April 23, 2005 - April 30, 2005
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April 30, 2005

To: Bill, Bob and Jim
For the June 3rd show in Los Angeles if possible: Greetings from your Reform School Cats: Luther, Calvin, Cranmer, and Zwingli. Hope that you are having a great time tonight at the Bowl. . .come home soon and feed us or else. . .
—William Gallimore

To: Chris Spengler
I know how you love your geneaology, but come to the living room to listen to the rest of the show with me. Most if not all of whom you are writing about will be in the same place an hour from now! I have cheese and crackers!
—Bill Spengler, Toledo,OH

To: Phil and Barbara Byarlay
Hello to Mom and Dad from Brett in Hampton. Thaw out some pork chops. I'll be home on the 11th.
—Brett Byarlay

To: Warren & Phyllis Consoer
WOW 60 years together! What a wonderful example for all of us. So on May 1st. go out and have some fun already!! Love you...
—your kids, grandkids and gread grandkids

To: Rev. Randy and Rev Louis
In Illinois and Nothern Virginia, you great UU ministers keep up the good work. Really just wanted to hear Garrison compliment UUs for a change.
—Mary& Lee Cottrill & Conder

To: Misty
Congratulations Misty...graduating "magna cum laude" from the University of Evansville after graduating Valedictorian from the Indiana School For The Blind...and now on your way to Indiana University grad school and that PhD...we love you. Dad and Mom
—Leonard & Terrisa Kienzynski

To: Phyllis
You live in NY and I live in Virginia Beac h: the kids are growing like ketchup on the vine - let's spend the good years together.
—david hollander

April 29, 2005

To: Gordon Williamson
I love you more today than yesterday and that's no BS Baby! We'll get through this...
—Kathleen Williamson

To: Jane
Mom- Thanks again for getting us tickets to the show here in Norfolk. I know we said that in exchange you could name our first child, but, well, let's see how good the show actually is, first. Missing Minnesota and both our families in it, Melissa and Eric
—Melissa Sonnenberg

To: Joan Davis
After ten years of persistence,congratulations on earning your doctoral degree. At age 61, you have your whole future ahead of you! Make the most of it.
—Shirley Kopp

To: Dave Gurgel
While you would make a fine understudy for tonight's host, please keep your seat and let the rest of the audience enjoy the real deal.
—Susan Abel

To: David Hollander
Let's lose the ketchup and try the duct tape next!!! After nine wonderful years NOT together, I love you more than ever, honey bunny.
—Phyllis D'Amato

To: my wife Margaret
Happy Mothers day!!!!one son is out on his own, one more to go!!!Then we can be teenagers again, nudge nudge wink wink!
—Curtis Bellfy

To: Mary Douglas
Congratulations on your graduation from Virginia Wesleyan College with a perfect 4.0 GPA . Highest in the Class!! Good Luck at Old Dominion with your Masters! We hope you dance!! Love Mom and Dad
—Edward Douglas


To: Ryan Brons
Congrats from the whole family on the vicarage appointment. Just remember to keep the sermons short. Our Lutheran butts can only handle an hour on Sunday mornings.
—Gary Brons

To: Noah, Natalie and Isabel
Happy May Day to my grandbabies and their parents who were frisky and fertile and made me a grandma. I am still frisky but no longer fertile. This May Day I will dance around the May Pole and hope more grandbabies will result from my ballet.
—Granjan Meyer

To: Mom and Dad in Spring Hill, Florida
I'll be down for a visit Tuesday. Tell Aunt Lola to stock up on cheap wine.
—April Phillips

April 28, 2005

To: Dad
I listened to the version of Adir Hu from the April 23rd show. You were right; it was beautiful and reminded me of saders past with the family. It would be nice to hear family voices singing it again. I love you dearly.
—Joan Lyons

To: Esther Pfister
Mother, Whishing you a happy 88th birthday on May 3 in Michigan from us at the show here in Norfolk. Congratulations on recently being honored by the Lenawee County Federation of Women's Clubs as being the oldest Past President, and as you put it "who's still around."
—Russell Pfister

To: Glenda
From her husband of almost 33 years. Happy Mother's Day. Except for a few extra pounds and some gray hair that the kids gave you, you haven't changed a bit. I love you.
—Manuel Lopez

April 27, 2005

To: Tamar
To my lovely bride of 23 years, Happy Anniversary! It has been a "stormy" year but the sun is out and springtime is warming our hearts.
—Duncan Marx

To: Mike Hunt
Happy Birthday Mike! I know that you make 35 cents a day in prison but in under 30 seconds. Stay safe.
—Connie Lingus

To: Bill
Happy 10th anniversary to Bill from Ann in Portland OR. They told us it was good luck to be married in the rain. Guess they were right. Here's to 10 more happy, rainy, years.
—Ann Abernathy

To: Dad
I want you to know i miss you lots. we love you.
—Allison Kelly

April 26, 2005

To: Karen
To my loving and beautiful wife Karen, Although I do not tell you I love you often enough and I can't explain why, I managed somehow to get Garrison Keillor to tell you for me on Public Radio and his web site! Your loving husband, Bob
—Bob Richardson

To: Dean, Steph, Mariah, Heather, Mike, Scottie, Janet, Aaron, Brian and Karen
I had a wonderful time as usual, the pineapple was exemplary. Am now convinced there is no such thing as "Bad Tiki"...the gods would not allow it, so why should we? Mahalo and Aloha Your friend, always and in all ways. James-Scott.
—James Metcalf

To: Tommy Parks
Happy 10th birthday. Thanks for inviting me to your party at Motorworld. I wouldn't miss it for anything...except the Guy Noir show. (It's not every day a third-grader gets to see his hero in person.)
—John Ingersoll

To: Marguerite
Happy Mothers Day from your first ten, 21 grandchildren and eleven great grandchildren and don't forget the two on the way....You are a mother of mothers, the best, we love you.
—Ginger Paradise

April 25, 2005

To: Bill Pollock
Dad, We want to wish you a happy birthday. Sorry we can't buy you a really big present. Need another pair of shoes? Love, Ricardo and Allison
—Allison de Jesus

To: Thomas Todd
Here's to being gimpy - thank you for nursing me back to health following the great 'car-meets-pedestrian' event. I'm lucky to be alive, and luckier still to have you. I love you awful.
—Kim Monaco - Ness

To: Nylorac
Happy Birthday, Nylorac. Besides meeting you in the Philippines, being here at Chrysler Hall for the PHC show is one of the most memorable highlights of my life! I love you. Ffej
—Ffej robinson

April 23, 2005

To: Jack and Mac and David and Deirdre Wrenn
To Jack and Mac and Deirdre and David Wrenn, back in their nest today. Hello from across the cove from the Sgouroi
—The Sgouroses
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