January 23, 2005 - January 29, 2005
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January 29, 2005

To: pinky
happy birthday, my honey
—eli s

To: Matt Howd
Happy Birthday Babe! Lake Wobegon is the perfect place for the three of us to celebrate. Love, Kate & Max.
—Kate Gjerstad Howd

To: Tom Deschner
A mighty 85th birthday greeting (Feb. 5) to the intepid kayaking dad, Tom, in Seattle! Love, Marquita and Joe
—marquita & joseph green

To: Dad
I wanted to get you an airplane for your birthday. If you'll lend me the money I'll share mine with you. Happy Birthday.
—Vaal Gribskov

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 29th, all these years and only 4 kids to show for it. We love you, Sean, Susie, Anna Marie, Mary Kate, and Denis.
—Anna Agniel

To: Toni
To my darling Bride, Happy sexieth birthday, I LIKE your new drivers license picture! I'll let you know when you can be an 'old lady'
—Thom McNulty

January 28, 2005

To: Sandra
Hope you are having a happy 30th Birthday out on the Prairie!
—Tim Griffis

To: Andrea
Ramies, Wanna go to PHC in April? "He's" playing in NYC. Let me know. Might lighten things up a bit before graduation and the wedding. Let me know! Love you from Coast to Coast! Mommie
—Mary Hillebrenner

To: Sandra
Happy 30th! It's really NOT SO BAD, especially if you get to hear stories from Lake Woebegon LIVE on your birthday! Hope you are enjoying the show.
—Jennifer and Joe

To: JM & Baby Willie
Miss ya there in SC, listen to your sister, feed the horse and your grandmother, remember the trash and leave the lights on for us. Love Mom & Dad
—Mike Phillips

To: Talyn
Happy Birthday(recipient)!From your hillbilly cousins Justine & Damien. May all the dreams of your 6th year come true. PS Say Hi to your Mom
—Justine & Damien Jackson-Ricketts

January 27, 2005

To: Ken Shimizu
Happy 23rd birthday to the best thing that Vermont has ever done for North Carolina!
—Jessica Kaufman

To: Abby Mullen
Happy 19th Birthday! If Lake Wobegon exsisted, you'd be swimming in it!
—Eileen Shaughnessy

January 26, 2005

To: Katelyn
Wishing you a very happy birthday in Oakland, California. Now that you are of age we can visit all the local bars together... for the music, of course. Love from your best friend,
—Joe O'Neill

To: Katelyn
Wishing you a very happy 21st Birthday in Oakland. Now we can visit the bars every weekend... for the live music, of course. Love,
—Joe O'Neill

January 25, 2005

To: Luke Ballman
For Corporal Luke Ballman, briefly at home in St. Paul while on leave from military duty in Afghanastan. Thanks for your service. Love from your sister, Laura
—Laura Ballman

To: Deb Weathers
Sis, Thanks for cleaning my Michigan house up so Mom & Dad can move in and enjoy the next phase of retirement. Tell Lauren she's welcome to use the $36.12 in spare change found for her Tsumani donation project. - Steve in Sunny Phoenix
—Steve Wurdock

To: Steve Walters
Happy 45th Birthday hon! Sorry I have to work on your birthday, but we'll celebrate next weekend. All my love, MJ
—Mary Jo Ralston

January 24, 2005

To: Shanna McNair
Shanna McNair-- There is a blizzard at the door and the blink blink of the snowplow is ligthing the night up orange. Are you out there somewhere. Melissa Falcon needs a rescue. . .
—Melissa Falcon

To: Emily Little
Happy 25th Birthday "Little Delicious." Have fun at your party saturday night. Even though it's your birthday, we hope you are cooking for the party. Love Brian, Bruce, Kiri, Tyler, Emily and all the gang.
—Brian Pew

To: Gerry
Here's to a stellar birthday! With love from Celeste, Tycho and Cynthia
—Celeste Peterson

To: Michael
I love You! Says Amy your wonderful wife. Thank you for the many months of marital bliss, and can't wait for the years coming. Your loving wife
—Amy DeWitt


To: Joe
Happy 20th Birthday to Joe up at the University of North Dakota. Don't get your tongue stuck on anything. Love Mom, Sam, Petey and Scout
—Wendy Holmquist

January 23, 2005

To: Brinton
Congrats on your first girlfriend.
—Dana A

To: Montevallo Chillers
Who'da thought a bunch of old hippies from Alabama would be mentioned on a Minnesota radio show ?? Here's hoping this old college "family" will continue to celebrate many chills together ! Thank you to the Mayor of Chill-ville, Willie Craig !
—Carole Rogers

To: Howard Fullerton
Howard Fullerton, Happy 67th Birthday, Dad! We hope you get home safely from your trek to the north country. Love, Eric, Joe, Meg, & Kate.
—Katherine Fullerton
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