April 9, 2005 - April 16, 2005
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April 16, 2005

To: Vance P. Gibson
Dad, We love and miss you alot. Allison & Spencer
—Allison Kelly

To: Wendell
Wendell, Miss you and hope you're doing well. You were a great fish. All our love, Matt, Dylan & Helen.
—Helen Papp

To: Aura
Happy Birthday. The best companion for an obnoxious man is a patient woman. Will you marry me?
—Dallas Hayes

To: Erik Eickhoff
Your organ recital at Yale University last night was simply brilliant. Bravissimo! No one fell asleep - it was very loud so they couldn't. Keep up the good work! I suspect that your style of playing the organ is typically Minnesotan: no-nonsense, straightforward and everything as written.
—Brother William Ng ofm

To: David
Congratulations on keeping the same schedule during the bids. Lets do breakfast on Monday to celebrate. Love ya.
—Gayle Kleck

To: Bill Kraft
Happy 53rd Birthday to you dad, Wish I could be there with you and mom tonite. (april 16) West Point keeps me busy. I'm studing hard and marching sharp...will be home soon. love your Cadet son, Jake
—Jacob Kraft

April 15, 2005

To: Capt. Jannell MacAulay
Hope you are having lots of fun flying those C130's through the sandy sky. USAFA class of '98 certainly is great! Keep 'em flyin', "Xena!" P.S. did you get the can of black olives?
—Cynthe' and Bob Winebrenner

To: Debra Swoboda
You said all you really wanted for your 50th birthday is this greeting, so Happy Birthday. Now I have to return the diamond ring by Monday.
—Steven Graham

To: Nick Donohue
You're from St. Paul; I'm from Minneapolis. Despite the profound regional differences, we've managed nearly six years of wedded bliss. Happy anniversary, sweetie!
—Heather Donohue

To: Paul
Happy 70th Birthday Paul, from your daughter Jodi. Hope being at the show tonight reminds you of Radio Days past. I love you.
—Jodi Peckman

To: Tom Root
Tom in Michigan, Congratulations on retiring after 41 years of great gumshoe investigating. Maybe now you can take the time to find the real answers to life's most persistent questions. Well done…your beautiful dame.
—Vicki Ballard

April 14, 2005

To: Karlis
Happy Birthday to Karlis, from Lativa, 12 years old from all your friends at school. Good Luck with the baseball season and dont forget to practice your cello ! Mrs. W.
—Linda Weyerts

To: Preston and Tenison
Good morning to my sons, Preston (14) and Tenison (5)... who have been force-fed this show since summer 2001! They make faces when we're listening to the show, often in the car...but I know they have grown to enjoy the skits and Mr. Keillor!
—Beth Hendrix

April 13, 2005

To: Roy Wendell
Happy 81st Birthday from the Wendell kids! You survived survived prison camp in survived fours years at Notre Dame..but your greatist survival was raising us four kids! THANKS we Love you! Love Gail,Carol,Diane and Ken
—diane tabone

To: Grandma Marianne in Hill City, Minn
Happy 86th birthday greetings from your Delaware, Colorado and New York delegations. Don't try to dig all the parsnips by yourself when the ground finally thaws.
—Gordon Lipscy

April 12, 2005

To: My family & friends
Happy Birthday Brother Chris, Cousin Beth, Uncles Bud & Jay, friends Louie Leslie & Peter, and especially Dad, all born this week...Oh, and Happy Anniversary Cousin Susan & Brad. Whew, thanks, that saved me 20 bucks!
—Denise Porter

To: Scott
Thanks for all that you do to keep team Zagler on track. I'm looking forward to welcoming our newest member this summer!
—Elizabeth Zagata

To: Tom and Marge Bostwick
Happy 50th Anniversary, Mom and Dad. We look forward to celebrating your big day on April 30th. With love from your family.
—Kirk Bostwick

To: Omaha
Happy first birthday Omaha, had the French been able to say Keillor instead of Killer, you have been named after two great men. Much love on your first. Mama and Papa Bless
—Mama and Papa Lecossois

To: Kathy and Zach
Miss you, heaps! Make sure that baby is real dirty so that I can soap him up with bubble bath and kiss his wee nose. Love, "Aunt Amy"
—Amy Lehr

To: Art & Laura Fenner in Lebanon, Oregon
Happy 75th Wedding Anniversary! With love from your grandchildren, who appreciate all the years you've spent spoiling us. :)
—Paige Wallace

April 11, 2005

To: Tom , Jo, Brandon & Jenna
Sorry I didn't include you in my greeting that Garrison read aloud in the NYC show, but I knew you weren't listening anyway! Much love!
—Lulu Thompson

To: Sweet Savio
WHEN: the weekend of April 22nd as his birthday IS 4/22!! Happy 50th ~ most endearing man ~ love your zest for life and knowing IT'S ALL ABOUT THE BARGAIN!! How much do I owe you??!! Happy Dancing
—Cindy Stevens

To: Aunt Minnie in Minneapolis
Hi with love to my inspiring 90-something aunt from your nephew in New York City. Wish you could be here.
—Ken Stark

To: David Raddle
Happy Birthday to the most handsome and soulful Lutheran in Arkansas. Your love gives me the strength to get up and do what needs to be done. The Lord being willing, we will celebrate the next 50 birthdays together. This is most certainly true!
—suzanne raddle

To: Aura
Hi, I will be attending the 4/16 performance at Town Hall in NYC and would like to propose to my girl who will be with me. I'll post my message below, but could someone contact me and let me know if it will be read, just so I know? Thank you. Her name: Aura (Spanish pronunciation - A-oo-rrra) Message: "Aura you are proof that the greatest gift for an obnoxious man, is a patient women, please marry me."
—Dallas Hayes

April 10, 2005

To: Andrew Krauss
Sorry to hear that your girlfriend read your private emails. Let's catch a movie, now that you've got more free time.
—Meredith Silverman

April 9, 2005

To: Omaha
Happy first birthday Omaha sorry we did not have the tickets to be there live.
—Kara Thorsen

To: Nancy Hartman
Dear Nancy, Bill and James, Come to Minnesota and we will see Prairie Home Companion and go to a Pow Wow. Love, Carol
—Carol Hartman

To: Julie Winter
Happy birthday. You are a living example of how a loving relationship gets better, richer and more delicious each passing moment, even though you are sick at home and had to miss the show. Chicken soup is on the way.
—Jon Child

To: Craig
On our 1st anniversary- After one blissful year together, I feel it's finally safe to tell our friends the truth--that we met online instead of a one night stand gone terribly wrong. I can hardly wait to see the next chapter in our story!
—Mary Schneeweis

To: Mark (Vince's tenor banjo player)
(To GK: this is a joke for Mark McCarron, Vince Giordano's tenor banjo player and one of my subs on "Fiddler on the Roof") Mark: Your name is in the "Fiddler on the Roof" sub book for tonight's show. Harvey's understudy is on so you'll be playing in all the old keys that we haven't done in months. Be sure to get there plenty early to go over them. By the time you hear this, I'll be back home, 75 miles away. Thanks for covering me. Have a great show. Paul
—Paul Molloy

To: Mary and Tom
Thinking of you from sunny Florida and wish we were closer to home. Come visit and smell the orange blossoms. Lots of love,
—David and Beth Bourbeau
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