April 30, 2006 - May 6, 2006
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May 6, 2006

To: Don Rogers
There once was a dentist named Don Who lived 'neath the hot desert sun He had a daughter named Sarah A friendship so rare-uh And she loved him from Dusk until Dawn can't wait to see you in June!
—Sarah Rogers

To: Joe Fredzess
Happy Birthday! Remind me to hit you 19 times when we meet again!
—Ashley Catone

To: Butch
I couldn't have earned that masters degree without your love and support! Thanks for gathering our family for graduation. Thanks for eating leftovers, cleaning house, waiting for me to finish typing my papers, tiptoeing while I napped, getting the kids off to school, grocery shopping, and for being my wonderful husband, Happy Thirtieth Anniversary, I love you.
—Janice Conner

To: Dennis Frick
12 years ago tomorrow I did everything for our wedding. Now, still in love, am doing everything for your d-wedding. At least I'm consistent. Happy Anniversary, Love you, Sweetheart
—Shari Frick

To: Aran & Cathy
Sending a "Hi!" from Michigan to Loveland, Colorado
—Mom & Dad (Loren & Carol) Essig

To: Muv
Next week is MUV'S day! Happy Muv's Day to the only person who knows that! Love, Helen, Fiona, Jeff, Chris and the all the other mountain Turnbulls
—Helen Goody

To: Mom
Missing you out in Charlottesville, VA...but looking forward to your visit this summer for Sculpture in the Park. Can't wait for you to meet Mark and argue politics. The couch is all yours!
—Ren Burke

To: Carmen
Sorry you could'nt make the show but tiger bites are serious business. Keep it elevated and I'll bring a fresh bag of ice on my way home.
—ivan kassovic

To: Olon
To my favorite pastor...our first date was seeing Garrison and PHC at the Denver Botanic Gardens last year...we closed the place down, they had to kick us off the's a good thing we're Methodists (and I hope you still have a job tomorrow)!
—Dena Kirk

To: Karen Keller-Boyne
Happy Birthday Bubbles! Love Helen and Jeff.
—Jeff Goody

To: The Unitarians at Foothills and Namaqua, and the Fort Collins Folk Dancers
Most of you are here already, and I assume the rest of you are listening to the broadcast. It's nice to know there are a few of us liberals in this neck of the woods.
—Karen and Terl Robinson

To: Karen
Happy birthday Bubbles! Love Helen and Jeff
—Jeff Goody

To: Mom - Wilma
Hi to Mom and to everyone back home in Slayton, Minnesota. Hope you're feeling well and have the energy to start planting your garden. I'll see you in June. Love, Peggy
—Peggy Gustaf

To: My mom, Carolyn Wilkins and my best friend, Bonnie Lu
I know you both wish you were here, I do,too!!! Happy Spring!!! Happy National Laughter Day to all, say hi to Steve and Elly!!!
—suzanne wiarda

To: Nancy Kellner
Glad you decided to take a break from the Hardanger to get some entertainment! We love you, Mom!
—Olivia and Bill/Jim Knieff/Kellner

To: Harriet & Catherine
Hi from Colorado to my little sisters in California
—Jane Hail

To: Dr. Bill and Grammy
Hope your move in Missoula went well - we'll be up to pick up any extra stuff in July. Try to stay alive until then! Love, John and Mickey
—John Hover

To: Schmoop
Hello to my wonderful wife Schmoop....From you husband MR. Schmoop.
—Jeff Goody

To: Mom Dona & Dad Joe
Wayne and Debbie say hi to all of our family in 'Spamtown'. We've loved Loveland for 26 years but our hearts our in Austin, Minnesota.
—Debbie Rysavy

To: Jeanne and Jenny in Madison
How nice that you can celebrate your May birthdays by painting the exterior of the house. Enjoy the fresh paint and the fresh year ahead.
—Pat and Chris Hoppe

To: Quinn Steven
Son you turn 8 months today, im proud. Now lets not tell mom I let you fall off the couch.
—Quinn Pack

