February 6, 2005 - February 12, 2005
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February 12, 2005

To: Hey St. Paul!
You're always on my mind! I've had a huge crush on you for over a year. Please be mine for all time, dear sweet Valentine. May I run away to You, my dog, too! LOVE
—Tillie A

To: Davie boy
Good luck living in the big city of brotherly love your going to need it. I feel sorry for you being a farm boy down town. Much like a chicken ammist a pack of hungry wolves. And thankyou for being the only freind in more misery than myself.
—Roy Campisi

To: Rose
To my longtime partner in love and labor, fifteen years have flown by since you tripped me on the dance floor, and I am ever more in love with you. Happy Valentine's Day from Seth in Croton, N.Y.
—Seth Rowland

To: Mom & Kevin
Happy birthdays Mom & Kevin, we hope that you are enjoying today's MN veiw from your kitchen. Love Jim,Kelly,Lisa & John
—John Wood

To: Caitlin and Ryan
Happy Valentine's day! Cupid's finest hour was when he got the two of you together. Hope you are enjoying the show. Love mom and dad.
—Kathryn McCulloch

February 11, 2005

To: Vicki
My lovely and generous wife, thank you for nearly 20 years of marriage...I believe the next 20 will be even sweeter.
—Chuck Densinger

To: ghisleane
sorry i could not afford the diamond studs this year, hopefully this will make up for it. i love you very much.
—dany velazquez

To: R.J.
R.J. Hope your lisitening to Garrison on your drive to Las Vegas, from Columbus,OH. Hope your safe, call when reach your new home. I miss you so much already. Love Mom P.S.Sorry the cats got to fly and you had to drive.
—Sharon Horsley

To: Granny Oakley
With all my Love. Happy Valentine's Day. L.P.
—Lustrus Potentate

To: John in Connecticut (aka dad)
Happy birthday! You may not think we mean you, but we really do. Hope you are not too embarrassed or mortified. We love you lots!
—Jen and Gwyn Troyer

To: Dana Michelle
It's been two wonderful years with you and I don't regret a moment(accept that night in Nashville). Happy valentines day, love you!
—Joshua young

To: Oliver
Greetings to Oliver, who will be a life-long listener at the end of today's show. His brand new parents love him so.
—Matthew Ticaric

To: Bill Morgan
Happy Birthday to Bill, you are a great man. I love you, molly
—molly morgan

February 10, 2005

To: Steven Wade
We've listened to this show together in Puerto Rico, Virginia and Japan and many places in between. Thank you for gifting me with your love in all places. Happy Valentine's Day.
—karen judkins

To: Jeigh
In 5 1/2 years of chocolate-sweet marriage, my love for you has grown beyond the confines of my soul.
—Chris Newton

To: John Rumps
It took a man from Alaska to teach a woman from Minnesota the wonder of "A Prairie Home Companion". Thank you, for this enlightenment, and sooo many others! Glad we met. I LOVE YOU!
—Barbara Staley

To: All my friends in the US who might be listening
Listening to the show on the Internet way up in Reykjavik. I miss you all. When are you coming to visit?
—Amy Clifton

To: Bev
Happy 25th anniversary! Living with you is like waiting to go on vacation as a child. I can't wait to wake up in the morning to see you again!
—Rick Napurski

February 9, 2005

To: Bill Garvey
happy 60th Birthday Grandpa Bill! Hope you are enjoying the show!! Love, Abigail, Madeline and Liam
—Eric Garvey

To: Jules
This is a great Christmas present - thanks. Oh yea, Happy Valentines Day too. Seems we were able to kill two birds w/ one stone.
—Tim Costello

To: Bob
Our 18th anniversary is 2/14/05--our friend Bill Leslie sang Hello Love at our wedding as I entered the room. Would really like to hear it again sometime--would you include it in a show?
—Jeannie Inskeep

To: Kortney Rae Spaeth
To the youngest 'Golden Girl' who turns 15 on Tues.,Feb 15th--Happy Birthday to our 'Favorite Granddaughter'!
—Grandma and Grandpa Rood

February 8, 2005

To: Cheryl Harkey
Happy Valentines to my beautiful bride of 31 years, you my sweet wife are my biggest joy, and best friend, I love you everyday!
—John Harkey

To: Jamie Lantinen
Thank you traveling from the Twin Cities to D.C. this weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday and our 2nd Valentine's Day. Here's hoping we make it to our 30th Valentine's Day together!
—Elizabeth Roen

February 7, 2005

To: Christopher
With your hand in mine, I would go anywhere. I love you. Happy Valentine's Day.
—Jennifer Newton

To: Morrie Loder
Happy Valentines Day I am actually starting to like this radio show. Do we have to sit in the dark to listen to it? 34 years of marriage, I love you.
—Lucy Loder

To: Kevin O'Brien
Happy Birthday, Kevin! Hope you have a great 47th. Can't wait to celebrate at Prairie Home Companion.
—Joanne O'Brien

To: Ron Becker
Greetings to my brother Ron, who also is a fan of Prarie Home Companion. I wish to say a very early Happy Birthday to you and lets celebrate by having cream soda and black olives !!!
—Cindy Becker

To: Carole
Happy 25th anniversary. I like you more than most men like their wives.
—Craig Witt

To: Lawrence
I hold you in high regard and want the world to know how much I enjoy listening to "A Prairie Home Companion" with you. Happy Valentines Day, Carole
—Carole Kimbriel

February 6, 2005

To: Kris
You should now consider yourself "waked". It was a wonderful time in St. Paul. Thanks to Micahel and Olivia for letting me go to Minnesota, and Jim, I'm moving on, but remember Mary Oliver's Wild Geese. See you in Kansas.
—Mary Ann Mansfield

To: Judy Marcus
Who knew that all roads lead to St. Paul? Happy 60th birthday, Mom. Here's to another blissful 60 shared together.
—Jennifer Newton
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