January 30, 2005 - February 5, 2005
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February 5, 2005

To: Betti Iwanski
To Betti, my college roomate, Haven't heard from you in some time. hear you live in St. Paul. Wish I could find you, because I am getting married and would like you to be my bridesmaid! Janet, U of Wis. - '76
—Janet Faller

To: Mom and Dad
Only 96 days until retirement! What will you do with all that free time? Can't wait to see you in four weeks... love, tj, dave and the beastie
—Tanya Tupper

To: Keri
We're so glad that you're here visiting from Boise. However, our cats Niagara and Oberon miss your cat (Gaydar) very much. Oberon apologizes for sleeping on your head last night.
—Josh and Lindsey Pepper

February 4, 2005

To: James Dickey
Hello Dad in Palisade colorado, from you son D.J. in Durango Colorado at Fort lewis College. Thanks for the Call and hope you are doing well . Love D.J.
—Derek Dickey

To: Coralette
I don't know how you managed to hit Minnesota when it's 50 degrees in February, but please remember it's the EXCEPTION -- not the rule. The pets and I all miss you, so I hope you aren't too enamored with Minnesota Nice to return to Sweaty Florida.
—Eric Starkweather

To: Ronald Allen
Congratulations to Ron Allen on your retirement of 37 years of Federal Service. While you may leave all of your friends and co-workers, you can now expand your literary talents, and who knows, maybe Garrison will invite you as a guest on his program. We'll be listening.
—Susan Hagood

To: Amy
Meeting you this year solidified the significance of the number 33
—Tyler Thomson

February 3, 2005

To: Jim Gaither
Happy Birthday from your mother-in-law. I hope you and Michelle are enjoying your winter vacation in Minnesota. Sorry the Vikings didn't make it to the superbowl, but I'm glad you finally get to see the show at the Fitzgerald theater.
—Sandy Elliott

To: R.J. and Beverly Horsley
To my only Son and Daughter-in-law Good Luck with the move to Las Vegas. We will miss you so much. LOVE MOM & Barry P.S. Keep in touch,& keep a light on for us.
—Sharon Horsley

February 2, 2005

To: Grant and Lyndsey Baker
I am SO excited to see you! The days are counting down! I think that it is...33 more days, but it may be 32. See you soon! I love you!
—Alyssa Baker

To: Grandma Weinzerell
Hope you and Brittan [not Brittan-y] are having a wonderful weekend. Please don't let her on the plane unless she's bringing back summer sausage. Love,
—Mark duBose

To: Kari
How much we are in need. You've been sick with the flu and are feeling pretty blue. But our mouths are waiting some feed. So get well soon PLEASE! Love Brent,Charlotte and Matthew
—Brent H

To: Katie (Peoria, IL) and Nicholas (Chicago, IL)
(for show on 2/5/2005) What a weekend.We have done Mardi Gras, the Super Bowl but the best is right here in St. Paul MN. We Made It. Will come home when money runs out.
—Frank (dad) and Cynthia (mom) Lopuszynski (lo po zinski)

To: Roger
To my Husband on our Anniversary Who would have known when we were twenty-somethings Who would have known that just one furtive glance Would set my heart aflutter, send it racing Who would have known our love would stand a chance? You, a bespectacled lad, a little scrawny Warm smile, a friendly face, the jokes so corny, You had my heart the moment I first saw you I knew right from the start you were the one You were the one that I could love forever You were my guiding light, my setting sun. Now that we’ve been together on life’s journey For almost 40 years, I feel divinely blessed Who would have known that we would still be happy And still in love…who would have ever guessed? And so my love, I pledge to you forever That by your side I’ll stay till heaven calls I hope and pray that I will go before you I couldn’t cope without your touch and love. Thank you, my love, for all the years of caring Thank you for opening up my world to vistas new Thank you for all the sharing and the growing But most of all, thank you for being you! All my love—your wife,
—Susan Rochat

February 1, 2005

To: Jack King
A day late--a dollar short--sorry. Do hope your birthday was happy and just the way you wanted it to. How was dinner out?
—Shirley Kopp

To: My Lost Love
I let you go because you wanted to, But you'll never know how I needed you. If you ever need me, you know I'll be there. As ever, Your Best Friend.
—Your Best Friend

To: Sarah Q.
My lifelong tour-guide. Happy 50th Birthday as we listen to this tonight in Amman, Jordan. Thanks for your love, our wonderful daughters, and putting up with me.
—John McCracking

To: Celena Jones
Dear Celena, You don't like itchy blankets you don't much frequent banquets you also hate sharp cheddar you also collect sweaters Although it has taken a while this knowledge of you I've compiled this seems like the end of my poem so I propose we just go home
—Graham O'Brien

To: The Go Girls
We have made it to the big city girls, this is the weekend we "do St. Paul!" We only wish our dear departed Susan could be here to join us - we send our love and especially our laughter to her up in heaven!"
—Lynn Youngblom

January 31, 2005

To: Jan Miller
Happy 61st birthday, my friend of 56 years--Sibley Elementary, Harding High and beyond. We've been friends thru it all--our friendship continues. Happiness to you.
—Shirley Kopp

To: Martha Johnson
Mom...Be back in the States in April. Save a few scones for me and a tub lime jello. Would not taste like home without it. your son, Dale
—Dale Johnson

January 30, 2005

To: Joe
Joe- Happy 16th Birthday - If you could have waited this long to start might be driving now. Love, John
—John Kollhoff
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