February 12, 2005 - February 19, 2005
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February 19, 2005

To: Barbra Kaprielian
TELEGRAM! Eastcoast missing you on the westcoast terribly! Visit soon! XXOO
—Gerrilynn Oestreich

To: Mom
Happy Birthday Finally celebrating your 31st birthday, you will always be my baby. Love Mom
—Terri Turek

To: Dori
Hi Dori, Thanks for being such a great friend. Glad you found your way to Ohio from Minnesota!
—Tony Pitts

To: Mike Serafin
Mike enjoy the visit to the big city east of the river, dont forget to bring the 2 cases of bacon with you to Chaska.
—Jim Nehmzow

To: Parker Jernigan
You are my dear, precious son and I'll see you soon. I love you.
—jim jernigan

To: Chris
Sorry I had to kidnap you, but happy 23rd birthday, anyway! I love you!
—Sayward Touton

To: Colleen
Hello to my wife who is with a sick relative in San Francisco instead of the show. I remembered to feed the dogs,snake and mouse
—Brad Stone

To: Wyatt & Abby
Wyatt & Abby, Thanks for being such great kids. We love you and be good until we get home. Love, Mom and Dad
—Risa & Jeremy Karras

February 18, 2005

To: Elsie Fohrenkamm
To Elsie, our mother, Happy 54th Birthday, it suites you! Thanks for bringing us to Prairie Home Companion for your birthday! Love Sonya & Sara
—Sonya Fohrenkamm

To: Jim Rominger
Happy Birthday! You can bet I'll still need you, and I'll still feed you, when you're 64 on Monday (and beyond)! Lots of Love Susannah
—Susannah Willison

February 16, 2005

To: Owen Foss
Greetings to Owen, in the audience celebrating his 83rd birthday with grandson Micah, 30. They're with three of their favorite gals -- Vivian, Michele, and Marsha.
—Marsha Foss

To: Lyle Besemer
Lyle, good luck on your career goal of being permanently suspended with pay!
—Pam Gross

To: Leslee Boissy
Happy 50th Birthday to Leslee Boissy in your audience on 2/26/05 from Central Square NY. Love From Mom, Amy and Barb
—Barb Boissy

To: Steven
I'm sure Boston is pretty cold for a Southern boy like you. Thanks for your encouragement in my Germany endeavors.- greetings from across the atlantic
—Meggan Holt

February 15, 2005

To: Mom& Dad in Texas & Grandma Di in Carlisle, PA
Hello to you from Josh & Grandpa Strand sitting up in the balcony. What a trip! Gustavus, St. Olaf, the T'Wolves and now PHC - live! Um Ya Ya!!!
—Roger Strand

February 14, 2005

To: Skip and Mary Verzal
Glad you were able to escape the frozen tundra of the north country for a visit to balmy St. Paul. From Mike and Linda in tropical Omaha.
—Mike & Linda Verzal

To: Joan Bort
Happy 75th Birthday. We're sorry we didn't accept "Deli Sandwich" when we played Scattegories. We should know you are as wise as you are old.
—Susan and Chuck Bort

February 13, 2005

To: Pam Stevens
Seventeen years ago I asked Central Casting for the perfect wife and in-laws. 'Got em! Thank you Central Casting, or whoever My love for you-boundless!
—Dick Stevens

February 12, 2005

To: Hey St. Paul!
You're always on my mind! I've had a huge crush on you for over a year. Please be mine for all time, dear sweet Valentine. May I run away to You, my dog, too! LOVE
—Tillie A

To: Davie boy
Good luck living in the big city of brotherly love your going to need it. I feel sorry for you being a farm boy down town. Much like a chicken ammist a pack of hungry wolves. And thankyou for being the only freind in more misery than myself.
—Roy Campisi

To: Rose
To my longtime partner in love and labor, fifteen years have flown by since you tripped me on the dance floor, and I am ever more in love with you. Happy Valentine's Day from Seth in Croton, N.Y.
—Seth Rowland

To: Mom & Kevin
Happy birthdays Mom & Kevin, we hope that you are enjoying today's MN veiw from your kitchen. Love Jim,Kelly,Lisa & John
—John Wood

To: Caitlin and Ryan
Happy Valentine's day! Cupid's finest hour was when he got the two of you together. Hope you are enjoying the show. Love mom and dad.
—Kathryn McCulloch
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