January 1, 2006 - December 31, 2006
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December 31, 2006

To: (Lutheran) Chaplain Major Richard Graves
Welcome home Chappy G. We are so grateful that you are finally getting to celebrate a New Year's Eve back in the U.S. with your family. May 2007 bring you a portion of the peace and joy you have so humbly helped others to find. Have a blessed 2007, Suzanne & David
—Suzanne & David Raddle

To: Pauline King
Matt sends a loving hello to his mother Pauline. He sure hopes there is radio in Lutheran Heaven and that you are listening.
—Matt King

To: JP
JP, Hope you took the rain with you back to Seattle and that the rum cake made it through security. Love, Mom and Dad
—Joyce Stewart

To: Thursday Hikers
Thanks for the splendid hiking in the Smokies in 2006. .AND. .wishing happy trails in 2007 for all of us! George Schenk (Seat B-5 @ Ryman on Dec. 31) Gatlinburg, TN
—George Schenk

To: Douglas Corzine
Thank you so much for taking us all here tonight! You are a great brother and I love you! Have a great New Year!
—Zara Corzine

To: Uncle Dan and Aunt Heidi
Greetings from Washington. Maybe hearing this greeting on air will convince you that A Prairie Home Companion is not just a movie and is in fact still on the air. Love, Melvin
—Melvin Donaldson

December 30, 2006

To: Heather Hale
You've been lucky enough to have had New Year's Eve in Christchurch, NZ many hours ago! As a KIWI, you may have a fruit named after you, but you were already ripe, sweet, and luscious! I'm in Seat B 5 at the Ryman on New Year's Eve, thinking of you!
—George Schenk

To: John
I've got a dog, I'm getting a convertible... I've got my man, who could ask for anything more?
—Gabriel Speyer

To: The Jahn's of Long Island
Still waiting to get your RSVP for Christmas dinner. Shall I defrost the turkey?
—Karen Jahn

To: Ann Marie
Happy New Year and Happy 27th Birthday to ME! Everyone always forgets my birthday is on New Year's....
—Ann Marie Bongers

To: My mom, Thea, and my brother Mark
in Nymegen, The Netherlands, who listened to the podcast of Nov 25 to hear a message from my adopted home, Cincinnati, and were disappointed. Sorry: I missed the booth. Then again, my name was chanted often in the Dec 23 broadcast! So GK also knows: It ain't much without the Dutch!
—Hanneke (sounds like the holiday) Mey

December 29, 2006

To: Phyllis Wright
Phyllis Wright -- Congratulations on your retirement from 35 years as the Home Extension Rep from Penn State University. Now you can enjoy Garrison & Prairie Home Companion, full time. Best wishes -- The Tom Curtin Family
—Tom Curtin

To: ilana
Happy Birthday ilana! I'm sorry I didn't get you a Chanukah present, but if Garrison is funny enough tonight, maybe you'll forgive me. Love from you new husband, Kevin
—Kevin Cobb

To: Garrison Keillor
I am enjoying the daily poem in the Writer's Almanac. I am wondering why not include a few sentences about their authors, although I like hearing about other authors.?
—Mary Wood

To: Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad, I can't belive you're finally seeing the show live in NYC after more than 23 years listening on the radio. Good thing I found a man who likes to listen to Prairie Home Companion. Love, Bonnie
—Bonnie Butkas

To: To the 8th Grade at Hawthorne Valley School
Dear 8th Grade, Good Luck with your research papers which are due on next Monday! Have a wonderful semester with your new teachers, love from your faithful old History and English teacher Mrs. Weyerts
—Linda Pye

December 28, 2006

To: Friends in Wisconsin
Thinking of you and sending our best from Maryland--the brats and cheddar just aren't the same, and we sometimes long for farm smells!
—Jim and Allison Wimms

To: Regina Patterson
Wanted to Thank You for the anniversary gift. We will enjoy the show. Ya just don't understand good humor! Love always, your loving husband and son.
—Scott Patterson

To: Matt & Nick Mrozek
To the best Sons anyone could ask for. I truely wish you the very best for the new year. It's a fresh slate so write your future!! I love you
—Dave Mrozek

To: Natalie, Tyler, Chris & Kim
Take care that Sid & Lola do not chew the cork off the bubbly. We'll be home a little late. --Mom & Dad
—Terry Harris

December 27, 2006

To: Andrew
Greetings from Montreal,Canada Andrew keep up the good work .Looking forward to hearing you play the guitar soon.
—Liette Laflamme

To: Dana Cunningham
To my beautiful wife Dana, without whom my life would be meaningless...Thanks for bringing me here tonight.
—paul cunningham

To: david & melody vanzin
To our favorite Tennesseeans: Hope 2007 will be a great year for you, and with two graduations, there'll be even more "top shelf" stories!
—tom & marisa vanzin

December 26, 2006

To: Jim Byrnes
Born in 1934 to a baker - with 11 brothers and sisters - a perfect bakers dozen. Known as Dad, Pop Pop, Coach, Teacher, friend and Sweet Pea. Jim we salute, honor and love you. (Jim and Family will be in attendence at Town Hall Friday - December 29th).
—John Burke

To: Robert Patrick Withers
Dear Dad, Happy 80th Birthday! You are a great Dad, gentle, understanding, witty, charming and talented with a great sense of humor. Thanks for passing on (most) these great traits! Love you so much. Barbara
—Barbara Ginsburg

December 25, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
I LOVE your program. It's may favorite Sat. night entertainment. I rarely go anywhere before 7:00 PM (when it's over) Keep doin' your thing!
—sallee wade

To: Katherine Duclos
Happy Belated 100th birthday Grammie. We love all the great memories, sugar on snow, peanut butter pie, sleeping in the barn, warming our feet by wood stove. All this in the beautiful mountains of Braintree, Vermont. Love You
—Randy Watson

To: Sid Berquam
Happy Birthday (Jan. 8th)! To Sid, a Silver Springs,MN."native" From an old Army buddy (for over forty years) from RI.
—peter moniz

December 24, 2006

To: Beth
Happy Birthday, Beth!! Hope seeing Garrison live in Town Hall on 12/29 made it EXTRA special!
—Giancarlo Malchiodi

December 23, 2006

To: Marty and JJ Cole
Wish you were here in NYC. You are the greatest grandparents, and loving friends to your son's ex. We appreciate everything - especially your sense of humor and love. From NYC, Andi and Calen
—Andi Sutherland

To: Stephanie
Missing you tonight, and every night. Love isn't supposed to hurt this bad. I send you all of mine.
—James Brock

To: Katie
Happy birthday, Katie. I am sorry that I am not very happy-making myself. Love, Paul
—Paul Burns

To: Nealie
I am attend tonights show with my wife and my 85 year old mother-in-law, Nealie. Nealie wanted to see Letterman but heard that the theater was too cold. Please make sure it is at least 80 degrees or I will have go enter the witness protection program. wife.
—Jim Sherry

To: Gus
Greetings to my son Gus, who is home for the holidays from Stanford. As you encounter bumps on the road you’ve chosen to become a classics scholar, think back on tonight and remember the restorative powers of ketchup, the philosophical musings of Guy Noire and the wisdom of Lake Woebegone.
—Bruce Horwith

To: Stier Kids
Thanks for coming home for my birthday. Who ever thought we'd get to see the show together today when we 'made' you sit through the show each Saturday night. Mama
—Karen Stier

December 22, 2006

To: Peter Ripkey
Pete, Here we are after almost thirty years of wedded bliss (on Oct. 1, 2007), sitting in the audience instead of at home-courtesy of the the little one we used to tuck in early to enjoy the show , the linguine and the daquiries. Thank you, Brian!
—Karen Ripkey

To: Gus Horwith
Greetings to my son Gus, who is home for the holidays from Stanford. As you encounter bumps on the road you’ve chosen to become a classics scholar, think back on tonight and remember the restorative powers of ketchup, the philosophical musings of Guy Noire and the wisdom of Lake Woebegone.
—Bruce Horwith

To: Specialist James Lundin
To Specialist James Lundin (lundeen), Company C, 1-18th Infantry in Baghdad. Merry Christmas from all of us at home. You are in our hearts. See you in January!
—Rick and Nicole Lundin

December 21, 2006

To: jeb davis
Mr. Keillor, you are awesome! and i love your show. this xmas i was asked by jeb davis (the guy i've been dating for about 1-1/2 years) if i would go home with him to missoula montana to meet his mom and hang out w/ his sister. alas his schedule is hectic and with the timing of everything, airfare prices, etc. i wasnt able to make it - so i'm home with my family in kansas city while he's up in montana. he is an avid fan and got me listening to your show and i was just hoping you could do a brief 'shout-out' for me. it would mean a lot & hoping my little story is just enough to get your attention. please just wish him a merry christmas and tell him his age really doesnt bother me anymore :) !!! please y'all have a great holiday and i'll be listening on sunday thank you mr. keillor -lauren jackson
—lauren jackson

To: Mom, Dad, Rachel and the family
Grace you all and peace, my loved ones and friends. Safe travels and happy holidays.
—Joshua Parsons

To: Diane Russ
Diane and Steven are here in the audience celebrating their 39th anniversary. This is the same as Jack Benny's age.
—Steven Russ

December 20, 2006

To: Teddy and Chance
Christmas wishes to Ted and Chance - two Golden Retrievers that get excited when they hear the PHC theme music. Garrison when are you coming to Canada to do a show? Toronto is waiting - Merry Christmas
—Michael Flahive

To: Garrison Keillor
If he lost a day for every death how long would we stay? I wonder.
—Cathy Gilbert

To: Griffin
My dear five year old son, This past weekend when you came into my room and announced that I was going to be very proud of you as you proceeded to tell me that you had spilled soda all over the carpet "why am I proud?" I asked. When you said it's because I told you the truth....I was indeed very proud.
—Steve Wetzel

To: Janeen & Vern
Happy 50th Anniversary from your Fab 5. Ole and Lena couldn't have done it better!
—Cindy McInroy

To: Hon,
You mean the world to me. Thank you for sharing your life with me.
—George Papodapolis

To: Gretchen Matthews
Happy Birthday on December 23.
—Mark Bain

To: Gretchen Matthews
Happy Birthday on December 23.Lucky you to be there and experience it live!
—Mark Bain

To: Andy Stein
Keep playin' that fiddle. You sound wonderful.
—George Papodapolis

December 19, 2006

To: Duncan of Arizona
Anyone who knows a young man called "Duncan",from Arizona,please tell him that his father Anthony from Melbourne, Australia,still loves him.
—anthony carey

December 18, 2006

To: All of You
From all of us in Stockholm, sweden We wish you a nice time over there Ann and Peder
—Ann and Peder Sjöström

December 17, 2006

To: Mary
You have given me the chance to know love that I have always wanted. You are the love of my life and nothing more do I like than to hear you laugh. We both have come a long way and I know I am home.
—David Angwin

December 16, 2006

To: Addison
Dearest Sediment Specialist/CMM Metrologist You are gone from the St. Anthony Falls Hydrology Lab (guess the great Mississippi can sediment without you) I LOVE YOU Let's do it at Al's Dinkytown Breakfast or Tom's or the middle of the bleeding Mississippi river. I want to be signed sealed and delivered YOURS!
—Carol Lee Sirkin

To: Bekah, Joel, & Skelly
Hi Kids! Hope you got tickets to Sat nite's show - we'll be listening! (hope Skelly learns a new Sven & Ole for our entertainment!:) Luv, Mom, Dad, Sis & GMa in Indiana
—Kay Birum

To: Grandad
Glad you made it back again for Christmas. Sorry we could not make it to the airport, but hope you found the bicycle waiting, with the tyres all pumped up. Happy 86th Birthday!
—Tina, Ed and Rebecca Miller

To: Mother Mary
Hey ma, do you think I could borrow $50 to buy you and dad a christmas gift? Thanks...
—Emilie Bupp

December 15, 2006

To: Vivian Efthymiopoulou
To my Sounian Mermaid, from her cuttlefish five thousand miles away, with all my heart. If this is not magic, I don't know what is. S'agapo, my friend.
—Mark Henn

To: dave edwards
happy 76th birthday to David Edwards from your favorite child, who is the only one who cared enough to take you to NYC to see A Prairie Home Companion live.
—Katie Cassidy

To: buku
We're going to the show tonight! Thank you for being my partner in crime, my best friend, the love of my life... Merry Christmas. Lets sail away....
—alissa pempek

December 14, 2006

To: Mary
Will you marry me
—Mike Cavanaugh

To: Eva Goodman
Hello to Eva from Doug Goodman who is celebrating 30 years of listening by attending his first live show at Town Hall in New York!
—Lauren Godes

To: Jen, Paul, Mom and Dad
Our move to the midwest has payed off! We got tickets to the broadcast from the Fox! Wish we were near. Love to all.
—Jessica Clay

To: Sylvia
Sylvia... Thank you for the PHC live show x-mas gift. Love William
—William Mellott

To: Tom & Donna Kowalig
Wishing Mom & Dad a very happy up-coming 50th Wedding Anniversary - thanks for always being there. With Love, Dee & Peter We will be at live broadcast in NYC on 12/23/06
—Dee Gibson

December 13, 2006

To: Ted and Connie Danielson
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary
—Leif Danielson

To: William
Our first live show...Merry Christmas, I love you. Sylvia
—Lisa Mellott

To: Garrison Keillor
I forgot to note, in my Dec. 12 entry, that Kay and I will be at Town Hall this Saturday, Dec. 16, Seats # D124 and D126.
—George Schenk

To: Allie Lerner
Happy 9th birthday to Allie Lerner. One of Prarie Home Companions Biggest Little Fan. Love, mommy and daddy
—Christine Lerner

To: Sue, Mae, and the rest of the Rainy Day Quilters
That was some holiday quilting party, but unforuntately we have to requilt as all the stitches are cockeyed.
—Carol Scagnelli

December 12, 2006

To: Beth Kline
Mom I can't tell you enough how much I love you. You are an inspiration to everyones life you touch, I can't imagine a single day without your love. P.S. Thanks for cleaning my house the other day!
—Mark Kline

To: Sara Fernow
Happy 16th birthday to our favorite granddaughter Sara. Love, Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Rick
—Ruth Fernow

To: Schenk family (167,+/-)
"Hello" to all 167 (+/-) Schenk kinfolk in KY, OH, CA, OR, ID, MT, FL from George (Gatlinburg) and my delightful sister Kay (Providence)
—George Schenk

December 11, 2006

To: Donna
Sorry I didn't do this last week when I saw the show, but this week maybe this will be read and we can hear it together. I love you and Kelley very much and thank you for everything. Even though we lost Frank, I feel like part of a family; don't worry, we're in this together.
—Harmony Wolfe

To: Garrison Keillor
A friend was driving the car as we approached an intersection. A lady walked across the street in front of us without a glance at traffic. Friend said, "Look out Lady...I'd just as soon run over ya as look at ya... and now that I look at ya I think I'd rather.
—William Bruner

To: Larry Elkin
(will be attending the 12/23 show in NY) "Happy birthday Larry. Congratulations- You brought the New Yorkers to the Prairie. Love, Linda, Jess Ali and Jon"
—Linda Elkin

To: Pam Strodtbeck
After 22 years you are still my scintillating bride. Of all we share together I most enjoy embarassing our kids about what you like about my Moustache. Passionately, deeply, and lovingly, Your husband
—Bob Strodtbeck

To: Jim
Wishing you Dad a Happy double nickle Birthday from your sons-Jonathan and Joseph and Mom too!in Edmond Oklahoma
—Jonathan-Joseph Leckie

To: Phil Heckman
To Phil Heckman in Chicago: Happy Birthday from Christina, Steve, JoAnne, and your new granddaughter Baby Ellie. A very Merry Christmas to you, Mom, Marianne, Annie, and Peter. We love you and we miss you!
—Christina Heckman

To: Becky Garrison
up from Richmond, Virginia to see the show - Happy Birthday!
—eric garrison

To: Mom & Dad
Have a Happy 43rd birthday from all your kids
—Matthew Korsholm

December 10, 2006


To: Tim
Happy Birthday on Monday! Now, again, for a few days, you are almost as old as me! Not as wise, but almost as old... Love your darling wife, Adrienne
—Adrienne Waterston

To: Stepdad Bob in Door County, WI
Thanks for co-signing on my student loan- I always knew you were good for more than just shooting squirrels in the front yard while naked.
—Jeff Miller (@ the U of Minnesota)

To: Donn and Susan Breshears
I miss to drive in your car and listening to this great show.I'm listening to it right now on the internet and hope you do it too. Greetings from your Norwegian Exchange student. Norwegians are so much funnier in the US than they are in Norway! i WISH I WAS BACK WITH YOU, GUYS!!
—Henriette Lønn Jenssen

To: Jay Bogash
Roses are red and voilets are blue, I want all to know how much I Love You.
—Lynn Marie

To: Schenk Family
I, from Rhode Island, George, from Tennessee came to NY to celebrate FAMILY. Wish you were here to experience with us Mr. Garrison Keillor's words and music. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
—Kay Schenk

To: Laurie Beck AKA Mom
Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you are having fun at the show! Love Charlie
—Charlie Beck

December 9, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Sir: So proud to have you use my story on the Iwo Jima flag raising. Hoping you've spread the truth afar!
—William Bruner

To: kevin broyer
happy 25th wedding anniversary.i love you.many more great years to come.
—laurie broyer

To: Eric and Loraine Small
Happy Chanukah!
—Your Kids: Zoe, Elana & Jesse Small

December 8, 2006

To: Andre and Birte Jensen
Guess What Mom and Dad, I'm pregnant! The donor sperm was successful! Thanks for all of your love and support throughout the process.
—Noelle Jensen

To: Winter
From Moose Jaw to Verona, Fort Collins and now New York. So much more to come. Happy Birthday my gracious, gorgeous, and most wonderful Winter.
—David Owen

To: Mom & Dad & Michelle in Washington
We know we moved all the way across the country and we're sorry we can't be there for Christmas this year. We hope you have an enjoyable, snow-filled Christmas! Oh, and by the way, you're going to be Grandparents (and Auntie Michelle) in June!
—Luke & Brenda Joyner

To: Abe
Dear Abe I love your stories. You are just like Garrison only cuter and funnier.
—your Minnesota pen pal T

To: Sarah Lasitter & family
My brightest hello from the birthplace of country music and warmest wishes for a happy and healthy new year!
—Mark Horner

To: Joe, Dave, and Amanda, from Tony, Karen, and Bill
Greetings you guys... we are missing Joey... the silence is unbearable - actually I guess we're not...take your time coming home.
—Bill LaBarge

To: Joe, Dave, and Amanda
To Joe, Dave, and Amanda, from Tony, Karen, and Bill: Hope to see you all in the gazebo on New Year's Eve, where we can punish our livers for all their sins of the last year.
—Tony Kuhlman

December 7, 2006

To: Gray Thing
H. Fifteen-and-a-Half-Month A. to my S.H., sitting next to me at T.H! I love being here with you for P.H.C. in N.Y.C. So glad that we both speak Acronym. P.S. Hope you didn't forget to feed the C.A.T.
—Green Thing

To: Amanda, Dave and Joe
For the December 9th show: Wish you were here.... so we could enjoy tonight's show from your seats.
—Karen Hambleton, Bill LaBarge and Tony Kuhlman

December 6, 2006

To: Marisa Pearl
Well, he's not Harry Potter...but isn't radio more fun than the computer? Thanks for coming to the show with us. Love, Mom and Dad
—Karen Gershenhorn

To: James Thurber
In Remembrance on the Occasion of James Thurber's birthday, December 8th - From garrick warbs to naive wine The Thurber world entwines in mine - Excelsior!
—Mary Armstrong

To: Garrison Keillor
Sir: We met at the Admissions desk of Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, 8ish am,Tue.Dec 5, 2006. I mentioned the Iwo Jima FIRST victory flag raised. We had no time to finish the story but I'd like to tell you all about it. Great to meet you!!
—William Bruner

December 4, 2006

To: Karin Jensen
Birte, Andre, Noelle, Sharon and Jan wish you were here with us to enjoy the show in person. We'll see you in California for Christmas! Love you lots!
—Noelle Jensen

To: Patrick
Happy Birthday Patrick, Keep up the good work We love you Mom and dad.
—Larry Kearney

To: Brigitte Kearney
Hi Brigitte, Greetings from Montreal.Hope you have a chance to see A Prairie Home Companion (the movie) and eventually tune in to the radio program.I must say I am hooked on the show and am listening to previous shows as accessible via the archive feature on the web site. Your dad, Larry P.S. Give my regards to the kids ;Kevin and Emmanuel and to Rosel. (Go Habs Go)
—Larry Kearney

To: beanie
happy 7th month are growing so fast. Love, mommy
—amanda miller

To: Gypsy aka Richard Bell
Happy Birthday Gypsy on December 28th. I hope that your travels bring you back home this same time again next year. And as a matter of fact, I wouldnt mind the next several years after that. From your ever lovin' Vickie.
—vickie Smith

December 3, 2006

To: danny
Happy eleventh birthday from the top of Freeman's Bluff. Glad we don't have to shush you through the News anymore.
—Mom and Pop Clague

To: Fiona
Happy fiddling on your new fiddle and happy 11th birthday! Love,
—Mom and Dad

To: Don Dixon
Hi: Hope all is well and the trip to Minnesota went well. I'll be getting in contact with you soon.
—Christopher Jordan

December 2, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
My husband accidentally rented "APHC" recently and I can't get enough of it! Takes me back to my youth sitting in front of the old RCA on my Granpa's lap late nights wrapped in a blanket. God Bless You and Yours and keep that Ole' Time Radio a-comin'.
—Sandy DeCord

To: Mom & Dad Joyner & Michelle
Congratulations! You're going to be Grandparents and Auntie in June!
—Luke & Brenda Joyner

To: Vernie & Scott
Thanks for the great 50th birthday bash. Being with your family makes one realize what it would have been like had the VonTrapp Family had Kariokee in the Sound of Music.
—Terry Lankutis

To: Phillip
To a great roomate and a long time friend, happy birthday this new years eve.
—Paul Herrington

To: boushkie
I'm sorry I got mad...I love you more than fried cherries on hot apple pie!
—Pookah Levy

To: Our Friends Back Home
Greetings from south Florida to all our dear friends back in Western New York, to everyone on College Avenue, Happy Holidays, and enjoy the weather!
—Tony & Veronica Lazzarino

To: gary
My Gary Quail hunting with the spaniels was bliss. I love you to the stars and around the world and back to our heaven on the Black river. Thank God the flood didn't wash us away Kitten
—beverly mitchell

To: William Klein
Hi to the folks back in Burrton from Jimmie, who ran off to Africa with the Peace Corps. I miss you all and think of you often.
—Jimmie Klein

To: Mom and Dad
Hello from Montana. Hope you enjoy the Buffalo show. P.S. I'm bringing my fiance home for Christmas. See you then!
—Chelsea Hillman

To: Stu
Dad, thanks for asking me to be your best man, and I hope you and Nancy have a wonderful life together. Does this mean the 18 year old can drink champagne for the toast?
—Jeff Dorfman

December 1, 2006

To: Jim & Marilyn Bollenbacher
Glad you made it safely to Buffalo to see Garrison LIVE! This time you didn't roll the motorcycle while listening to him!
—Deb Herzog

To: Smith Family
Congratulations to Smith Family in Saranac Lake on finishing the roof
—Sheila Kelly

To: iris katz
To Iris, We hope your physical therapy is going well. Your dogs want you back in action. Love, Ro and Alan, who are sitting in the balcony
—roberta levine

To: Fiona
Happy 11th birthday, Fiona. Happy fiddling! Love, Mom and Dad.
—Mom and Dad

To: Fiona
Happy 11th birthday to Fiona in the Mink Hills...happy fiddling! Love, Mom and Dad.
—Mom and Dad

To: Mom and Dad
Hope you're enjoying the show in Buffalo today. It's fine, we can hear clips of it inbetween the nailing as we install the hardwood floors of your dreamhouse. Hurry home! Love, Mary, Megan, Justin, and Rob
—Megan Glance

To: For Everyone!
Welcome to our Prairie Home friends. Peace on earth and laughter to all!
—Linda Lazzaro

To: friends and family
Hi. We're having fun and we're keeping you warm in our hearts always.
—Margo downey

November 30, 2006

To: Carol
Thanks for the wonderful seats. I drove down from Canada expecting to find some snow and you did not disappoint me. Merry Christmas.
—Fran Goddu

To: Jason Wellman
After 5 years the bride and the best-man are engaged at last.
—Nikki Paganelli

To: Michele Howard
Mom it has been seven years since I lost you on Dec. 3rd. But your spirit has given me power to accomplish goals, travel, love and live life to the fullest. From your son with love, Joe Howard Monroe Ohio
—Joe Howard

To: Mom & Dad
Know how much you like us kids home for Christmas porridge, lefse, krumkake, kringla and more. We will be in spirit as you with us.
—Daven & Lianne Oskvig

To: Karen
Greetings to the city of Buffalo's #1 supporter in the greater Rochester NY area. When you're raised in a city that even folks in Alaska think has horrible winters you develop strong bonds and strong character. Buffalo will always be home. Go Sabres - win that Cup!
—Jim Spawton

November 29, 2006

To: Rob and Julie
Looking forward to seeing you on Christmas Eve. We should have lots of snow for you here in Buffalo, so leave your tennis racquets home in Altanta.
—Steve Hayes

To: aunt Gen and Cousins Carmen, Kathi and Gray
Enjoy the chili and a warm fire at the White Tail are just a night's rest away! Love, David
—David Strickler

To: Buffalo hockey fans
Can anyone part with two Sabres tickets for a Buffalo expatriate and his son? The kid ought to see the next Stanley Cup winner.
—Mitch Gerber

To: Kathleen
Hi to PopPop, Auntie, Noah, Dad, and Kathleen B. Hey Kathleen,turn the radio up loud enough so the goats can hear. From Grace
—Grace G

To: Reidar Hagen
We marry today in Norway at 5 PM in the snowy moonlit Jotunheimen hills, and I have never felt more wonderful in all my life.
—Meg Anderson

November 28, 2006

To: Matt Johnson
Hey, MJ. I know your working hard, just waiting for summercamp again, listening every Sunday because there's nothing better to do. Your friend, Tanner
—Tanner Maddox

To: Matt Johnson
Hey, MJ. I know your working hard, just waiting for summercamp again, listening every Sunday because there's nothing better to do after slinging trash.
—Tanner Maddox

I am presently listening to A Prairie Home Companion via the archive web site.Great show . Keep up the good work Mr.Keillor and greetings also to aal your team.
—Larry Kearney

To: Dave Bennett
Well Dad, this Bennett has finally made Garrison's show. Mom would have loved to have been here. Like visiting your first home in St. Paul... it's family.
—Bill Bennett

To: Sam, Nick & Nathan
Skip & Amy send greetings to their three sons, Sam, Nick & Nathan, who are probably still flipping the TV channels trying to find tonight's broadcast. We'll be home soon to break the bad news.
—Skip Tillinghast

November 27, 2006

To: Mom
I know you'll be with me this Saturday as I enjoy Prarie Home Companion from the live broadcast audience in Buffalo. I'll be in the 23rd row, but you'll have the best seat in the house. As I drive the five hours to the show, please keep the greasy burger and fries from dropping on my blouse. It's the only one you haven't stained from the great beyond with drippings or droppings from meals. And yes... I'll wear a slip with that skirt. Your loving daughter, Heidi
—Heidi McCasland

To: julia collins
Julia, You where worth riding my bicycle 1200 miles from Wisconsin to New York. I did it because I’m madly in love with you. I hope it’s not to cold up in Canton NY we miss you here in Rhode Islands. I wish us a happy 6th month Anniversary. -Love Aquila and GUY
—aquila ayala-may

To: Mom, Dad, and the Morelli's
Things are going well down here in Virginia. Hope you have a safe ride back to Pa and watch for deer!!! Love, Chad
—Chad Atwood

To: Dwight Larson
Belated happy 70th birthday, Dad in Austin, Minnesota. The exiles in Texas will be home on the 22nd. Until then, let everyone know that we are fine. Paul, Pilar, and Victor
—Paul Larson

To: Rick Crosby
Happy 50th birthday from your Swedish wife and all of your friends and family in Millstadt, Illinois.
—Elizabeth Crosby

To: Marcia Chrupka
I'm pretty sure a trip to Buffalo in December was a surprise, if not a shock. Enjoy the show anyway. Happy birthday from your hunk o', hunk o' burnin' love.
—Steve Chrupka

November 26, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
May I send you a copy of my children's book for Maia? If yes, to what address? Engl/Span.w/audio, it's about Peru's Nazca Lines.
—Anita Jepson-Gilbert

To: John & Vicki Jewett
Hello to Mom and Dad in Hamburg from Lake Tahoe! We immensly enjoyed your visit and cannot wait to see you again! Love always, your son John.
—John Jewett

To: Alex McKenzie
Greetings To Alex, Duke, and Sophie on this fine December day. Look forward to hearing a pretty good show.
—DJ Abernathy

November 25, 2006

To: Mr. Keillor
I love your voice. Do you know a place in Minnesota where I can order a Rhurbarb pie to get shipped to Mansfield, Ohio?
—Yvette Yetter

To: Wayne and Helen
Now the world knows how wonderful you are. We have always known it! Congratulations.
—Hollis Wild

Two Kansans traveling home after a wonderful Thanksgiving, wishing to give thanks for making two hours of our trip brighter! Love, Joel and Erica (Posted using free wi-fi at an Iowa highway rest stop.)
—Joel & Erica N/A

To: Jerry and Alison
Hi Mom and Dad, It looks like its going to be a great show in Cincinnati tonight! Wish we could be there with you to see it. We'll be listening out here in the West. Love, Lara and John
—Lara DeRoule

To: Auntie, Poppop
Hey to (recipients) in Binghamton, from Grandma, Mom, Noah, Aunt Kathleen, Chuckie, and Grace We're on our way home whether you like it or not!
—Grace G

To: Dad Kemp
Happy birthday wishes from all the Kemp family to Dad, born in Minneaplois 81 years ago today and celebrating by driving 8 hours in the motorhome to be in the audience tonight.
—Bob Kemp

To: merton dillon
Greetings to you in Jerome, Michigan, from John and Vickie. John didn't grade many papers this holiday weekend. It could be worse.
—John Cimprich

