April 2, 2005 - April 9, 2005
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April 9, 2005

To: Omaha
Happy first birthday Omaha sorry we did not have the tickets to be there live.
—Kara Thorsen

To: Nancy Hartman
Dear Nancy, Bill and James, Come to Minnesota and we will see Prairie Home Companion and go to a Pow Wow. Love, Carol
—Carol Hartman

To: Julie Winter
Happy birthday. You are a living example of how a loving relationship gets better, richer and more delicious each passing moment, even though you are sick at home and had to miss the show. Chicken soup is on the way.
—Jon Child

To: Craig
On our 1st anniversary- After one blissful year together, I feel it's finally safe to tell our friends the truth--that we met online instead of a one night stand gone terribly wrong. I can hardly wait to see the next chapter in our story!
—Mary Schneeweis

To: Mark (Vince's tenor banjo player)
(To GK: this is a joke for Mark McCarron, Vince Giordano's tenor banjo player and one of my subs on "Fiddler on the Roof") Mark: Your name is in the "Fiddler on the Roof" sub book for tonight's show. Harvey's understudy is on so you'll be playing in all the old keys that we haven't done in months. Be sure to get there plenty early to go over them. By the time you hear this, I'll be back home, 75 miles away. Thanks for covering me. Have a great show. Paul
—Paul Molloy

To: Mary and Tom
Thinking of you from sunny Florida and wish we were closer to home. Come visit and smell the orange blossoms. Lots of love,
—David and Beth Bourbeau

April 8, 2005

To: Mom
I am bringing my mom to the show on Saturday for her birth day. I told kids in 4th grade about it and they think I'm weird. Maybe we shouldn't talk about this.
—Nick Iacovelli

To: Amy Lynn
Hope you enjoy a Prairie Home Companion as you recover from your surgery. So far, this one has been the easiest, let's plan on never doing this again! Love you, you are tougher than you look!
—Michael DeWitt

To: John my love
And you thought I didn't know what you were doing... Thanks for the best married year of my life.(that is my first year of married life!) Your support means more than my ongoing college credits. Love always Jessie
—Jessie Clark

To: Jessie Clark
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary & Happy 25th Birthday to my wonderful wife!!! I hope you enjoy Saturday night's visit to Lake Wobegon (Town Hall, NYC).
—John Clark

To: Rory
Visiting you at work was fun yesterday. On another note, we should learn how to do our own taxes by this time next year.
—Amie Brooks

To: Rob Rand
Good luck with your reirement Rob. It has been twenty pretty darn good years of working with you. Fourchu will not be the same.
—Scott Johnson

To: Ari and Julia
Don't worry about the mold. We can always make cheese or grow penicillan.
—Scott Johnson

To: Arlene and Art Geiger
Jenny Geiger from Chicago sends 52nd wedding anniversary greetings to her parents, Art and Arlene Geiger in Toledo, Ohio (the anniversary is April 9th). Only you two would get married on a Thursday so you could beat the traffic down to Florida!
—Jenny Geiger

To: Ivan
Happy first anniversary! In my life, I have never known such love and care. My dream came true!!! I love being your wife!
—Marcia Kass

April 7, 2005

To: rob
Congradulations rob, your name is now known across the nation! I hope you get a kick out this.
—Kyle Mulgrew

To: Tyson and Victoria Benson
congratulations on the birth of your daughter, alejandra!
—Philip davidson

April 4, 2005

To: August "Gus" Seidenberger
Happy Birthday Gus 77 year's young... Just remember Age does not matter unless you are a cheese," said Billie Burke - Glinda the Good Witch in "The Wizard of OZ"...
—Al and Pam Irizarry (Ear'ris' arry)

April 3, 2005

To: Kelly
Can't wait to fly down from NY to Texas to see you! Is it true what they say about the size of a man's cowboy boots? Can't wait to find out!
—Juliet Lazarski

April 2, 2005

To: Dot K
A big hello to Dot from New York and the rest of the BirdCam crew! The weather is fine, the cams are on, and the birds are laying eggs - what could be better?
—Amy Ries

To: To my little flock...
Yes, I SHOULD be working on my sermons for tomorrow, but I figured... the week after Easter, and so close to April Fools Day... What would Jesus Do? So I'll just collect some some good jokes and pray that the elders forget to change their clocks!
—Pastor Dave Nederhood

To: Sara
Happy birthday to our little girl, Sara. Two years old and going strong. May you have peace and love every day. Love Mommy and Daddy.
—Miguel Cortes

To: Laura Dolard
A month of waiting paid off; I finally got your birthday present- orchestra seats for PHC - at Wolf Trap for Memorial Day weekend - Lets roll!
—Robert Dolard

To: Jim and Dixie
Greetings from Roscommon. Lost your e-mail address.
—Bob Stair
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