To: Bjorn Kristopher
Happy 7th Birthday to grandson Bjorn Kristopher who is listening in Drammen, Norway with his mormor visiting from Fort Collins
—Walt Lyons

To: Sam and Clara Wilson
Hey Sam and Clara! Enjoy your first time on the radio! We're glad you're here with us. Love, Mom and Dad

To: Anna
Mom says: Anna! Good Luck at Chatham Hall next year and remember, Purples Rule!
—Kate McKay

To: Cristine Russell Bruno
Wishing you a speedy recovery form your surgery! Your son, Ryan
—Ryan Wells

To: John and Thomas
Finally made it to Lake Wogegan. Sitting here in the Chatterbox Cafe with a couple of Lutherans toasting you in cold Minneapolis. Mom
—Mary Ann Kundtz

To: John and Thomas
Finally made it to Lake Wobegan. Sitting here with a couple of Lutherans and toasting you back in Minnesota.
—Mary Ann Kundtz

To: Micah Chasteen
Thanks for calling after hearing Garrison read my poem “My Edward Hopper Eye, My Claude Monet” on Writer’s Almanac--and writing a song in response. Keep writing!
—Veronica Patterson

To: John Weibel
John, I was looking for a stable relationship and you smelled like one. Happy 13th anniversary, Blair
—Blair Weibel

To: Jack & Sharon McCall
I wish a speedy recovery to my brother-in-law from his recent surgery. Get well to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary with my sis, Your Kansas Praire Home Companion. Wish you two were in Colorado to see Garisson with me.
—Paula Powell

To: Larry & Donna Olson
Here in Colorado, if you want to talk with God directly, it is only a local call.
—Dion & Meg Spencer

To: Sean, Paige and Landon
We wish you good luck in selling your Big SUV. The '91 Honda is ready to replace it!
—Paul and Connie Lanphier

To: Hannah Pensack-Rinehart
Happy 15th Birthday to Hannah in Loveland. You gracefully survived the 90-minute state-wide drivers-license computer-system failure yesterday. Congratulations on your drivers permit!
—Zan Pensack-Rinehart

To: Mary Eleanor
To the light of my life and a talented co-worker for over 43 years.
—Paul McKay

To: Grace and Hope
Greetings to our toddlers, Grace and Hope, you bring us so much joy.
—Dad and Mom Albert

To: Brianna
Happy 5th birthday to our ice-cream loving niece.
—Uncle Korey and Auntie Barb Albert

To: Mom
Almost Mother's Day greetings from Colorado. We had snow mixed with rain this week. Snow, remember, that white stuff you moved to Florida to forget.
—Alli Level

May 5, 2006

To: Cath
Sweetheart, Sure wish I was sitting next to you there in the "Budwieser Events Center" instead of listening via Internet from Kirkuk Iraq!
—Rick Fisher

To: DB Husband
12 years ago I did everything for our wedding. Now, still in love, I'm doing everything for your d-wedding. At least I'm consistent. lume
—Sweetheart Wife

To: Michael
Congratulations on following your dream – going off to grad school in biochemistry, even though it coincides with your first Social Security check. You are indeed a mad, but loved, scientist.
—Karen Wilken

To: Christina
Eventhough at 26 you just found out that Lake Wobegon is not real, like Santa Clause and the Tooth Fairy, it can live in your heart. Mom
—Bev Jackson

To: Monica Rose
Congratulations on the whale center internship! Hope you don't get seasick! Love, Mom and Dad
—Monica Munguia

To: Kat, Matt & Robin Weinreich
Hello to Kat, Matt & Robin in Kisdorf, Germany. Can't wait to see you here in Fort Collins in June. We'll have the "lard dessert" tray ready for you. Janet & Oncle Woody
—Janet Kurman

Hey KUFM-KGPR members, I didn't have to enter and lose in any dang ticket lottery to attend this KUNC sponsored event.
—Mary Grande

To: Janice and Gary
Happy 2nd anniversary to Janice and Gary. They met on the internet. Through the magic of electrons they've made wonderful magic of our own!
—Janice Michon