To: Ben Eldredge
16 years ago today, we were anxious first-time parents as you entered our lives. Trying to calm our nerves then, the doctor said, "just wait until he takes the car for the first time...." You've brought us love and joy, and taught us much about ourselves. Happy Birthday!
—Tripp & Margaret Eldredge

November 24, 2006

To: Matthew Kraus
Greetings to Matthew Kraus who introduced his parents to Garrison Keilor 25 years ago (we've listened ever since) but could not be here tonight because he is celebrating his 25th reunion from Walnut Hills High in Cincinnati. Mom & Dad Kraus
—Gerry Kraus

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 40th Anniversary. Your forty years of marriage is an inspiration to everyone that knows you. Thank you for everything that you have done to guide and support your children over the years. With much love,
—Ed Helms

To: Charles Parker
Happy Holidays friend! Who knew our luck would get us into two great shows this year. Tom Waits in August, and now this one.
—Matthew Heinrich

To: Barb Schwendenmann
Thanks for 25 years of marriage and 3 beautiful daughters.I've loved you all that time but started liking you again the last 3 years or about the time the last one went away to school.Love you Val.
—Brian Schwendenmann

To: Bridget Callahan
Best of luck dear Bridget on your senior viola recital at St. Olaf. Love, Mom and the sibs in Portland, OR
—Julane Jenison

November 23, 2006

To: Jan Norris
After thirty-nine years I finally remember we were married on November 25, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? Loving you is easy and joyful. Your loving husband. Ted.
—Ted Norris

November 22, 2006

To: Galluppos and Jacksons
To Alice, Rick, Joel, Linda, Paul and Karin on Madeline Island for Thanksgiving -- may all your sauna dreams come true!
—Paul Jackson

To: Melinda Tilton
I hope our new kitchen is finally done. I'm tired of eating in the garage!
—Doug Tilton

To: Jim & Margie McMullen
When it comes to in-laws I really hit the jackpot - just one more item we share in common... P.S. Happy Birthday Jim!
—Doug Tilton

To: Mom and Dad
Good luck with your new endeavors. Thanks so much for bringing us to the show. Aren't you glad we finally grew up and can now appreciate it?!
—Moira Bigane

November 21, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
When we gather as a family, we will thank God for you and yours.You bless our home regularly, with your special gifts - and we give God thanks for you, Garrison - and pray that you live to be an old, old man.
—Annie and Rev. Tom Otto

To: Garrison Keillor
Cannot go along on the Norway cruise this year. Health situations needing attention for both ofus. Have a ball. We'll try for another year. Rev. Tom and Annie
—Annie and Rev. Tom Otto

To: Eddy Bakeberg
To Eddy: happy 65th birthday from the girl who adores you and who thrives in your gentle, warm light.
—Lynn Worth

November 20, 2006

To: Rob & Karen, Jana & Mike
Hello to Jana in Maine and Rob in New Jersey - Sorry you couldn't join us in Cincinnati for Turkey-Day. The oven fire was only in the kitchen so how about Christmas? There will plenty of space for sleeping bags and the kids on the living room floor. Luv, Sue and Rich
—Uncle Rich & Aunt Susan Eiswerth

To: Pat Billingsley
You've done a good job raising us, taking care of us, and generally making sure we always knew what snots we were growing up. Thanks to you, we have large stomachs, friendly atittudes, and a healthy fear of your belt. You've touched 3 generations already, teaching us what it means to be good people. We're going to miss you, but it bothers us more to see you in this condition. Go on and go home, G-ma. You've already done your job here.
—J.C. Tabler

To: Rick
I wish you a happy birthday and want to tell you how much I love what you are doing to our house to make it gorgeous. I want to thank you for introducing me to A Prairie Home Companion also. I look forward to our Saturdays together. Thank you . . . Chester
—Gail D Wagner

To: Mom and Dad
Greeting from Portland, Maine to mom and dad in Albert Lea, Minnesota. We have been informed of the recent gun cabinet to wine cabinet conversion. Please send pictures - no one believes that you actually did this! Love, Sarah, Nick and Betsy
—Sarah, Nick and Betsy Haglund

November 19, 2006

To: Helen Ostruske (long o, long e)
Happy 92nd birthday to our sweet mother, and Lutheran pastor's wife. With love from your 4 daughters.
—Deborah Pretto

To: Carol
Here we are at a live show and it's just as much fun without the drinks and camp fire. [I'll see you in Cincinnati .. in the first row! Yahoo!!]
—Mick Dugas

To: Rachel Dudding
Happy birthday, Rachel! Congrats on 19 years of existence! have an awesome golden birthday! your favorite, Jacky
—Jacky Brustuen

November 18, 2006

To: Sarah
Sarah, remember this as my favorite show. When you listen, close your eyes and let your imagination loose. Love Dad
—Jeff Dudys

To: Alison and Jerry Lang
So glad after all these years you get to see the show live, Mom and Dad. Wish we could be there, too.
—Lara and John DeRoule

To: Jim Langdal
Hi Dad! I've finally figured out I'm just like you, I'm listening to Prairie Home Companion and humming along with the music! I love you!
—Julia Langdal

To: Colin Mizia
I am really excited that you are coming to Piermont this week. We'll have fun walking the grand total of one mile of Piermont!
—Elizabeth Harris

To: Lyle & Mary Jo Schilpp
Will be celebrating there 40th Anniversary on Dec 10th from Harmon,IL. They both LOVE to ride there own Harley Davidison Motorcycles. From everyone @ looney farm.
—Buddy & Lance Schilpp

To: Garrison this is for you
will you please tell us why there are thousands of Christmas songs yet not one Thanksgiving song. Please do something to remedy this tragedy. Soon!
—Terry Muller

November 17, 2006

To: Erma Petry (Pee-tree)
Happy 100th birthday Mom, to the undefeated Bible trivia champ at the Timbercrest Retirement Home in North Manchester, Indiana!
—Carol Burkholder

To: Jordan
Happy belated birthday and just when you thought that I would stop wishing you happy birthday.
—Marie Henning

November 15, 2006

To: Audrey
Oh Lordy you ain’t forty, fifty was nifty, and now sixty. Happy birthday! We love you!
—Laura,Tyson and Craig Schuetze

To: John
To the most wonderful husband and friend.You are loved.Married almost nine months.
—Laurie Clayton

To: david
Happy Anniversary to Dave on our 45th wedding anniversary and also for sharing a piece of our original wedding cake. Hope us and the cake make it to our 50th.
—donna Hanson

November 14, 2006

To: Bethany Bear
Happy Birthday! I know your Momma is proud and happy you've come back to the warm South.
—Keith Sharpton

To: mes parents
Lolo, you're the sister that I always deam... You're wonderfull. I miss u, I love u ! You're sister davi
—davina michel

November 12, 2006


To: Thomas
Happy happy birthday, my love. Bet you thought I'd never think of this and, even if I did, would never get around to actually doing it. I'm yours forever.
—Chelsea Adams

To: Pam and Bob
Happy 30th anniversary Mom and Dad!! Glad that getting eloped after knowing each other for only three months worked out to being married for longer than most!
—Kitty Hess

To: Dad
Hey dad I thought you might like to know about this site, since you love the show so much. Katie
—Katie Burr

November 11, 2006

To: Melissa Patton
Aloha to my lovely redhead sisiter Melissa, sorry your cold in New York and I'm warm, from your hawaiian Ohana Valerie and Nicholas
—Valerie Patton

To: Neal and Marsha
Miss you both a lot, college is so much fun. Please send me money.
—Lily Fahrenwald

November 10, 2006

To: Mike
Greetings from COLD KODIAK Mike in and your new K9 partner, MAX..hurry home soon from training, WE MISS YOU.
—Martha Barnett

To: Jenny and Anya
It was great to meet at the Prairie last week and enjoy the show together. I'll be thinking of our fun everytime "I hear that ole piano..."
—Cathy Martin

To: Coast Guard 1500
Captain Bill send out a "Bravo Zulu" to the crew of Coast Guard One Five Zero Zero and to the survivors of Alpha Foxtrot Five Eight Six who were together 28 years ago in the frigid North Pacific Ocean and who wil always be togehter.....
—Bill Porter

To: Otto
Best wishes for the happiest of birthdays. I hope that your 37th year is your best one yet. Sending a big hug and kiss.
—Your Hunny Bunny

November 9, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Good morning Garrison, You probably get many messages like this. My friend (great fan of yours) is visiting TC in Jan. Are there any shows on Jan 13, 2007? We will visit your bookstore for sure! Wish she could meet you! Sue Shoemaker
—Sue Shoemaker

November 8, 2006

To: Grandpa Jimmy
Hi Gramps, thanks for the hockey season tickets, hope you enjoy the games as much as I do, try not to fall asleep at them again!
—Elliott Spinder

To: Dad Charles
Thanks for our honeymoon trip from Maui to be here tonight. Mahalo to the Civic Media Center in Gainesville, Fl for your support upon Mother's death.
—Gillian James

To: Art
Happy 66th Birthday Art! You can still blow out all the candles in one breath ( one looong breath). love, Rho (We will be at Shea's in Buffalo on Dec. 2, Art's birthday)
—Rhoda Zucker

To: Emily Ostlund
Hello To Emily Ostlund and a very big get well soon so you can get back up to Mon's Lake and see the ice form up there in Swanville up by Lake Wobegon! From you daughter in Colorado who will be back again in a few days to help take care of you!
—Colleen Ostlund

November 7, 2006

To: Heather
seven years and it seems to have been longer. I'm an English Teacher now let's hope we don't die from hunger.
—Phillip Hanamaikai

To: Jim Stewart
Having fun in the big sandbox of Iraq. Can't wait to get back. Send more cookies.
—Julie Stewart

To: Margaret and Ben Deering
Congratulations on your wedding day! November 11th is the big day and Chris and I would like to wish you a very happy life together!
—Megan Brown

To: Garrison Keillor
Mr. Garrison Keillor, Hi. My family and I want to Thank You for your excellent views about hunters how they get drunk, etc. We too are sick of seeing hunters, they are so mean. After being awakened by a so-called, "Louisiana Sports-man" driving by in their camo four-wheel drive toy, I walked outside to watch the Doe and her two fawn twins that were jumping and playing in a circle. This Doe and her twins pass through our pasture every night, we believe because they feel safe from these blood thirsty hunters that frequent our area, every year. I want to commend you on your excellent views about politics, hunting, and everything else, we agree with you 110%. Every year we go through a living hell because of over zealous hunters shooting in all directions. Last night someone fired a shotgun across our pasture, ruining our efforts to finish our dinner. Anyway, thank you for being a true humanitarian and decent human being that you are. We listen to your program everyday! Sincerely, Rex Stuart and Family Our petition below:
—Rex Stuart

November 6, 2006

To: Juli
Hi from your Oregon sister, Annabelle, a d Charles to the mid west family. Juli, good luck putting on "Footloose" with the Baldwin City Highschoolers. Break a leg!
—Jacque Wells

To: Diane Prorak
Diane, Happy birthday and happy anniversary. After 50 years of life, 25 years of marriage, and 10 years of two above-average children, life is still good here in Moscow Idaho, up on the Palouse Prairie.
—Al Poplawsky

To: alfrdo salva
To my husband happy birthday.I Love You
—mary kristine salva

To: Mom, Dad, and Emily
Make sure you put my surfboard to good use when you're down in Hawaii. I'll be back to pick it up eventually, so I hope it's still in one piece.
—Adam Mehlhorn

To: Earl Nierode (pronounced 'nearodie')
Happy Birthday, Dad! We miss you... (Born November 11th, 1920 in Grafton, Wisconsin)
—Children of Earl Nierode

November 5, 2006

To: Craig
Craig...finally listened to're's funny...even though we can't be least we listen to this together...I love you more!! Jessica
—Jessie Duncan

To: Jeremy
I want to say hi, I love you, and you had better be going on all of the 4-H camping trips this year or I will gave to start girring you, you're not allowed to any more.
—Jen Butterfield

To: sara, sal joyce
you sure have made the month of november a credit card dream. happy birthday to all. we're lucky to have you. love mom and michael
—linda brogan

To: Norman Racicot
Greetings to Normnan from your daughter-in-law, Jennifer. When I give you a grandchild, I promise I'll raise her up to love rhubarb and to bake good apple pies.
—Jennifer Frank

November 4, 2006

To: The kids from Camby, Indiana
Greetings to all my surviving school mates from the 1940's. West Newton, Camby and Valley Mills were so much different when the Grand Ol Opry was the biggest thing on radio. Cars with fenderskirts, foxtails, whitewalls, spotlights, steering knobs,--yeah.
—Frank Thornburgh

To: Erin
Darlin' Daughter, We can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving. I'll make turkey & stuffing, & dad will try to finish painting your bedroom.Love from your mama
—Susan Fenton

To: Frank
Happy Birthday! I hope we were able to get tickets and you are hearing this live at the December 8th show. Love Always, Susan
—Susan Minasian

To: Grandma Gerda
To started in Berlin, spent the middle of your life in Tenerife and now, thankfully you ended up here in the Twin Cities for your finale! Happy 90th Birthday to Grandma Gerda. Love Rod, Les, Colleen and the gang
—Rod Martel

To: Ron-Michael
RM-- We are soooo happy to have you back home in Minnesota for your "vacation from the war" and attending your FIRST Prairie Home Companion show tonight (11/4)-- We know it's warmer in Baghdad but your children (Ruby-Kate, Max, Annika, and Baby Lucy) will keep hugging you for the next two weeks to compensate for the Minnesota windchill. From-- Your ever-loving and ever-patient wife, who will always out-rank you...Daisy
—Daisy Pellant

To: Read and Becky
Hope all is well Lucedale. Winter around the corner
—john clow

November 3, 2006

To: Sherry Kelleher
Mom and Dad, Everything at school's great. Don't worry, I don't party too often. Just don't ask what I wore on Halloween. Love
—Laura Kelleher

To: Matthew Fisher
I know it's early, but here's a birthday greeting to you from all of us back home. We hope you're having a good time researching in Switzerland. Stay healthy and happy, and have a wonderful birthday!
—Catherine Rinella

November 2, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
I just saw the movie in Melbourne (Australia) last night. What can I say? Just when you think the world has turned into a Pepsi inspired homogenised nightmare, there is light. And I just read 'Love Me'. I think I just could. Keep at it people!
—Jacquie Byron

To: mary koranda
Greetings to our favorite volunteer from Frank, Mary O'hearn, Reidun and all the folks you visit every day at Tabor Hills Nursing Home in Naperville.
—frank fassl

To: Hugo
A heartfelt thanks to my wonderful boyfriend, who is flying me to St. Paul this Saturday for a friend's wedding. Why oh Why Cruel World did it have to be on the same night as Prairie Home Companion's live show?! Life is cruel, is it not?
—Nora Wrana

To: Jon and Karen
Happy Anniversary. Hope you don't get lost wandering around St. Paul.
—Janelle Roker

November 1, 2006

To: Christine O'Connor
Happy 50th Birthday to Chris O'Connor. While you're in Lake Wobegone, you'll never get older! Hugs to Tony and Kate.
—Dennis Conlon

To: ruth and john hughes
happy 35th wedding aniversary, glad you made it this long. hopefully samantha and i will someday meet someone worth spending that much time with. we love you sarah and samantha
—sarah hughrs

To: Pastor Brian Knutson
The Lutheran Church of Our Redeemer in Fort Morgan Colorado chose you as their Pastor,now stop telling the Pentecostals we baptize in beer.
—Maggie Knutson

To: Amy Lynn
How lucky I am to have found my best friend and been twice blessed to marry her! I love you very much!
—Michael DeWitt

October 31, 2006

To: Hannah Wilmot
Dear roommate, You are smelly and need to wash your sheets, hair and self. You are making me hate you, so take a bath. Really.
—Nellie van Root

To: maureen
black suit with red sneakers..? an absolute fashion DO ...for the spring runway shows. cutting edge-retro, and kinda country bumpkin- i LOVE it! where can i get some? let's do lunch...
—lindsey herrick

To: Mom
Sorry I didn't get home for Halloween, but save the extra candy for me. Dad's had enough.
—Michael Zaleski

To: Konrad
Thank you dad for introducing me to this wonderful show! I can drink my coffee, kick up my feet, and listen on line! Love you and mom Dana.
—Leigh Anne Dean

To: JoAnn M-
Your brother is writing to his family at the Fitz from Trondheim, Norway to say that he's eaten the lutefisk and he's started chemotherapy --- and frankly, both are like that ol' skunk under the front porch: You can't keep your distance and get rid of it at the same time. Come'on over!
—Dan Welschinger

To: My sister JoAnn,
Your brother is writing from Trondheim, Norway to say that he's eaten the lutefisk and he's started chemotherapy --- and frankly, both are like that ol' skunk under the front porch: You can't keep your distance and get rid of it at the same time. Come'on over!
—Dan Welschinger

October 29, 2006

To: Jane
Happy Birthday Jane, In almost twenty years of teaching children, you must have changed the world for the better. Love, Jack
—John Mccormack

To: Mom & Brian
Thanks for the home-cooked meals, breeze-dried clothes, and teaching me the difference between straw and hay. I love & miss you both to pieces.
—Katie Lombardo

To: Rachelle
What i miss most is you in the soft candle light and those rainy nights in Berkeley
—Mark Maus

To: Casey Lewis
A simultaneous Merry Christmas and happy birthday to Casey, wherever you are. (If you could, broadcast this around Christmas, and if he responds, give him my e-mail, please)
—Zoot Brann

To: douglas
hello darling
—stacey beck

October 28, 2006

To: Caeli
Mommy says close Instant Messenger and go clean your room!
—Kerri Tegan

To: Eden
The weather is lovely here in Guam, but the lutefisk is questionable. Wish you were here.
—Mark Carino

To: Lindsey
Winter means a whole new slew of fashion "dos" and "don'ts" in the New York City. We need your keen eye here! And a live broadcast at Town Hall Theater will tide us over till Tanglewood...
—Maureen Naff

To: greg
so, i didn't take your advice about the tattoo- not the "don't get it" advice, but the "don't get it with a cold". i sneezed and now i love greq not greg.
—ashe connemara

To: All listeners
Central New York has gotten its first snow. Look out Buffalo! Golden Snowball, here we come!
—Grace G

To: Theresa Chan
Happy Birthday with love from Me, Mom, Dad Ruth and Sharon! We are so proud of you and wish you many more happy and healthy years!
—Michael Lander

To: Barry & Cheri Oberpriller
Happy 25th anniversary to Barry & Cheri in Leverett, MA from Ginny & John.
—Ginny Oberpriller

To: Rose Carew
Happy 25th anniversary from your husband - here's looking forward to at least 25 more! (We will be attending the live show in Buffalo on Dec 2, and would be highly appreciative if Garrison could mention our anniversary, as we are avid fans who are travelling from Mitchell Ontario Canada to attend the broadcast.)
—Brad Carew

To: Diane and Dennis Malone
Hi ma and pops! I'm having a good time here at CSU with the mountains and the logging. I love you and I'll call tomorrow!
—Killian Malone

October 27, 2006

To: kankakee, Nelson sibs
It's your Bro. We send our wishes. Go see the Movie . it's great. The WLT, Radio Love Story is a 300 page monolog. I'll send it when I finish. The Dutch Nelsons
—Tom and Marla Nelson

To: kankakee, Nelson sibs
It's your Bro. We send our wishes. Go see the Movie . it's great. The WLT, Radio Love Story is a 300 page monolog. I'll send it when I finish. The Dutch Nelsons
—Tom and Marla Nelson

To: The folks back in upstate New York
Ma and Pa Highwater send greetings back home to friends and family in Barneveld in rural upstate NY. A special hello to our favorite librarians, sister Ann and brother Siegfried. And a sad farewell to our sixteen-year-old pooch Scampi who passed away a few days after we left on our trip to the mid-west.
—Jim and Bronny Davis

October 26, 2006

To: Rita Malone
Mom, put those kittens down and get to work!...Please repeat this advice to me when my kittens arrive. Kisses from the Forêt noir!
—sharon leigh

To: Ethel Smith
Happy Birthday MOM. From your Baby Boy
—James T. Smith Jr.

To: Ethel Smith
Happy Birthday MOM. From your Baby Boy
—James T. Smith Jr.

To: Paul & Annie
Sorry you're missing the show but I guess your wedding is more important. I'll listen hard and tell you what you missed. Love, Auntie Dee
—Dolores Talbert

To: Mom and Sis
Hey Mom and Sis, who are IN THE AUDIENCE, thanks for coming to visit - I'm sure when you go home you'll tell all your friends how smart they are to live in Florida
—Sharon Winslow

October 25, 2006

To: Don (Daddy)
Congratulations on being inducted into our small South Georgia town athletic Hall of Fame. The award may seem small to you, but I am proud to be your son and always have been.
—Donald Sheppard

To: Gary Babcock
The Babcock clan came all the way from California to experience PHC live in honor of Gary's 70th year.
—Betsy LePlatt

To: Leila Crain
Mom: We know you are the Woman of the Year, just don't fall out of the convertible while waving to everyone during the Halloween Parade. Love, your kids and grandkids
—Allison Austin

To: Randy
Dearest husband, I don't have words to describe the love and happiness we have shared these last 7 years. May this bond only grow stronger in the years to come. Many many happy returns. Love Gayathri
—Anand Ramachandran

October 24, 2006

To: don
How can I explain all the things I feel? You've given me so much I can't get enough of your love babe
—sharon keller

To: Johnny B Good Durbin
Happy Birthday to a man that has captured my heart and mind. The man who makes me laugh in spite of myself, makes me smile just thinking of him. One who makes me think and challenges me to communicate.
—Jennifer Harris

October 23, 2006

To: Lacy
Hope being at the show in person is a good as seeing the movie 15 times.
—Rob and Gail White

To: Spook Two
Happy Birthday this Haloween, our seventy sixth. Remember, we didn't get our college nicknames from odd behavior.
—Spook One Olmsted

To: Guy Jewett, West Salem, WI
Celebrates his 99th birthday Oct 28. Retired early and moved to town 3 years ago when he began sawing boards and fingers 1/4" too short.
—Tom Jewett

To: Garroson Keillor
Mr. keillor. We love you and all your articles, books, etc. When will your next book be coming out?
—NJ Fox

October 22, 2006

To: Pam and Ken Andreason of Minnetonka, MI
Hi GK and the PHC Team, we continue to love PHC having discovered it on Public Radio whilst living in Ann Arbor, MI in 1980-81 tho now we can only get it via the internet since some supposedly wise person took it off public radio in Australia, a few years ago. We've recently seen the PHC movie which was just great, and at long last can feel that we've seen what a real PHC show is like - tho we still hope to one day get back to Minneapolis and see PHC live. A big hello to our dear friends Pam and Ken Andreason of Minnetonka, Minneapolis - and when are you guys coming back to Australia for a vist (It's your turn you know!). Phillip and Shurlee Swain PS. What about PHC doing a live tour of Australia - we will guarantee you at least two ticket sales if you come to our home state!
—Phillip & Shurlee SWAIN

To: Nancy
Mom- We all love you and thank-you for being a beacon of light and humor. Happy 60th Birthday. Thank-you for giving me the best introduction to Ray Charles and the Beatles a toddler could ever have.
—Quinn Perkson

To: Chris
Happy 31st Birthday. Sorry I cann't be there but I'm looking forward to seeing you and Athena at Christmas.
—Stephanie Crawford

October 21, 2006

To: Buddy
Hi Bud Here we are again, another Saturday evening at home listining to Prairio Home Companion. Can't think of a better way to spend an evening. Love Marie
—Marie Shepherd

To: Eden
Hello from Japan. I've found some new chocolates for you over here, so stick to your diet and I'll see you on the 2nd.
—Mark Carino

To: Beth & Brian Woods
Happy 6th anniversary to the parents of 2 yr. old Joey and the soon to be new arrival from Guatamala, one year old Emmett. You have a long way to catch up to us, 40 more years. Hope you enjoy the show tonight in Minneapolis live. Glad you got tickets. Wish we could be there with you.
—Mom & Dad (Dick & Kathy) Wells

To: Emily and Gabe Mitchell
Congratulations on your engagement may your life be filled with love and happiness.
—Ben Nedved

October 20, 2006

To: Kham
Dear Husband, on this our 5 year and one week wedding anniversary, I can't think of any other way I'd rather spend it than passing time together and listening to Prairie Home while trying to outrace the Oregon rains to paint our home's exterior BY HAND. Thanks for taking the leap with me, on marriage and the aubergine paint color! I promise it will not look like a 2 story tall grape.
—Kari Slater

To: Linda Juse
Hope the move to Calgary went well and it doesn't snow on Halloween. Would you fly south during Christmas break? My brother invites you to his wedding party in Alexandria on December 23.
—John K

To: Ethel L. Smith
Happy Birthday on October 27th. Love James PS. Please read this on October 28th.
—James Smith

To: Sugar Pockets
It looks like it's time to lather up your head and sit you backwards on the toilet for your monthly shave! Love you!
—Cathy B

To: Grandma Krenik
Happy Birthday Grandma! I may be in England but you, the lake, the farm, and our entire family are always right next to me in my heart. With all my love, Beth PS Don't forget to take your pills!
—beth english

October 19, 2006

To: Ethel Smith
Happy Birthday Mom. From your College Man
—James Smith

To: Richard Troxell
Hello from Donna and Sandy in Budapest. How exciting to listen to you on Garrison Keillor's show on-line from halfway around the world!
—Sandy Marincic

To: Jack
Dad, We finally made it to a Prairie Home Companion show! Thank you for letting me love and honor you today. I am so proud to be your daughter. I love you, Jackie
—Jackie Auer

To: Mom and Dad
Send more frozen antelope meat to your starving undergrad at the University of Idaho.
—Nick Anderson

October 18, 2006

To: Citizens of Bloomfield, MO
From the best place on earth, second only to Lake Wobegon. Hope you're enjoying the show! From your Chief of Police.
—Jason Curtman

To: Cathe
May the sun be on your face, and the road easy with the wind at your something like that.
—Alan Thrailkill

To: Andy Deveau
Happy 50th birthday, dad. You’re a bitter old man, but if you weren’t we might not recognize you. Love from your girls.
—Emily & Claire Deveau

October 17, 2006

To: Leland and Carol Kottke
Happy 5oth!! wedding aniversary, thanks for staying together through all these years. Enjoy your view from the pit this week!! We love you both.
—Jojo and Family in California

To: Mr. Keillor
My seven year old son, Zachary Dockins, and I had a great time attending APHC at Pullman, Washington. Zachary is proudly telling everyone that he has now seen two famous people, Garrison Keillor and Mickey Mouse! Thanks for coming out west!
—Scott Dockins

October 16, 2006

To: Mom
You sound like the old Mommy, but you don't LOOK like an *OLD* Mommy... Happy Birthday!!!
—Amy Torchinsky

To: Jon and Marty Weller
To Jon and Marty: Congratulations on your career move from bridge inspection in Chaska to latrine construction in Mexico. Retirement looks good on you!
—Scott Turbett

October 15, 2006

To: Dennis Ferdinand
It’s been seven years since I last saw you but I’ve never stopped wondering how you are and where you are. Thanks for training me. You did a good job. I became a good driver and trainer myself.I still sing as I drive America's hiways and byways.
—Kelly Hays

October 14, 2006

To: Cindy
All's well here in New York, though our neighbors to the west in Buffalo have had enough of winter this October!
—Michael Stacy

To: Burt Johnson
As a kid you survived on welfare. Bright and loyal, all freckles and red hair No-one woulda thunk-it That the Bar, you’d slam dunk it And now we must call you “Esquire!” With love and pride, Mom
—laura Wehrly

October 13, 2006

To: Jerry and Sonja Poplawski
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary! May the Good Lord bless you with another 50!
—jeffrey Poplawski

To: Darin Bell
Happy Birthday to Darin Bell all the way up in Anchorage Alaska, who listens to the show weekly for a break from studying medicine.
—stacy wacker

To: GK
Driving up from Atlanta on a fact finding mission and to see a Wobegon boy at home. All the best sir, Two homegrown Republicans
—Burton & HalliBurton Greer

To: Michele and Mike Penake
Hello to you all including your guests Al and Marie. Mike, welcome home from warm Argentina. Nothing like the threat of snow to make that trip seem like a dream. Your wife really knows how to plan a homecoming! Looking forward to walks around Lake Nokomis this Thanksgiving. Love, Stephanie Atlanta, GA
—Stephanie Jones

To: bindhu
hi lovely
—san bagh

October 12, 2006

To: Rebecca
Happy birthday to the best sister in the world! Love, Sister-dear
—Carol Liming

October 11, 2006

To: Barbara Myers
Hey Mom! I hope that you are doing well. I've tried calling both you and justin a few times but no answer, so I figured I would send you an e-message. Just wanted you to know that I Love YOU!
—Sarah Pestana

To: Eleanor Kling
To Mom in Newton, Iowa --- Happy 63rd Anniversary of my birthing day. Your large bundle of joy arrived kicking and screaming during a flurry of snow on this date in 1943 in Newton Ia. The kicking and screaming has subsided but by the size of my waist line I’m still a large bundle of joy. From your Son: in Rock Island, IL
—Jim Kling

To: Tara
Happy, happy birthday, Tara. Enjoy the day picking apples and pumpkins with your other half, Randy, and your little peanut, Autumn. Love, Candace
—Candace Weiss

To: Karen Miller
This week I read about Plato’s notion of beauty. I didn’t know that people back then were already thinking about you. Happy birthday darling.
—Rodrigo Cardenas

To: Jim, Sue, Neal and Marcia
I'm having a great time in college, I want you to know you money isn't being spent enirely on beer.
—Lily Fahrenwald

October 10, 2006

To: Sarah & Dave Amann
Enjoy this birthday gift, Mom. Dorian Gray has got nothing on you. Happy 39th again! love, Carrie, Tom, Luke, and Peter
—Carrie Wujek

To: garrison keillor
We are sending you a copy of the Stowe Gallery Guide Arts and Literary Review for poetry entries Thank you for taking a look
—carole drury

To: Tataki
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—Tataki Tataki

October 9, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, I have chosen to begin most of the Saturday evenings of the past 15 years listening to APHC and have purchased 90% of your CD's. I have asked that when I am dying, someone will play for me your recording of Psalm 23 and your other great poetry readings. I cannot think of greater comfort. Today I am requesting a reference to a poem which I once heard you read on APHC in October -- and I thought that "October" was in the title. I have tried every search method I know without success. I believe that it was one of your original poems about love and life and the beauty of this season. I would be grateful if you could direct me to this poem...or perhaps provide it. Thank you for your extraordinary contributions to our national life and to my own. Sandra A.
—sandra arnn

