June 4, 2005 - June 11, 2005
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June 11, 2005

To: Bill Hagood
Congratulations to Bill Hagood upon receiving his Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of West Florida in Pensacola. P.S. In December your student loan comes out of deferment...hope you get a good job. Love, Mom & Dad
—Susan Hagood

To: Karleen Katona
Good luck with the interviews. Even if you don't get a job, I'll still be proud of you; at least you're not at home eating my food and using my electricity like your brother.
—Leon Katona

To: Hawken School, Nr. Cleveland, Ohio,
"That the better self shall prevail, and each generation introduce its successor to a higher plane of life." Learning with "Passion, Rigor and Fair Play." Go Students, Teachers, Vikings, Cyclops, & Hawks! We love what you all stand for! Tillie and Zack
—Cleo Piper

To: Ryan
Happy 5th Birthday to Ryan Burdick of Brunswick, OH. Love, Mom & Dad
—Christopher Burdick

To: Hello to Mom & Dad in Athens, GA
Thank you for giving us such a beautiful wedding one year ago! We promise to get started on Project Baby very soon! Love Leslye and Chris
—Leslye Queen

Cherie and Diane, Thanks for all that you have taught us. English is not just a major, it's a lifestyle! We love you! Katie and Ellie, Malone College class of '05
—Katie Hughes

To: My husband Rick
Thanks for ten wonderful years of marriage. You continue to be practically perfect in every way. I love you very much.
—Pam Makowski

To: Michael and Jeffrey
Hey, Michael and Jeffrey! Mother and Jason are here in Ohio looking forward to the Canada/New England cruise. Can't wait 'til "the ship hits the sand"!
—Jason Thomas

June 10, 2005

To: Don & Eileen Vowles
Mom and Dad celebrated their 66 wedding anniversary on June 10th. They are sitting in Section 12, row H with their son and daughter-in-law at Blossom Music Center.
—Dave Vowles

To: Dad
The weather here in Ohio is hot, but the boys are hotter! See you back in Orlando next week.
—Emily Dorff

To: Chuck and Chally
Cleveland's hot. Hope Canby is not. Please come visit soon. Love you.
—Tim and Jennie Moran

To: Muriel
Thanks for coming up from Cincinnati to spend your life with me. Sorry it took so long to show you Blossom Music Center.
—Jack Greenleaf

To: Brian
You are the love of my life, my best friend. Thank you for making each day a celebration. Happy Anniversary! I love you sweetheart.
—Anna Finigan

To: Billy
Yes, it's wonderful that you just retired but I still have to go to work in the morning so please could you not make your toast right at the time that I am making mine? I love you.
—Ginger Huston

To: Ron
Sorry about that dead fly in the frig. Let’s make a deal: what do you say I put the garbage out on Sunday night? Your loving wife of 11 and half years,
—Danice Kern

To: David
Glad your flights went well. I know the return ones will be as good. Enjoy the confrence. You are missed so hurry home.
—Gayle Kleck

To: Lori Simonian
Lori thanks for 11 great years, glad you're from minn. and turned me on to Garrison.
—matthew simonian

June 9, 2005

To: Kathy Larson
Happy 30th Anniversary to the beautiful girl that sat next to me in eighth grade. Some good things come early in life.
—Ken Larson

To: Don Lee
hey dad, good to be here with you at the meeting of the professional organization of english majors. enjoy the guitar show!
—Toby Lee

To: The Sheperd Kids
We were the first generation of listeners. You were the second. Don't you think it's about time for the third.
—John Sheperd

To: Everybody
Hello everybody out there!
—Micheal Jackson

To: Jack Neville
The High St.Gang hopes that the "vacation" you took to Cleveland Clinic to perk up your heart is about over. At least you trimmed the bushes before you left - now it's time to sit on the porch and watch the grass grow and the grandkids play. Get well and come home soon.
—JEANNE Neville

To: Kevin
Thanks Kevin,for all you do. Love you, the Boulevard women.
—Judy Wells

To: Shirley and Elmer Tyler
Mom and Dad - enjoy the show in Cleveland! Please don't worry about me and Jenn moving to Wisconsin; if I decide to go to grad school, I will contact the Bank of Dad directly!
—Dan Tyler

To: Ruthie
Happy Birthday!! to the most beautiful and incredible Bride a Groom could be blessed. From your number one cheerleader and Warrior Hub,
—Paul Matosky

