July 31, 2005 - August 6, 2005
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August 6, 2005

To: Alexa
Thanks for being my wife and my best friend. Your love and support keep me grounded as we meet life's challenges together.
—Eric Darbe

To: Dawn
The Girls are coming! Can't wait to see you in vermont next week. We'll bring the cucumbers! Lets pickle!
—Beverley Adanti

To: Dad & Nancy
Thanks for the tickets, Dad, to see Garrison Keillor live at the Iowa State Fair. We know you really, really wanted to be here. (darned old bypass surgery, anyway) We're taking good notes for you. Get better quick-we love you!
—Tammy Bern

August 5, 2005

To: Janet Locklear
Mom, Sorry about the shoulder. Hope it heals fast as that is the one we like to lean on!!
—Mark Locklear

August 4, 2005

To: Our families in the Pacific Northwest
Hello to our families in Washington and Oregon from Dave and Jan in Arkansas. We're surviving another hot, humid summer.
—David Thomas

August 3, 2005

To: Laura
Hope you are liking this show, will you go to see the movie with me when it comes out?
—Will Perkowski

To: melissa falcon
i drove by the E-Z8 motel on first street today and thought about the risk you took in coming TO me. i should have told you that it was that move that changed everything for me, actually saved me. how sad i have to tell you this way, now, from here, amidst the dust. please come back to me, sweetness.
—michael page

To: Harrison Kohler
Happy Birthday to Harrison Kohler of Atlanta born on the same day as Garrison Keillor, August 7, 1942.
—Michael Dailey

August 2, 2005

To: Dad
Are the squirrels still hogging up all the bird suet?
—Scott Davis

To: Mom and Dad (Jack and Alice Chinn)
Happy 51st wedding anniversary at the OSU State Fair Show. If I say more than 6 words on stage I get an extra $50 from the union that week.
—Ed Chinn

August 1, 2005

To: Janet
Happy 32nd wedding anniversary. All my love.
—Craig Paetz

To: The Transition School Faculty
Yes, I'm finishing my summer reading.
—Claire Nieman

To: dad & mom
enjoy your drive to AK. cant wait to see you, by the way we moved to nome, there is no road there... just kidding
—richard &nori D
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