To: Austin
Happy First Anniversary today from your adoring wife and co-workers Meg and Stout.
—Michelle Hall

To: Bill Fale (Pr. Folly)
Happy 59th Birthday on October 14 from your loving wife. You are still the man of my dreams, my knight in shining armor. All my Love Always
—Cindy Fale

To: Michael Mascolo
Hi Dad. Happy 46th birthday dad. You're the greatest dad in the world. Man you're getting white hair now. I guess it wasn't true when you told me that I was giving you grey hair. Love your son, Seth. Happy Birthday dad. P.S. Did you get the cane I sent you for your birthday? Just wondering.
—Seth Kanner-Mascolo

October 8, 2006

To: Colin
I knew you couldn't handle the chocolate death! I'm so glad we met up in the city and you know where to find me if you need me.
—Elizabeth Harris

To: Nick
My Dear Nick, I had hoped to one day announce our pregnancy to you on a Prairie Home Companion but I am happy to use it now, something we once shared and loved, to tell you this: that I am so very proud to have shared the last seven years of my life with you. You are a wonderful man and I will always love you. God Bless You as you travel the world and find the peace within yourself. I pray that you will return one day to me, but if that is not to be, I pray that you will find true happiness in being true to yourself. All of my love, your wife Jessica
—Jessica Allen

To: Lisa Maria Smith
your home cooking and cozy abode always give us such a prairie home feeling
—karen ciavarini

October 7, 2006

To: Daryl, my Snooks
To my Home Companion, I'm glad we met at that cafeteria 18 years ago. It wasn't tuna casserole but it was true love and wonderful chemistry.
—Marianne Orlando

To: Jerry and Kathy
Hi mom and dad in Pullman, WA. Hope you are finished with seeding the winter wheat! It's getting cold in Colorado! Love your ski bum daughter.
—Janine Prout

To: Mom and Dave
The thought of us listening to this show on opposite ends of the country has made my Saturday afternoons a joy. I will laugh for the three of us today. I love you!
—Lauren Bissey

To: tader
I sat with a young woman today at farmers market. She was trying to find homes for kittens whose mother was killed by a coyote. Her heart reminded me of you. love mom
—susan james

To: Stefani and Nick & Amy and Chris
We are looking forward to the birth of grandsons at Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. Love from Mum and Dad in Idaho.
—Robert Minervini

To: Tim
Hope you're enjoying the show with your mom. The dogs are fine--your beagle got up for breakfast at 4:30 this morning. We look forward to seeing you when you get home.
—Paige Brown

To: Chris Gibbar
To my best friend Nurse Ratchet; I'm glad to hear you found a date for the show. Say hi to your hot mom for me. With friends like me, well you know the rest. Joe
—Joe Regalado

To: Sarah Kilmer
We miss you! When you come home on break - let's take the dogs for a walk - Murphy has a new brudder Winston, and your mom was brave enough to ask us along to the blessing of the aminals. I never realized two bassets could pull so hard and I was blessing those bassets all through the parking lot!
—Dan, Diannne, & Nickie Schneider

October 6, 2006

To: Ryan, Megan, and Finn
Thank you for the tickets to the show. Looking forward to seeing Garrison Keilor and going to Ferdinans for ice cream. Mom and Dad
—Bob Anderson

To: Father Flanagan in Spokane
We're really sorry that we couldn't take you to the Pullman show for your birthday, but not so sorry that we didn't go ourselves.
—Steve and Doug

To: Mararet and Dale
We are looking forward to spending Christmas on the Iron Range with you. Hope the ice fishing is good this winter!
—Craig Nelson

To: Dearest Mary
We go back to Minnesota in the buggy, muggy summer and the frozen winter to visit your family and in hopes to see PHC, and now they are in our wonderful hometown of Pullman. Why do we ever need to leave? Jeff
—Jeffri Bohlscheid

To: Beasley Audience
Since I was born in Moscow and moved away years ago, I wonder if maybe I'm related to people here today: Any O'Reilleys? Vogels? Fiscus'? (or maybe it's "Fisci"? not sure.)
—Sherry Fiscus-Schroeder

To: Randy McGraw
Happy Anniversary Randy! Five years and 3 little red-headed boys later--- I love you more now than the crisp fall evening when the coyotes sang while we married!
—Wendy McGraw

To: Katie Christanson
and all those listening in Walla Walla - so sorry you couldn't come to see the show live. It's wonderful - wish you were here!
—Julie Woods

To: Jennifer Grandy
Daughter Jennifer at WSU, we are proud of you. Love, Dad and Kathryn
—Kathryn and Bob Grandy

October 5, 2006

To: George & Elizabeth
Thanks for keeping us off of wellfare and out of a life of crime. We couldn't have done it without you.
—Belinda @ Chip Burkitt

To: Mom and Dad in Arkansas
Congratulations on your indoor plumbing! How is that 1937 Chevy working out as a septic tank?
—Sue and Terry Kreikemeier

To: Alek, Karen, Sergei, Allen, Britt, Jessie, and Sammie
Happy Birthday to all of the October born in our family! Thanks for letting Karen come to the show, Rod & Derrick! Sell lots of cider!
—Britt and Andrea Barrineau

To: Rick, Bryan and Sarah
Breathing the same air with you and Garrison Keillor at Beasley Coloseum has made my year! Thanks for the memory! Go Cougs! Mary
—Mary Corley

October 4, 2006

To: Bob Norie
SPECIAL GREETINGS TO BOB WITH 2-B’S FROM THOM & DIANE; We know you are out there working in the back woods of Idaho and hope you remember to make noise to keep the bears away.
—Diane Green

To: Professors Steve and Jeff
We celebrate your courageous spirits. With love and respect, Your friends and colleagues, College of Natural Resources, University of Idaho
—Janet Rachlow

October 3, 2006

To: Bryan Holmes
Happy 30th Birthday. I love you!
—Melissa Smith

To: Kyung Kim
Kyung, You said you knew God had destined me for you when you heard this show in my car. Can't wait to marry you my love. Kyung, You said you knew I was the one when you heard A Prairie Home Companion in my car. What better way to celebrate our engagement than to be here? Love, your future husband John.
—John Choi

To: Dear Mr. Keillor
My husband, Ron, and I are excitedly awaiting your appearance in Birmingham, Alabama on October 11th. We've had our tickets for months and can hardly wait to see the man that we have heard over the airwaves for years.
—Kay Fortenberry

October 2, 2006

To: Paul and Cathy Gottbrath
Happy 5th Anniversary to you. And to Cathy, we hope your decision to take Dad's last name continues to hold strong through the years.
—Sally Gottbrath

To: Richard Funderburk
Happy Birthday, We love you. (10/15/2006)
—georgie funderburk

To: Karen Langley
Moving a piano from San Diego to Salt Lake City wasn't what I had imagined I would be doing last weekend! Our many misadventures reminded me of a John Updike quote - "Looking foolish does the spirit good. The need not to look foolish is one of youth's many burdens; as we get older we are exempted from more and more." Hope all is well...
—Mike Thurman

To: Mary Ellan Robinson
Happy 50th Birthday. Here's hoping that the Prairie Home Companion Surprise Party in progress at this time is allowing you to Ketchup on old friends.
—Daniel Robinson

October 1, 2006

To: Walter & Doris Blottenberger
Happy 72nd Wedding Anniversary, and they said in South Baltimore that it wouldn't last! Love from your family & friends in Ocean City, Maryland.
—Diane Maurer

To: Percy & Evelyn Ballinger
Congratulations on your 60th. All 9 kids, spouses, 23 grandkids, 1 great-grand kid are so proud of you. We give you a standing ovation. Amen
—John Ballinger

To: Julie
So sorry to hear about your back injury! Look on the bright side: At least you discovered that morphine and chocolate go together really well.
—Guy & Diane Worthey

September 30, 2006

To: Tom & Donna Norton
Greetings to all of the Family down in St. Louis. Life here in Mid-Missouri is going quite well, say hello to everyone for me. Even though it's a long way off, I am looking forward to seeing everybody around the Thanksgiving table as I do every year when I come home from college. Take care everyone.
—Shaun Speers

To: Blake & Karen Ludwig
Hi to Blake and Caryn Ludwig. Heard the show was in Missoula and knew you'd be there. Hope you're having fun! Laura and Adam
—Laura Fernsler

To: Al's Breakfast
Hello to Al's Breakfast in Dinkytown-- Garrison's old hangout-- from Pat and Erma (Gopher's 1973).
—Erma Oliver

To: Soupbone and Jean
Hello to Soupbone and Jean in Aura, Michigan, from two Minnesota Fats in Missoula.
—Pat Oliver

To: mark and suzanne
Hi from western montana. Congradulations on your decision to get married sooner. We love you both.
—robert and terri roeper

To: The Allards
Here's a yippee-yi-ki-yaa shout out to the Allards in Little Rhody from the Connerys in the Big Sky Country!!! We miss you all! See you at the beach this summer!
—Dave Connery

To: PHC staff
PHC staff - the above names are a correction from what I submitted for Caroline & Brian. ooooops. Joel Keys
—Nana & Nomar Keys

To: Stephanie Taylor
Six years ago you made me the happiest man on earth.You continue to amaze me every day. Happy Anniversary! Mark
—Mark Taylor

To: Ronni flannery
To my brand new wife, who married me in the Ninemile Valley a couple weeks ago. Let's start making babies (and hope the rest of the audience can keep their eyes to themselves).
—jeff hull

To: Mark Klietz
We couldn't get back to the Mid West this summer, so the Mid-West came to us! Thank you for the gift of a Montana life! I love you!
—Paula Klietz

To: Jim and Cindy Newberg
We know you will enjoy tonight's show as much as one we saw in St Paul. We'll be over after the show for coffee and dessert to talk about the highlights. We'd better leave now as it's a long drive from Wisconsin. See you soon!
—Herb & Deb Barnes

September 29, 2006

To: Marie & Gary McCarthy
Mom & Dad sending love and thanks for everything - will send a picture soon.
—Bridget McCarthy

To: Sweetie
To my dearest Sweetie You are the most amazing and wonderful life companion. You are the best teacher an old Prairie Home goat could ask for. Your loving Hunny Bunny.
—Doug Burreson

To: Peter, Brian and Caitlin
Hi from Mom and Dad to our kids in Dallas, New York and Chicago. We know you'd rather be living back in Missoula but we think you should know that we've rented out the extra bedrooms so you're on your own if you ever come back.
—Karen and Paul Overland

To: Grandma and Grandpa Bus
The kids miss you...the wife and I miss southern cooking. We'll trade elk steak for BBQ and oysters in November.
—Missoula Senterfeits, (sin-ter-fitt) Senterfeit, (sin-ter-fitt)

To: Steven and Paula Beth
Sending my love back to Minnesota from beautiful Missoula. I remain, your only single friend with a husband, a wife and two children. Vicky
—Victoria Larson

To: Laura
Happy Birthday Laura! We're so happy that you left the funny farm behind and drove to Missoula for the show! Your three girls love you very much and the cats say hello.
—Sarah Schillinger

To: Mariah Crossland
Happy winter's end sister Mariah, Victoria, PJ, Johan, Liesl, Will and friends in Antarctica. Don't forget the SPF90 sunscreen when you get to New Zealand! (Carol and Nancy)
—Carol Crossland

To: Molly
Congrats as you begin your career at the Missoula Public Library, trading the land of cheeseheads for Big Sky country-quite the deal. See you soon, Love Mom and Dad.
—Mary Reilly-Kliss

September 28, 2006

To: Nana & Nomar Keys
Can a mandolin picking archaeologist and a bio_bus driving guitar picking writer find wedded bliss together? OF COURSE! THIS IS MISSOULA!
—Joel Keys

To: Megan Phillips
Megan, Our time together only gets better with each passing day. Like the wind is at home on the prairie, my heart is at home with you. All my love, Your Pedro
—Peter Bugoni

To: Grandma Jellybeans and Grandpa Moustache
Howdy from those who love you in good old St. Paul. You went west in your retirement for the joy of fixing fence posts, being thrown from horses and the sound of running mountain streams. We'll send lutefisk!
—Ann Gabrielli

To: Ben and Nick Frentsos
To Nick & Ben: We'll always treasure those times in the car listening to PHC. We tried to model good PHC listening skills as your parents. Hope you're listening tonight! Love, Mom & Dad
—Julie Cummins

To: Ben and Nick Frentsos
To Nick & Ben: We'll always treasure those times in the car listening to PHC. We tried to model good PHC listening skills as your parents. Hope you're listening tonight! Love, Mom & Dad
—Julie Cummins

September 27, 2006

To: Laura & Rhonda
To my Missoula Mountain Daughters, Laura and Rhonda, I can picture your sweet faces listening to this show and it makes Mom-tears come to my eyes. And girls, don’t forget that wonderful Irish saying, “Don't give cherries to a pig; don't give advice to a fool.” From somewhere by the seashore… Mom
—Nancy Lynly

To: All Fuglei Folk
Hello to all the Fugleis! It's anÙher season and I know you're all listening via website. Health and good things to you all.
—Carol Lindsay

To: Cate McCarthy
please cancel the greeting to Cate McCarthy from Mom and Dad McCarthy
—Mom and Dad McCarthy

To: Cate McCarthy
Haven't seen you since last August when we went to see A Prarie Home Companion at the Ohio State Fair. Send a photo.
—Mom and Dad McCarthy

To: Maeve & Scott
Congratulations to Maeve(rhymes with "rave") Hilleary (with an "E")and Scott Ball, joined in holy matrimony yesterday in Missoula. You didn't just marry him to avoid spelling and pronouncing BOTH of your names for the rest of your life, did you?
—Patrick HIlleary

To: Peggy Linrud
Thank you so much for the thesis help, saved me from another all-nighter!
—Erica Stern

September 26, 2006

To: Laura Anne
to my sweetheart of 29 years, the years seem like days. We've haven't made a responsible decision yet. Paris or pay the bills? Je t'aime mon amour. Meet me at Berthillon. Geoff
—Geoff Smith-Moritz

To: Eileen O'Leary
Greetings, It's time again to get together. See you soon. With love, Barb
—barb hatcher

To: Peg & Gene Milgram Metuchen, NJ
Happy 51st Anniversary Mom and Dad. Thank you for getting me through my wedding, marriage and widowhood. It's time you took some time to enjoy all those anniversaries I hope you have ahead of you. All my love, your only child, Regina.
—Regina Milgram-Bossong

To: Al and Psyche Hoye
Missoula daughter Betsy wishes Al and Psyche Hoye of Edina a Happy Anniversay! 61 years ago, the Minneapolis boy married his goddess from Turtle Lake Wisconsin.
—Betsy Weber

To: Sara Hansen
Hello love - even Iraq would be Heaven with you - even there would be Hell without you. Kiss the little one for me. I'll be home soon.
—Douglas Hansen

September 25, 2006

To: Tom and Margaret Harless
Happy 50th Wedding Anniversary to Margaret and Tom Harless of Riverton, Wyoming. Margaret, Queen of Felt and Tom, King of Tough Moose, may you felt and chase moose all over Wyoming for many years to come. Love Steve and Cameron.
—Cameron Byrne

To: Wiley McDonough
Love to Wiley, working the show for U of M productions. Hope you are drier than we all were watching the show in Guilford, NH, dodging thunderbolts and getting drenched.Guess we should have sprung for the seats with a roof. love mom and dad
—Emily Wrubel

September 24, 2006

To: Masumi Watanabe
Happy 57th birthday to Ma-su-mi Watanabe – thanks Mom for flying all the way from Japan to see today’s show,…then also deciding to visit us!
—Meka and Matt Watanabe-Taylor

To: Roma
After 13 years together Roma and Geoff get married on 29th September - like the fly caught in a spider's web Geoff knows when to stop trying to escape.
—Geoff Edkins

September 23, 2006

To: lenny nachman
to the greatest d.o.d. in the world! your hundreds of tape recordings of p. h. companion make a great dowry. every weekend i remember waking up to mr. garrison's voice and the comfort of knowing i was home. thanks for yours and moms enduring love. love, ali
—alison nachman

To: Garrison Keillor
You mentioned Rosh Hashanah, don't forget to wish a blessed Ramadan to all Muslims listening
—Carol Scott

To: Bill Carey Sr.
Happy 75th Birthday Bill Carey of Pittsfield Massachusett-- cat whisperer, marathon runner, doctor and dispenser of remedies including blackberry brandy and ginger. Your six kids.
—Mary Carey

September 22, 2006

To: Oakley
Hello to _____ in Buckeye, CA, listening on the windup radio, hope the chickens are there too.
—Gary Miller

To: Willie Watson
Happy Birthday Willie! from The Droolers.
—Marie Arnold

September 21, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Hi Garrison: Thoughts from a Mid-West Minnesota farm boy in the 50's. 1.The flywheel on the old John Deere is hard to turn. 2. Keep your thumb out of the way when cranking the Farmall. 3. Don't put your fingers near a running chain and sprocket. 4. Try and avoid falling off the top of the silo. 5. Do not stand behind a cow who poops and coughs after eating fresh alfalfa. 6. Do not pee on an electric fence. 7. When using a drag do not turn too sharply as the cable will come over the rear wheel. 8. Pay attention when cultivating young corn otherwise there will be no corn. 9.Throwing chickens off the top of the barn is a useless exercise. 10 Putting 2 buck os gas in the car on Saturday night and expecting 5 bucks of mileage is self defeating-A long walk home. 10. Standing behind a baler on a skid on a hot humid day is really not much fun. 11. When you are young on a far you go to bed early. When you are old on a farm you go to bed earlier. 12. The Christian General store owner smoked cigarettes while candling eggs in the basement. 13. If you sniff tractor gas from the tank you get really sick. 14 Grandmothers don't really scare cows with their cane but they think they do. 15 You know you have had a blizzard when the snowdrifts have hidden the barn in the morning. 16 Chickens always hop up in the air 4 times after you axe their heads off. 17 Do not try to befriend a pocket gopher that has its leg caught in a trap. 18 Hay wagons loaded high in the back first tip over backwards. 19. You can drown kittens but never a Lutheran cat-So who cares anyhow as Lutherans are going to Hell eventually anyhow. 20 Rainbows on the farm are the best rainbows. Bob Erlandson Class of 1960, Glenwood, Mn. Faculty of Education,University of Ottawa. Ottawa, Ontario
—bob erlandson

To: Julius & Patricia Wangler
Happy 35th wedding anniversary and 57th birthdays! We'll see you two spring chickens/lovebirds at Shawna's wedding--be ready to polka! Love you lots!
—Melissa Wangler Gordon

To: Garrison
Dear Garrison. I share your loathing of the "Current Occupant," as you call him. Would you care to elucidate on your accusations that he has committed war crimes? Robert Ashley Martin, San Francisco, CA, by way of Minneapolis, MN. And a shipmate on cruise number 1.
—Robert Martin

To: John Sternberg
Thankful every day to be married to you. So glad this small town girl from Vassar, Michigan found her small town boy from Bad Axe!
—Jan Sternberg

To: Kate
Greetings! I am a HUGE fan of Prairie Home Companion, and I receive the Writer's Almanac through email daily. It was the most recent Almanac that exposed me to one of the saddest poems I have ever read...and also, one of the most beautiful. "Apology to the Wasps" by Sara Littlecrow-Russell almost brought me to tears. If you have ever read the poem, you are probably thinking, "This woman is beyond crazy," but the good Lord has blessed me with an empathy for all His creatures. I hope MANY people read this poem and think twice before carelessly dousing nature with pesticides after being buzzed in the ear or brushed on the arm. Thank you for choosing such wonderfully moving pieces of poetry! Sincerely, Nature Lover in Wisconsin
—Kate Krenzke

September 19, 2006

To: Mom-ums, Dad-um, and Ronnikins
Aloha and much love, hope to see Garrison with y'all!
—Marissa N

To: Joe Prow
Happy 70th Birthday Joe Prow. Lots to look back on - lots of fun and enjoyment. Many years ahead to enjoy laughter and happiness! Happy Birthday!!!
—Ann Prow

September 11, 2006

To: Daniel Poff, Amanda Hooks, Ramona Poff
A September Birthday at the start, in the middle, and at the end. May my pockets recover from the cost of all my spending this upcoming weekend. Happy Birthday Grandma, Dad, and Amanda. Love Ben
—Benjamin Poff

To: Dear Mr. Keillor:
I've enjoyed the movie, the PBS special, and the "Prarie Home Companion Show" live in Ocean Grove, NJ. I'd like to spend the 21st anniversary of my 39th birthday at a live show. Where will you folks be January, 2007?
—Denise Etcheverry

To: lloyd
Glad to hear your out of the hospital and your heart is doing well. Sending heart felt prayes from Baghdad I hope will help you heal quickly. Stay cooler than me. Lots of Love.
—Justin Ford

September 9, 2006

To: Griffin and Tonya
Congratulations on your wedding today. May there be many more parties in the future. Uncle Brad from Tennessee
—Brad Keitzman

September 7, 2006

To: Dave Paul
Wishing you a good birthday--no, a great birthday! Have Bev bake you a cake and then eat a piece for each of us! ENJOY!
—Shirley & Randy Kopp

September 1, 2006

To: Kay & Charlie Brown
Dad, Looks like Mom is keeping you around for good, despite all those PHC and Bob Dylan tapes laying around. Happy 46th! Enjoy the fair. Love Josh
—Josh Brown

To: Margaret
Happy Birthday Mom. Hope you're enjoying your day at the Fair. Congratulations on looking a whole lot younger than you actually are. With love from Mike & Emily.
—Michael Reif

To: Steven "Housofunk" Bateman
Happy 22nd Birthday from Mom and Dad, Sisters Brynna and Kaly, and Brother Patrick. We hope you and Breanna enjoyed the State Fair. After the show, go make some music!
—Tom Bateman

To: Dad
To Dad in Montana...Thanks for listening to the "liberal" station...see? it's not so bad. To Gretchen at Marquette in Milwaukee...So glad to be paying $30K tuition so you can play ultimate frisbee. Enjoy!
—Si Matthies

To: Jim
You proposed at the 2/12/05 show, we wed during the 9/2/05 show, so let's pretend the show at the State Fair is a first anniversary party just for us! Happy Anniversary -- I love you!
—Kristin Erickson

August 31, 2006

To: Elmer and Alta McDonald
Mom'n'Dad, Is Minnesota south enough for retirement from Alaska? At least we'll be warm together Christmas 2007 in Australia. Love, the kids, grandkids, and grandbeagles.
—Bruce McDonald, Sylvia Radford, and Families

August 30, 2006

To: Mairin
Happy 19th Birthday! Wish I could be with you celebrating!!!
—Sheila Augustine

To: Garrison Keillor
We flew all the way to Minnesota from Atlanta to actually HEAR your show at the Minnesota State Fair. Not ALL Atlantans are impolite, some are just bad-mannered. Come see us at the Fox next time.
—Pat Kask

To: Sheri Norgard
Happy 17th anniversary. I've been blessed with two wonderful boys, the best pet rabbit ever and the girl of my dreams.
—Charly Norgard

To: Kimberly Willis Holt
Happy birthday, my friend! Now get those bags packed and hit the road. You have places to go and books to sign! From The-One-Who-Keeps-You-Organized...
—Holly Alexander

August 29, 2006

To: Beth "Mama" Hastie
It’s your 60th birthday, Mom. Sixty years of being a child and then having your own, of blazing your path and learning to share it, of bringing home the bacon and cooking it too. Congratulations!
—Amy Hastie

August 28, 2006

To: Barbara Nylen
Happy 70th birthday to beloved aunt and sister, Barbara Nylen. She is a born and bred Minnesotan who is in the audience today, having attended every Minnesota State Fair for over 50 years...she is obsessed. She has donated over 150 gallons of blood to the American Red Cross,, so be nice to her, you might have some of her blood in you. She is the state of Minnesota' s biggest supporter, and in her eye's, Minnesotans can do no wrong. Personally, I think you people are too nice and are up to something. Happy Birthday Barbara!
—Christine MacDonald

To: Peg Wack
Peg Wack turns 75 on 9/1/06, an avid listener of your show. She raised 7 kids in Grand Forks, ND. Thanks for all you do mom, We Love You!
—Christine Mullady

August 27, 2006

To: Keara Beth MacKinnon
On 7-13-2006, a 13 year old girl from Florissant Missouri caught her first fish in Wisconsin. A 54 inch, 47 pound Muskie with her hook in the water for only 10 minutes! From now on, everything else you catch is bait! Love Daddy
—Rich MacKinnon

August 26, 2006

To: Peter and Merleen Ottaviano
Hello Mr. Keillor, I'm an avid teenage old time radio fan (Jack Benny's my favorite) and was happy to see a film about a radio show. You'll win an Oscar for your writing if not for your acting. My Grandparents love your show, their names are Pete and Merleen and they listen to your show every week. Please say hi to them over the radio and congrats on your film. Iwish more teens like me could apprciate radio as a respective art form and not just a land of hip hop and fat guys screaming at eachother in debates. Keep up the good work.
—Zach Eastman

August 25, 2006

To: Ken and Bonnie Rantala
Thirty-nine years, three kids, three grandkids, and still in love! (Although there WAS the zucchini hotdish incident!) Wishing you many more happy years together. From your middle kid with love,
—Heidi Rantala

To: Loretta Hodges
Happy birthday to us mom! I love you!
—Julie Kerr

August 24, 2006

To: John Raddatz
Lutheran Pastor John from the north is 50 years old September 17. Can you offered some advice and birthday greetings. He has been pastoring in Tulsa Ok for 12 years.
—Tom Kuehnert

August 19, 2006

To: Eric William Andreassen
Hope you had lots of fun celebrating your 2nd birthday on Aug 23rd! Live Long and Prosper! From Uncle Jan (pronounced Yan in Norwegian, I guess I don't have to tell you that Mr. Keillor) who adores you and Aunt Raksha who thanks God each day for you!
—Jan Andreassen

August 18, 2006

To: mia whitmore
Sweet Pea, looking forward to a great weekend away from work with you and the boys. Love Dad
—tony whitmore

August 13, 2006

To: jim bergren
congratulations Jim,making it from Portland Oregon to Portland Maine on your ATV,and no saddle sores.
—dolphin webster

August 8, 2006

To: kerry Nolte
It's also my (Kerry Nolte) 32nd birthday this month along with my parents Roger and Maggie 34th wedding ansversary - so wish me happy 32 birhtday - and I'll be in the pink on September 3rd Sunday !
—Kerry Nolte

To: Garrison
HAPPY belated BIRHTDAY! Hope it was the best relaxing day ever!!! A true listener!
—Barbara Veech

To: Carole Gall
Happy tenth anniversary (Sept 1)from Indianapolis. When we got married we signed up for 40 years with options, and it's still looking good. May I have the next dance?
—Ken Gall

August 7, 2006

To: Nancy Sinnot
I'll shout it from a mountaintop; and again here for any folksingers and Unitarians I missed: You are Dear, dear Sister. Thanks for the peace you furnished Mom.
—Vincent Hostak

To: GK
I just wanted to wish GK a Happy 64th Birthday...and many more. I love the show and loved the movie. Mike S.
—Mike Scheetz

To: sher
do you like it
—Pat Wolff

To: SPC Michael Hawley
Hi Michael Enjoy the few weeks of respite in Alaska and God bless all of you returning to Iraq in the weeks to come. You're in our hearts. Come home safe. We love you. Maria & Liz
—Maria Tralongo

To: Garrison Keillor
Happy Birthday! My birthday is also today and I was born on August 7, 1942. Kathy G
—Kathy Gibel

August 6, 2006

To: Mom
Mom, Pilot training is going well. It's tough and arduous. Keeping jovial and Prairie Home Companion is getting me through. Bryan S. Enid, OK
—Bryan Swierenga

August 5, 2006

To: Roger&maggie nolte
Since my parents have been good to me they deserve to be remembered that this month is there 34th wedding aniversary - mom and dad - if I dont get the number right - dont yell at me !! You're still married, maybe that's why - you dont yell! Love your daughter
—Kerry Nolte

August 4, 2006

To: Linda (Hill) Williams
The Class of 1965 Plymouth High School (Plymouth, Michigan) is holding their 40th Class Reunion on Sept. 9, 2006. Linda Williams, a Prairie Home Companion regular, was a member of the class. As part of the difunuctional 60's - do the math...40th Reunion in the 41st year. Best of Luck Linda - wish you could join us.
—Dick Berry

To: josephine stewart
To Josephine beyond compare - who has followed her dreams from NYC to Charlottesville Virginia - from her little famn damly in Cleveland Heights Ohio. You sing for all of us.
—Judith Angelo

August 3, 2006

To: John McCall
Thank you for twenty wonderful years of a marriage that's WAY above average! Remember listening to PHC when we were courting, and on our wedding day, and for all the years since? Here's to twenty more years of both! Your Wobegonian Woman,
—Andrea McCall

August 2, 2006

To: LeRoy & Marianne Erickson
To our favorite non-Lutheran Methodists: congratulations on 32 years of listening to PHC and on 50 years of staying married! Happy golden anniversary.
—Beth Burt

August 1, 2006

To: Mr. Keillor
Mr.Keillor: My husband Charlie and I went to the movie, Prairie Home Companion. We did not know there is a real radio show! We were in our car on the way across Texas to our home in Kansas when suddenly we tuned in. What a great surprise! We love your show and I love your voice! I looked up a local radio station that carry's your show and we will be tuning in! Thanks again for such a fun show. Mary Ann Hebert Wichita Kansas
—Mary Ann Hebert

To: Linda J
I enjoyed seing you and think about Redlands during the days of summer. I hope all your news is good during August.
—John K

July 30, 2006

To: ziva
Happy birthday Ziva, always keep smiling, becuase your love of life makes everyone else do to. with much love, your family
—max s

July 29, 2006

To: Mildred Paige
Hi mom. We're moving back East from California next year. Sorry it took 20 years to move back home, we just got off the freeway out here. Be home soon. From Katers and the kids.
—Kate Perkins

July 28, 2006

To: Eddie
Happy Birthday! Because of you I can sing the entire soundtracks for Oklahoma!, My Fair Lady and South Pacific. Thanks for being a wonderful brother.
—Sally Hayman