To: Margaret, Katie and Matthew
Mom and dad say hi to their kids in Vancuver, Chicago and Iquitos, Peru. At least you are all in the Western Hemisphere!
—Bernadette and David Kissel

To: Scott
Happy Anniversary to the love of my life! 10 years and 2 children have been the greatest gifts you have ever given me. I love you.
—Jennifer Wildman

To: Gramy and Grampy Schalon
Get the Lutefisk ready for the family reunion in Michigan. We hope Mom's jello salad survives the car trip from Colorado. Love, Marissa and Melia
—Jennifer & Bob Beccard

To: Mom and Dad
No luck on selling the mobile home out here so we will be hitching it up next week and heading east. Can we park it in your backyard for awhile?
—Kate McAtavey

To: Graham and Drew
Although you haven't accepted the virtues of being Norwegian or your Minnesota roots--at least you recognize the virtues of being a liberal. Love Mom
—Heather Hallett Thurston

To: Stephanie
Congratulations on receiving your Master's degree in Urban Planning from the University of Minnesota on May 14. With love from Mom and Dad.
—Ellen Erickson

To: Jennifer & Noah Flores
We miss you guys like crazy, especially the stair rides. Hope to see you this summer. Come on out and we'll ride our bikes through the cool night air, over the river and through the woods to town.
—Jeff & Caroline Morrell

To: Mom and Dad
We didn't lose anyone on the way to the Colosseum, just while crossing the street on the way back.
—Kate Fauteux

To: Mom
Your 63rd Mother's Day, HOORAY! Dick Marti Ray Marilyn Don Sherry Jenn Steve Dani Kara Adam Abbie Erin Emily Andy Nick Geordi Danya Simon & Tima
—Don & Sherry Bundy

May 4, 2006

To: Carissa
Hello to Carissa, our favorite feminist. Why did you move to New Jersey where they have enough Democrats, when we need you here in Loveland?.
—Richard & Carolann Blanco

To: Deb W
Deb I am tired of you fishing for an engagement ring this is an official offer! Will you marry me? Love Jon. (We will be in the audience on May 6th)
—Jon Ridley

To: Cath
Sweetheart, Sure wish I was sitting next to you there in Ft.Collins instead of listening via Internet from Kirkuk Iraq!
—Rick Fisher

May 3, 2006

To: Pastor Rich and Sue Mayfield
"Traveling Mercies" to our Pastor and Shepard of 20+ years and his lovely first grade teacher wife as they retire from Lord of the Mountains Lutheran Church and Summit Cove Elementary in Dillon, CO. Many thanks from all you've touched. But just think - no more pot lucks! "Go in Peace." (Rich and Sue will be in the audience today.)
—tina oberheide

To: Rebecca Peterson Executor Director, Center for the Arts, Fergus Falls, Minnesota
I can hardly wait for Garrison Keillor's performance in your Wonderful Theatre with the mighty WurliTzer organ. Let's not tell him how many Norwegians will be buying tickets. I hear we already have two buses of musicians coming from Norway to celebrate the Centennial of Tronderlag of America in August 2008! Hilsen fra
—Maxine Sandvig

To: Gary Geers
Happy 50th Birthday this May 8th to my dearest husband, and there will be no cheating extinguishing cake candles this year; the hose stays outside. (Thrilled to say we will be attending the live show in Loveland on May 6th!)
—Catherine Scott

To: Gary Geers
Happy 50th Birthday this May 8th to my dearest husband, and there will be no cheating extinguishing cake candles this year; the hose stays outside.
—Catherine Scott

To: Jamie
Happy Anniversary. You are a brave and patient man for putting up with me and all 5 of the boys. I love you.
—Emilie Horne

To: Toby & Joan
Hi you two, having a wonderful time wish you were here!
—Heidi & Debbe Swanson

To: Ben and Karen
Congratulations on your engagement, don't change the wedding date, our tickets are non refundable.
—Dad and Joanne McPherron

To: Brian Bohl
—Dan Edwards

To: Jane
Happy fourth birthday to Jane in Richmond. Sorry we couldn't be there to celebrate with you, but we'll be sure to say hi to Mickey and Cinderella for you! Love Max
—Mary Sandkam

