June 11, 2005 - June 18, 2005
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June 18, 2005

To: Gene Aaroe
Happy Father's Day with lots of love from Tokyo - can't wait to see you for your 80th birthday party back home in Seattle this summer.
—Ingrid Aaroe

To: Doug
Today you are 50 And still quite nifty Don't worry, you're not over the hill So what if you take that little blue pill
—Phyllis Ronco

To: Skip and Mary Verzal
On your 40th anniversary, it's great to see that you two still take to each other like a dachshund takes to a glazed doughnut dropped on the floor. We love you!
—Camille and David Verzal

June 17, 2005

To: Bill & Jackie
Happy 52nd anniversary! We heard the wine cellar's overflowing, but don't worry, we're coming to the rescue!
—Kevin & Robin Bost

To: Maury Baker
Happy 82nd birthday, born and raised on a farm in MN, escaped to FLA; whose favorite day of of the week is Saturday, when he can listen to "A Prairie Home Companion".
—mo lammers

To: Larry, Tom, & Jason
Happy Father's Day. We love you! Can you please carry the kids to the car after the show? From,
—Your Wives

To: Great Grandma Yoder
Wish you were here in Chicago. We'll be home for Sunday dinner and a dip in your pond. Keep baking those cookies! Love,
—Ruby, Henry, & Simon Meyer-Moshier

To: Dad
Happy Father's Day! Sorry about your Brussels sprouts, they looked like weeds. And thanks for your advice, we are now offically home owners! Love,
—Laura Moshier

To: Don and Jane Maddrell
Happy 61st Anniversary Mom and Dad. We're looking forward to more Lake Erie Walleye dinners together. See you in July. Betsy and Dave
—Betsy and Dave McCoy

June 16, 2005

To: Sarah
I love you more than I ever imagined possible nine years ago. Happy anniversary Darlin', I hope you enjoy the show!
—Andrew Hurt

To: Bob Friend
Happy 58th birthday and almost 4th anniversary, sweetie
—Kerstin Stolpe-Friend

To: Mama & Findley
Greetings from the bountiful Midwest! The asparagus is ripe for pickling and I hope you enjoy the sample I sent for Father's Day. Got my tix for Ravinia and am sending love along the airwaves to you both!
—Melissa Thompson

June 15, 2005

To: louisville,ky audience
a new coffee shop and night club is open where the historic butcher town pub was for thirty years. much of your audience will have done a thing or two that they may want to remember or forget during that period.
—chuck dutton

To: Jim Accurso
greetings from San Francisco. i'll be in chicago soon. looking forward to sharing a beer and reminicing about our high school days 30 years ago.
—Beth Ann Briscoe

To: Alan Pflieger
Dad, we know how much you hate Chicago, so thanks for coming up to visit. I'll drive the car on Lake Shore Drive for you.
—aimee dolby

To: MorMor Joan and Uncle George
Todd wanted you to know he FLAILED his final exam in Algebra but got a B in the class anyways.
—Beth Ann Briscoe

June 14, 2005

To: Dad
You are the best butler, maid, cook, and chauffer three kids could ask for. We hope you are enjoying the tickets.
—Madeline, Sigrid, and Peter Williams

To: Paul
Happy Anniversary sweet heart. After 13 years you still bring me good luck... Your AnnaBelle
—Anna Furman

To: Mom and Dad
There's something in the's called humidity. Missing you and dry California heat- I'll be home soon.
—Erin Hawkins

To: Mom (Marguerite)
Remember...if there were no mothers there would be no fathers day! Thanks for letting me drag you to Ravinia!
—Julie Nelson

June 13, 2005

To: Alan Pflieger
Happy Father's Day to our Dad Alan, Sorry we couldn't afford the pavilion seats, maybe next year when we have jobs. Love, Matt and Janelle
—Matthew Pflieger

To: Dad
Thanks for all of your help fixing the house. The table saw works great and I still have all of my fingers. The girls say hi and keep telling me how cute grandpa is.
—Steve Loranz

June 12, 2005

To: Walt at the bowling alley
Walt, I thank you for telling me long ago of Prairie Home Companion, I am listening at present! Garrison is a Funny Guy!
—Denny Maloy

To: Virginia
Thank you Virginia from West St. Paul for saying Yes. Love, Adam
—adam geller

To: Niels Severin-Hansen
Without you there would have been no daughter, who knows how to love because of who you were all her life. Hand in hand we walked through her youth and now we stand side by side waiting for the next phase.......grandchildren to spoil.
—Jeanne Severin-Hansen

To: Frank Rivers
Happy Father's Day to a Dad with the rare capacity to know when not to speak and a heart big enough to hold all the love his children needed and more. You are truly the wind beneath our wings.
—Jeanne Severin-Hansen

To: Harold Green
Just wanted ta wish ya a Happy Fathers day!You are the greatest man I have ever known,and the greatest gardener. Keep growin' those tomatos!
—Charlie Green

June 11, 2005

To: Bill Hagood
Congratulations to Bill Hagood upon receiving his Bachelor's Degree in History from the University of West Florida in Pensacola. P.S. In December your student loan comes out of deferment...hope you get a good job. Love, Mom & Dad
—Susan Hagood

To: Karleen Katona
Good luck with the interviews. Even if you don't get a job, I'll still be proud of you; at least you're not at home eating my food and using my electricity like your brother.
—Leon Katona

To: Hawken School, Nr. Cleveland, Ohio,
"That the better self shall prevail, and each generation introduce its successor to a higher plane of life." Learning with "Passion, Rigor and Fair Play." Go Students, Teachers, Vikings, Cyclops, & Hawks! We love what you all stand for! Tillie and Zack
—Cleo Piper

To: Ryan
Happy 5th Birthday to Ryan Burdick of Brunswick, OH. Love, Mom & Dad
—Christopher Burdick

To: Hello to Mom & Dad in Athens, GA
Thank you for giving us such a beautiful wedding one year ago! We promise to get started on Project Baby very soon! Love Leslye and Chris
—Leslye Queen

Cherie and Diane, Thanks for all that you have taught us. English is not just a major, it's a lifestyle! We love you! Katie and Ellie, Malone College class of '05
—Katie Hughes

To: My husband Rick
Thanks for ten wonderful years of marriage. You continue to be practically perfect in every way. I love you very much.
—Pam Makowski

To: Michael and Jeffrey
Hey, Michael and Jeffrey! Mother and Jason are here in Ohio looking forward to the Canada/New England cruise. Can't wait 'til "the ship hits the sand"!
—Jason Thomas
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