To: Dad
Tom, don't slouch; Jack, listen to your older brother while I'm in Kuwait. Don't forget to practice your piano; send a tape. Love, Dad.
—Tom and Jack Sanders

July 27, 2006

To: bill
We're all praying you make it to the farm this year for the annual christmas party. Hope you're studying your christmas trivia. We love you.
—kathi leone

To: Kevin Schafer
Kevin, Happy 54th birthday and remeber you may be 54 but your bride of two years is only 45. Love Diane
—Diane Schafer

July 26, 2006

To: Mom and Dad
Please make your visit to South Africa in March, to welcome your new grandchild!
—Mary & Joash Bloom

July 25, 2006

To: Andrew
Please write, Mom is getting nervous. Hope your enjoying college up there, will be joining you soon.
—Justin Camden

July 24, 2006

To: Connor Mc Donald
You're on the road again and if you'd like to make a U-turn and return to my place it's OK with me! You, mom and Jamie are awesome houseguests and are welcome ANY time! Love, Granny
—Wendy Williams

To: Jerry and Jeanetta Schmidt
Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary mom and dad, go a little crazy and have a lot of fun!
—Becka Ashcraft

July 20, 2006

To: Mr. Keillor
A Cappella the angels are singing Lorelee Sienkowski, July 20, 2006 A Cappella, the angels are singing “Praise to God” is their heavenly verse They know all the words without learning And they never have need to rehearse. “Praise to God and Peace on the Earth, Praise to god and Love among Men, Praise to God” sing the angelic voices, “Praise to God” they sing over again. I worry that when I get to heaven That they’ll have heard me as I sang below And they’ll tremble when I join their choir ‘Cause I’m awful – and I sing so slow. I feel dreadful – it’s just so un-natural ‘Cause I am Lutheran – we’re supposed to sing true Harmonizing and singing God’s praises Second nature and singing on cue. Oh, not my voice, if that’s what you’d call it – It refuses to carry a tune I’ve tried to sing high notes and low ones But each chorus just seems to get ruin’d. So in the meantime I’ll praise Him with pencil And the words that I find in my head And I’ll praise Him with ink and with paper And feel thankful for those works instead.
—Lorelee Sienkowski

To: Barry & Celie
Mom & Dad: Many happy returns on your upcoming second wedding anniversary -- and the 25 years of happiness together that came before the wedding! Love from Jenny, Tom, Sarah & Emily who are sweltering in the Maryland heat while you skip around the Alaskan glaciers! Hope you enjoyed the cruise!
—Jennifer Merrill

July 19, 2006

To: Brooker
Write, write all day long; write, write, write while you sing this song! The sooner you finish your disertation to become Dr. Brooker, the sooner you may move back down to Austin to play with your sister and me! Love ya like a fat kid loves cake, Ash.
—Ashlee Martin

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Garrison, I have been listening to you for many years and keep about 10 of your tapes in my car. I'm from Minneapolis and was there last summer during the filming of the movie. It came to Rhinebeck, New york for only about 3 weeks and is now nowhere in the area!! I had to miss it during that time and am wondering if it will be coming back to the area. I did see the Tanglewood program but that was just a teaser. Can you tell me anything? Sincerely, Janet Adams
—Janet Adams

To: FishingBear
Tho the journey has taken you miles away we still have a date on SAturday. With Dusty,Lefty and GuyNuior on Saturday,I'm there where you are. Happy birthday.
—Karyn Petty

To: Bill & Pat
Forty years of marriage, 36 years with kids. Thank goodness you let the radio raise us and not the television. Happy anniversary from the young ‘uns.
—Carter Maden

July 18, 2006

To: family
to my seven sisters and only brother,being related to you was always better than a kick in the to all-marty,steve,joan,meg,sheila,anne,jane,and amy from lucky #6
—sally freedberg

To: Kay and Steve
Hey - on this most auspicious day we celebrate your 25th Wedding Anniversary. We love you guys and Liz and Steve and plan to continue to grow into retirement with you!. All our love, tom, mary, risica and Hannah
—Mary Caputi

July 17, 2006

To: Mary from Maui
Mom,Hope your Alaskan adventure was everything you ever dreamed it would be. We couldn't be happier to see our inheritence spent with such style! Love your daughters.
—Nancy Ann Boswell

To: Sonoma
Happy Birthday. Some day you will be old enough to get the jokes. YaYa
—Eve Breckenridge

To: Matthew Max Updegraff-Moore
Happy first birthday chunky monkey, your mommy and daddy love you very much.
—Matt Moore

To: Christopher Edwards
The GREEN CHICKEN is alive and well in upstate New York! It’s not MICROSOFT...but it’s still ‘NICE AND SOFT'...after all these many years. Love, Mom and Dad
—Dean Edwards

To: Bob and Beth Koch
Happy 55th wedding anniversary to Bob and Beth who are at the show. From your 4 children, 6 grandchildren and a large orange cat named Oedipus.
—Kathy, Wayne, Donald and Dorothy Koch

To: Dave Black
Happy 50th birthday sweetie, hope you enjoy the party everyone is really looking foward to relaxing on the deck of the houseboat with you and since you are always the cook they are wondering what's on the menu!! love you
—joyce black

July 16, 2006

To: Peter Eddy
Happy 65th birthday, Peter. How could you be so old? Never mind, you're still my New York Hunk and I'm your Buffalo chipie.
—Margot Eddy

To: Patsy
I was traveling home with my 10 yr old and 18 yr old searching for a channel. We can upon your show and all recognized your voice from the movie we recently saw. It was the only time my son turned off a movie and listened! You are so fun to listen to and made our trip so much better. Thanks for being on public radio and keeping my children from watching movies on the road. You are so entertaining. Tnak you!
—Patsy Hitt

To: Joe & Blossom Coppola
Have a great HAPPY 57th ANNIVERSARY! Even thou Joe won't remember todays anniversary... deep down in his heart he still loves you.
—Ursula Richards-Coppola

July 12, 2006

To: Karen Orehoski
Happy 31st birthday to the queen mutant, wish we were enjoying a fabulous bottle (or two) of Ravenswood wine, but all in good time. Stay off the stilts today, if you can.
—Kate Engelsman

July 11, 2006

To: steve the ups man
we know your listening right now while your driving your truck, so we thought a shout out to you might brighten up your night -cheers to you dad!
—chris champagne

July 9, 2006

To: Bethel Caulkins
Hi, To Bethel at Mineral Point, WI. A fan of Garrison's since his college days. We Love you,Beth. The Caulkins Clan.
—Margie Jo Kluge

July 8, 2006

To: Bob
Thanks for you're push into the real world..,I wouldn't have done it without you!!
—Steven Branch

I'm sorry you didn't get a chance to say "Hi" to Daisy last week, but she forgives you and we enjoyed the show non-the-less.
—Martha Anderson

July 7, 2006

To: Colin and Patsy Jones
(to air on July 21st show) We hope you guys are enjoying the celebration of your 25th wedding anniversary. A silver celebration to go with all the silver in your hair. Love from the kids!
—Martina and King Jones

July 6, 2006

To: Mr. Keillor
I am thirteen years old and live in Lower Alabama (Lovingly called LA by the ones who live there) and heard your show on public radio in Selma Alabama or around there. I was hooked and thrilled you were on the radio. My family says I'm weird, well other than my aunt that lives in Wisconsin, but I enjoy this, though I am a conservative and a republican. Keep up by the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!
—Emily Grant

To: Julius
Greetings Garrison: I have always enjoyed your shows along with millions of others. You reached a new high in regards to Ralph Reed. The article "A Peach of a Scandal in Georgia" accurately describes the situation. Ralph Reed is just another greedy hypocrite who uses God as a weapon and money maker.I consider myself a serious Christian and know that Reed is far from the teachings of Christ. I hope his ploy doesn't work but who knows. His followers are probably of the Jim Jones type. With best regards, Julius R. Brown
—Julius Brown

July 5, 2006

To: Paul
The cherry and peach trees smiled the day you were born 52 years ago. May you continue to reap the fruit of your amazing life as the years roll on.... With love from your wife in Wapato!
—Amy McDonald

To: Dominic and Lanaia
Dominic and Lanaia, Hope you newlyweds are doing well and the honeymoon never ends because we'll need you both to take care of us in our old age. Love, Mom and Dad in Sacramento, California.
—Grady Jones

To: Mr. Keillor
I so enjoyed your PBS special. I especially enjoyed the Christian content and the Lake Woebegone story. Thank you, and it would be wonderful if you would do more of these.
—Barbara Pricola

To: Ken
Happy Birthday to Ken from Kennebunk ME--still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions
—Anne Murray

July 4, 2006

To: The Seaton & Wisman Families
Too bad they decided not to do greetings from Tanglewood, because you could have known this on Saturday: we're getting married! Much love!
—Dan Seaton & Mindi Wisman

To: Garrison Keillor
Mr. Keillor, Just returned from watching the Robert Altman movie. What a gem! It has so much soul. One moment I was laughing out loud, the next tears were welling up. Of course, the film is laden with talented individuals (including yourself). Never knew Meryl Streep could sing...and so beautifully. John C. Reilly and Woody Harrelson had great chemistry. Lily Tomlin was her usual unforgettable and unique self. Virginia Madsen was both luminous and haunting. Kevin Kline demonstrated what an incredibly versatile and brilliant actor he is. Tommy Lee Jones, in his brief appearance, was right on. And it looked like everyone was having a blast and did not wish the movie to end. Talk about life following art! And the music. That marvelous band added so much to the film, like it does on each radio broadcast. What fantastic sounds those marvelously talented musicians make together like they do on the radio broadcasts. I wanted that film to go on and on. Yes, nothing lasts forever. But, please, don't pull the plug just yet. Here's to many more years of PHC so that others can share the enjoyment and be the recipient of your collective talents. And, to anyone else who reads these words, this was not a paid endorsement. It came from the heart and hopefully is received as such. Thank you for all the wonderful years.

July 3, 2006

To: Chris Strickland
Thank you for being there for me while i finished college, and supported me through taking the board examination, you are the best father and husband
—Kelleigh Strickland

To: Daniel Culbertson
What do you want to be when you grow up? Make a wish before you blow out 64 candles on your birthday cake! love you.
—Marjorie Culbertson

To: Lee Kelcey
Hello to Lee Kelcey of Magazine, Arkansas, the best little octogenarian winemaker this side of the Rhine- and frantically packing for a Scandinavian tour as we speak. Have a great time, bring me a reindeer- and thanks for luring your daughter away from Georgia for a month to pet-sit, so I can use the computer. All my love- Anna
—Anna Hamilton

To: Lee Kelcey
Hello to Lee Kelcey of Magazine, Arkansas, the best little octogenarian winemaker this side of the Rhine- and frantically packing for a Scandinavian tour as we speak. Have a great time, bring me a reindeer- and thanks for luring your daughter away from Georgia for a month to pet-sit, so I can use the computer. All my love- Anna
—Anna Hamilton

To: Billy and Stacy
Hello from Michelle and Eric to Billy in Sand Point, Idaho, and to Stacy in Columbus, Ohio as Stacy drives their three young daughtes 32 hours from Columbus to Sand Point. Here's hoping you have at least 32 hours' worth of batteries for the portable DVD player.
—Michelle Sanders

To: Ann Kirvin
You see I CAN handle babysitting your cherubs!! You know as soon as you pulled out of the driveway to go to Tanglewood we let Shophia go in the deep end and Robert eat lots of sugar. Did you know that Duct Tape fixes just about anything, and your kids are not allergic to soda like you told them they were?? Enjoyed babysitting the kids while you listed to GH at Tanglewood and would willing to do it again, NOT!!! Just kidding. Love ya, your wonderful, smart, beautiful sister-in-law Mary Jo
—Mary Jo Gatslick

July 2, 2006

To: Barbara and Doug Sloan
Hi mom and dad, Loving Hawaii. Haven't been this tan since I was 10 years old. Missing you and midwestern summers though. Who knew? See you in the fall. yours, Jess
—Jessica Sloan

To: Anthony Merra
Happy 18th Birhtday Anthony Merra from Mom, Dad and Chris 7/1/88
—Cathy, Mike &Chris Merra

To: Bentley
Happy 30 +1 to my most favorite companion, friend and love. May we have many more years or love and laughter.
—Janel Stewart

To: Vanessa
For my lovely family in Miami Diego Daza and David Daza! My mon Yolanda Misle who lives in Houston and all the people who listen this wonderful radio show By the way...I love the movie!
—Vanessa Dazza

July 1, 2006

To: Bob and Gerrie Ingram in Yuma, Arizona
Happy 50th anniversary. Stay indoors - it's a hundred and ten degrees outside!
—Robert Bailey

To: Alan and Sandy
You may be sheltered in the shed, while we are out on the lawn. . . but we have candle light, good food and an even better babysitter, while you probably have a sleeping 6 year old on your lap. Wave to Meryl for us.
—Yvonne & Mark Hulbert

To: The Smith Family
Happy 4th to the Clan gathering in Cedar Falls, Iowa to celebrate Grandpa Raymond's 97th birthday. Wish we could be with you, but know that your Connecticut Yankees have you in their thoughts and prayers.
—Greg and Marguerite Smith

To: Christina & Matthew
Aunt Meredith and Grandma and are enjoying the seats you gave up because after listening your whole lives you didn't want to see what Garrison Keillor really looks like. Please have the house cleaned up by the time we get home! Mom & Dad
—Leslie DiCarlo

To: Betty and Bob Mullins
Glad to introduce you to Garrison Keillor today. You share his wry sense of humor–you needed it to raise seven kids and stay married for 55 years.
—Betsy Olguin

To: Kathy, Ray, Michael, Raymond and all our friends around Bath, Maine
Sorry to be missing you this weekend. Thanks for picking up the slack while we're away. We're very glad to have you all as friends. May the summer last a long...long... ... long time.
—Amanda and Levi

June 30, 2006

To: Dave & Edna Ripley
Thanks for wonderful happy hours on Flying Pond, Vienna, Maine. We purposely left our peanut shell basket behind, so we can come back next year!
—Jan & Bill Grace

To: Mom
I can't wait to see you three weeks! The restaurant we wanted to eat at was flooded this week, so I'll treat you to a nice home cooked meal. Love from your son, Drew ps- yes, I have a fire extinguisher this time
—Drew Halasz

To: Rick
Thank you for being the most wonderful husband in the world. Today can't be any better (unless Mr. Keillor sings a verse of "Palms of Victory"!) Many many kisses
—Elizabeth Gold

To: Todd
My dearest warrior Todd: Don't worry, I'll be back killing monsters with you soon. Your tiny druid, Lyssabeth ps-don't forget to watch the show!
—Elizabeth Gold

To: Brian, Crystall, Liam, Gracie and Sean Scanlon
Naumkeag was just as beautiful as it was ten years ago. Except this time there was no redundant (although well-though-out) interpretation from "you-know-who." You must bring your family here, Brian, before the New Yorkers completely envelop Western Mass. See you Monday (maybe). Your ever-so-humble rookie blockhead and his wife, Shannon and Melissa
—Shannon and Melissa Williams

To: Jason
Texas is hotter than I'd imagined, but I think I made it into 'The Lives of the Cowboys' sketch. Ben sends his Howdys as well. Love always.
—Jason Schreiber

To: Lela Westerfield
Happy 90th Birthday! Wishing I could be in Black River Falls with you! Even the Super8 knows that it's THE big party! Love, your Grandson
—Charles Westerfield

To: Jay, Beverly, Dury, Biscuit, and Marley
Hi Yall, Well - here we are in the mountains of western Massachusetts and their yall are in the mountains of western North Carolina. Too bad there wasn't enough room in the car. Love- Grandma Betty, Bubba, Lily, Suzannah, and Jason
—Suzannah Womack

To: John and Susan
Congratulations on your big wedding anniversary. Susan, John would have taken you anywhere to see this show, arn't you glad is wasn't playing in Paris.
—Clara and Whit whitney

To: Jim
Happy birthday from that stubborn norwegian lady you live with! Didn't know what you were getting into did you?
—Zona Davis

To: Chris
Keep the lights on Mr. Keillor and we'll leave the lights on here for you. Can' wait to see you in Nashville on Sunday. Love, Mom, Dad and Vonn
—Todd Thomas

To: Maggie and Vince
Sorry I had to miss the show and Salem kitty apologizes for getting sick and keeping me home in Maryland. Missing you and the Berkshires!
—Barb Dunnington

To: Cedar Pruitt
Happy 30th Birthday wishes to Cedar Pruitt from her mom, Pam Pruitt. Cedar, a Northeastener, lovingly chose to celebrate here tonight to as an early surprise birthday present for her midwesterner husband, who turns 29 on July 6th. Being your mom is an adventure and a privilige!
—Pamela Pruitt

To: Angus
We love and miss you more than words can tell. Will see you standing on the moon! Love,
—Mommy and Daddy Owen

To: Marcos Luna
To Marcos, Happy 32nd plus 1 week. Don't feel guilty for being here at Tanglewood. You are actually letting your brain work out the last piece of the dissertation. When we get back, you'll be able to get it done and then we can finally move on. Love, your wife.
—Neenah Estrella-Luna

To: Paul Scoville
To Dad and Grampy, Happy 60th birthday. We hope you enjoy your stay in Berkshires, and Cam hopes you enjoy your straaawberries.
—Elizabeth Scoville

To: Julia DeWaal
July 4, 2006 - to Julia, on our 25th wedding anniversary...We did it! 25 years of marriage, two wonderful kids and we're still best friends. All my love, John
—John DeWaal

To: Pop
We are glad you decided to make to trip to visit us in the country. We have a new fort to show you and have loaded up the water guns for your arrival!! Love your grandsons,
—Daniel & Eric Pfalzer

To: Daniel
You promised life would never be boring, and your promise remains good after twenty years of marriage! Still crazy about you.
—Marjorie Culbertson

To: anne snyder
to my wonderful wife, thank you for the last 15 glorious years,and the hope for many more.
—scott snyder

June 29, 2006

To: Dick and Julie Hall
Still holding hands after 65 years of wedded bliss! Loads of love from your offspring and all who love you. I'll be home for the 70th!
—Sue Ellen Hall

To: Dan
"To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love..."; and now we're dancing to the same step, even though we're miles apart. I love you.
—Stacey Banfield-Hardaway

To: Jessica, Amber, Emma and Alyssa; and my wife, Dee
Wishing each of the girls in our family a very Happy Birthday! Jessica - June 30; Amber - July 1; Emma - July 5; Alyssa - July 7; and thanks to Dee for saying 'I DO' 14 years ago on June 27! Wow...I am one lucky man!
—Rick Abbott

To: Karin
My sweet, my dear, my darling: happy birthday and thank you for three wonderful years. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. -- Your loving husband.
—Jamie Orenstein

To: Dad and Connie
So glad you're at the show after dealing with the great flood of 2006. Thanks for making sure my car didn't float away and I'll see you in August.
—Michael Jastremski

To: Heahter
Four years ago, lawn seats, engaged, and in love. Today lawn seats, married, two kids, and still very much in love. Your husband.
—Matt Godin

To: Harry and Harriet
Congratulations to Harry, celebrating his liberation from calls in the night about sick dogs and cats, from your long and happily retired Georgia brother-in-law and sister-in-law.
—Ron & Hester Meyers

June 28, 2006

To: Andrew
Thanks for the tickets so we can all welcome Garrison to Cape Cod, after seeing him in Mansfield and Worcester. Hope Amanda will enjoy the show as much as we will, and hope Garrison will take a ride on "your" train, as our ex-Governor and Presidential candidate did last week. Hope he'll take a look at your Cape Cod railroads book while it's still in print, too.
—Marilyn Fifield

To: Charlie, Mom and Dad, Josh, Marsha, and fellow yogis in Snellville
Katie and I are playing hooky tonight from the yoga workshop, but so tickled to be here at Tanglewood! Wish you could all experience magic such as this!
—Linda Bramhall

To: Tom & Dian Wurdock
Former high school sweethearts, now celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss in Royal Oak Michigan with family and friends. Love ya lots! Steve, Deb & Pete
—Steve Wurdock

To: Scarlett
After 10 years of marriage and three kids, life is as sweet as the day you said "I do."
—Charles St. Martin

To: Dylan Thomas
Dearest Dylan, If you had told me a year ago that I would love you today- I would have laughed in your face. All the love you can handle and then some, Nicky
—Nicky Sunde

To: Susan
Happy Anniversary sweetheart. It has been 12 years this July since we met at the boots and bikini contest. I sometimes wish we had stayed for the final results. I thought I had a good chance of placing in that event. I love you, Jim
—Jim Elmore

June 27, 2006

To: Michael Mascolo & Alicia Diozzi
Hi Garrison, I love your show. My dad Michael a.k.a the old elderly man and his very yound attractive wife Alicia will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Saturday, July 22. Happy anniversary dad and Alicia. Dad, did you enjoy the cane I gave you for your anniversary?
—Seth Kanner-Mascolo

To: Lance Corporal Erik Albertson, USMC & Pvt. 1st Class Yamilette Rodriguez, USMC
Congratulations on joining your lives in Marriage this afternoon! God Bless you both and keep you safe. Love
—Eileen Connell

To: Jim
Happy 40th anniversary. Yes, still with the same wife and pick up truck! Sorry we can't be at Tanglewood but we can listen together!
—Helen Murray

To: Christa
** Please read at Tanglewood. I/We will be under the shed. ** You bring such happiness to my life, I hope I do the same for you. Can we do this forever? Will you marry me?
—Jim Whitten

To: Doug Harper
Doug Happy 22nd anniversary,July 17 I love you Lilly
—Lilly Harper

June 26, 2006

To: Terry Altena
I Corintians 13:4-7 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
—Sonya Dee

To: Lee
To my husband Lee, Did you know our first date was 7 years ago today? I knew you were the one for me, when I discovered you **also** spent a good ten years in your quiet apartment listening to Guy Noire and Ketchup stories. Well, now our Saturday nights are far from quiet; yet you faithfully tune...despite our 3 toddlers bouncing around... ‘neeeeding’, screaming, hitting, and spilling. If only those mellowing agents would kick in for them during this show. Looking forward to seeing the live show this week, kid free! : ) HM
—Heather M

June 25, 2006

To: Rudy
To My Darling Rudy--as we enter our eighth month of wedded bliss--I want you to know each day is better then the last! At we progress into our late 50's, our time on this plane as husband and wife will find us joy with each passing day.
—Sally Seifert

To: Ian
We love you and thanks for wearing your seltbelt so we are able to tell you.
—Rick & Mom Tillotson

To: Cindi
Though we must leave thee, someday, forever, thee we shall ne'er forget.
—Todd Schroeder

To: Sam and Spencer
Big Hi from Dad and Shari at Tanglewood and good luck, Sam on your tonsilectomy on Monday. Don't say a word; I'll bring the ice cream.
—Michael Mackin

To: Tim
1 child, 1 grandchild, 2 beds, 3 dogs, 5 dwellings, 7 cars; all in 9 years of love. I never want to come up for air. Happy anniversary.
—Melisa Pull

To: Larry Mehlhaff
Your multi-culturalist friends across the country thank you for the great stories of growing up in South Dakota, and the Harmon Killebrew lore. (note to PHC: Larry, a great fan of PHC and a Sierra Club regional rep. for the northern Plains, passed away 6/21)
—Carolyn Hales

To: jen,steve,christina,jake,and will kolk
Hi from Tanglewood. Anticipating seeing your sweet faces soon is almost as exciting as seeing Garrison's tonight.
—barbara and mike kolk

June 24, 2006

To: Tre~
Driving from Logan, Utah to Rochester, Minnesota right now in a car with no a/c. Happy Birthday- We love you! Your girls- Quincy, Iris & Lilly
—Quincy Brandt

To: Randy ande Debbie
Peggy and Herman will be moving in next week while you're in Ft. Lauderdale.
—Herman Hoffman

To: Vicki Duraine
Happy Birthday Hope all your dreams and wishes comes true in the coming year. 50 is only the beginning, I've been there, I know.
—Vickie Morgan

To: Nathan
Happy Birthday to my brother, I can't imagine growing up without you. Happy 26th, make it a GREAT ONE. Love always, your baby sister.
—Naomi Stone

To: All my friends in Minnesota
Goodbye to my friends in the Finger Lakes of New York, it's time to leave. Hello to everyone in Minnesota I will be home soon.
—Renee Fasteen

To: charity
wishing you the happiest of birthdays this year. 6-24-77 was a blessed day.
—mark harlow

To: Aleksandra Simona Ward
On July 19, 2006: Pop sends this very happy first birthday to another beautiful baby. I love you and I wish you were here now so I could say this myself and give you a great big hug. I miss you every day and I'll see you in a few weeks.
—Pop Ward

To: Mom
Get well soon, we have many, many more trips to go on to Lake Wobegon. Love, Laura, SECOND CHILD MOST FAVORITE !!
—Laura Leverich

June 23, 2006

To: Our nephew Josh
Happy 5th Birthday! Love your Aunt Toni and Uncle Duder.
—Karl Pollock

To: JP
To JP our Sister Wife and delicate tulip. Hope you enjoy listening to the show from home. Neener,neener.
—Toni Pollock

To: Lee
To my husband Lee, Did you know our first date was 7 years ago today? I knew you were the one for me, when I discovered you **also** spent a good ten years in your quiet apartment listening to Guy Noire and Ketchup stories. Well, now our house is far from quiet; yet you faithfully tune in every Saturday night despite our the 3 toddlers bouncing around NEEDING, screaming, hitting, and spilling. Its no surprise after listening to this program for 5 years they ask for ketchup on everything. If only those mellowing agents really worked on THEM!
—Heather M

To: Jim and Angela Southwick
Mum & Dad in Heber City, UT: Hope you're enjoying the show. We just wanted to say hi, and let you know we had a great time at the coast and by the way, we (finally) got engaged! Love from your daughter and future son-in-law in Portland OR.
—Mary Southwick

To: Eunice L Burns
Happy 83rd birthday to Eunice, born in Minnesota on July 4, from the 32 Burnses {and those dragged along by Burnses} celebrating a reunion here tonight!!
—Catherine Randak

To: Jan Young
Greetings from Seattle, I remember when you were Janet, the beautiful girl next door. Thanks for lunch in Billings. Keep up the good fight against MS, we are with you.
—Neal Winders

To: Lee
To my husband Lee, Did you know our first date was 7 years ago today? I knew you were the one for me, when I discovered you also spent a good ten years in your quiet apartment listening Guy Noire and Ketchup stories. Our house is far from quiet now; yet you faithfully tune in every Saturday night despite the 3 toddlers bouncing around you--NEEDING, screaming, hitting... And you wonder why they ask for Ketchup on everything. Maybe those mellowing agents work only on adults.
—Heather M


June 22, 2006

To: The management and staff of BoiseStateRadio, John Hess, General Manager
(a note about the greeting I just submitted: I attended the Boise show 10 years ago and sat in the first row right in front of Garrison. He will not remember me, though, as the lady who sat next to me had expressive legs and a skirt slit up to here, and captured Garrison's gaze for the entire time he told the story of sexual awakening in Lake W. That event marked the beginning of public radio becoming essential to my life. I even married the man who introduced himself as "an NPR junkee." There is much more to the story. Email me if you are interested.)
—Paula Sinclair

To: The management and staff of BoiseStateRadio, John Hess, General Manager
Hello to Boise State Radio. Every time I write the big check for my annual membership I remember how you used the "Prairie Home Companion" Boise show ten years ago to get me to write that first one.
—Paula Sinclair

June 21, 2006

To: Dee Bradford
Without all those "holidays" working at the Meadow, we never would have won the HFA (Happiest Family in America) Award for 35 years and counting!
—Catherine Jungheim

June 20, 2006

To: Mom & Dad
Happy Anniversary on June 28th, Mom & Dad. What better way to spend your 42nd than changing grandson Andrew's diapers!
—LeAnne McComb

To: Norma and Dick
We all enjoyed being in Kalispell for your 50th Anniversary party. Was great to be with all of the far-flung members of both sides of the family. Now we'll plan for the 75th!! Your three did a fabulous job on the planning!! Takk skal du ha!
—Karen Ehalt

To: Meg
Meg, take care of yourself. We are so happy and eager to be grandparents. My birthday was Friday and I found the bag. Thank you.
—Nancy Wiggin

To: Jerry & Julie Sagendorf
After 39 years together, we're awfully proud to be your greatest accomplishment! With Much Love, all the kids
—Christine Johnson

June 19, 2006

To: Mom and Dad
Sorry we're not in Miami for your 49th anniversary. Sell the house, move to France and, if you're still married next year, we'll celebrate there.
—Alison, Caroline, Adrienne and Adam Press

To: Linda
Thanks for the e-mail. Will call you next week for a date to see the Praire Home Companion movie.
—John Kirwin

To: Carl & Peggy Shafer
We wish you a happy 50th Anniversary celebration there in College Station, Texas. Keep up those dancing lessons and be careful with that shiny Harley!
—Tom & Glenda Rhyne

June 18, 2006

To: John and D'Anna
Happy 38th Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner cooked by daughter, Sarah! Love from your godfriends!
—Julie Smithers

To: All our friends on Vashon Island, Wash.
We never should have left and now we're coming back. See you at the Strawberry Festival parade. We'll be the ones wearing smiles.
—Scott & Kimberly Benner

To: Susan Ann Kimball
My dear friend in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA - even though we haven't met (yet)in person, I am very proud to know you. From your friend in Nottingham, England.
—gerald hall

June 17, 2006

To: Paige
Happy Birthday sweetheart and our 9th Anniversary. I love you, Sweet PEA.
—Mike Adams

To: Dad
To dad in Seattle from your daughter out in Washington DC Sorry about the late Father's day greeting. That day we went fishing out at the island and I caught the fifty pound salmon was probably the best day I've ever had. Please send my fishing pole soon so I can try my luck in the Potomac.
—Catherine Leathers

To: Jim Lewis
To my darling husband from the wife who qualifies for both a senior citizens discount and a student discount at the same time. HAPPY FATHERS DAY
—Lori Lewis

To: Randy Solheim
Hi to Dad, even though we are 2,120 miles away from you, here in chilly and gray, Portland, Oregon, there are miles of sunshine in our hearts thinking of your 76th birthday and 51st Father's Day celebration at Ravinia. Love from Debbie and Mary.
—Deborah Solheim

