June 25, 2006 - July 1, 2006
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July 1, 2006

To: Bob and Gerrie Ingram in Yuma, Arizona
Happy 50th anniversary. Stay indoors - it's a hundred and ten degrees outside!
—Robert Bailey

To: Alan and Sandy
You may be sheltered in the shed, while we are out on the lawn. . . but we have candle light, good food and an even better babysitter, while you probably have a sleeping 6 year old on your lap. Wave to Meryl for us.
—Yvonne & Mark Hulbert

To: The Smith Family
Happy 4th to the Clan gathering in Cedar Falls, Iowa to celebrate Grandpa Raymond's 97th birthday. Wish we could be with you, but know that your Connecticut Yankees have you in their thoughts and prayers.
—Greg and Marguerite Smith

To: Christina & Matthew
Aunt Meredith and Grandma and are enjoying the seats you gave up because after listening your whole lives you didn't want to see what Garrison Keillor really looks like. Please have the house cleaned up by the time we get home! Mom & Dad
—Leslie DiCarlo

To: Betty and Bob Mullins
Glad to introduce you to Garrison Keillor today. You share his wry sense of humor–you needed it to raise seven kids and stay married for 55 years.
—Betsy Olguin

To: Kathy, Ray, Michael, Raymond and all our friends around Bath, Maine
Sorry to be missing you this weekend. Thanks for picking up the slack while we're away. We're very glad to have you all as friends. May the summer last a long...long... ... long time.
—Amanda and Levi

June 30, 2006

To: Dave & Edna Ripley
Thanks for wonderful happy hours on Flying Pond, Vienna, Maine. We purposely left our peanut shell basket behind, so we can come back next year!
—Jan & Bill Grace

To: Mom
I can't wait to see you three weeks! The restaurant we wanted to eat at was flooded this week, so I'll treat you to a nice home cooked meal. Love from your son, Drew ps- yes, I have a fire extinguisher this time
—Drew Halasz

To: Rick
Thank you for being the most wonderful husband in the world. Today can't be any better (unless Mr. Keillor sings a verse of "Palms of Victory"!) Many many kisses
—Elizabeth Gold

To: Todd
My dearest warrior Todd: Don't worry, I'll be back killing monsters with you soon. Your tiny druid, Lyssabeth ps-don't forget to watch the show!
—Elizabeth Gold

To: Brian, Crystall, Liam, Gracie and Sean Scanlon
Naumkeag was just as beautiful as it was ten years ago. Except this time there was no redundant (although well-though-out) interpretation from "you-know-who." You must bring your family here, Brian, before the New Yorkers completely envelop Western Mass. See you Monday (maybe). Your ever-so-humble rookie blockhead and his wife, Shannon and Melissa
—Shannon and Melissa Williams

To: Jason
Texas is hotter than I'd imagined, but I think I made it into 'The Lives of the Cowboys' sketch. Ben sends his Howdys as well. Love always.
—Jason Schreiber

To: Lela Westerfield
Happy 90th Birthday! Wishing I could be in Black River Falls with you! Even the Super8 knows that it's THE big party! Love, your Grandson
—Charles Westerfield

To: Jay, Beverly, Dury, Biscuit, and Marley
Hi Yall, Well - here we are in the mountains of western Massachusetts and their yall are in the mountains of western North Carolina. Too bad there wasn't enough room in the car. Love- Grandma Betty, Bubba, Lily, Suzannah, and Jason
—Suzannah Womack

To: John and Susan
Congratulations on your big wedding anniversary. Susan, John would have taken you anywhere to see this show, arn't you glad is wasn't playing in Paris.
—Clara and Whit whitney

To: Jim
Happy birthday from that stubborn norwegian lady you live with! Didn't know what you were getting into did you?
—Zona Davis

To: Chris
Keep the lights on Mr. Keillor and we'll leave the lights on here for you. Can' wait to see you in Nashville on Sunday. Love, Mom, Dad and Vonn
—Todd Thomas

To: Maggie and Vince
Sorry I had to miss the show and Salem kitty apologizes for getting sick and keeping me home in Maryland. Missing you and the Berkshires!
—Barb Dunnington

To: Cedar Pruitt
Happy 30th Birthday wishes to Cedar Pruitt from her mom, Pam Pruitt. Cedar, a Northeastener, lovingly chose to celebrate here tonight to as an early surprise birthday present for her midwesterner husband, who turns 29 on July 6th. Being your mom is an adventure and a privilige!
—Pamela Pruitt

To: Angus
We love and miss you more than words can tell. Will see you standing on the moon! Love,
—Mommy and Daddy Owen