To: Pat Bierle
Happy Early Mother's Day Mom! All the way from the Rocky Mountains to South Dakota. I love you, you're the best mom in the world. Jane
—Jane Leavitt

To: Mahala Willmann
Happy 10th Birthday to Mahala from your parents, Kent and Keely and your brothers, Keenan and Colin. We are sorry your name doesn't sound like ours but you were just too beautiful for any other name.
—kent willmann

To: Jose
Can you believe it's been 12 years of marriage already? As it says on the rings, "Here's Hoping" - for another least!
—Angela Ortiz

To: Quinn Steven in Denver
You turn 8 months today and dads in the audience. Tell him its ok I was actually first to let you roll off the couch.
—Quinn Pack

May 2, 2006

To: Donata (Da-na-ta)
Happy 36th Birthday today! Thanks for being this old man's retirement plan. Now get back to work!
—Buck (54) & Nick (9) Parsons

To: Margie
Greetings from Anita and Ed to Margie in St. Petesberg, Florida who is recovering from her recent surgery. We hope that your own private nurse, John, is attending to all your needs!
—Eduardo Pajon

To: Emmasue & Sienna
Hope you girls are enjoying your time home alone, because we will be home sooner than you know!!!!!!
—Brad Stanton

To: Sasha/Maya
Happy birthday to Sasha on Sunday, and Maya on Monday, love, from Mom and Dad
—Marilyn Milhous

To: Marilyn Martin
Hello to Nana, Grandpa and Aunt Jackie in Omaha. Wish you were here to watch the kids so I could be in the audience seeing the show instead of listening.
—Randell Martin

To: Kirsten
We only started this journey a little more than a year ago. Who would have guessed we would be welcoming a new baby in a few weeks? Loving you more every day!
—Dean Nicholson

To: Cindy
Hi Mom, Just wanted to send my love on your Birthday. I'll be celebrating alone over my Genetics final, but I'm sure you'll be amongst friends and family. Enjoy.
—Daniel Kirkeby

May 1, 2006

To: Robin
If the kids get out of hand, there's a big bowl of ketchup in the fridge, use it! It has natural mellowing agents.
—Heather Sutton

To: Sarah and Darin
Congrats on your recent engagement. Sarah, how was your bowling game after Darin popped the question? Hugs, Mom & Dad
—chris salmon

To: eaton twins
—theresa eaton

To: Tonya
T- I Love you because your heart is pure, your soul is deep, and you came to this crazy show with me. Muchos besos, Scizzy
—J.S. Munn Munn

To: Jo-Bina
I truly do love you more than.... Well, even more than finally being at this show with you.....And even a bit more. Always, Scizzy ( we will be at the live show on May 6th 2006 )
—Scott Munn

To: Suzi's recently departed brother Timmy, the town of Ely, Minnesota and Suzi'sdad
Suzi & Matt from Denver say hi and wish Timmy were here to say Priva (pronounced Pre-Vah) to all our friends in Ely. Dad, see you and everyone else the last week of May.
—Suzi and Matt Wager

April 30, 2006

To: Tom
Pete Moss from Denver says hey to older brother Tom in Kalamazoo. Thanks for the inspiration on pursuing the Phd.
—Quinn Pack

To: my wife Mary Camp
We met in Anoka in '71, just out of school and look'n for fun! 35 years later, we found our true space, Loveland Colorado, is truly the place! Happy Anniversary, love Gary
—Gary Camp

To: Dad
Happy Birthday, Dad. Hope you have a wonderful day!
—Jenna Fischer

To: Willy
The crazies from Praire Home Companion are in Loveland on Saturday. They chose the sissy town of Loveland since they can't get off the praire... must be an altitude disorder. PS: I couldn't get tickets.
—Ray York

To: Jim and Ranelle Gregory
With their son approaching graduation from law school next week on Mother's Day, I want to congratulate and celebrate two parents from Colorado who have unwaveringly loved and supported each of their five children as they've grown up, and all gone to college, and two who have now graduated law school. I appreciate and love them both very much.
—Lawrence Thompson
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