To: Daddy
Happy Fathers day daddy! I'm so grateful for all the wisdome you have tought me: like drinking water, not being mean to Liz, and how to love God. Thanks!
—Juliana Wilhoit

June 16, 2006

To: Emma Claire Sohn
Dear Emma, We met after a concert where I had yelled out "Garrison Keillor", to which you later told me you had replied, "amen". It's 5 months later, and here we are sitting at our first live prairie home companion, and yelling "garrison keillor" together. Could life get any better? amen!
—Isaac Bloom

To: My husband Sheldon
Happy 20th Anniversary Honey! There is no one I would rather share my Powdermilk Biscuits with than you.
—Cynthia Hoyle

To: Paul Greenfield
Happy birthday to our dad -who is 92 this week - and congratulations on passing your driver's test. We are officially warning Chicagoans that you are still on the road - You are the best DAD and DRIVER... Ida, Hollis, Hal, and Dave
—Ida Greenfield

To: Marguerite
Hello Mum! Thanks for traveling with me to Ravinia. This sure beats cleaning closets!
—Julie Nelson

To: Tim Tim Borich
If everyone listening can think for a moment "I love you" then that collective thought is my Fathers Day gift to you. And Mom, I ate my fruit & veggies all week. Love you both so very much.
—Genny Borich

To: Matthew
Great meeting you last weekend at my exboyfriend's same-sex wedding in Boston! While you may not laugh uncontrollably through this whole show, I hope hearing this may make you laugh for at least a minute or two.
—Rose Grayson

June 15, 2006

To: Dearest Judy
I can only imagine what shade of red you will be blushing knowing that this message is for you. All my love,
—Nick Lesher

To: Dad
Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day, Dad. Wish I could be there with you, but have to start medical school residency today- since your other daughter is providing the grandkids, I figure I'm responsible for your retirement. I love you, Melissa
—Melissa Bentley

To: Aunt Lu & Uncle Rob & Friends from Family Network
Thanks for making attending this show a family tradition. Who would've guessed we'd be ordering tickets from a hospital bed this year? Surviving ovarian cancer is only possible with supportive friends and family, and good jokes. Laughter truly is the best medicine.
—Julianne Brand

To: My husband, Fred
After 39 years, you are finally done with school. Happy retirement from Lane Tech, the largest school in the state. Looking forward to many new adventures in our life. Love, Jan
—Janice Glure

To: Ericka and Joe
Congratulations and Thanks, My grandson is presious
—Sharon Miller

June 14, 2006

To: Mom and Dad
Dad, you wouldn't be Dad without Mom, and Mom you wouldn't have gray hairs if it wasn't for us kids. Thanks for all the love, laughter and joy you've surrounded me in. Happy Father's day from Colorado...
—Kovas Lapsys

To: Dad
Happy Birthday & Father's Day to the only concertina-playing, sign-making guy in Perryville, Arkansas. Sending love from Miami.
—Jessica & Chris Curtis

June 13, 2006

To: Michael
Happy anniversary to my wonderful fiance. Only 459 days until I become your wife and life partner.
—Kristine Kilpatrick

To: Daddy and Sam
Congratulations on your recent marriage. I wish you much happiness and I promise not to call Sam, "Mom."
—Shannon Humphreys

To: Pop
Happy Birthday to Pop in Bayonne, New Jersey. We are looking forward to camping with you at Letchworth this summer. Love your grandsons Daniel & Eric
—Daniel & Eric Pfalzer

To: Perry
I am thankful for the ever lasting gift of love, respect, hope and adventure that we share with each other on our 8th anniversary.
—Suzy Leopold

June 12, 2006

To: Chris
I had such a great watching "A Prarie Home Companion" with you. It felt like we were sitting through another show like the one we saw in Phoenix. Hey, Garrison...when are you coming back to Arizona??
—Andrew Puccino

To: Jeff
Happy First Father's Day to "my sweet, sweet old someone": our hero, a man worthy of being called "Daddy." We are your biggest fans. Love, "your girls"
—Melanie and Megan Leidy

To: Kendrick and Donna
Happy Almost Anniversary. Thanks for giving us kids lots of ketchup. We're all much better for it. Happy Father's day too. I love you both.
—Susan Derby

June 11, 2006

To: Mr & Mrs Andy Kohl
Congratulations Karen & Andy, on your wedding today (June 17th)! Family and friends all celebrating with you tonight, near Ravinia, and wish you all our love.
—Lee & Pam Walther

To: Chuck Wood
Duluth Sundays and loud Lake Wobegon. Two decades of tradition carries on. Thanks papa for being you. Oh, I fly better than mosquitoes on the bike!
—Mars Wood

To: Mom
Happy 84th birthday, Mom. You are one of the last true examples of a lady full of grace, poise, and generosity. Thank you for showing us the way. Eternal love, Mitch and Janice
—Mitch Lewis

June 10, 2006

To: Greg Alderson
To Greg, You are a creative, goofy and wonderful father, and the most wonderful, romantic husband. Happy Father's Day and Happy 21st wedding anniversary. All my love, Amy
—Amy Alderson

To: Barry
25 years of Saturday Nights with a Prairie Home Companion - talk about a cheap date! Happy Anniversary.
—Cheri Oberpriller

To: Terri Hammons
Happy 5th - 27th Birthday in a row Terri. You never stop amazing me. Your husband, Matt.
—Matt Hammons

To: Dad in Rockport, Texas
Happy early Father's Day to a great and unique Dad. Using the blowtorch to light the barbeque pit is a great trick, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Love, Jen
—Jenny Meador

To: Dad in Rockport, Texas
Happy Father's Day to a great and unique Dad. Using the blowtorch to light the barbeque pit is a great trick, don't ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Love, Jen
—Jenny Meador

To: Clare Pramuk
Greetings from Vince in Denver to my beautiful wife Clare in Austin; the girls at camp in Wimberly. To the pets at home: get out of the garbage, now.
—Vincent Hostak

June 9, 2006

To: Scott
I'm looking foward to seeing a Minnesotan make fun of Texans (especially since I'm not one myself). Thanks for the birthday gift! I love you!
—Suzy B

To: Mike
Wishing you were here with us watching the show, instead of at home recovering from back surgery and listening to the radio. Love,
—Sigrid and Toni Baum

To: sheila
to my womb-mate, that was my face you were stepping on when you were trying to get out. being 30 seconds younger was a true gift. love you sis.
—sally freedberg

To: Mitch Jones
His family and friends would like to wish a very happy 75th birthday to Mitch Jones, storyteller, proud grandfather, martini connisseur and occasional dog sitter.
—Sam Jones

To: Phil
We get to watch the radio from the 18th row tonight! Love to Max, Jesse, Paula, and Jack in D.C. Bar-B-Que and Mexican food.
—Jackie Ward

To: Chef Ronaldo
Newport Beach-1984-I walked in for carry out and then you asked me out. We've been cookin' with grease ever since. Happy Anniversary From Lynn (same day as PHC Moveie Release!)
—lynn mills

June 8, 2006

To: Sally & Greg
Hope the fish are biting in Lake Texoma. Wish we were there. Heck no...wish you were here at the show with us!
—Suzanne & Jackie Whatley & Gilbert

June 7, 2006

To: Coni
Hot here in Vegas, I'm looking for your Lemon Drop Martini in Lake Oswego Oregon, get to squeezing
—Tom Myers

To: Mom & Dad Chang
Happy 40th wedding anniversary! We are delighted to vacation with you in Niagara Falls where you honeymooned. And a happy 8th annivesary to my hubby, Tom.
—Ang(ela) Chang

To: Kevin, Julie & David McNealey
Sending Greeting from sunny/hot Los Angeles to our kinfolk in Minneapolis. Joseph got his upclose chance to see PHC at the Hollywood Bowl for his birthday. Thanks for giving us our first glimpse of PHC at last years Minnesota State Fair. Maybe the next time when PHC is in LA, we can get Joseph to finally buy us tickets. Lets get together soon before Joseph and David both get too old.
—Yoshi & Joseph McNealey

To: Kevin, Julie & David McNealey
Sending Greeting from sunny/hot Los Angeles to our kinfolk in Minneapolis. Joseph got his upclose chance to see PHC at the Hollywood Bowl for his birthday. Thanks for giving us our first glimpse of PHC at last years Minnesota State Fair. Maybe the next time we PHC is in LA, we can get Joseph to finally buy us tickets. Lets get together soon before Joseph and David both get too old.
—Yoshi & Joseph McNealey

To: Cliff and Evelyn Thomforde
Happy 65th Anniversary greetings on June 11th to our parents in Grand Forks, ND, from their three most appreciative and above average children, Jackie, Kathy, and Dale. The Anniversary celebration started back on March 4th, at the Prairie Home Companion broadcast from the Chester Fritz Auditorium on the University of North Dakota campus, and will conclude with a family reunion in August.
—Dale Thomforde

To: Mary Murray
For my wife, my true love and nurse extraordinaire; after 25 years its no longer the thought that counts but the venue and Lake Wobegone is lovely in the summer. Happy 25th, 7 months late.
—ed murray

June 6, 2006

To: Kasper and Wagenaar families
Hello moms and dads. Can't wait to see you this summer when we move back home from California. Love, Rene and Tim
—Timothy Wagenaar

To: Dick and Bev
Hello to my parents in New Haven, where the mild temperatures of spring mean that it's time for digging and planting. How's the cemetery business?
—Matt and Jenae Cronk

To: Larry Lingerfelt
Having a great time in Florida with Mom and the sisters. Wish you were here! Love,
—Mary Lingerfelt

To: Samantha
With a sense of adventure in your heart, you left your home and friends as we brought you to Amman, Jordan to live and finish your last two years of high school. Like the cream in raw milk, you rose to the top. Congratulations on graduating as Valedictorian of you class. We're very proud of you. Connecticut College will be fortunate to have you as a freshman this fall. Do the best you can. We love you so much - mom, dad and your sister, Lisbeth.
—John McCracking

To: Carol & Tom Novak
As your friends and family arrange for hotel rooms and dog-sitters, pack up our cars with kids and head to Wisconsin to help you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary, we don't want you to worry: You're not putting us through too much trouble at all. See you soon and God bless.
—John Novak

To: Travis and Sarah Tyson
You have made me very happy that I am going to be a grandma, and that my daughter married you as you could not be any more my own son instead of in-law than if I had given birth to you myself.I am truly blessed to have such a good son-in-law and again, thank you for my forthcoming granddaughter "Dahlia Elisabelle" and putting my name in her middle name love mom
—lisa wildemann

To: Cort
Welcome to my life, my new husband.I loved banging our new rings along the rocks on the hiking trails. Next wedding first dance, I get to lead.
—Joleen Welborn

June 5, 2006

To: Linda Jacobson
mom, still thinking what i want to do when i grow up, i'll think of something safer than being a cab driver. say hi to the hippos for me. give sean my love, and keep on riding
—Catherine Grimes

To: penny eddy
Penny, In a city that knows how to keep its secrets, Its no secret that you have made my life complete. Happy 37th anniversary. Larry
—larry eddy

To: christine
"Love if thy tresses be so dark, how dark those hidden eyes must be" - My Sleeping Princess, I don't know how Frances MacDonald deliniated your melancholy beauty in 1895, but she did...
—wayne white

To: Peter & Jannette Mountzouris
Happy 43rd wedding anniversary in August! Thanks for making us, your sons, half Greek and half redneck! Chris wants you to know that the cats are being taken care of, that he has the bar-b-q going, and that those 2 actions are mutually exclusive...for now. All the best Mom & Dad. Love, your sons.
—Chris Mountzouris

we have been apart,for so long, five more weeks is two long, so get yourself here as fast as you can, and remember, ALOT ALOT FOREVER,
—patricia clark

To: If paid he might claim me as his daughter!
Surprise! We're going to A Prairie Home Companion show on the 24th for Fathers Day! Drive home safe, I'd hate to have to "scalp" our tickets!
—Janae Thomas

To: elen evans
Dear Ellie and Hobby, Will you two stop jet setting and get married or something? Congratualtions from the whole gang.
—caryn bopp

June 3, 2006

To: KR
Happy Anniversary! We'll never forget this day since it's Jefferson Davis's birthday. Can't wait til we can go to Toronto to get married--who would have thought Canada could be so romantic? Love from your girl in Brooklyn.
—Stephanie Rosenbaum

To: English Majors of the World
I just read that Margaret Warner (PBS news) is an ENGLISH MAJOR. Is there anything an ENGLISH MAJOR can't accomplish? Just look around, we're everywhere!!!
—Marguerite (Maggie) Sowers

June 2, 2006

To: Eleanor Burns
Happy 75th, Gramma Old Girl! You get younger every day, which is supremely irritating to the rest of us, but thanks for the great genes.
—Mary Burns

To: Eric & Erica
Eric, for petes sake marry Erica.
—Maureen Fudger

To: Steve
Well, here we are in the boonies of upstate New York, hope you're happy with bugs as big as birds. I left Jersey for this? Good luck bbq'ing. Ah hell, as long as I'm in your arms....
—Maureen Fudger

To: Mr Keillor
Have a great show at the Hollywood Bowl, my daughter Rylee Jean has never seen or heard of your show and we will be there. Rylee, having come from showbiz grandparents, Buddy Ebsen/Stan Freberg, I wanted her to witness a national treasure. Sincerely, Dustin W. Ebsen.
—Dustin Ebsen

To: Denise and Peter
Hey, look, I found out how to send you a hello from Atlanta all the way to Hollywood, via the Prairie, and have my 15 seconds of fame at the same time! Have fun at the show! I miss and love you both! -From your favorite sister and friend.
—Mariana Rosenthal

To: Liz Gaffney
Happy Anniversary, Sweety!
—Ben Planchon

To: Louis Mancini
I appreciate all your hard work. Know that your superhuman skills and wit do not go unnoticed. Be blessed!
—Gonzalez Elizabeth

To: Lynne and Mike Torkelson
To the best God Parents a Lutheran flicka could ask for... Happy 40th Anniversary, Mike and Lynne (Torkelson) Our best, Britt and Mark
—Britt Ihrig

To: Marieanne
Remember to buy a CD of this show. Last time I recorded from the radio and it was a little fuzzy. Like trying to record from a tape cassette.
—Joe Rincon

To: Dennis & Carol Groot
Welcome to two fellow Lutherans that traveled all the way from Long Beach to see the show.
—Bob & Ellen Pratt

To: Lindsey
Happy Birtday my love! I look forward to a lifetime of birthdays together. Adrian
—Adrian Craciun

To: Bill Fariss
Happy 70th birthday dad! You don't look a day over 85. I hope you enjoy attending tonight's show at the Hollywood Bowl. We feel so blessed to have you in our lives. Greg and Elizabeth
—Greg Fariss

To: Jim
Jim dear, You are the sunshine in my day and the passion in my night. With you in my life, who needs catsup? Love, Your Kitten
—Cathy Wagner

To: Mom and Dad
Hey Mom, see you in a few days. Thanks for taking the trip to care for the girls, lord knows, if we let Nick at it I'd end up with gangreen! -k-
—Kristi Ammons

To: Gayle Whited
Tonights show is our first date out in over a year,since the Sabrina arrived. Thank You for sharing your life with me for the past 4 1/2 yrs!
—Brett Austin

To: Karen
Thank you for thirty-five years of wedded bliss. Now, if we could only get our adult children out of the house...
—David May

To: Aly
I said it last year, and I'll say it this year. I WILL LOVE YOU FOR ETERNITY
—Amanda Lorenzana

To: Diane
I was rust in the engines of love and time, but you held my hand. Michigan, New York City and now the bold pacific coast, is the journey you took me on. Two dogs and a strong willed child is what you gave me, Thanks for the 16 years of love and hope, Your lessor half.
—Erik Sobolewski

To: Diane
I was rust in the engines of love and time, but you held my hand. Michigan, New York City and now the bold pacific coast, is the journey you took me on. Two dogs and a strong willed child is what you gave me, Thanks for the 16 years of love and hope, Your lessor half.
—Erik Sobolewski

To: John & Karen Sanger
To my Mom and Dad in Las Vegas: Happy 41st Anniversary! (Please don't gamble away my inheritence!) Your loving daughter, Kelly Grace.
—Kelly Grace Sanger

To: Sam & William
Hi Boys! Missing you, but enjoying a well-deserved evening listening to Garrison under the stars. Sam, hope you were inspired and finished your report. William, please be a good boy for your brother. Don't forget to clean-up the dinner dishes. Love, Mom & Dad
—Suzanne Sturgeon

To: George and Carrie Pope
To the greatest Popes I've known, Mom and Dad your the best.
—Mary Pope

To: Krystal Medina
We've been together now for six of your birthdays. I feel that a large portion of who I am began on that first birthday with you, driving into the evening from Anchorage to LA, looking for a nice lodge for us to spend the night. I love you... happy birthday.
—Gonzalo Medina

To: Jean
Happy Three-quarters of a century; from all the family you've collected along the way -- intentionally and unintentionally. Love, from all of us from all across the country in glorious simulcast! Have fun at the Bowl!
—Chris Hale-Nardi

June 1, 2006

To: Dan & Eric in Great Falls, Virginia
Happy birthday wishes to my two D-Day darlings--my sweet Midwestern husband Dan on his 50th, and our terrific son Eric on his 14th.
—Alison Carlson

To: Tee Lake
Hello to our very own Lake Wobegone & much love to mom and dad, the chickens and MeMa. Congratulations on your retirement dad. We love you all- Lizzie & Christopher
—Lizzie Goumas

To: Scott Field
Surprise and Happy early Fathers Day! Bet you never thought you'd be at the show. With the kids to boot! Now you can check another wish off your list! Enjoy the night and yes, I will listen to the re-broadcast with you tomorrow, dear...
—Sharron Field

To: Ann Spicer
Mom, too bad Dad never attended a live PHC show before he passed last October. We would of won him back from the Republicans had he experienced live Democratic humor and he'd finally understand the expression "a face for radio".
—Rick & Kelly Spicer

To: Clara Eddy
My name is habib and I'm 28yrd old. I love listing to your show and this Friday 6/2/06 I'll be able to see your live show at the Hollywood bowl. I just wanted to let you know that CLARA EDDY will there and she is 100yrs & 7months old. If at all possible, would you be able to recognize her? We'll be seating in SEC H ROW 23 SEAT(s) 109 -113. She still walks on her own (with a walker) Sincerely, Habib PS. Would Clara Eddy be your oldest person to attend at Live Performance?
—habib issa

To: Michael and Eliza Greiner
Happy 13th Anniversary, Michael. Life with you and Eliza is better than catsup and powder milk biscuits! Love doeri
—Doeri Welch Greiner

To: Meryl Streep
Have a great show today. I attended the 142nd commencement at Vassar College in Poughkeepsie last weekend to watch my son, Peter Benjamin Robinson, graduate with honors!! Enjoy the 144th commencement in 2008.
—Marty Robinson

May 31, 2006

To: Barbara
Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. 37 is not 40. All my love.
—Vince Noe

To: Mom and Dad in Detroit
Happy 40th Anniversary!
—Alison Krinke

To: zeeke
even we are are 450 miles apart you in newyork amd me in newhampshirem and our anninversaryof two years,i still feel alot alot thank you for the best two years of my life, it took us a long time to find each other, , i will never stop saying alot alot to you

To: Larry and Nadene Latzke
Forty years and you're still as lovesick as the day you traded vows. Mom and Dad, you've been a shining example of how love conquers all. We are so thankful you're our parents. Love, the kids.
—Jenni Latzke

To: parents (Richard and Carmela Elsley)
Dear Mom and Dad, Happy 36th wedding anniversary on June 20th. I'm happy to share it with you in person but with gas so expensive, can you drive the Prius hybrid up to see me next time we all get together?
—Kate Elsley

To: Roger Barkley
Happy Birthday, 'Squink' There, it's been nationally broadcast, so it's official.
—Ian Barkley

To: Miriam
Happy 60th reunion to Miriam & your Mary Washington College classmates Sez Miriam:“ We’ve had everything fixed that we COULD have fixed, and we’re doin’ the best we can.” ;-)
—Barbara Davis

To: Jillian
Happy 3rd Birthday, sweet baby girl! This year is your 3rd spinal meningitis-free year and we are officially "out of the woods!" We are so blessed. Looking forward to many, many more years of happy memories together. Love, Mom, Dad, Jackson, Jordan, Sophie dog, Tobi Cat, and Polly Nefferkitty
—Deb Schene

To: Jessie Kim
Happy Birthday, hope you enjoy another birthday under the stars.
—Dorian Caal

May 30, 2006

To: kevin
Thanks for your help watching the girls, while I did my other job. You make working look easy.
—Jackie Macaluso

To: Amy
To my sister Amy, Since when do native californians talk with a Minnsotan accen? . I guess you are a fa...It's my treat for the tickets tonite- Enjoy the show dont you know... Your Sister Katie
—Katie O'Connell

To: Erika Omundson
My sweet darlin', seven years have gone by since our first date. Let's continue to confound our parents by not getting married and loving one another anyway.
—Eric Winick

To: Keala Rusher
Greetings Garrison and Prairie Home Staff, My wife Stacy and I were at your show last year and talked about it so much that our Daughter who was 8 was mad that we did not take her. She listens to your show with us every week and enjoys the stories from Lake Wobegon the best. Well, this year we are surprising her and taking her to the show for her 9th birthday. This will be her first concert and we want to make it as special as possible. Her name is Keala (Kay-Ala) and we would really appreciate if you could wish her Happy Birthday. Looking forward to seeing and hearing you perform. Thanks Scott and Stacy Rusher
—Scott Rusher

To: Keala Rusher
Happy 9th Birthday to our daughter Keala (kay-ala) - She had a choice between Prairie Home Companion or American Idol- 9 years old and already making smart decisions at such an early age.
—Scott Rusher

To: Russell Vest
Russ, it's been wonderful making up the last 30 years with you! Looking forward to the next 30. Love you more, SoCal Sue
—Sue DiSanto

To: Quinton
Happy 21st birthday this evening at the Hollywood Bowl and your acceptance to UCLA. Go Bruins! Go History majors! Love,The Cooper Clan
—Monica Cooper

To: Keala Rusher
A very happy 9th birthday to a wonderful daughter, sister and friend. Hope your 9th year is fulfilling for you, and peaceful for us!
—Scott Rusher

To: Jerry Goldfein
Jerry, What a joy to spend our 23rd anniversary together with good friends and Garrison Keiler at the Hollywood Bowl. Love, Lorraine
—Lorraine Prinsky

May 29, 2006

To: Gabriel
Gabriel, Happy Birthday! We wish you were here with us. We'll see you at our next volleyball game - I'll bring the Ben-Gay. Eric & the family.
—eric rincon

To: Davis HawkOwl
Happy 5th Anniversary, Honey. If Galen lives up to his name, we'll undoubtedly make it through his medical challenges and have a 40th Anniversary someday.
—Julie HawkOwl

May 28, 2006

To: Alex
You're a true blessing in my life and I'm thankful each and every day that we have eachother. I love you with all my heart!
—Ashleigh Sorenson

To: bryan
Hi from Mom and Dad in Texas. Just want you to know that Texas is in the USA and I-35 runs south out of the State of Minnesota. Come see us sometime!!!!
—katherine barnes

May 27, 2006

To: Kevin
My bed is empty My heart is full Upon return from Baghdad you're through with Bush's bull!
—Jennifer Fitzgerald

To: Kimi (Keemee)
Kimi: Thanks for putting up with me these 38 years. Your love & care got me through the appendix ordeal and hopefully we'll have another 38 together. Fred
—Fred Kolbrener

To: Rosalie Hanrahan
Hello to Rosalie from Walt, Colleen, Tresa and Marcia! Wish you were with us for our 4th show-- We want you along next year!
—Colleen Hanrahan

To: Pete
Enjoy the show tonight before you set sail for a far off land. I love my sailor and anxiously await your return. Love, Missy
—Missy Buryk

To: Elizabeth Soileau Acton
I just want to say I love you very much Tootie, and I can't think of anyone I'd rather sit outside and watch Prairie Home Companion with than you.
—Andy Acton

To: Kay Fab
Happy 28th wedding anniversary, honey bee! (May 27)... You are the vibrant, inspiring, loving, and never-fading rainbow in my life.
—Joe Fab

To: kerri landis
The Partnership of English Majors is eagerly awaiting your graduation and membership.
—bil and JB bowden

To: Greg
Happy 14th anniversary and Big Wow on your Fellowship to Sloan. I packed the snow shovel, so let's start our latest adventure together. All my love, Heather
—heather sanial

To: Carla and Andrew
Dear Carla and Andrew - thank you for letting me come to the Wolf Trap show. Sorry about the wet spot in row PP but the show was so exciting. Your faithful new guide dog in training. "Traveler"
—Tony Bosselait

To: Marius
Happy Birthday. Tonight it's a candlelight dinner. Glass of wine. And snuggling to our favorite old movie "I was a Zombie for the FBI."
—Nancy Penczner

To: Meredith and Pär
Looking forward to your wedding in Sweden.
—Bernice Beechey

To: mama & papa lattimer
Hi mama & papa, Hope you are having lots of fun wish I were with you in the sun Say hi to all & have a ball! love you lots karensa
—karensa reber

To: Giarce
To fellow charter members of the Breakfast Club. A toast to an early evening show. Morning people of the world unite!
—Boniva Russell

May 26, 2006

To: Bernice and Des in Sydney, Australia
Looking forward to seeing you next month in Sweden for our wedding. Don't forget the wedding cake ... we've got the koalas. Much love, your daughter and future son-in-law
—Meredith Beechey

To: Janice
Since we're married 21 years today, does that mean we've grown up together?
—Jud Cairns

To: Todd Murphy
Mr. Murphy from Oak View reminds his students to do their math. Enjoy the fractions, and the answer to question six is one half.
—Todd Murphy

To: Paul and Annette Rosen
Mom and Dad ... welcome to your new home in Silver Spring ... keep eating those biscuits! From your kids in Massachusetts.
—Bruce and Sue Rosen

To: Rebecca
Rebecca - Thank you for making the last 8 months the most wonderful ones of my life. I look forward to spending the rest of our lives together. -Mark
—Mark Green

To: Kris and Erica
Yipee! Mom is at "Prairie Home" live. Did you realize Lake Wobegone was the model for your childhood in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania?
—Nancy Sherer

To: Mary Lee Nelson
Wishing Grandma a great end to the school year. I am growing like a weed out here in the Midwest. Can't wait to see you in Maryland in July. love from little Mira
—Mira Nafranowicz

To: Briann
Bri, Hi Sweetie. Sorry I've been away so much and busy with work. I miss you. Don't watch too much Lifetime television while I'm gone, it puts bad ideas in your head! love Dave West Chester PA
—David Metzger

To: Ron and Gina
My dear Minnesota snowbird parents, Have a safe trip from Arizona to Leech Lake. DC is nice, but the only loons around here are driving on the beltway. Save a place by the campfire for me.
—Ellen Olson

May 25, 2006

To: Gayle
I love you and I miss you. I can't wait for you to get back from New Orleans. Thank you for helping me with "performance mode" when you are so far away.
—David Chamberlain

To: Nick and Vanessa
Happy First Anniversary to Nick and Vanessa from Washington DC, from Mom, Dad, and GP. They couldn't think of anything better to do than sit on the lawn at Wolf Trap and listen to a radio show! By the way, they have a piece of wedding cake waiting for the tall guy on stage who reads the greetings!
—David, Karen, and Grandpa McKinney

To: Tory
Happy third anniversary! Remember the words I said when I proposed: You are the inspiration for my every heartbeat, the reward for my every breath.
—Cyrus Grady

To: Blondie
Heart of my heart, joy of my joy, Always remember: it's rough, it's tough and it ain't easy. We got the first through college, so treading water is far from drowning.
—Tony Arias

To: Briar Stahl
We've only been married 9 months, but it already feels like a year. Happy anniversary, Andy
—Andy Stahl

To: David
David, Can you believe it we almost made it a whole year! I love you more and more each day and look forward to growing old and grey (well greyer in your case) with you. Your loving eye candy, Karyn
—Karyn Blades

To: The Blades Kids
To Justin, Thomas, Savannah, Noah and Nicholas: We told you that we'd try to get your names on the radio now make us proud and don't kill each other or burn the house down! We love you and will see you tonight after the show. Love, Mom and Dad
—Karyn Blades

To: Aimee Jaskot
Happy Birthday Aimee Jaskot, to the best friend in the world! We love you. From the girls :) Veronica, Mary, and Heidi
—Heidi Williams

May 24, 2006

To: Naomi
Happy three year anniversary! I love you. Give me a kiss and a bite of your food.
—Jon Wilson

To: Ellen Childers aka Granny
The ketchup has really been helping. We are feeling much calmer. In fact, I think Tucker has had a little too much ketchup!
—Will Fitzhugh

To: Terry Altena
Forgiveness is everything! I am thinking of you during this difficult time in your life. I will always be here for you.
—Lisa Hodgson

To: Brandi
Three years in a room at Wolf Trap! Who would have thought that you would put up with me this long?
—Will Fitzhugh

To: Gama and Bompa Nelson
I am 10 Days Old now and I am unsure of the parents I got . . .
—Michael Thomas Nelson

To: Michael, Carol Korsholm
Hey mom and dad, Happy 21st anniversary from all 6 of us.
—Matthew Korsholm

To: Gretchen and Joel; Marya and Medzio
Happy Wedding Anniversary to us all! Happy 5th to my handsome man, Aaron; Happy 39th to our friends Gretchen and Joel, and Happy 7th Marya and Medzio.
—Rosie Bolen

To: Ron Horst
Thank you for sticking with me for nine long years. Here's hoping they keep getting better. You bless my life every day. Happy Anniversary.
—Jody Horst

To: Amelia Grace West
Welcome to the World, Amelia Grace West! And congratulations to your mom, Carrie Hadler, our favorite Minnesotan! (We are thoroughly enjoying our second favorite here at Wolf Trap.) Love, Meg, Rick and the girls
—Margaret Hanrahan

To: Christian & Jenn
Congratulations on your FIRST wedding anniversary. May you continue to find joy and contentment with each other year after year. Mum & Dad
—Sheila Koot

To: Ian
Ian, Lets face it love, this has to be a lot more comfortable then riding in the car for two hours every week just to listen to the show! Granted we still had to drive 5 hours to get here but it I feel its a fair trade! All my goofy love, Erin Leigh
—Erin Leathers

To: Beatrice
I travelled almost 20,000km looking for nothing in particular, and I was so happy you were there when I came home. Hope you don't mind driving another 2,000km with me to see the show at the Wolftrap...
—James Brown

May 23, 2006

To: Ann Mary Crehan
To 18 Fridays together, 14 or so together together and the other four (4) just together but not really together.
—Michael Felner

To: Terry Altena
Terry, I want you to know that I'm praying for you and I would talk to you anytime you need me.
—Lisa Hodgson

To: Sharon Kruger
Sharon, Our warmest and most sincere Birthday Greetings from Lake Wobegon to you. I hope that you have many many more happy Birthdays, God Bless you, and We love you and look forward to seeing you in June.
—Dave Harms

To: Richard Nowell
Happy "big" birthday Richie! Remember: "Sixty is Sexy". Life begins now. Guy Noir has nothing on you!Love you forever! Susan
—susan nowell

To: Quinn Brenner
Happy First Birthday from your Magic Grandma!
—Ardell Brenner

To: Mel Grove
A happy birthday from our family to you. What a wonderful, wild, and somestimes crazy ride this life has been. I'm glad you found your Lake Wobegon, and hope you have many more happy birthday's.
—Dave Harms

May 22, 2006

To: Cathy Phalen
Happy 20th anniversary sweetheart. I hope you enjoy the Washington 2006 Philatelic Exhibition, and may we continue licking and sticking for another 20 years.
—Jim Giacomazzi

To: Francie & Bill
Happy Birthday to you both, and Happy Anniversary to you also. You’ve been married for half your lives now; seems to be working out pretty well. If this gets on the radio, will it count as your gift? Love from your sister--Gums
—Tricia Guidry

To: Nigel
Congratulations on your induction into the National Junior Honor Society. We are very proud of you! Love, Your family
—Erin Hubbard

To: Dad
To everyone home in Rochester, NY: We love you. Thank you for coming to our wedding; don't worry, although it was our first, it'll also be the last. We've been married for 56 days now and still as happy as newlyweds!! -Jon and Lissa
—Elisabeth Grunert

To: Cary
Congratulations on finishing your first year of law school. We're so glad you and Ashley are at Wolftrap tonight. Hope you're not getting soaked!
—Mom Lewis

To: Dad
I miss you. Aberdeen, Washington is the most beautiful place in the world.
—Amy S.

