June 18, 2006 - June 24, 2006
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June 24, 2006

To: Tre~
Driving from Logan, Utah to Rochester, Minnesota right now in a car with no a/c. Happy Birthday- We love you! Your girls- Quincy, Iris & Lilly
—Quincy Brandt

To: Randy ande Debbie
Peggy and Herman will be moving in next week while you're in Ft. Lauderdale.
—Herman Hoffman

To: Vicki Duraine
Happy Birthday Hope all your dreams and wishes comes true in the coming year. 50 is only the beginning, I've been there, I know.
—Vickie Morgan

To: Nathan
Happy Birthday to my brother, I can't imagine growing up without you. Happy 26th, make it a GREAT ONE. Love always, your baby sister.
—Naomi Stone

To: All my friends in Minnesota
Goodbye to my friends in the Finger Lakes of New York, it's time to leave. Hello to everyone in Minnesota I will be home soon.
—Renee Fasteen

To: charity
wishing you the happiest of birthdays this year. 6-24-77 was a blessed day.
—mark harlow

To: Aleksandra Simona Ward
On July 19, 2006: Pop sends this very happy first birthday to another beautiful baby. I love you and I wish you were here now so I could say this myself and give you a great big hug. I miss you every day and I'll see you in a few weeks.
—Pop Ward

To: Mom
Get well soon, we have many, many more trips to go on to Lake Wobegon. Love, Laura, SECOND CHILD MOST FAVORITE !!
—Laura Leverich

June 23, 2006

To: Our nephew Josh
Happy 5th Birthday! Love your Aunt Toni and Uncle Duder.
—Karl Pollock

To: JP
To JP our Sister Wife and delicate tulip. Hope you enjoy listening to the show from home. Neener,neener.
—Toni Pollock

To: Lee
To my husband Lee, Did you know our first date was 7 years ago today? I knew you were the one for me, when I discovered you **also** spent a good ten years in your quiet apartment listening to Guy Noire and Ketchup stories. Well, now our house is far from quiet; yet you faithfully tune in every Saturday night despite our the 3 toddlers bouncing around NEEDING, screaming, hitting, and spilling. Its no surprise after listening to this program for 5 years they ask for ketchup on everything. If only those mellowing agents really worked on THEM!
—Heather M

To: Jim and Angela Southwick
Mum & Dad in Heber City, UT: Hope you're enjoying the show. We just wanted to say hi, and let you know we had a great time at the coast and by the way, we (finally) got engaged! Love from your daughter and future son-in-law in Portland OR.
—Mary Southwick

To: Eunice L Burns
Happy 83rd birthday to Eunice, born in Minnesota on July 4, from the 32 Burnses {and those dragged along by Burnses} celebrating a reunion here tonight!!
—Catherine Randak

To: Jan Young
Greetings from Seattle, I remember when you were Janet, the beautiful girl next door. Thanks for lunch in Billings. Keep up the good fight against MS, we are with you.
—Neal Winders

To: Lee
To my husband Lee, Did you know our first date was 7 years ago today? I knew you were the one for me, when I discovered you also spent a good ten years in your quiet apartment listening Guy Noire and Ketchup stories. Our house is far from quiet now; yet you faithfully tune in every Saturday night despite the 3 toddlers bouncing around you--NEEDING, screaming, hitting... And you wonder why they ask for Ketchup on everything. Maybe those mellowing agents work only on adults.
—Heather M


June 22, 2006

To: The management and staff of BoiseStateRadio, John Hess, General Manager
(a note about the greeting I just submitted: I attended the Boise show 10 years ago and sat in the first row right in front of Garrison. He will not remember me, though, as the lady who sat next to me had expressive legs and a skirt slit up to here, and captured Garrison's gaze for the entire time he told the story of sexual awakening in Lake W. That event marked the beginning of public radio becoming essential to my life. I even married the man who introduced himself as "an NPR junkee." There is much more to the story. Email me if you are interested.)
—Paula Sinclair

To: The management and staff of BoiseStateRadio, John Hess, General Manager
Hello to Boise State Radio. Every time I write the big check for my annual membership I remember how you used the "Prairie Home Companion" Boise show ten years ago to get me to write that first one.
—Paula Sinclair

June 21, 2006

To: Dee Bradford
Without all those "holidays" working at the Meadow, we never would have won the HFA (Happiest Family in America) Award for 35 years and counting!
—Catherine Jungheim

June 20, 2006

To: Mom & Dad
Happy Anniversary on June 28th, Mom & Dad. What better way to spend your 42nd than changing grandson Andrew's diapers!
—LeAnne McComb

To: Norma and Dick
We all enjoyed being in Kalispell for your 50th Anniversary party. Was great to be with all of the far-flung members of both sides of the family. Now we'll plan for the 75th!! Your three did a fabulous job on the planning!! Takk skal du ha!
—Karen Ehalt

To: Meg
Meg, take care of yourself. We are so happy and eager to be grandparents. My birthday was Friday and I found the bag. Thank you.
—Nancy Wiggin

To: Jerry & Julie Sagendorf
After 39 years together, we're awfully proud to be your greatest accomplishment! With Much Love, all the kids
—Christine Johnson

June 19, 2006

To: Mom and Dad
Sorry we're not in Miami for your 49th anniversary. Sell the house, move to France and, if you're still married next year, we'll celebrate there.
—Alison, Caroline, Adrienne and Adam Press

To: Linda
Thanks for the e-mail. Will call you next week for a date to see the Praire Home Companion movie.
—John Kirwin

To: Carl & Peggy Shafer
We wish you a happy 50th Anniversary celebration there in College Station, Texas. Keep up those dancing lessons and be careful with that shiny Harley!
—Tom & Glenda Rhyne

June 18, 2006

To: John and D'Anna
Happy 38th Anniversary! Enjoy your dinner cooked by daughter, Sarah! Love from your godfriends!
—Julie Smithers

To: All our friends on Vashon Island, Wash.
We never should have left and now we're coming back. See you at the Strawberry Festival parade. We'll be the ones wearing smiles.
—Scott & Kimberly Benner

To: Susan Ann Kimball
My dear friend in Cedar Falls, Iowa, USA - even though we haven't met (yet)in person, I am very proud to know you. From your friend in Nottingham, England.
—gerald hall
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