To: Jessica
I hope your dress fitting went well. Only about a month till we tie the knot. I love you.
—Michael Tudor

June 8, 2005

To: Sue Kramarich
For our 25th anniversary I promised you Alaska, well we got lost and ended up in the 3rd row of Prairie Home Companion. Love You!
—John Kramarich

To: Congregation of First Christian Church
Pastor Doug and Linda send greetings to the congregation of First Christian Church of Tiffin (OH). The sermon is ready. See you at 9:30 a.m. tomorrow!
—Doug and Linda DeVos

To: POP Crosby
We miss and love you and hope you are in a place of joy. We will keep mom on the straight and narrow.
—Michael & Carla Crosby

To: Bob White
Bob you are good looking and I'm strong. The children are almost above average. Let's have 15 more years of fun. Happy aniversary, Barb
—Barb White

To: Dick Rich
Happy 70th birthday! Congratulations on your strength, fitness and mental acumen, but please remember that when you hear that ringing noise, you need to answer the phone and not the toaster.
—Greg, Christina & Sofia Rich

June 7, 2005

To: Tony Scimone
Happy Birthday baby. I hope in your garden you have found some peace, that the garlic is growing strong and that you're ready to come back to my loving arms for a little birthday kanoodle on Sunday. I love you!
—Mary McDonald

To: Kathy Wolfe
With gratitude for 21 years of service, retirement blessings to our beloved Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Kathy Wolfe, from your colleagues at Boulevard Elementary in Shaker Heights.
—Kevin Hill

To: Maritza
Thanks mom for helping with college. You couldn't go 'cause grandpa said no daughter of his was going to matriculate and show her thesis.
—monica bushman

To: Darrel
Here together on Blossom's lawn, Happy anniversary to my own sweet Prairie Home Companion of 26 years! From your 50% Swede sweetheart--
—Chris Armstrong


June 6, 2005

To: Katie and Mom
Mom and Katie... Greetings from Morelia, Mihoacan. Mexico is hot, I still canīt find any Dr. Pepper, and I miss home so much I am even looking forward to landing in Texas. Much Love to all of you! See you all in a couple of weeks
—Charlie Davis

To: Katie and Mom
Mom and Katie... Greetings from Morelia, Mihoacan. Mexico is hot, I still can't find any Dr. Pepper, and I miss home so much I am even looking forward to landing in Texas. Much Love to all of you! See you all in a couple of weeks
—Charlie Davis

To: John and Laurie
Happy 26th anniversary, Mom and Dad. There's no other place we would rather be tonight than here at Blossom with you. Well, except for maybe the Mushroomhead concert later tonight... Love, Eric and Mike
—Eric Stauber

To: chris
happy belated aniversary to that UNC physics alum lambda chi alpha frat boy remember that promise you made me in alaska 1993 before you left for the other side of Kodiak, september is coming
—denise june1

To: Heidi Watters
Heidi, Thank's for 10 wonderful years of marriage and 2 great kids.Who could ask for anything more. Happy anniversary !. Love, Kevin ( We'll be at the Blossom Show )
—Kevin Watters

To: Pat
dah-dit-dah-dit....dah-dah-dit-dah. Our radio signals crossed paths 42 years ago. Did you call me first or did I call you? I still don't remember. Happy 33rd anniversary! dit-dah-dit-dit...dah-dah-dah....dit-dit-dit-dah....dit
—Ron Bartlebaugh

To: Linda
Happy Anniversary Bubbles- Thanks for 34 years of laughter, two great sons and grandson Jack. And to answer your persistent question, YES...I would have asked you to marry me even if the rings were NOT on sale! I love you.
—dan walter

To: Mom, Dad and Joey
Mom, Dad and Joey, All is well in Saudi Arabia, just a little hot and dry. Wish you were here or better yet, we were there! Love, Kris and Melissa
—Melissa Koziol

June 5, 2005

To: Danielle
I have loved you forever, I will love you always. Will you marry me?
—Lucas Sheperd

June 4, 2005

To: Darrel
Happy Anniversary here on the lawn of the Blossom Music Center to my own Prairie Home Companion of 26 years-- With love, Your 50% Swede sweetheart
—Chris Armstrong

To: Nora
Nora, I love you soooo much. I want to live with you for the rest of my life. Will you marry me?
—Graham Google

To: Ruthie
Happy Birthday! to the most incredible and beautiful Bride a Groom could be blessed...and now the world knows it. From your biggest cheerleader and Warrior Hub.
—Paul Matosky
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