May 21, 2006

To: Annie and Ernie
Thirty years on May the 30th!! Good to know you two are still going strong, even after the hassle of rasing me. Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad. I love you.
—Jessica Burress

CONGRATULATIONS to the best Kindergarten Class ever . . . and SURPRISE . . . remember all of those vacations your favorite teacher took . . . they were to find a new home for her new family, yew a big CONGRATULATIONS TO MR. & MRS. VREEK ON THEIR MOVE TO TEXAS & TO THE BABY BUN IN THE OVEN . . . and she says she can't cook!
—Robin O. Coffman

To: 2nd LT George L. Allen
Congradualations oh best beloved son, After a meer 6 years after stopping school and two deployments you graduated from Duke and got your commission. Well done. Love dad
—George D Allen

To: 2nd LT George L. Allen
Congradualations of best beloved son, After a meer 6 years and two deployments you graduated from Duke and got your commission. Well done. Love dad
—George D Allen

To: Dave
Happy Birthday Dad! Here's to 63 years of youth! We love you! Can't wait until we find a Lake Wobegone to call our own! A great big birthday hug and lots of love, Megan
—Megan Harms

May 20, 2006

To: Chris Burk aka, Mr. Amish
The Amishman returnith to Texas. Can't wait to try all the Amish cheeses. Be careful and keep the horse headed south.
—Rhona Burk

May 19, 2006

To: Muffy Jo
Happy birthday! We are blessed to have you as a friend.
—Janet and John Bowker

To: Sara
Congratulations to daughter Sara Beth, who graduates from St. Kate's this Saturday with a masters in library science. Reading all those Golden Books, including The Saggy Baggy Elephant finally paid off! We love you lots! Mom, Dad, Becky and Joey
—Sharon Rezek

May 18, 2006

To: Ina Jean
Missing you like crazy! I look forward to seeing you soon!
—Rich Healey

To: Bob & Barbara Whitten
They say the first fifty years are the hardest ... Happy 50th wedding anniversary! Hugs and Kisses -
—Your Progeny

May 17, 2006

To: Peter Breitmayer
To my dear husband on his 41st birthday (May 29th) who moved from Minnesota to LA 10 years ago, and still only associates with fellow Minnesotans (of course maybe its because we've never met a genuine native los angelino) Thanks for having yourself cloned and giving me such a great baby... you're the best husband and father in the world. we love you, Michelle, Jackson, and Guinness
—Michelle Pedersen

To: Peter Breitmayer
To my dear husband on his 41st birthday who moved from Minnesota to LA 10 years ago, and still only associates with fellow Minnesotans (of course maybe its because we've never met a genuine native los angelino) Thanks for having yourself cloned and giving me such a great baby... you're the best husband and father in the world. we love you, Michelle, Jackson, and Guinness
—Michelle Pedersen

To: Sarah
Congratulations on your graduation from Yale and one the two-year fellowship to teach English in China. I hope the Chinese government doesn't censore APHC so you can stream it online and have the comforts of Lake Wobegone in China. I'll see you in China next year.
—Cathy Mom

To: Agnes and Thorvald
Enjoy the show on your home territory - I know I will hear 2 folks clapping in Reykjavik! Greetings from West Hartford
—Tracey Bissell

May 13, 2006

To: Jeffrey
Congratulations from all who love you on your first day of freedom. It's been a long time coming. Enjoy.
—Jonathan Bush

May 12, 2006

To: LaLa Saxon
Hey Lou, Cant wait for you to get out of prison so we can listen to PHC together-It will make Garrison feel good that you listen because you want to, and not because its part of your sentence. Luve,BigBilly, SAvannah Ga
—billy saxon

To: Russ and Marie Jones
Russ and Marie, Congrats on your 25th wedding anniversary - I hope Garrison reads this on air,' cuase its the only way I conned you into listening to PHC Luv ya'll BigBilly-Savannah, Ga
—billy saxon

May 11, 2006

To: Dina
Happy Mother's Day Dina, another year away on Mother's Day but each moment apart reinforces how fortunate Emma, Ian and I are to have you. Also Happy First Communion Emma. Love, Jay
—Jay Vincent

May 10, 2006

To: Dr. Don Rogers
dah---it's partly sunny here and raining from every direction. I think I'll go inside and make a tortilla pizza and watch city slickers... you taught me well.. I love you-sah
—Sarah Rogers

To: Gina
Glad you'll be styling fine hair in Minnesota soon:) I'm a big tipper:)I'm really proud of you Geen - way to go! Love, Stephie
—Stephanie Opstad

May 9, 2006

To: Richard and Joyce Love
Happy 50th anniversary June 2, 2006. We hope your day is as lovely as it was 50 years ago in Kankakee. You two are very special. Your Sibs.
—Tom and Marla Nelson

To: Art & Esther Hessburg
Happy 50th Anniversary to Art and Esther, June 2nd, 2006. A Minnesota guy and Connecticut gal, now in Iowa, together a half-century and counting. Love from their kids, kids-in-law and grandkids.
—Matt Hessburg

To: Larry Fose
To Larry from Marj. Happy May 28th anniversary. It's been 23 years and we're still 2 shy persons eating our Powder Milk Biscuits together.
—marjorie fose

May 8, 2006

To: Jon
I loved the thought that you emailed Mr. Keillor to read your posting, asking me to marry you, at the recent Prairie Home Companion Live in Loveland show that we attended. Sorry, it didn't happen the way you had planned. I loved your Plan B just as well though and am happy to say "YES, I will marry you!" Much love -
—Deb Warren


May 7, 2006

To: Papa Johnny
Happy 90th Birthday, Papa! We love you so much and hope that you have a wonderful day. We're looking forward to celebrating in style on Mother's Day weekend. With love from all of your family
—Johnson Family

To: Lu
Happy 50th Birthday, Lulu! We love you so much and send our wishes for many, many more. You may be over the hill in years, but you're not in SPIRIT!!! Love, your sissies
—Johnson Family

To: Phyllis Olson (AKA Mom)
Happy Mother's Day! I hope you have the best one yet, knowing it is the last year to play "mother" your students! Enjoy the last couple weeks of your 30+ year career.. Retirement is around the corner!
—Olson Jessie

To: Nan and Don
Greetings to all of you! Please contact us so we can catch up. You have been on my mind. Just went through some old pictures of "pool days" with the kids in Fairlington. I have the same phone #.
—Melanie Hansen

May 6, 2006

To: Don Rogers
There once was a dentist named Don Who lived 'neath the hot desert sun He had a daughter named Sarah A friendship so rare-uh And she loved him from Dusk until Dawn can't wait to see you in June!
—Sarah Rogers

To: Joe Fredzess
Happy Birthday! Remind me to hit you 19 times when we meet again!
—Ashley Catone

To: Butch
I couldn't have earned that masters degree without your love and support! Thanks for gathering our family for graduation. Thanks for eating leftovers, cleaning house, waiting for me to finish typing my papers, tiptoeing while I napped, getting the kids off to school, grocery shopping, and for being my wonderful husband, Happy Thirtieth Anniversary, I love you.
—Janice Conner

To: Dennis Frick
12 years ago tomorrow I did everything for our wedding. Now, still in love, am doing everything for your d-wedding. At least I'm consistent. Happy Anniversary, Love you, Sweetheart
—Shari Frick

To: Aran & Cathy
Sending a "Hi!" from Michigan to Loveland, Colorado
—Mom & Dad (Loren & Carol) Essig

To: Muv
Next week is MUV'S day! Happy Muv's Day to the only person who knows that! Love, Helen, Fiona, Jeff, Chris and the all the other mountain Turnbulls
—Helen Goody

To: Mom
Missing you out in Charlottesville, VA...but looking forward to your visit this summer for Sculpture in the Park. Can't wait for you to meet Mark and argue politics. The couch is all yours!
—Ren Burke

To: Carmen
Sorry you could'nt make the show but tiger bites are serious business. Keep it elevated and I'll bring a fresh bag of ice on my way home.
—ivan kassovic

To: Olon
To my favorite pastor...our first date was seeing Garrison and PHC at the Denver Botanic Gardens last year...we closed the place down, they had to kick us off the's a good thing we're Methodists (and I hope you still have a job tomorrow)!
—Dena Kirk

To: Karen Keller-Boyne
Happy Birthday Bubbles! Love Helen and Jeff.
—Jeff Goody

To: The Unitarians at Foothills and Namaqua, and the Fort Collins Folk Dancers
Most of you are here already, and I assume the rest of you are listening to the broadcast. It's nice to know there are a few of us liberals in this neck of the woods.
—Karen and Terl Robinson

To: Karen
Happy birthday Bubbles! Love Helen and Jeff
—Jeff Goody

To: Mom - Wilma
Hi to Mom and to everyone back home in Slayton, Minnesota. Hope you're feeling well and have the energy to start planting your garden. I'll see you in June. Love, Peggy
—Peggy Gustaf

To: My mom, Carolyn Wilkins and my best friend, Bonnie Lu
I know you both wish you were here, I do,too!!! Happy Spring!!! Happy National Laughter Day to all, say hi to Steve and Elly!!!
—suzanne wiarda

To: Nancy Kellner
Glad you decided to take a break from the Hardanger to get some entertainment! We love you, Mom!
—Olivia and Bill/Jim Knieff/Kellner

To: Harriet & Catherine
Hi from Colorado to my little sisters in California
—Jane Hail

To: Dr. Bill and Grammy
Hope your move in Missoula went well - we'll be up to pick up any extra stuff in July. Try to stay alive until then! Love, John and Mickey
—John Hover

To: Schmoop
Hello to my wonderful wife Schmoop....From you husband MR. Schmoop.
—Jeff Goody

To: Mom Dona & Dad Joe
Wayne and Debbie say hi to all of our family in 'Spamtown'. We've loved Loveland for 26 years but our hearts our in Austin, Minnesota.
—Debbie Rysavy

To: Jeanne and Jenny in Madison
How nice that you can celebrate your May birthdays by painting the exterior of the house. Enjoy the fresh paint and the fresh year ahead.
—Pat and Chris Hoppe

To: Quinn Steven
Son you turn 8 months today, im proud. Now lets not tell mom I let you fall off the couch.
—Quinn Pack

To: Bjorn Kristopher
Happy 7th Birthday to grandson Bjorn Kristopher who is listening in Drammen, Norway with his mormor visiting from Fort Collins
—Walt Lyons

To: Sam and Clara Wilson
Hey Sam and Clara! Enjoy your first time on the radio! We're glad you're here with us. Love, Mom and Dad

To: Anna
Mom says: Anna! Good Luck at Chatham Hall next year and remember, Purples Rule!
—Kate McKay

To: Cristine Russell Bruno
Wishing you a speedy recovery form your surgery! Your son, Ryan
—Ryan Wells

To: John and Thomas
Finally made it to Lake Wogegan. Sitting here in the Chatterbox Cafe with a couple of Lutherans toasting you in cold Minneapolis. Mom
—Mary Ann Kundtz

To: John and Thomas
Finally made it to Lake Wobegan. Sitting here with a couple of Lutherans and toasting you back in Minnesota.
—Mary Ann Kundtz

To: Micah Chasteen
Thanks for calling after hearing Garrison read my poem “My Edward Hopper Eye, My Claude Monet” on Writer’s Almanac--and writing a song in response. Keep writing!
—Veronica Patterson

To: John Weibel
John, I was looking for a stable relationship and you smelled like one. Happy 13th anniversary, Blair
—Blair Weibel

To: Jack & Sharon McCall
I wish a speedy recovery to my brother-in-law from his recent surgery. Get well to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with my sis, Your Kansas Praire Home Companion. Wish you two were in Colorado to see Garisson with me.
—Paula Powell

To: Larry & Donna Olson
Here in Colorado, if you want to talk with God directly, it is only a local call.
—Dion & Meg Spencer

To: Sean, Paige and Landon
We wish you good luck in selling your Big SUV. The '91 Honda is ready to replace it!
—Paul and Connie Lanphier

To: Hannah Pensack-Rinehart
Happy 15th Birthday to Hannah in Loveland. You gracefully survived the 90-minute state-wide drivers-license computer-system failure yesterday. Congratulations on your drivers permit!
—Zan Pensack-Rinehart

To: Mary Eleanor
To the light of my life and a talented co-worker for over 43 years.
—Paul McKay

To: Grace and Hope
Greetings to our toddlers, Grace and Hope, you bring us so much joy.
—Dad and Mom Albert

To: Brianna
Happy 5th birthday to our ice-cream loving niece.
—Uncle Korey and Auntie Barb Albert

To: Mom
Almost Mother's Day greetings from Colorado. We had snow mixed with rain this week. Snow, remember, that white stuff you moved to Florida to forget.
—Alli Level

May 5, 2006

To: Cath
Sweetheart, Sure wish I was sitting next to you there in the "Budwieser Events Center" instead of listening via Internet from Kirkuk Iraq!
—Rick Fisher

To: DB Husband
12 years ago I did everything for our wedding. Now, still in love, I'm doing everything for your d-wedding. At least I'm consistent. lume
—Sweetheart Wife

To: Michael
Congratulations on following your dream – going off to grad school in biochemistry, even though it coincides with your first Social Security check. You are indeed a mad, but loved, scientist.
—Karen Wilken

To: Christina
Eventhough at 26 you just found out that Lake Wobegon is not real, like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy, it can live in your heart. Mom
—Bev Jackson

To: Monica Rose
Congratulations on the whale center internship! Hope you don't get seasick! Love, Mom and Dad
—Monica Munguia

To: Kat, Matt & Robin Weinreich
Hello to Kat, Matt & Robin in Kisdorf, Germany. Can't wait to see you here in Fort Collins in June. We'll have the "lard dessert" tray ready for you. Janet & Oncle Woody
—Janet Kurman

Hey KUFM-KGPR members, I didn't have to enter and lose in any dang ticket lottery to attend this KUNC sponsored event.
—Mary Grande

To: Janice and Gary
Happy 2nd anniversary to Janice and Gary. They met on the internet. Through the magic of electrons they've made wonderful magic of our own!
—Janice Michon

To: Margaret, Katie and Matthew
Mom and dad say hi to their kids in Vancuver, Chicago and Iquitos, Peru. At least you are all in the Western Hemisphere!
—Bernadette and David Kissel

To: Scott
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! 10 years and 2 children have been the greatest gifts you have ever given me. I love you.
—Jennifer Wildman

To: Gramy and Grampy Schalon
Get the Lutefisk ready for the family reunion in Michigan. We hope Mom's jello salad survives the car trip from Colorado. Love, Marissa and Melia
—Jennifer & Bob Beccard

To: Mom and Dad
No luck on selling the mobile home out here so we will be hitching it up next week and heading east. Can we park it in your backyard for awhile?
—Kate McAtavey

To: Graham and Drew
Although you haven't accepted the virtues of being Norwegian or your Minnesota roots--at least you recognize the virtues of being a liberal. Love Mom
—Heather Hallett Thurston

To: Stephanie
Congratulations on receiving your Master's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Minnesota on May 14. With love from Mom and Dad.
—Ellen Erickson

To: Jennifer & Noah Flores
We miss you guys like crazy, especially the stair rides. Hope to see you this summer. Come on out and we'll ride our bikes through the cool night air, over the river and through the woods to town.
—Jeff & Caroline Morrell

To: Mom and Dad
We didn't lose anyone on the way to the Colosseum, just while crossing the street on the way back.
—Kate Fauteux

To: Mom
Your 63rd Mother's Day, HOORAY! Dick Marti Ray Marilyn Don Sherry Jenn Steve Dani Kara Adam Abbie Erin Emily Andy Nick Geordi Danya Simon & Tima
—Don & Sherry Bundy

May 4, 2006

To: Carissa
Hello to Carissa, our favorite feminist. Why did you move to New Jersey where they have enough Democrats, when we need you here in Loveland?.
—Richard & Carolann Blanco

To: Deb W
Deb I am tired of you fishing for an engagement ring this is an official offer! Will you marry me? Love Jon. (We will be in the audience on May 6th)
—Jon Ridley

To: Cath
Sweetheart, Sure wish I was sitting next to you there in Ft.Collins instead of listening via Internet from Kirkuk Iraq!
—Rick Fisher

May 3, 2006

To: Pastor Rich and Sue Mayfield
"Traveling Mercies" to our Pastor and Shepard of 20+ years and his lovely first grade teacher wife as they retire from Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church and Summit Cove Elementary in Dillon, CO. Many thanks from all you've touched. But just think - no more pot lucks! "Go in Peace." (Rich and Sue will be in the audience today.)
—tina oberheide

To: Rebecca Peterson Executor Director, Center for the Arts, Fergus Falls, Minnesota
I can hardly wait for Garrison Keillor's performance in your Wonderful Theatre with the mighty WurliTzer organ. Let's not tell him how many Norwegians will be buying tickets. I hear we already have two buses of musicians coming from Norway to celebrate the Centennial of Tronderlag of America in August 2008! Hilsen fra
—Maxine Sandvig

To: Gary Geers
Happy 50th Birthday this May 8th to my dearest husband, and there will be no cheating extinguishing cake candles this year; the hose stays outside. (Thrilled to say we will be attending the live show in Loveland on May 6th!)
—Catherine Scott

To: Gary Geers
Happy 50th Birthday this May 8th to my dearest husband, and there will be no cheating extinguishing cake candles this year; the hose stays outside.
—Catherine Scott

To: Jamie
Happy Anniversary. You are a brave and patient man for putting up with me and all 5 of the boys. I love you.
—Emilie Horne

To: Toby & Joan
Hi you two, having a wonderful time wish you were here!
—Heidi & Debbe Swanson

To: Ben and Karen
Congratulations on your engagement, don't change the wedding date, our tickets are non refundable.
—Dad and Joanne McPherron

To: Brian Bohl
—Dan Edwards

To: Jane
Happy fourth birthday to Jane in Richmond. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate with you, but we'll be sure to say hi to Mickey and Cinderella for you! Love Max
—Mary Sandkam

To: Pat Bierle
Happy Early Mother's Day Mom! All the way from the Rocky Mountains to South Dakota. I love you, you're the best mom in the world. Jane
—Jane Leavitt

To: Mahala Willmann
Happy 10th Birthday to Mahala from your parents, Kent and Keely and your brothers, Keenan and Colin. We are sorry your name doesn't sound like ours but you were just too beautiful for any other name.
—kent willmann

To: Jose
Can you believe it's been 12 years of marriage already? As it says on the rings, "Here's Hoping" - for another least!
—Angela Ortiz

To: Quinn Steven in Denver
You turn 8 months today and dads in the audience. Tell him its ok I was actually first to let you roll off the couch.
—Quinn Pack

May 2, 2006

To: Donata (Da-na-ta)
Happy 36th Birthday today! Thanks for being this old man's retirement plan. Now get back to work!
—Buck (54) & Nick (9) Parsons

To: Margie
Greetings from Anita and Ed to Margie in St. Petesberg, Florida who is recovering from her recent surgery. We hope that your own private nurse, John, is attending to all your needs!
—Eduardo Pajon

To: Emmasue & Sienna
Hope you girls are enjoying your time home alone, because we will be home sooner than you know!!!!!!
—Brad Stanton

To: Sasha/Maya
Happy birthday to Sasha on Sunday, and Maya on Monday, love, from Mom and Dad
—Marilyn Milhous

To: Marilyn Martin
Hello to Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Jackie in Omaha. Wish you were here to watch the kids so I could be in the audience seeing the show instead of listening.
—Randell Martin

To: Kirsten
We only started this journey a little more than a year ago. Who would have guessed we would be welcoming a new baby in a few weeks? Loving you more every day!
—Dean Nicholson

To: Cindy
Hi Mom, Just wanted to send my love on your Birthday. I'll be celebrating alone over my Genetics final, but I'm sure you'll be amongst friends and family. Enjoy.
—Daniel Kirkeby

May 1, 2006

To: Robin
If the kids get out of hand, there's a big bowl of ketchup in the fridge, use it! It has natural mellowing agents.
—Heather Sutton

To: Sarah and Darin
Congrats on your recent engagement. Sarah, how was your bowling game after Darin popped the question? Hugs, Mom & Dad
—chris salmon

To: eaton twins
—theresa eaton

To: Tonya
T- I Love you because your heart is pure, your soul is deep, and you came to this crazy show with me. Muchos besos, Scizzy
—J.S. Munn Munn

To: Jo-Bina
I truly do love you more than.... Well, even more than finally being at this show with you.....And even a bit more. Always, Scizzy ( we will be at the live show on May 6th 2006 )
—Scott Munn

To: Suzi's recently departed brother Timmy, the town of Ely, Minnesota and Suzi'sdad
Suzi & Matt from Denver say hi and wish Timmy were here to say Priva (pronounced Pre-Vah) to all our friends in Ely. Dad, see you and everyone else the last week of May.
—Suzi and Matt Wager

April 30, 2006

To: Tom
Pete Moss from Denver says hey to older brother Tom in Kalamazoo. Thanks for the inspiration on pursuing the Phd.
—Quinn Pack

To: my wife Mary Camp
We met in Anoka in '71, just out of school and look'n for fun! 35 years later, we found our true space, Loveland Colorado, is truly the place! Happy Anniversary, love Gary
—Gary Camp

To: Dad
Happy Birthday, Dad. Hope you have a wonderful day!
—Jenna Fischer

To: Willy
The crazies from Praire Home Companion are in Loveland on Saturday. They chose the sissy town of Loveland since they can't get off the praire... must be an altitude disorder. PS: I couldn't get tickets.
—Ray York

To: Jim and Ranelle Gregory
With their son approaching graduation from law school next week on Mother's Day, I want to congratulate and celebrate two parents from Colorado who have unwaveringly loved and supported each of their five children as they've grown up, and all gone to college, and two who have now graduated law school. I appreciate and love them both very much.
—Lawrence Thompson

April 29, 2006

To: Quinn Steven
You turn 8 months old today son. Now lets not tell mom I let you fall off the couch last week.
—Quinn Pack

To: Planet Chuck
Earth to Planet Chuck. We love you. Happy Birthday! Lady Di and the Princesses
—Diana Rehmer

April 28, 2006

To: Myra in Cheyenne
(request that this be read on May 6, Loveland, Colorado broadcast, not sent via email) Hooray for love! M & M in Cheyenne, Wyoming got hitched!The dog helped, the cats clapped, and even the horses cheered!
—Kathy Brown

April 27, 2006

To: Bill & Arleta
You have to know we love you since we're coming to visit Houston in uncomfortable mid-July. See you then!
—Carrie Radloff

To: Linda
25 years ago I had a thick head of hair and was thin. Now I'm bald, heavy and old but you still love me. I'm truly blessed beyond measure. Happy 25th anniversary. Jim (Woostock, NB, Canada)
—Jim Graham

April 26, 2006

To: Jason
As we share our one year anniversery I want to thank you for the most amazing year ever and many more to come.
—crystal lucas

April 25, 2006

To: Mama Peggy
Hello to you in Heaven! Your daughters are spending tonite with your favorite man, Garrison! We love and miss you! (This is for the 05/06/06 show in Colorado! Thank you!)
—margie brazelton

To: Peter Blush
Happy 60th Birthday my darling Fiance, Peter, from your Sarah, the English major who loves you well enough to welcome your mistress of 20 years, "A Prairie Home Companion", into our marriage and our wonderful Saturday nights together for the rest of your precious life.
—Sarah Rigler

To: Jessie Sterner
Happy Birthday! Only 106 days to the wedding- maybe we'll get the invitations out by then... Love you!
—Tim Miller

April 24, 2006

To: Jon Howell
Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband of 24 years. Do you realize on this 48th b-day you have been married to me for half of your life! Bet you hadn't thought about that ... or maybe you had??? Love always, Barb
—Barbara Howell

To: Gary and Kay Hanson
Greetings Mom and Dad from Copenhagen, Denmark! Philip and I are happy, healthy and enjoying the spring that finally decided to visit us. We miss you bunches!
—Anne-Marie Skou

April 23, 2006

To: Krissy
No one could ever feel the same about you as I do. I am absolutely crazy about you. I can only say this here, because I assume that you will ever ever see this.
—David Briggs

April 22, 2006

To: Flagstaff Friends of Traditional Music
Hello from Rochester! See you at the Flagstaff Folk Festival in June.
—VennieEline White

To: Dr. Dave & Ruth
The neighborhood bears, Dusty and Left, visited our bee yard the other day. They both went home with lead poisoning!
—Willie Gorham

April 21, 2006

To: Lynn
Lynn, you bless my life in countless ways and I look forward to being your wife. All my love, Gayle
—Gayle Busey

To: Phil & Marcia Caskey
Hello old time friends, remember listening together to PHC on KOSU in the 80's? I live now near Rotterdam, with 18-year old daughter, and enjoy PHC on the internet now.. Hope to get in touch again; I have never forgotten you.
—Manette Schönfeld

To: Ted
Congrats on your confirmation. I enjoyed spending time with your girlfriend, too bad you were at work.
—Sally Spitznagel

April 20, 2006

To: mark
I love you. I knew you were the one I would spend my life with...when the pregnancy test turned pink.
—keli ruiz

April 19, 2006

To: Bethany, Brad, and Sophia
Joyeux anniversaire to a wonderful sister-in-law! Brad, my offer still stands: if you move to Madison, I will be happy to babysit. Can you bring the hot tub?
—Lara Natzke

To: Billy Joe
I hope seeing PHC live helps you remember that Hot Dish and Going to Church are JUST as important as running away to join the carnie! God Bless Uncle Freddie. He needs our help!
—Maggie Suckow

To: Eric Porcher
(For the 4-22 show) Happy 25th anniversary, celebrating here in our audience, from the "cold Limey" to the "Grumpy German". 25 was supposed to be tickets to Hawaii, but a trip to Lake Wobegone is a close second.
—Julie Porcher

To: Sharon
Happy first live PHC show. It's a gem to watch and I know you'll love it. Hugs from your (considerably) older sister.
—Connie Purcell

To: Deacon Dad
Happy 75th birthday to a dad who fathered 10 kids. You raised all ten of us to be successful adults and now as deacon in the church, we share our dad with everyone.
—Alan Berthelot

April 18, 2006

To: Gina
Happy Birthday Sweetheart! You have made my last 15 years wonderful!
—Anantha Shekhar

To: Vera Swanson
Dear Aunt Vera, You've blessed Duluth for 99 years. You've blessed us all of our lives. Happy birthday. Love - the Duvals
—Bob, Evelyn, and Melissa Duval

To: Donna
Happy Birtday. She says,"Come on out, the Lake has water...this year."
—Mark Druyff

April 17, 2006

To: Geno
Geno, My heart sings a glorious tune when you walk into the room. -PP
—Kerrie Kardatzke

To: Guy Mitchard
Guy~ I don't know if you're the Guy Mitchard that went to Maine East High School in Park Ridge,IL, but I saw your name on this post. We hung out together from 1969 and beyond. I was Margeret's friend. I would enjoy hearing from you and catching up!
—Mary Foster

To: Glen Brunner
Uncle Glen,You are hereby nominated for my Uncle Of The Year Award. Come visit me at Moriahsburg City Hall and I will also make you honorary Water Commissioner.
—Emma Levi` McKee-Brunner

April 16, 2006

To: Sarah and Scott
Happy birthday to each of you. Hope you enjoy your first show as much as we do. We are so proud of you both!!
—Larry and Laurie Haugen

To: my loving Dah
Dah - hoping you're enjoying the show out in Arizona. I'm listening and thinking of you under the indecisive skies of Massachusetts. I love you so. your-sah
—Sarah Rogers

To: David Matthew
I miss your voice, your smile, your face. Sunrise is not warm enough without you.
—Karina Matthew

April 15, 2006

To: Lisa
Thanks for being my friend. You're there for me when I just want to give up, and give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it. You help me through the bad times, and you're there when I have no one else. I love my Gabrielle, my heart, my strength, my friend.
—Meg Allen

April 13, 2006

To: Michael
Welcome to old age, Mike, 50 isn't the end, just the beginning!! Love Ya, Sharon
—Sharon Silengo

