January 16, 2005 - January 22, 2005
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January 22, 2005

To: Richard and Betty Kurtz
To our parents' wedding anniversary- that happy day proving we are, after all, legitimate. Happy 56th!! -Love, Betty Ann, Joan. and Kim
—Kimberly Barkley

To: Coral & Steve
Greetings from Austin, TX to our dear relocated friends Coral, Steve, Conor & Jacob. Stay warm up there! We miss you!
—Marjorie Gallece

To: Jim Lauderdale
Jim Lauderdale's friends from Flat Rock, Jenny and Brad, wanted to tell him (and everyone else) that they got engaged on Dec. 23rd. Sorry we should have told you in person. Call us when you get home.
—Brad Albin

To: Richard Goebel
To my twin brother Rich aboard the USS Monterey, sorry to hear they lost your absentee ballot, bu I have good news: I voted twice, love Frank
—Frank Goebel

Ah! Just found you online, dear APHC. Listening to you from Macedonia (Europe) - a Wisconsin Cheesehead and a Montana girl. So good to tap the food and to laugh with you again after many years - 13! - apart.
—steve & Karen Lied

To: Michael Gabriel Scorsone
Happy Birthday to our 15 year old, we're proud of you for weathering our transition. You are a fine young man and will be a wonderful veterinarian! Love Mon & Dad
—Wendy Scorsone

To: Lannis Smith
Thanks for all the chess pie, blackberry cobbler, flan, all the candy and breads, the potatoes and the broccoli and the pears... Now that you've gotten old enough to enjoy cooking almost as much as I enjoy eating, will you still love your Dad when he weighs 400 pounds?
—Beaufort Cranford

To: Newark Balkan Chorus
Our thoughts are with the Chorus after the death this week of Evanne Weirich, the director, who brought the group to Prairie Home Companion on March 15, 1997 Anthony & Carlene
—Anthony Hill

To: Jodi
Congratulations to my Catholic daughter for successfully surviving surgery in the Lutheran hospital. So relieved to know it went well.... With love and healing thoughts from your New Age mom
—Esther Le Sieur

January 21, 2005

To: Marguerite Maki
I am hoping for a quick winter and I am looking forward to our lake activities to resume next spring. You, along with Ginny, Fran, Jim & Lisa and Mary are the best "lake neighbors" one could ever wish for.
—Kathy Gilson

January 20, 2005

To: Victoria Lynn Donovan
My little Irish Angel, thank you for the 15 most beautiful months since you were born.
—Thomas Donovan

To: Stinky
Eating herring, living in the dark, drinking Aquavit, sleeping on a bed made of solid ice, in 15 deg weather... Sweden was one great vacation!! Thanks for the birthday gift!
—Jennifer Rapp

To: Scott
Metric Boy, You are my funny one. Love, all 154 centimeters of your A4Girl
—Esther Sung

January 19, 2005

To: Rachel Smith
Happy 11th birthday from Baghdad! You put the color in my life, and I'll be coming home to you soon.
—Lt Col Doug Smith

January 18, 2005

To: Shoshana Miriam Gross
Have a wonderful semester in Scotland. Your mother and I love you very much.
—Dave Shinall

To: Diane
miss you. hope you are well.
—K8 K8

To: Hoopie Shoopie Sarah
Happy New Year!! Look forward to hearing from you soon. Howie
—Howie Areyu
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