February 19, 2006 - February 25, 2006
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February 25, 2006

To: Pat Donohue
Pat, Looking forward to your visit to The Roaring Brook Nature Center in CT on the 4th. It's almost spring here in Pleasant Valley Susan
—Susan Eastman

To: Phyllis Barnes
Phyllis & Pelican Lake Ladies - See Mom? I told you that Minnewaska was really Lake Wobegon. See you in April! Love Dave & Becki in Davenport IA
—Dave Barnes

To: Hi Mom Barnes in Glenwood PHC audience
Hi Mom, Have a great time tonight at the show. We will be listening in Georgia. Any Good Lutheran worth her salt should be there!
—L Tiller

To: Amy
Thank you for teaching me that marriage means commitment. Of course, so does insanity. I am still crazy for you Amy! Love Karl in Wisconsin
—Karl Christianson

To: Ron Kaas
Thank you for the Magical Date - The Art Museum, Watching Prairie Home live and then topping it off with the revolving restaurant - what more could a woman want? It was worth waiting 37 years for!!
—Tama'ra Rosentreter

To: John Stone
Hey Mr Mayor, if you get up on stage remember to say "Hi Mom!". Your Brother.
—Keith Stone

February 24, 2006

To: Hayato
(* Hayato is pronounced: high - ya - toe) Happy first anniversary. You are the sunshine of my life.
—Tasha Ferraro

To: Eric Beckus
Happy Birthday Eric! From your son, Andre.
—Andre Beckus

To: Jim
Who'd have thought we'd be celebrating our 4th in our 60s. "Grow old along with me/The best is yet to be/The last of life for which the first is made..."R. Browning
—Janet Yoder

February 23, 2006

To: Hermester Barrington
Happy 100th birthday, precious! I've noticed that you've gotten better as you've grown older, so please stop counting your birthdays, or pretty soon I won't deserve you anymore! Here's to our continuing misadventures. Love from the luckiest woman alive, your wife, Fayaway P.S. to Mr. Keillor, in the event that you decide to read this: my husband's given name is pronounced with the stress on the penultimate syllable. Just in case you were wondering!
—Fayaway Barrington

To: Reed Ellis
It's your birthday.....I remember so well when we heard you screaming for 8 months in Long Beach, CA after your mamma and daddy came with you back from the hospital in LA. Somehow you lived to be a sweet teeanger with a beard and guitar............ But everyone who knew you moved away from Long Beach to far other shores. Love, GrGrannE
—Rusty Ellis

To: Debby Phillips
Debby with a "y." Tenure and promotion Nursing at Seattle U! We are so proud of you, we might just need medical attention. Phillips Phamily
—John Phillips

February 22, 2006

To: LuAnn Ferron
Happy Birthday, Mom! So glad we celebrated at the "Prairie Home" show last week in Milwaukee. Thanks for turning on Garrison's program every Saturday night while raising us! We love you, Bec & Jon
—Bec Nystrom

To: Chair -Man (Bill)
It's still Mardi Gras on your tropical island when your BIG birthday arrives on Michi-sota's grim 'n' grey Ash Wednesday, so CELEBRATE, let the "bontemps rolez" encore!! ~BookLady
—Iris Hill

To: Greer
By the time you hear this we should be on the road. Donít drive fast near the overpass. Iíve noticed the police hide there a lot.
—Gary VanDenBerg

February 21, 2006

To: sojourner
Hope your having fun doing your projects,I miss you and hope to see you soon.
—Gavin knox

To: david
Happy 40th birthday you old goatroper! Hope its quite the bash.
—david wiens

To: Ginny
Happy birthday hon. Don't hang up on me like you did 38 years ago. I know I'm a few days late with this birthday greeting, but things like that happen when you are over 60.
—Neil Eklund

To: Ronald Watson
My darling husband of 43 years,Ron, YEAH! You made it to the ranks of retiree this week! I sure hope my friends are wrong about the retired hubby driving his wife crazy the first year!!!
—Joyce Watson

To: Rufus in Connecticut
Happy 69th Birthday from Ohio Dad! We love you and miss you and look forward to dogsitting while you and Mom are in Juneau.
—Cathy Stopka

February 20, 2006

To: Grandpa George in Fairmont, MN
You may not understand economic development and why I am moving to Africa and on such short notice but I deeply appreciate your love and support. I look forward to playing cribbage with you in Minnesota when I can come home on a visit.
—Brian Becker

To: Andrew
(For the Grand Forks program, on March 4th.) To Andrew, listening at Georgetown University: The sugarbeets are storing well. We should be able to cover the spring tuition payment. Love, Mom & Dad
—David Berg

To: Willie
Barb & Ernie Listen Up We have a Poem to Cheer You UP Forest Ferries from Far and Near Trek to Hayward Once a Year Birkie Fever Theyíve Sure Got They Prayed for Snow and the Wax was Hot Among the Group Were Willie and Larry And Their Coaches Who They Did Marry Today They Skied the 52 Kilometer And Made it With No Cast, Bandages or Need of Thermometer The Coaches Marilyn & Grandma Claud
—Willie Gorham

To: Sandy & Bob Bergman
God be with you both!
—Joyce Watson

February 19, 2006

To: julie
congradulations on the birth of or beautiful baby girl. your graet at those midnight feedings. love andy
—andy schulte
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