To: Phyllis Shippers
Happy birthday Mom! I forgot to send a card, but even if I hadn't, I couldn't afford one anyway. Love from you poor college student.
—Theresa Maatman

April 12, 2006

Hello to my dear little boy Norch who is 10-Norch, Mom is happy you love Garrison keillor and Prairie Home Companion too! hello also to Kelly and Laura!
—astra kremane

April 11, 2006

To: Dave and Brien
Congratulations on your successful kidney swap last week in the Twin Cities. Hope you'll be on your way home very soon.
—Kate Rowles

To: Guy Hocking
Remember 30 years ago in New Mexico when Captain Nice Guy would get birthday greetings via Garrison Keillor? Well, it's happening again. Happy 65th birthday!
—Theresa Hocking

To: Jhon Pap
How's the ketchup I sent you? I hope you enjoyed it. I just came up with the new recipe out of the blue.
—Tony Pap

To: two lovely daughters + husbands in Richmond, VA and Oklahoma City, OK
Wish you could be here, we miss you. can't wait to see our first grandbaby due in August.
—Tim & Danielle Bennett

To: Julio
Happy Birthday, my love! I can’t wait for us to enjoy your birthday present... tickets to The Prairie Home Companion at the Hollywood Bowl! And, no... the words “prairie” and “Hollywood,” used in the same sentence, do not constitute an oxymoron.
—Heather Schultz

April 10, 2006

To: Jane Stewart
Meem, Looking forward to the Easter package, you never know maybe The Giggling Ninnies will make it to a service. How about if we just listen to Garrisson instead? After all God would want us to be happy on Easter. Don't embarasse me up in the Maine woods!!! xoxo~Marge
—Meg Hutchins

To: Melissa
I get 25 words to wish you a Happy 30th Birthday. That's number 30! 30, 30, 30! How old are you? 30! Love, your brother-in-law.
—Lou Franchina

To: Richard Hall
Happy 88th Birthday, Daddy! Wish I could transport myself from dusty Khartoum to celebrate with you in Arkansas. Hope you'll take the day off from work for a change! Lots of love and hugs in absentia...
—Sue Ellen Hall

April 8, 2006

To: Sara
Happy 3rd birthday to our beautiful girl, Sara. You are the apple of our eyes, at least until your brother is born--just kidding! Love, Mom and Dad.
—Miguel Cortes

April 7, 2006

To: Gerry
We finally made it to a live broadcast of Prairie Home Companion. It only took 20 years. Jason, glad you are here with us. Amelia, we wish you were here.
—Sue Harsh

To: Bill and Bev Ooley
Hi Mom and Dad. Hope your enjoying the show tonight.
—Peter Ooley

To: Erling "Double Nickel" Anderson
Happy 55th Birthday, Double Nickel! Hope you are enjoying the live show. Rest assured that your daughter, all the way out in NYC, is sitting home on a Saturday night listening to public radio! Love from Laa
—Laurel Anderson

April 6, 2006

Well, Junior, you're going to be celebrating your 59th soon - so happy we will be spending it with Prairie Home Companion at Tanglewood! You are still the keeper of my heart, my sweet. With love from your Princess
—Susan Lubke

April 5, 2006

To: Mary Parsley
Happy birthday on April 28, Mom. So glad we can be together, along with Sue,Scott,Val,Earl,Michelle and Chrisy to enjoy Mr. Keillor in Vermillion!
—Stephena Kallemeyn

To: Kaye, Dennis and Sara Nelson
When I told you that "American Gothic" fancy dress was compulsory for live audiences, I was only kidding. Put those pitchforks down.
—martin coleman

April 4, 2006

To: Ann Winslow
Happy 29th anniversary to my lovely wife Annie! Let's make 29 more trips around the sun together. (we're in the audience on April 8)
—John Winslow

To: Heather
Happy birthday my dear, enjoy your croquet, cupcakes and chapagne birthday party. I hope It doesnt rain...
—Julio Moreno

April 3, 2006

To: Dad, in Row W
We're here! We made it back to the homeland for our favourite Saturday evening activity. Your dearest daughter Kate, who just had to sit in the third row (for 4/8/06 show)
—Kate Payne

To: Bob
Happy Birthday! By the time we actually get to see each other your birthday will be over, but there's nothing quite like a Prairie Home Companion birthday wish to ensure perpetual happiness. Hope you have a great day!
—Ashley Rice

April 2, 2006

To: Dominic Patten
Happy Happy birthday, your status is so low! love Tuneage!
—chantal payette

To: Paula
For the April 8th show, if possible: Happy 45th Birthday to Paula here in the audience, with love from all of your family and friends! Let the celebration continue!
—Charles Spetland

To: Betty Sander
Keep on truckin' at 81. Happy birthday from your smart daughters, good-looking sons-in-law, and above average grandchildren.
—Shaw Dixon

April 1, 2006

To: Billy
I love you and know you can do anything you set your mind to including the dryer.
—katherine barnes

To: Rol and Bev
Roses are red, violets are blue. It's no April Fool...We love you! Enjoy the show and happy birthday, Dad.
—A.J. & Jon Coffey

To: Annie Briese
Thanks for your wonderful birthday greeting. Having you and Erica for daughters has always been the sunshine in my life.
—Jim Briese

March 31, 2006

To: Barrick and Rosenwasser Families
Look, mom(s) and dad(s), we're on the air! Sending our love to you - Alison & Grant
—Alison Rosenwasser

To: Guy Mitchard
Guy~ I saw your name on this post. I was wondering if you remember me. We spent some time together in High School and beyond. It would be great to know how you are and how life has treated you. Mary Foster
—Mary Foster

To: Terry L. McCoy
T, Happy 66th birthday--"I just called to say I love you." Looking forward to many more full moons and small moments together.
—Elizabeth Lowe McCoy

To: Grant
Houses, jobs, projects - there's nothing you endeavor that you don't do well. I love you, bug! Congrats on a week of many successes.
—Alison Rosenwasser

March 29, 2006

To: Mom and Woody
Happy 1 year anniversary from your loving daughter in Delaware. I wish I could be there this year!
—Alison Gordon

To: James Kirtley
Jimbob, I want to thankyou for 27 yrs of friendship and the many times spent listening to the Dixie Dregs "Night Meets Light". The tune fits the situation now and I want to say goodbye for now. I hope you get to hear this. CJ
—Chris Julson

To: Our families in Poplar, Anchorage, Tulsa & Whitefish
Whatever you heard about the 3 tamales from Poplar, Anchorage and Tulsa causing a ruckus is a matter for interpretation. Having a great time!
—Janet Yeager

To: Pops, Jim Briese
A very happy birthday to you, Dad. We cant meet in Paris to celebrate, but I will be thinking of you! We shall meet in Washington or Door County or Chicago or Norway! A wild and exciting world it is. I love you and wish you a wonderful 60th birthday. Love always,
—Annie Briese

March 28, 2006

To: Grandma and Grandpa Hederer
We'll be home in time for potluck tomorrow. Get the kids to bed early...remember, we spring AHEAD tonight.
—Victoria Bell

To: Fritzle
Dear Fritzle I am resending this message becasue I think I used the wrong email address. Well I hope you are having fun in the south. I hope you are having fun with your duct tape and your pocket knife amputations. I'm just kidding...Of course. Love everyone Roll Tide!
—Emily Strong

To: Steve
To Fritzel My dad. I hope you are enjoying the south and I hope you are having fun with duct tape and with your pocket knife amputations. Work up your cards and chess skills for Em and me. We all love you. Nicky
—Emily Strong

To: Victoria
Dear Toria, I am sending you a Prairie home companion greeting. I'll see you in two weeks and I hope the football team is doing well. Roll Tide! Love Em
—Emily Strong

To: Roland & Arlene
Happy 50th to Roland & Arlene, the Iowa farmer and his "Apron Lady" bride! Sunday's fellowship hour at Zion Lutheran-Jubilee is in their honor...You're all invited!
—Rachel Riensche

March 27, 2006

To: Dick, Susan, and Cindy
While you were away in Italy we did some housecleaning for mom, yard work for dad and oh by the way Cindy, your nephew Will turned your dog blue. See you soon!
—Chrissie Laymon

To: prissie poo and donnie doo
Congratulations. You waited so many years to become grandparents that your precious new grandson should have been quadruplets.
—squirrely coberly

To: Dennis
On your birthday, may the hens lay soft-boiled eggs and the cops have wooden legs! Much love and affection from the kids.
—Michael Sullivan

To: Harvey and Leanne
It began on a blind date four decades ago. Three kids, four grandkids, six closets of shoes _ Dad's not Mom's _ later, happy 40th anniversary!
—Your kids The Schneider kids

To: Margosia and Jeff in Olsztyn, Poland
Happy 5th Anniversary from Mom & Dad. We finally made it Minneapolis to see all the live action. Ya sure, you betcha.
—Phil Taylor

March 26, 2006

To: Andrea Bethke
You owe me 88 dollars from last week. With interest it adds up to a kiss on the cheek. Love you forever baby doll.
—Michael Hendrickson

To: Diane
Dear Mommy. Toria,Steve, Nick and I all just wanted to say happy birthday, and we love you.
—Emily Strong

To: matthew schmidt
happy birthday to the best husband ever. i thank every day you don't have me commited! your silly wife for many birthdays to come...maria
—maria martha cabrera

March 25, 2006

To: John Engel
Another vacation in Florida? Why don't you give in to your age just and move there?
—Mark Curiale

To: Dennis
A mutton and stinky cheese sandwich for you on your day, although it may be even better in six months! Happy birthday from the kids.
—cyndy johnsen

To: Bobbie & Ken
Well, we finally made it to this APRIL 8TH show. Thank goodness it did not turn out to be a TRIP OF A LIFETIME! Grandma Pump & Mom Lucy each died within the year of their Hawaii trips.
—dave & sandy pumphrey

March 24, 2006

To: Brett Hendrickson
I hope you have enjoyed the rain. From you brother.
—Grant VanVeldhuizen

To: Dr. Richard Crissman
Hi Grandpa! Just thought since you listen in every night it's about time you got a greeting. Hope all is well at the farm, miss you here in Chicago. Love, Rosie
—Rosie Crissman

To: Guy Mitchard
Guy ~ I saw your name on a old greeting on this site. Are you Guy Mitchard from Niles? Did you go to Maine East? Do you remember me? We hung out together in high school and some time after.
—Mary Foster

To: My Dear Hunnie Bunnie
Soon you'll be 31 and starting a new job, living here in Austria with me. I never would have thought when i married you almost 5 years ago, we'd be where we'll be soon. i can't wait to see what happens next... life is always an adventure with you. With love from your sweetypie
—Nina Wilson

March 22, 2006

To: Ina Jean
Miss you much - Hope to hear from you soon
—Rich Healey

March 20, 2006

To: Kelly Duerden
Don't worry about cleaning house. I won't be there until June 21 and Patricia will not be with me. Love, Dad
—Frank Thornburgh

To: Pat
Marrying you today was the best,most joyous thing I've ever done. Thank you for helping me believe in love again.
—LisaRose Hall

March 19, 2006

To: Daniel Poff
Hello dad, from Ben and Amanda. We love you and we hope not to give you a heart attack when you learn about our elopement. Well actually we didn't. Sorry about that heart attack.
—Benjamin Poff

March 17, 2006

To: Isabella Grace
Happy third birthday! Enjoy your party and your favorite radio show, and always remember: "I love my baby, and my baby says, 'HA!'" Love, Daddy
—Lou Franchina

To: Tom
Happy St. Pat's day to the italian in my life. May the god's of the isle shine on us and bring us the luck of the Irish with it.
—shari heinz

March 16, 2006

To: Jack Makovsky
To "Farmer Jack" in Racine, Wisconsin... Happy 65th birthday!! Have fun celebrating the Vernal Equinox. Spring is almost here!
—Sarah Huebsch

To: David Black
Salutations and hearty congratulations on your successful entry into the world of movies! All the folks at the old homestead spaces are rooting for you and send their best wishes. "Break a Leg!"
—tekkbabe 859

To: Jonny
Jessica and I want to wish you the best of luck on your first radio broadcast of your Jonny Cigar show!! Make sure you tune into Garrison, you might learn a thing or two!
—Mark Losinger

March 14, 2006

To: Sue
Way to go on the move from NJ to CT. I hope you enjoyed tonight's show. Love always, Ed (We'll be at the 3/14 show in NYC)
—Ed Frankel

March 13, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Dear Mr. Keillor, I was putzing around on the internet, looking for things to do this April, when I visit my sister Jennifer in your home state. I sure do hope we get to see your show when I'm in town. I've listened to on NPR since my son was an infant, and he'll be accompanying me on my visit. He's now 18! Thank you for your wit and candor.
—Kathy Rhein-Davis

To: Michelle
Honey Thanks for letting me ski with the boys in Utah for my bday present ! Take care of the kids until I get back and then it's your turn ! If I don't come back right away it's probably due to heavy snowfall Love Hew
—Hew Russell

To: Ashe
Congrats on your show! Mom and Dad said it was fantastic and your choreography stole the show. Glad your chickens FINALLY started laying. Don't worry the delayed development shouldn't alter the eggs' biological integrity that much. Just enough to mutate the egg eaters slightly. Love you.
—jessica brown

To: Jessica
Happy 28th birthday from your baby sister. Please use your seniority now to get mom to stop boiling down maple syrup - the paint is starting to peel off the kitchen wall! Oh, and our green eggs are bigger than yours. Serves you right for raising city chickens!
—Ashley Kanevsky

March 12, 2006

To: Nora Bell Blum
Happy 100th birthday to an amazing lady of pioneer stock. Grown and raised in Nebraska you are a survivor. May God grant you even more time on earth.
—Gene and Janet Kottke

March 11, 2006

To: missy falcon
I called with pure intentions, no animosity intended...hoping for flicker of warmth that came so naturally. Was it ever real? Don't know, miss u badly, drifting w/o missy.
—miche lepage

To: Mamma and Daddy
Guten tag from Germany. I listen to Garrison online every Saturday and get the feel of lazy Saturdays, when his voice warmed our little piece of home, i miss you all, just 19 days.
—Miss Melissa Duhaime

March 10, 2006

To: Bob & Sue in springfield ME.
We closed on that land LET US KNOW WHEN MUD SEASON'S OVER SO WE CAN SEE IT ! Jersey Joe,Donna,Jenna
—Joseph Dunay

To: Alma
karen and kimi bend Oregon Mazel Tov! from israel jerusalem We wish you all the love and happiness that comes with our new child we have Alma. wich is world in hebrew Now you really can't wait to come to Israel and see firsthand the new bundle of joy.Alma Much love from us Ofer & Yael
—ofer Greenstein

March 8, 2006

To: Louie Linder
Do you still have that BB gun which just rolls the BB out the end of the barrel? It sure was a mistake putting you in charge of the prisoners in The Great BB Gun War.
—Frank Thornburgh

To: Grandpa Hersh
Happy 86th Birthday to Grandpa Hersh!
—Max Salmeron

To: Dean Durhman
Happy 51st Birthday on April 23, to Dean who is in the Audience of tonights show (April 22, 2006) Huge fan, always searching the radio for PHC show whenever we travel. All my love, Beth
—Beth Koenck

To: Dean Durhman
Happy 51st Birthday on April 23, to Dean who is in the Audience of tonights show (April 22, 2006) Huge fan, always searching the radio for PHC show whenever we travel.
—Beth Koenck

March 6, 2006

To: Melissa Ellen
Happy 50th Birthday, Melissa! One half-century down, one to go! Congratulations on your wonderfully whimsical Mrs. HorseFeathers projects…the horse world will never be the same!
—Your Fans at The Barn

To: Michael Weiskittel
Happy Birthday Michael, I hope you have a wonderful day.
—Shannon Barnes

March 5, 2006

To: Russell
I can't wait to start our new adventure in St. Croix! Happy 4th Anniversary! I love You!
—Kate Lincoln

To: Jean Kruse
Happy 89th. Your're still the salt of the earth and your shaker's not too bad. All our love, Steve, Kathy and the farm gang
—Steve Kruse

To: Bonny Clark
Living in Minnesota in the middle of winter while we're living in Mexico must be a real strain on our friendship. Greetings from Huatabampito and enjoy the snow. We'll send some more shells and sand the next time we cross the border. Mexican post is not to be trusted. Even with their own sand and shells. Don't shoot the fridge; it is there to help you and the five littles. The man is on his own. ;)
—kathy smith

March 4, 2006

To: Bud and Fanny Welte (pronounced 'Welty' (like Eudora)
Sending love and greetings from Castle Rock; Have fun tonight at the good ol'Chester Fritz and come see us when you get cold enough. We miss you and we are only a plane ride away!
—Carol and Lloyde and boys Richmond

To: Stephanie
Fifteen years of bliss and sublimity, and somehow we still make time for Garrison. Must be love.
—James Brock

To: Nephew-In-Law, Michael
I'm sorry about the recent passing of your Dad. I hope that our friendship, in some small way, has eased your pain. Carol #3 in PA
—Carol Norwood

To: Dear Dave in Charlotte NC
I know the recent passing of your brother has rocked you to the core. I'm sorry. I hope that you'll come home soon. I miss you. Love, Carol in PA
—Carol Norwood

March 3, 2006

To: Michael Pesi
though you don't know directions my love you always know where my to find my heart Our love is like the north star it burns brighter and brighter each day with that being said 8 years ago i met a wonderful man he is everything a woman could want and more his words poetic, skin like silk, mind like a steel trap, my only wish is that his love never ends for me love you forever and ever and a day my Romeo
—tamara harper

To: Werner, Joe, Mary, Phyllis, Judy, Charley & Steve
Greetings to my siblings who graduated from UND, Werner, Joe, Mary, Phyllis, Judy, Charley & Steve. From your sister Arlene, who graduated from that other ND university.
—Arlene Farnsworth

To: Garry
Happy Birthday to my dad in Bismarck, who recently got a new customer when the guy decided a businessman who goes ice fishing couldn't be all that bad.
—Elizabeth Pierce

To: Nelson Clan
I'm up here at my Alma Matter finally seeing Garrison-Love you and will miss you all so much when I leave for the Peace Corps in Aug,happy 32 yrs Mom+Dad and remember America, In heaven there is no beer, that's why we drink it here, and when we're gone from here, our friends will be drinking all our beer!
—Jerome Nelson

To: Elaine
To Elaine: My Bloody Revolutionary Sweetheart! Mary Me, Sweet Thing, Marry Me! All of my love, Bernie
—Bernard Jocuns

To: Matt Donovan
Happy 21st birthday to Matt at Grand Forks Air Force Base. Don't drink 21 shots on your birthday - it can kill you! Love Mom and Al
—Sheri Risaliti

March 2, 2006

To: Ian & Hannah's grandpa
Happy 60th birthday grandpa. Sorry you had to drive from Fargo all the way to Grand Forks for a party. Say hello to Dusty & Lefty.
—Nancy Saeger

To: Ian & Hannah in No. Virginia
We don't know if Guy Noir gives autographs, but we'll corner him at the reception.
—Nancy Saeger

To: Ian & Hannah
We don't have an accent! You people in northern Virginia do. Love from Fargo.
—Nancy Saeger

To: Jake Erickson
Son, we received your college scholarship money. Mexico was great but moms tan is fading. Oh and make sure to sign your student loan papers!
—Ele and Jon Erickson

To: Chad Kourajian
To my gallant husband: Two weeks ago we were on the beach on Florida getting married. Today it’s Garrison Keillor and the Red Pepper in Grand Forks. You spin my world!
—Laura Kourajian

To: Martin Coleman
I remembered after sending greeting & thanks to you that you always say you are from the UK. More people here know where England is.... Best to you!
—Kaye Nelson

March 1, 2006

To: Martin Coleman
Thankyou to our new friend from England. Because you listened and we didn't we'd have missed Sarah's Dick Cheney one liner on Prairie Home Companion.
—Kaye Nelson

To: Benson
Happy 1 year anniversary. Thanks for making me an AARP member way before my time. Your loving/obedient wife.
—Connie Krull

To: Philip Pinkney
We married April 2, 1986 Happy 20th anniversary of our first wedding. To everyone who entered the pool, please pay up. The closest chosen date was off by 18 years.
—Trudy Beaulieu

February 28, 2006

To: Wendy
Happy birthday, and happy tenth anniversary of the day we met. It was your birthday, but I got the present.
—Dale Edgerley

To: Mr Keillor
Greetings from Mallorytown On Ca (pop 1800)Really enjoy your show on Sirius radio. Will you be coming to the north-eastern states anytime soon?
—Stan Suddard

February 27, 2006

To: Arthur Ranson
Hi, Arthur, I know you'll be listening. And thanks to all at PHC from your faithful UK listeners. {Also please say why you don't ship merchandise outside USA and Canada: I want some stuff here in Britain!]
—Len Cegielka

To: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moilanen
Happy 50th Anniversary from your five daughters. Thanks for letting us give a wine and cheese party, even though we know you don't like to be the center of attention - it REALLY was no trouble!
—Kathy Wade

To: Drew Munch in Midland, MI
Happy 60th Birthday to our favorite Captain - we wouldn't want to sail with anyone else. Love always, Andy, Charlie, and Janie
—Jane Willits

February 26, 2006

To: Jacqueline
You who were born in California and raised on Agate Lake, I have tried very hard but just can't stop loving you. Eternal longings from Watson Lake.
—Jonathan Livingston

To: May Smith
May Smith is celebrating her 100th birthday in Pocatello, Idaho on March 26th. She can remember all the birthdays of her 5 children, 22 grand children, 57 great grand children, and 2 great-great grand children. She has a better memory than all 86 of us put together. We love you, grandma.
—Steven Hronek

To: Kathryn and Martha Soli
Greetings to our UND daughters in the audience from the Norwegian Diaspora in Virginia. Hurry home, your dad found out where I hid the lefsa. Remember: Don't fight with Sue.
—Johanna Soli

To: Andy (Hurt Leg) Conner
Happy 50th Dad! Your still young but old enough to start living life to it's fullest.Have a great Birthday and congradulations on your weight loss.
—Jennifer Conner

February 25, 2006

To: Pat Donohue
Pat, Looking forward to your visit to The Roaring Brook Nature Center in CT on the 4th. It's almost spring here in Pleasant Valley Susan
—Susan Eastman

To: Phyllis Barnes
Phyllis & Pelican Lake Ladies - See Mom? I told you that Minnewaska was really Lake Wobegon. See you in April! Love Dave & Becki in Davenport IA
—Dave Barnes

To: Hi Mom Barnes in Glenwood PHC audience
Hi Mom, Have a great time tonight at the show. We will be listening in Georgia. Any Good Lutheran worth her salt should be there!
—L Tiller

To: Amy
Thank you for teaching me that marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity. I am still crazy for you Amy! Love Karl in Wisconsin
—Karl Christianson

To: Ron Kaas
Thank you for the Magical Date - The Art Museum, Watching Prairie Home live and then topping it off with the revolving restaurant - what more could a woman want? It was worth waiting 37 years for!!
—Tama'ra Rosentreter

To: John Stone
Hey Mr Mayor, if you get up on stage remember to say "Hi Mom!". Your Brother.
—Keith Stone

February 24, 2006

To: Hayato
(* Hayato is pronounced: high - ya - toe) Happy first anniversary. You are the sunshine of my life.
—Tasha Ferraro

To: Eric Beckus
Happy Birthday Eric! From your son, Andre.
—Andre Beckus

To: Jim
Who'd have thought we'd be celebrating our 4th in our 60s. "Grow old along with me/The best is yet to be/The last of life for which the first is made..."R. Browning
—Janet Yoder

February 23, 2006

To: Hermester Barrington
Happy 100th birthday, precious! I've noticed that you've gotten better as you've grown older, so please stop counting your birthdays, or pretty soon I won't deserve you anymore! Here's to our continuing misadventures. Love from the luckiest woman alive, your wife, Fayaway P.S. to Mr. Keillor, in the event that you decide to read this: my husband's given name is pronounced with the stress on the penultimate syllable. Just in case you were wondering!
—Fayaway Barrington

To: Reed Ellis
It's your birthday.....I remember so well when we heard you screaming for 8 months in Long Beach, CA after your mamma and daddy came with you back from the hospital in LA. Somehow you lived to be a sweet teeanger with a beard and guitar............ But everyone who knew you moved away from Long Beach to far other shores. Love, GrGrannE
—Rusty Ellis

To: Debby Phillips
Debby with a "y." Tenure and promotion Nursing at Seattle U! We are so proud of you, we might just need medical attention. Phillips Phamily
—John Phillips

February 22, 2006

To: LuAnn Ferron
Happy Birthday, Mom! So glad we celebrated at the "Prairie Home" show last week in Milwaukee. Thanks for turning on Garrison's program every Saturday night while raising us! We love you, Bec & Jon
—Bec Nystrom

To: Chair -Man (Bill)
It's still Mardi Gras on your tropical island when your BIG birthday arrives on Michi-sota's grim 'n' grey Ash Wednesday, so CELEBRATE, let the "bontemps rolez" encore!! ~BookLady
—Iris Hill

To: Greer
By the time you hear this we should be on the road. Don’t drive fast near the overpass. I’ve noticed the police hide there a lot.
—Gary VanDenBerg

February 21, 2006

To: sojourner
Hope your having fun doing your projects,I miss you and hope to see you soon.
—Gavin knox

To: david
Happy 40th birthday you old goatroper! Hope its quite the bash.
—david wiens

To: Ginny
Happy birthday hon. Don't hang up on me like you did 38 years ago. I know I'm a few days late with this birthday greeting, but things like that happen when you are over 60.
—Neil Eklund

To: Ronald Watson
My darling husband of 43 years,Ron, YEAH! You made it to the ranks of retiree this week! I sure hope my friends are wrong about the retired hubby driving his wife crazy the first year!!!
—Joyce Watson

To: Rufus in Connecticut
Happy 69th Birthday from Ohio Dad! We love you and miss you and look forward to dogsitting while you and Mom are in Juneau.
—Cathy Stopka

February 20, 2006

To: Grandpa George in Fairmont, MN
You may not understand economic development and why I am moving to Africa and on such short notice but I deeply appreciate your love and support. I look forward to playing cribbage with you in Minnesota when I can come home on a visit.
—Brian Becker

To: Andrew
(For the Grand Forks program, on March 4th.) To Andrew, listening at Georgetown University: The sugarbeets are storing well. We should be able to cover the spring tuition payment. Love, Mom & Dad
—David Berg

To: Willie
Barb & Ernie Listen Up We have a Poem to Cheer You UP Forest Ferries from Far and Near Trek to Hayward Once a Year Birkie Fever They’ve Sure Got They Prayed for Snow and the Wax was Hot Among the Group Were Willie and Larry And Their Coaches Who They Did Marry Today They Skied the 52 Kilometer And Made it With No Cast, Bandages or Need of Thermometer The Coaches Marilyn & Grandma Claud
—Willie Gorham

To: Sandy & Bob Bergman
God be with you both!
—Joyce Watson

February 19, 2006

To: julie
congradulations on the birth of or beautiful baby girl. your graet at those midnight feedings. love andy
—andy schulte

February 18, 2006

To: Debbie
Debbie- I hope everyone that sees this will pray I get a publisher and get picked up for the food Network soon so we can start a family....IF not I still think I should become a male escort...I will be just for the money. :)
—Ed "Long Island" Cosgrove

To: David, Matt, and Chris
Don't worry about Mom, she's enjoying your boy's night out too! Aaah! Peace and quiet.
—Dawn Brandt

To: Garrison and the PHC crew
Hello to the PHC crew from Mila Vocal Ensemble...we're down the street from you tonight and in Waukesha tomorrow. Yip!
—Natalie Nowytski

To: Allen Enyart
Happy Anniversary, sorry you have to be in Iraq and Danica in Arizona..but next year you can really celebrate.. MOM
—Cheryl Enyart

To: Tanner Maddox
I know it's a cold night at camp tonight - but there's work to be done! If you ain't moppin', you're wrong!
—Matt Johnson

To: Gary Williams
Happy 57th Birthday Dad!! Thanks for being the best husband to Mom, the kindest Daddy to us, and the most fun Grandpa to your 6 grand-kiddies. We love you so much~
—Katie Williams

To: Dan
Celebrating many happy returns on your birthday to a crusty, old professor. Many crusty years ahead! Friends till the end.
—Grant Stevenson

To: Vicki and Paul
To our favorite Katrina Relocatees: You no longer have to wonder what "below zero" feels like. "Ooh wee, dat's cold!" Andrea, Tom, Jen and Andy
—andrea johnson

To: Jen and Andy
Good luck with trying for that baby--and no we don't care if it is a capricorn or pisces. Mom and Tom
—andrea johnson

To: Miss Kitty
Miss Kitty in Milwaukee; Miss Nettie says, "MEOW" in a way that no human voice ever could or SHOULD emulate.
—Joe Berman

February 17, 2006

To: Manny
You told me about PHC about 20 years ago and I thought you were nuts; I listened and became (and continue to be) a believer. You rock! Affectionately, Wolfy (of the Prince Spaghetti song writing team, Manny and Wolfy)
—Rich Camlin

To: Dan Peterson
Happy 35th birthday, Dan! I love being with you - especially in Box 1 Row A tonight! Love from your Minnesotan born, bred, and breathing wife
—Debbie Peterson

To: Buckwheat
Best wishes on your walk from Florida to Nome, Alaska. This week you are walking west of Madison. We hope the money comes pouring in for your fund raising efforts for a health clinic in Sakgway, Alaska. Enjoy your walk in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I hear it is cold.
—Shelley, John, Kate and James Hoffmire

To: Jozef and Chris
Happy Birthday! See you at your party tomorrow! Your Mama Mia
—Mia Kuether

February 16, 2006

To: Paul and Peggy
Happy 37th Anniversary to Paul and Peggy, Amherst Wisconsin. Enjoy your first “live” radio broadcast show in romantic Milwaukee. Love you, The Kids and Grandkids’isis. 
—Rachel Yates

To: Tristan
To our eldest son who at this moment is auditioning to enter the music program at UW Eau Claire! Wish you could be here. Don't forget to clean your room when you get back home, we rent it out in just six short months. Love, Mom & Dad
—Kent Brodie

To: Ingrid and Karin
Happy Birthday to the Guacha Girls, Ingrid and Karin, from Rick and Dick
—Richard Foley

To: al & mary meinz
happy 1 yr anniversary on your move to scottsdale...wonder if we're having the same weather? we miss you, elizabeth & brody
—elizabeth meinz

