast, I can still see your sparkling eyes. Will
—Will Jensen

To: mom & jim
Congratulations on finally selling the house--have a wonderful time 'free falling' in China! We'll take good care of Dingo and Ru.
—erica & brian young

November 30, 2004

To: Brinton
Hi! I love you, go to China if you want to. Dream Big*
—Dana A

To: Dr. Monika Bolino
I honestly was going to finish up my thank you notes tonight, but now I'm stuck trying to think of a clever reply for you! You're pretty amazing, too!
—Dr. Rebecca Morrow

To: Dr. Morrow
Can you believe we have been Doctors of Anthropology for two whole months now, Dr. Becca? Thank you for your amazing support, and don't forget to mail your thank you cards to your dissertation committee...
—Dr. Monika Bolino

To: Leland Wiant
Happy First Birthday to our nocturnal little bundle of joy. Is it nap time yet? Love Mom and Dad
—Mary Wiant

To: Jessica
To Jessica in Washington from Jason in Zhangjiajie, China. Missed you and can't wait to see you later this month. With Love from China, Jason
—Jason Eirkson

November 29, 2004

To: Mom and Dad
Sends all my love from up in Alaska. Sorry for being a pain in the butt, but hey I am a teenager growing up.
—Erin Dickson

To: Andy
Andy, Thanks for the wonderful weekend in St. Paul, Minnesota. Hope you enjoyed the white castles and the juicy lucy's. Sorry Craig didn't let you run the snow blower. Your loving wife, Lynne
—Andy Magner

To: Bob
Happy 81st birthday, dad. We have the new gasket for your blender. How about breakfast in Polonia tomorrow ?
—Norma & the kids Schultz

To: Emily and Sally
Hi! I hope you listen to Garrison Keillor now.
—Dana A

To: Mugsie
Happy e-i-g-h-t-i-e-t-h birthday. Your secrets good with me!
—Nancy Lowry

November 28, 2004

To: Mallory Hubbard
Happy 8th birthday to Mallory Hubbard - the sweetest little girl in Sugar Land TX. Love, Mommy
—Paula Hubbard

To: Jim
hello you wobegone ham
—jim stewart

To: Matt Brazil
Dad, Thanks for a wonderful trip to India last week. It was a perfect way to start my new post-highschool life! Love, Esther
—Esther Brazil
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