September 24, 2005 - October 1, 2005
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October 1, 2005

To: Esko Jarvela
Happy Birthday Esko Jarvela from the Finn Hall Band
—Mary Finn Hall Band

To: Annie Briese
Hi my sweet loving daughter. Our thoghts and love travel with you on your journey to Norway. I've heard that one out of every four Norwegiens suffer from mental depression. My guess is that is caused by all that "Ludafisk" they eat. Bring plenty of Pepto Bismo with you. Love you and miss you. Dad
—Jim Briese

September 30, 2005

To: Frigg
Hello and a HUGE Thank-You, from your friends at the Cincinnati Celtic Festival last weekend! PS: If they play "Oasis" - hang onto your seats ...
—Sherry Michael

To: Roger Welle
Here's to having the best Dad around. Have a great Birthday Dad.
—Emily Welle

To: Chuck, Becky and Sara
I hope you all have the time of your life in the grand city of New York! Make memories and use the credit card for everything else that is priceless! Love, Mom
—sharon rezek

To: Shawn Rouleau
Thought I'd let you know that we'll be spending our second wedding anniversary gazing into the face of our first child. Congratulations to us! I love you.
—Kathy Rouleau

September 29, 2005

To: Shanna looking for Melissa
Melissa you wrote looking for Shanna. Cold and snowy day. Now winter is looking for you again. But last year Shanna passed by our home on her way to WA. Good luck and hello!
—Michael C. Upton

To: Jim
Jim, Wow! We're here (10/1) all the way from Orlando during football AND soccer season! Hopefully the Gators, the Buckeyes and the kids won! Love, Sarah
—Sarah Overmeyer

To: Taylor Lauritsen
Happy 17th birthday to Taylor in Bangor, Maine from your marathon running father. I've now embarrassed you in front of millions not just your friends.
—Stephen Lauritsen

To: Shimshon and Naomi
May you be sealed in the Book of Life for a happy, prosperous, and healthy New Year from Ima (pronounced eema) and Abba in Jerusalem
—Sarah Meir

September 28, 2005

To: Sharon, Pam, and SP Gang
Thanks so much for the special retirement gift of a pilgrimage to St. Paul to spend the day with Garrison...and others my age! It was well worth the trek from Memphis...and 31 years of working together!!
—John Clayton

To: Bill Koehl
Happy Birthday to my Honey, with all my love. P.S. You're 50 and I'm not! But, you don't look anywhere near 50 -- and neither do I!!
—Nancy Koehl

September 27, 2005

To: Amy Clas
Amy, thanks for the random jar of Strawberry Jam...I'm not sure how it will keep me from smoking but you'll be glad to know I've been cigarette-free for almost 45 minutes.
—Michael Waters

To: Tessa Larson
It was a thrill to see you standing next to the tall man with the red canvas shoes doing your St. Croix River Loon call.
—George & Kathleen Rehorn

September 26, 2005

To: helen and gordon sr. jones
mom and dad in orangeville ontario, think of you often, be home soon to visit
—gordon jones

To: Mitch
Rock on for surviving the hurricane. You know your luck is changing!
—The One

To: Mitch
Rock on for surviving the hurricane. You know your luck is changing!
—The One

To: Gail Schultz
Happy Birthday and 34th Wedding Anniversity to my beautiful wife. Thanks for making all our dreams come true.
—Allen Schultz

To: Patty and Greg Walters
Happy 10th anniversary to Patty and Greg from Ralph Waldo Emerson: Scott read my poem "Give All To Love" at your altar - and you complied!
—Scott Lahti

To: Danielle Anderson
Thank you for coming into my life and making it 1000 times better. You're my world, you're my everything I'll never let you go!
—Doug Hackett

September 25, 2005

To: Erica&Craig,Mom&Bob,Dad&Pam
Terje (pr. Ta'rea) and I moved to Norway, but still gaze under the same stars, the same moon and listen to the same News From Lake Wobegon!
—Annie Briese

To: Erin Taylor
Erin, Thank you for going with your 'ole Dad to PHC on "your" 25th birthday (Sept 30). Happy Birthday Babe!!! Love, Dad
—Lance Sateren

September 24, 2005

To: Fred & Ruth Holsclaw
Happy 65th wedding anniversary from the kids, grandkids and great-grandkids with you this week in AZ and at home in VA, CA, and WA.
—Janet Kerans

To: Minnesota United Methodists
Thanks from a Mississippi United Methodist pastor to the Minnestota United Methodist Disaster Recovery Team for coming to help us with Hurricane Katrina recovery in Jones County.
—Jon Altman

To: Jessica Ostrom
Happy birthday to our beautiful, smart, funny 24 year-old daughter in Emporia Kansas. Dad says, "Meet us on Oahu in January."
—Peggy Ostrom

To: Richard
My love, you are still the biggest pain in the butt I know, and I will love you forever, and you'd better marry me. Also, thanks for the meat loaf!
—Gail Feldman

To: Wesley Eckles
Happy 30th anniversary today, sweetheart! I put our success down to two things - a lot of love and a healthy dose of forgetfulness! Love always!
—Eileen Eckles

To: Kerry Wills
You are the greatest gift a man could ask for. After one year of marriage I love you more than ever. Happy Anniversary!
—Jonathan Wills

To: Dan
Happy 22nd Anniversary Dan! Who would ever imagine such a colorful ride...3 sons later, one dog, 3 cats, 1 lizard and 20 goldfish. Such a kaelidiscope... love you marykay
—Marykay Baldwin

To: Mother - Peggy Hilton
We are here in the audience tonight - from Austin, TX and safe from Rita's decisions - sending you all our love on this difficult day - the anniversary of Dad's passing.
—Jan and John Stephens
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