To: Barbara Stack
Carlene and I Connected, Appreciated each other, Responded and Empowered ourselves to make a few changes while you were at the show! Good Teamwork!
—Jennifer Broden

February 15, 2006

To: Darling Wendy
“Our first date was at this show, 22 years ago. Now the brood numbers three – with footprints from Minnesota, to Jerusalem, to sweet home Milwaukee.”
—Don Rappé

To: William Yohe
Happy 75th Birthday, Daddy! You're a great girl! (a very old inside joke) I love you dearly. Love, your youngest daughter, Kris :-)
—Kristine Yohe

To: David
Happy anniversary to my dearest friend and Saturday evening radio companion.
—Anne Laband

To: My wife, Tina Bryant, the most wonderful woman in the world!
Happy Anniversary! You are second only to God in my life! Thanks for these two great years of marriage! Here's to 98 more, followed by eternity together!
—Anthony Bryant

February 14, 2006

To: Aaron
Aaron, happy valentine's day to my budding biologist - I love you but stop trying to explain RNA transcription to me. Love, Kati
—Kati Devaney

To: Tom Rhody
Happy Birthday Dad, I'm glad you could come down this weekend from the Pittsburgh Steeler cold weather and visit me in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I hope you have a great weekend. Luv, Susan
—Susan Rhody

February 13, 2006

To: Gramma Bitsy
I'm glad we get APHC here in the Virgin Islands. Now you can learn how I'm the only Island Girl who can say uffdaa in Creole.
—Hannah Wright

To: Rita Young
It took this great lady 91 years to become a passionate listener of PHC but she's in front of the radio every Saturday night now.
—candace young

To: Mrs.& Mr.Simon
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day. "Happy 30TH WEDDING ANNIVERSARY".
—Anoushka Mary Kurian

To: Pamela Finch
A very Happy 37th Birthday wish to you my dear wife of 10+ years and going strong! Awaiting the birth of our second son in the coming weeks! Our life is going to change once again, for the better as well! With much love......
—Paul Finch

To: Sally and Mark Outlaw
Happy tenth anniversary! As the minister said at your wedding...we hope Mark doesn't live up to his name!Lotsa love, Mom and Dad
—Bobbe Miller

To: Tom
Being in the south has its advangates for February. We are not shoveling out from under all that snow this valentine's day. Reeses?
—shari heinz

To: Mike
Bonjour ! Now that I eat no more burgers and burritos but healthy mediterranean food in southern france, I am still a fat french guy... Go figure...
—Sam Fatfrenchguy

February 12, 2006

To: Brian
Maybe you'll finally believe I adore you, if you hear it from Garrison Keillor... Really truly love you honey
—Kristen Sherwood

To: Brian
Maybe you'll finally believe I adore you, if you hear it from Garrison Keillor... Really truly love you honey
—Kristen Sherwood

To: dad
love you dad hope you have fun in southcarolina.
—imanol ortega

February 11, 2006

To: peter sydoriak jr.
Dad, I only wish I knew then which I've grown to know now. You mean the world to me, I only hope I can be like you in the years to come. I love you.
—john sydoriak

To: Ken and Mavis Edinger
Our parents, Ken and Mavis Edinger are celebrating their 50th Anniversary on March 4th. They were married at the Oddfellows Hall in Harvey, North Dakota.
—Tammy, Donna, Jodi and Kent Edinger

To: Sarah Neale Fayen
Hey sis, here's wishing you a fabulous 30th birthday. Can't believe we are at the 30-35-40 age span. Never thought it would happen. Wish we were all there to celebrate with you, but will be thinking of you. Enjoy! Your loving and proud sis, Hilary
—Hilary Higgins

To: Clara Mae Boese
Happy 86th, Grandma - we love you! We know Norskes can get frisky in their old age, but no conga lines down the main street of Benson, okay now? Ben & Nate, Ann & Dave in Boston
—Ann Boese

To: Kenneth King-Austin, TX
Dad, Thanks for being such an inspiration to all of us as you deal with your cancer. We love you! from Sunshine #2 in Arlington, TX
—Vivian Roberts

February 10, 2006

To: Gary
My Gary You are my Valentine for life. You're my Pic and I'm your forever Silke. Ain't love grand? I love you, Abigail
—Abigail Mitchell

To: Taz
Thanks for taking me around the world - from Austria to White Bear Lake to Slovenia now to UK! Thank you so much for finding PHC on the web - it has been years since hearing familiar Minnesotan voices. Happy Anniversary!
—Margaret Korosec

To: Tap
Always and forever, Despite some stormy weather, We'll always be together, Even when we look like old shoe leather. Happy 34th anniversary! I love you.
—Margaret Payne

To: Judy Spencer
I took Annmarie to her first live show of PHC at Purdue's Elliott Hall about three weeks ago. We had so much fun-wished you could have been there with us! Maybe you even heard me laughing? Anyway, keep never know when we may pop up! Love, your cousin Kathy in Indianapolis
—Kathy Robertson

To: Bill
Bill, For my partner and best friend, dancing with you is like floating on a cloud. Wishing you a Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day! -Gwen
—Gwen Morgan

February 9, 2006

To: Rigmor and Paul
40 years ago a handsome, smart American Doctor swept one of Swedens most beautifull women right off her feet. Happy 40th Anniversary Paul and Rigmor love all your kids Rebecca, Sean, Jurgen, and Emily. If your lucky there will be a real good childrens fight tonight!
—Emily Miller

To: Bryan Herrmann
It's funny how anniversaries, vehicles and UMM entertwine in our lives! Our first date in college left me with my foot on the clutch, and here we are, seven years later, chauffeuring around the cast and crew of A Prairie Home Companion in scenic Morris, Minnesota. Pedal to the metal, Baby!
—Jennifer Herrmann

To: Mike
To my Dad, the man who year by year becomes more and more the man that I wish I could be.
—David Mariott

February 8, 2006

To: Kevin
Congratulations on Stanford! I hope you at LEAST visit Boulder! Now that you know what PHC is you can officially move on to chemistry grad school. Hope you have a great wedding! Good Job!
—Zeb Kramer

To: Meg
I love you even if you don't want to go to Thailand.
—Andrew Smith

To: Brian
It must be that goofy Southern charm. Who knew that a mint julep could melt my heart? Happy Valentine's Day. Love, Meg
—Megan Gallagher

To: Zeb Kramer
Pat showed me PHC on the internet, and now I am finally an educated person. Also, I got in to Stanford!
—Kevin Kent

February 7, 2006

To: The Giberson brothers
(Read during the Feb. 11 show) Greetings to Morris' Norwegian bachelors Thor and Leif. Sorry you couldn't make it home for the show. Looking forward to seeing Leif lose his bachelor status this summer. - Chris and Lee.
—Lee and Chris Simonson

To: Ken
To the Papaw of my favorite grandbaby. I love you more now than when we first got married. Happy Anniversary!
—Donna Walker

February 6, 2006

To: Meg
Happy Valentine's Day. This is my 3rd try at posting a note to you on this site. Thanks for showing me that Grey Poupon also works on burgers.
—Brian Shott

To: Kids at Tamalpais High school, in Mill Valley, California
Best wishes for Charles Darwin's birthday, on February 12th. Darwin and Abraham Lincoln were born on the same day in the same year. Glory, glory hallelujah!
—Sonja Gade

February 4, 2006

To: Joe, Mom, Dad, Liz and Ann Marie
Sending this message at half-past midnight in Lyon, France. Though Lyon is beautiful, the food and wine delicious and my new French colleagues are "très agréable et sympathique", I miss you all and I'm counting the days until I come home! Bon soir mes amis See you all this time next week! Andrea
—Andrea Dreisbach

To: John & Sharon Hoczak
Congratulations on 40 years of marriage!
—Steve Hoczak

To: Anonymous
To my wonderful, Harvard-educated husband, doing time at Pensacola Federal Prison. We know you're innocent; I wish the FBI had thought so, too.
—Anonymous Anonymous

To: John & Sharon Hoczak
Los saludos de Esteban y Jennifer. Greetings from Stevie & Jennifer.
—Jennifer Burns

To: Hanya
We've got the umbrellas and the waterproof shoes and with any luck we'll keep our tushies dry. Sunny Miami indeed!
—Beth Sereni

To: Joel
Thank goodness I've finally gotten to where the grass is greenest. . . and in Miami of all places! You are the sweetest cycling, fishing, slow-driving, vegetarian scientist I know.
—Martha Hauff

To: Dad
To the man who taught me all there is to know about life and love. Could you repeat it, I wasn't listening! your favorite (and only) daughter
—Belle Rubino

To: Garrison Keillor
I want to thank the good Lord for the Internet. Having become a Prairie Home addict while living in Kentucky, I am so happy that I can continue to listen to back here in England through the internet. The show brightens my life. Thank you so much. Holly Holman
—Holly Holman

To: Beverly
This is our third PHC show we have seen together. There is no one else I would rather have with me here or anywhere else. Keller and Cameron: be forwarned, we will be home by 10:00 tonight.
—Dennis Fitzpatrick

To: Jesse /Old School Freight Train
I told you we could "sneak" in. If you sell enough copies of your new "CD" maybe you can "sneak" in too. Love Dad.
—Dave Harper

February 3, 2006

To: Tiffany
To my wise and wonderful wife, on our anniversary. Five years later, you're still my best editor and best friend.
—Seth Lewis

To: Rebecca
I told you I'd get Garrison to say "Hey!" I wish you were with us at Bayfront.
—Jane Connolly

To: Ramon
Welcome to the 3rd floor +1, mi amigo. Happy Birthday. How did two high school friends from Buffalo end up in Miami of all places? I'm glad we did.
—Alex Madeja

To: Bill
Just a reminder of how much I love you, "cigerimin kosesinden" - from the corner of my liver!
—Wendy Rodriguez

To: Betsy
Dear Betsy, It's a great honor to be engaged to you. Don't worry about being a "good fiance" in Vegas on our spring break from Iowa Law--it'll be easy. Love, Eric
—Eric Parker

To: Emily
To my beautiful bride. It has been a year full of great joy and great sorrow. Here is to the hopes that next year brings more happiness and less tears. Happy birthday from the man who will always be your shoulder to cry on. And from our three month old baby Jake.
—Bill Muzzy

To: Valerie Valdes
Congratulations! Since you'd rather come here than have a bachelorette party (probably because of your English Lit. degree), I hope you love it. Big kiss!
—Liz Smith

February 2, 2006

To: Sara
With love from Matt to Sara on their six month wedding anniversary. Here's hoping the next six months have fewer hurricanes.
—Matthew Parets

To: Bruce Rodda
Bruce, Thanks for "popping the question" 30 years ago! Lot's of things have changed (including moving to Florida from Washington State)...but NOT my love for you!! I'm glad I said YES!!! Carol
—Carol Rodda

To: Sarah Fayen
Happy 30th Birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and Tim. Dave sends his love and says 30 will be great! I love you! Xanda ( this rhymes with panda and the X is pronounced like a "z") - you don't need to say that part on the air!!! Sarah will be at the Feb 18th Milwaukee performance and her birthday is february 15th-can you read this at that show???
—Alexandra Fayen

To: Sarah Fayen
Happy 30th Birthday! I wish I could be there to celebrate with you and Tim. Dave sends his love and says 30 will be great! I love you! Xanda ( this rhymes with panda and the X is pronounced like a "z") - you don't need to say that part on the air!!!
—Alexandra Fayen

February 1, 2006

To: Kristy
Kristy, happy 30th aniversary, to the love of my life, Love Ken
—Ken Stewart

To: Christian Röttger
My dearest Christian, all the best for your 40th birthday! Just remember what the Swabians say: "once forty, wisdom forces itself upon you" (freely translated from "mit vierzig wird der Schwabe schlau"). Don't fight it! Thank you for the wonderful kid, I love you! Heike
—Heike Hofmann

To: Kim
(for the February 11th show) Happy 23rd Anniversary, sweetie. I love you dearly!
—Joyce Carrier

January 31, 2006

To: Niki
Thanks for staying home with "Evil Demon Child" so we all could come here tonight on your birthday Love, Mami, Papi, Bebo, and Mopa
—Sylvia Berenguer

To: Wendy and Chris
Congratulations on Chris's (first, I'm sure) acceptance to optometry school - well done! Now you can relax as you wait for the rest of them to roll in...
—Fran Glazer

January 30, 2006

To: Mom & Dad
Know you where ready to go back home to Illinois, but you should have stayed a while longer. The home-grown, heirloom tomatoes are ripe! We ate BLT's in your honor! Oh, the joys of Miami in February! Gina, Tom & the girls.
—Gina Goodin

To: Mimi Chellberg
Here lies peas but only the pod. Peas shelled out and went home to God. Now will you believe I did not feel well?
—Rev. Walter Chellberg

To: Kate Johnson
Hope you feel better this semester at college i know its tough to go back after xmas. I will always love you; you changed my life and will always be close to my heart.
—Adam Beffa

To: Professor Kaytes
Sorry to be missing your class but we got great tickets for the Miami show so we'll do designs from here instead of from the snow and sleet and hail and rain at Washington State.
—Stephen Duckworth

January 29, 2006

To: David and Marilyn Wead
We'd like to welcome Mom and Dad to Miami tonight. Originally from Austin, Minnesota. "Great start to your 50th Anniversay year." Love, Mike, Diane, Alice.
—Michael Wead

To: Cinnamon Girl
I am here with her You are here with him it will never be, but you are still my favorite work of art
—Hopeless Romantic

To: Dave & Anna
Hello to Hot Springs, SD from Hollywood, FL. Golfing is great this time of year. Come on down but leave the lutefisk home.
—Dan & Linda McMurtrie

January 28, 2006

To: Rogers/Borgess Traveling Clan
Just wanted to wish you happy travels from snowy Juneau Alaska. We miss you lots and can't wait to hear news from down under. Hugs and kisses to you and the walabes. Go Seahawks!! Love, Amber, Michael and MJ
—Amber King

To: Buffy Rogers
Hello to new sista' Buffy from Murph. Our kids can't hear this in the hodunk town they're in so...what do you think we should get them for a wedding present? See you in July-wear your best hat.
—martha mcdowell

To: Rick, Tess, and Stalking Cat
The weather here in southern California is deplorably bright and sunny; wish we were there in Puget Sound.
—Dennis and Karmin Carr

To: Jennifer
This is the best birthday present and the best first year of marriage I could have ever hoped for... Love you so much!
—Chad Powers

To: Maxi McGilton
I am glad to learn that you are a fellow Prairie Home Companion fan! Get yourself well soon - we miss you at church.
—Debbie Griffin

To: my parents Len and Janis and my sisters Katie and Laura
I'll see you guys at church tomorrow if I'm recovered from my wild night with Garrison.
—Emily Chayka

To: Mom & Dad
With my new 5-channel stereo with digital sound processing, I can listen to public radio in style tonight. Keep those birthday checks coming! Your son,
—Greg Lauer

January 27, 2006

To: Ruth
Mom, the swelling's gone down.
—John Saalweachter

To: Emily Smith
Hi, hope spleen media inc. starts soon!!! -Dana
—becky a

To: Brinton
Love you, wish i was at the university of chicago with instead of dreary winter with mom and dad (sorry) Your little sister
—becky a

To: Bobpa and Grandma
Happy 2006! It's finally the Year of the Dog, and I keep writing "Year of the Rooster" on my checks. I love you and hope to see you soon.
—Aunt B.

To: James and your Manchester friends
Hope you guys are having a great time...we wish we could have come along to the show but we know you're laughing up a storm even without out us being there. North Manchester wouldn't be the same without you! You're the best!
—debbie chinworth

To: Adam
Love you babe, thanks for being the world's best husband, and Happy 40th my love. You just get better like a fine wine!
—Dawn Graham

To: Rose Bielat-Rich
Sitting here in Elliot Hall reminds me, did we ever thank Harvey Hartman for helping us with our fatal error riddled programs via his discarded Fortran program we found in the trashcan in 1980?
—Beatrice Bursten

To: Dennis and Linda
Thank You, Mom and Dad, for your encouragement and support through four years of college. I can't fathom where I'd be today without your help. By the way, can I borrow some money?
—Molly Downer

To: Michelle
Sorry I missed your baby shower in order to come to this show. Thanks for being such a gracious friend and listening. I hope you are having as much fun as we are.
—Melissa Wobschall

To: Michelle
Sorry I missed your baby shower in order to come to this show. Thanks for being such a gracious friend and listening. I hope you are having as much fun as we are.
—Melissa Wobschall

To: Cheryl Harkey
As you enter the age of 50, all I can say it that you sure are nifty and the jewel of this mans eye. Happy Birthday!
—john harkey

To: Judy
I received the divorse papers. .....I'm doing ok but I hope you don't mind I sold your ticket.
—william hoovler

To: John Wesley Davis aka Old Wolf
I'll be sitting in the first balcony with my MOTHER listening to the show LIVE, because you were to old and feeble to drive back to Indiana from the frozen, thawed, and frozen north. Hopefully I will have forgiven you before June.
—Andi Suiter

To: Susan
Jay says: here's to my beautiful wife Susan on her 30th birthday again. Thanks for giving me this great gift on your annual holiday.
—James Woods

To: Purdue University
From Beverly's husband... Thank you, Purdue University, for being the breeding ground for my happiness - where my wife's mom and dad met - and fell in love.
—Harry Baxter

January 26, 2006

To: Elaine
Wishing a wonderful happy birthday on January 27th to my college roommate Elaine who will always be younger than me in age, and in heart. Elaine shares her birthday this year with Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who's now 250 years young!
—Roseann Fitzgerald

To: Grandma Willy
Get well soon! Sorry you could not come to PHC today. Thomas will say a prayer for you tonight.
—George and Theresa Owens

To: Jolie in Moscow Idaho
We're here in Miami in sandles & spandex halter tops but thinking of you there in Moscow, Idaho wearing fleece and brown courderoy. Wish you could be with us.
—Maria J Chiaro

To: Mom, Christine, and all the family back home
Not only do I get an education, I get to see Prarie Home live! Are you jealous? Love you and miss you!
—Renee Leyburn

To: Shanda
Happy anniversary from your cutie. I can't wait till our first is born in June.
—Travis Brubaker

To: Terry Hayes
Happy 70th birthday to Dad from Chris in Turkey. Hoping to get home to Ohio soon for a cup of coffee and talk it over.
—Chris Hayes

To: Anita Austin
Happy 41st birthday. I hope you like the show. It was the best I could do.
—Curt Austin

January 25, 2006

To: Shanda
Happy anniversary from your CW. I can't wait until our first is born in june.
—Travis Brubaker

To: Tillie & BoatBabe
Happy Birthday, Tillie and BoatBabe! from Trusty and all your friends at the Chatterbox Cafe. We're looking for Tillie some hitches, And keeping BoatBabe in sticthes.
—Harry Baxter

To: Mary Jane
Janis and Larry send early eighty-first birthday greetings to sister Mary Jane at Apple Blossom in Rogers, Arkansas.
—Janis and Larry St.Clair

To: Grandpa Kohl
Happy 62nd Birthday! Can't wait to see both of you!
—Keegan and Norma Bell

To: Roberto Rios
Today, February 4th, is your birthday and I tried to get you good tickets to see Garrison Keillor here in Miami, but they were all sold out. Maybe we'll be fine sitting on the lawn, what do you think? Happy Birthday, with love & care!!
—Adriano Schmid

January 24, 2006

To: Larry Dieckman
Congradulations on retirement, Dad. With all your spare time, try not to drive Mom crazy with the beekeeping and don't rearrange the spice rack!
—Jonathan Dieckman

To: Nina, Mimi, and Papa
Wednesday was the one-month anniversary of our Christmas Day Car Crash! Hope that Mimi's hand gets well soon, and that Papa likes his new car!
—Tripp Tunstall

To: Cynthia
Cynthia, See I told you comming to this show was better than going to the Robert Burns Dinner back home! I love you and Happy Anniversary. Bob
—Robert McComb

To: Hank, Cheryl, and Dan
I am glad you traveled the 350 miles to make it to the show tonight! It is good to see you again.
—Tim Sullivan

To: Justin Staples
To my love I offer this poem, which I hope will always resemble our marriage: Marriage resembles a pair of shears, so joined that they cannot be separated; often moving in opposite directions, yet always punishing any one who comes between them. -- Sydney Smith
—Suzy Staples

January 23, 2006

To: Stella Boltz
Happy 101st Birthday to Stella of Burnsville, Minnesota! From Family and friends in Michigan and Virginia Beach.
—Cindy Boven

To: Melanie and Matt
Remember the good old days riding across Indiana and Illinois to visit your Grandparents listening to Prairie Home Companion tapes instead of fighting in the back seat. Wish you were here with us tonight in the Purdue University Hall of Music to hear the show live and not so far away in Ohio and New Mexico. Mom and Dad.
—Marshall Martin Martin

To: Joy, Bob, Jennifer and Ben
We'll be in the first row of the balcony on January 28th, and hopefully you'll be listening at home. We'll call you afterward to recap the show.
—Bethanny and Andy Cougill

January 22, 2006

To: Mark
Happy 30th Birthday. Whenever you feel old remember I'll always be 20 minutes older. Your twin-brother Jay
—Jay Ruzicka

To: Truman
Congratulates to Truman on his 60th birthday and retiring as an airline pilot. May 3, 2006
—George Van O'Brien

To: Taylor
Happy 8th Birthday to Taylor in Raymond, Maine. Love Mom & Dad
—Christina Lamarre

To: Simi Valley High School's Play Production Class
Performing "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is now a memory of your teenage years. Sharing the experience with you has been a joy. Your director, Mrs. Crane
—Sharon Crane

January 21, 2006

To: Meg
Happy Birthday to my lovely wife. I’ll be couch-jumping for your amusement throughout the day. We can even rent “Grizzly Man” again. All my love, Brian
—Brian Shott

To: Bill & Samera
A Warm Minnesota Welcome to our friends from Auburn Alabama - Bill & Samera Baird who braved the Minnesota winter for a night with Garrison. We met in England last fall on a biking trip and are having a reunion with fellow biking friends - Linda, Naomi, Barb, Vicki, Joan and Marc
—Joan Revels

To: My hubby Benjamin in DC
I can't wait until you take me to the IAEA Ball on Feb 4th. Whatta hunky monkey you are! I miss you - this silly separation will be over soon. I promise I'll never run away from you again. Well, not more than 3 time zones anyhow. -Bunches o love from your wife in Vienna
—Nina Wilson

To: Anita
20 years of wedded bliss and I'd do it all over again...Okay, not all but most. Thanks for loving me.
—Curt Austin

January 20, 2006

To: Dearest Meg
Happy Birthday! From you I've learned more about glaciers, flowers and plants, volcanos, tidal flats, topographic maps reading, cat biology, and fondue making than I once would have thought possible. You are mi amor, and the most beautiful redhead I know. I love sharing life's adventures with you. So let's raise a birthday toast to some nerve-tingling ANWR grizzly adventures next summer! Love, Brian
—Brian Shott

To: Meg
Dearest Meg-- From you, I've learned everything I ever wanted to know about glaciers, volcanos, tidal flats, flowers and plants, topographic maps reading, and, last but not least, fondues. And I have loved every second of it. Can't believe that before we met, I knew nothing about these things. To the most beautiful redhead I know-- thanks for expanding my world, and happy Birthday. Let's toast to some grizzly adventures in ANWR this summer. Much love, Your husband Brian Shott
—Brian Shott

To: Rebecca & Brian
This one didn't bomb; we dedicate our December 7th anniversary (37 years) to all our pearls: Rebecca & Brian & our 9 grandchildren.
—Mitch & Joyce Duenow

To: Tanya
To my surpassing friend on the occasion of her wedding: Through all of your days together, I wish you and Mike unending joy and happiness. I can't wait to see you in Red Lodge (Montana), even if it means facing the fact that, as of January 28th, all the good women will be officially married. "Faithful and brave, go on your way, oh Candide!"
—John Kaschins (pronounced "cash-inns")

To: Marguerite Marben
Remember when I came home for Thanksgiving during my freshman year at Purdue in 1967? Your first question was " Aren't there any barbers in West Lafayette?" It is nearly 40 years later and Donna and I are back at Purdue for the broadcast of a Prairie Home Companion. Mary gave us tickets to the show for our Christmas gift. I am 56 now and finding a barber in West Lafayette is even less important today than it was in 1967. We are thankful you are back home from your stay in the care facility. Don't forget to do your exercises each day.
—Byron Marben

January 19, 2006

To: Tony Bauman
Happy 80th birthday daddy-o. Hope you have many more years of good cigars, righteous poker hands, and crops of sweet tomatoes.
—Mary Hirsch

January 18, 2006

To: Len Sedney
Hope the surgery goes well-please get better soon as our current two-man army is now down to one of questionable judgemnet and inteligence !
—Cliff Archer

To: Jackson and Cameron
Keep dancing to the music, beautiful grandsons!
—Nanna and Grumpa Chance

To: Joan&George Hoelaars
George and Joan are lond time listeners of Praie Home Companion. Daughters Lynn,Lisa and Lenore are proud to offer congratulations on their 50th anniversary.
—Lynn Popa

January 17, 2006

To: Lomie Gray Heard
Best wishes on your 100th birthday. I hope to be just like you when I grow up. Just let me know when we can meet in the bar and pick up guys!
—Carol Thomason

January 16, 2006

To: Darcey Larsen
Happy Birthday to Darcey Larsen. See you at the airport for our trip to Paris. TOO BAD WE didn't get the $79/round trip fare!(As referred to in last week's show) Don't you dare get stuck in traffic!
—Rollie Haugen

To: Dana Jones
Spring is right around the corner and I miss my "Marathon Man". I hope the roads have been kind to you this winter.
—Mary Young

To: Chris
I just wanted to say I love you with all my heart. From you I hope I never part Poetry may be an art I'm a mediocre poet But I love you forever
—Lara Beilby

January 15, 2006

To: Ellie Sofia Cassalia
Happy first birthday to our darling Ellie Sofia Cassalia! We are certain you are not the first baby named after a cabbage patch doll! Much-Much Love G'ma K.K. and G'Pa Coach
—Kelly Palmer

January 14, 2006

To: Thema, Ralph and Rhody
Say hi to my grandmas and grandpa for me but please speak up because they don't hear so good.
—Carson Kaskel

To: Brainy Karen
Here's to new friends!
—Matt Speten

To: Phillip in Atlanta
Sweetheart - Don't forget that I am making sugar-free cream puffs for dessert next Wednesday - you get the biggest one if you bring home a dozen large eggs!
—Lily in NC

To: Jim and Laura
Happy New Year. Hope all is well. Your Christmas presents should be there by July. Love, Jeff, Robin and the kids.
—Jeff Pickering

To: Harold and Sharon Jensen
Be assured that even though I am partaking in some good old fashioned liberal humor my political alliances are still strong - thinking of you both Love, Julie
—Julie Johnson

To: Pat, in tonight's live audience
Hope you're enjoying the show. Josh and Allison greet you and the rest of Peace Corps Senegal
—Allison Youatt

January 13, 2006

To: K.
Keep your head down in Afghanistan during the next year, and come back safe. With love from Brooklyn.
—Stephanie Rosenbaum

To: Stephen Kummernuss
Happy 55th Birthday Daddio. Hope you enjoy your new train station.
—Erika Kummernuss

To: david paull
Birthday greetings Bonez. Take a day off! The MN judiciary can do without you for a day but I can't. Ms Belle
—brenda hofstee

To: Tim
Tim: Can you believe it! After listening to Prarier Home Companion in Arizona and wishing we were back in Minnesota, we are back and enjoying the show in person and the puppy will be tearing up my sister's house! Vicki
—Vicki McCaleb

January 12, 2006

To: Marshall Healy
I am looking For Marshall Lewis Healy from Washington State. Please Help me find him. Thank You Jessica
—Jessica Hernandez

January 10, 2006

To: Andrew
This past year with you has been one wild, exciting adventure, and I couldn't be more content! Happy first anniversary. I love you.
—Annie C.

To: Julie and husband
Greetings to my dear friends in Vancouver: wish you'd write more. Let's stay in touch.
—Deborah McGhan

January 9, 2006

To: Mom & Pres
Can't say we're missing your weather, but we sure are missing you. Hello from the Southern California newlyweds.
—Kelley & Peter Skumikian

January 8, 2006

To: Jenna McNair
Hello to Jenner Menner! I am exstatic about your acceptance to Elon! Hopefully people won't get us mixed up anymore. I'll miss you! love, Catherine
—Catherine Smith

To: Mum
Hope the winter isn't treating you too bad over there at Hasbro, and don't worry about Lifespan, I know that it won't have a very long lifespan the way it is right now! love you gracie-poo
—Grace O

To: Katherine, Rodney and Flora
Thank you for making our trip to Valdez, Alaska so wonderful. We are home safe and still working on "sound".Winter has been sunny and mild here in Virginia. How is that new "daylight lamp" working out for you?
—Robyn Robertson

To: amit
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—bunty arora

To: Ronnie Herlihy in Cork, Ireland
I hope you are enjoying the potica and coffee. Thanks for helping me dig up my roots... kiss the Blarney for me and I hope to come for a visit soon.
—Amy Johnson in By-WAH-bik (Biwabik), Minn.

January 7, 2006

To: Aunt Sally Daniels
I hope you got your two front teeth replaced for Christmas, after your fall. Will visit you in NYC this year. All my love!
—Alexander Callison

January 4, 2006

To: Baby to be - Great Niece or Nephew
Thanks for not rolling over during the sonogram last week. I love the anticipation of wondering who and what you are, - surprises are fun! Waiting to meet you in June!
—Great Aunty kris

January 3, 2006

To: Gary Nelson
Thank you for flying me from Salt Lake City to attend this live broadcast with family. You & Garrison are the BEST!!!!
—Robin Nelson

To: Jim Sherman
Happy 75th birthday to my dad, Jim Sherman and Happy 54th Anniversary to Jim and Mary Sherman. The best parents a kid could have. Love from your girls.
—Jane Blumer

To: Andrew T. Eldredge
Belated Dec. birthday greetings to both Andrew (now 23)and Amanda! Congratulations on sales of your Cape Cod railroads book, now in its 3rd printing, Andrew, and best wishes for the next semester, Amanda. Love, Dad, Mom and Kitty
—Marilyn Fifield
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