April 30, 2005 - May 7, 2005
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May 7, 2005

To: Ruth Alexander
Happy Mother's Day, Iron Thumb! Thanks for our South Dakota prairie roots from your strong daughters, good-looking son-in-law, and above average grandchild in Boston.
—Jane and Sarah Alexander

To: Phil Patry
Dad, Happy Birthday in Minot, Maine, a quiet peaceful little town (usually). Since I've been in law school I've been broke and can't afford to get you a present - so instead please accept this free special birthday message.
—Joe Patry

To: Diane Goforth
Happy Birthday and Mothers Day Mom. I love you more 'cause you have less years!
—Samantha Hensley

May 5, 2005

To: Candy
Happy Mothers Day from kids and me. Love Ya.
—Al Thomas

May 4, 2005

To: Corliss and Bob Calhoun
Congratulations Corliss and Bob celebrating their 60th anniversary and Corlissís 80th. Sorry the family from Vienna, Va canít be there with you. Dad, did you get those dinner reservations?
—Les Kroeger

To: Mark & Penny
We're glad your redialing persistence paid off and you secured tickets for the Corn Palace performance. Love always, from Colorado.
—Greg & Pat Gimbel

May 3, 2005

To: Eve Homan
Happy 25th anniversary! Two English majors. One great love story. Many more chapters.
—Selden Smith

To: Rhoda White
Happy 100th Birthday, Mom (June 3). We hope to all be there in Madison to celebrate with you. We will have to play a polka so you can prove you can still keep up with us. Love Bill & Norman
—Norman White

To: garrison keillor
hey there, garrison. you'll never know just how much you mean to me. well..maybe now you do. thank you.i love ya..we all do. xo amy
—amy lehr

May 2, 2005

To: Gerrit
It has been way too long since we sat outside had a glass of wine and talked, lets do it soon
—Ken Bult

To: Stella Beulach
Happy 100 Miss Stella! Born May 31, 2005 in Pennsylvania. We're glad you're here with us in Baton Rouge.
—Trish Tonguis

May 1, 2005

To: Chris
Honey, It's been less than four years since we've been married, but quite a roller coasterish experience, I wouldn't change a thing. I love you.
—Lara Beilby

To: Renato
we wish you an invigorating 55th birthday,and hope that you remain the eccentric professor of roman structures and the smiling daddy that we now you as.
—Giulia Perucchio

April 30, 2005

To: Bill, Bob and Jim
For the June 3rd show in Los Angeles if possible: Greetings from your Reform School Cats: Luther, Calvin, Cranmer, and Zwingli. Hope that you are having a great time tonight at the Bowl. . .come home soon and feed us or else. . .
—William Gallimore

To: Chris Spengler
I know how you love your geneaology, but come to the living room to listen to the rest of the show with me. Most if not all of whom you are writing about will be in the same place an hour from now! I have cheese and crackers!
—Bill Spengler, Toledo,OH

To: Phil and Barbara Byarlay
Hello to Mom and Dad from Brett in Hampton. Thaw out some pork chops. I'll be home on the 11th.
—Brett Byarlay

To: Warren & Phyllis Consoer
WOW 60 years together! What a wonderful example for all of us. So on May 1st. go out and have some fun already!! Love you...
—your kids, grandkids and gread grandkids

To: Rev. Randy and Rev Louis
In Illinois and Nothern Virginia, you great UU ministers keep up the good work. Really just wanted to hear Garrison compliment UUs for a change.
—Mary& Lee Cottrill & Conder

To: Misty
Congratulations Misty...graduating "magna cum laude" from the University of Evansville after graduating Valedictorian from the Indiana School For The Blind...and now on your way to Indiana University grad school and that PhD...we love you. Dad and Mom
—Leonard & Terrisa Kienzynski

To: Phyllis
You live in NY and I live in Virginia Beac h: the kids are growing like ketchup on the vine - let's spend the good years together.
—david hollander
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