To: Marcos Luna
To Marcos, Happy 32nd plus 1 week. Don't feel guilty for being here at Tanglewood. You are actually letting your brain work out the last piece of the dissertation. When we get back, you'll be able to get it done and then we can finally move on. Love, your wife.
—Neenah Estrella-Luna

To: Paul Scoville
To Dad and Grampy, Happy 60th birthday. We hope you enjoy your stay in Berkshires, and Cam hopes you enjoy your straaawberries.
—Elizabeth Scoville

To: Julia DeWaal
July 4, 2006 - to Julia, on our 25th wedding anniversary...We did it! 25 years of marriage, two wonderful kids and we're still best friends. All my love, John
—John DeWaal

To: Pop
We are glad you decided to make to trip to visit us in the country. We have a new fort to show you and have loaded up the water guns for your arrival!! Love your grandsons,
—Daniel & Eric Pfalzer

To: Daniel
You promised life would never be boring, and your promise remains good after twenty years of marriage! Still crazy about you.
—Marjorie Culbertson

To: anne snyder
to my wonderful wife, thank you for the last 15 glorious years,and the hope for many more.
—scott snyder

June 29, 2006

To: Dick and Julie Hall
Still holding hands after 65 years of wedded bliss! Loads of love from your offspring and all who love you. I'll be home for the 70th!
—Sue Ellen Hall

To: Dan
"To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love..."; and now we're dancing to the same step, even though we're miles apart. I love you.
—Stacey Banfield-Hardaway

To: Jessica, Amber, Emma and Alyssa; and my wife, Dee
Wishing each of the girls in our family a very Happy Birthday! Jessica - June 30; Amber - July 1; Emma - July 5; Alyssa - July 7; and thanks to Dee for saying 'I DO' 14 years ago on June 27! Wow...I am one lucky man!
—Rick Abbott

To: Karin
My sweet, my dear, my darling: happy birthday and thank you for three wonderful years. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine. -- Your loving husband.
—Jamie Orenstein

To: Dad and Connie
So glad you're at the show after dealing with the great flood of 2006. Thanks for making sure my car didn't float away and I'll see you in August.
—Michael Jastremski

To: Heahter
Four years ago, lawn seats, engaged, and in love. Today lawn seats, married, two kids, and still very much in love. Your husband.
—Matt Godin

To: Harry and Harriet
Congratulations to Harry, celebrating his liberation from calls in the night about sick dogs and cats, from your long and happily retired Georgia brother-in-law and sister-in-law.
—Ron & Hester Meyers

June 28, 2006

To: Andrew
Thanks for the tickets so we can all welcome Garrison to Cape Cod, after seeing him in Mansfield and Worcester. Hope Amanda will enjoy the show as much as we will, and hope Garrison will take a ride on "your" train, as our ex-Governor and Presidential candidate did last week. Hope he'll take a look at your Cape Cod railroads book while it's still in print, too.
—Marilyn Fifield

To: Charlie, Mom and Dad, Josh, Marsha, and fellow yogis in Snellville
Katie and I are playing hooky tonight from the yoga workshop, but so tickled to be here at Tanglewood! Wish you could all experience magic such as this!
—Linda Bramhall

To: Tom & Dian Wurdock
Former high school sweethearts, now celebrating 50 years of wedded bliss in Royal Oak Michigan with family and friends. Love ya lots! Steve, Deb & Pete
—Steve Wurdock

To: Scarlett
After 10 years of marriage and three kids, life is as sweet as the day you said "I do."
—Charles St. Martin

To: Dylan Thomas
Dearest Dylan, If you had told me a year ago that I would love you today- I would have laughed in your face. All the love you can handle and then some, Nicky
—Nicky Sunde

To: Susan
Happy Anniversary sweetheart. It has been 12 years this July since we met at the boots and bikini contest. I sometimes wish we had stayed for the final results. I thought I had a good chance of placing in that event. I love you, Jim
—Jim Elmore

June 27, 2006

To: Michael Mascolo & Alicia Diozzi
Hi Garrison, I love your show. My dad Michael a.k.a the old elderly man and his very yound attractive wife Alicia will be celebrating their first wedding anniversary on Saturday, July 22. Happy anniversary dad and Alicia. Dad, did you enjoy the cane I gave you for your anniversary?
—Seth Kanner-Mascolo

To: Lance Corporal Erik Albertson, USMC & Pvt. 1st Class Yamilette Rodriguez, USMC
Congratulations on joining your lives in Marriage this afternoon! God Bless you both and keep you safe. Love
—Eileen Connell

To: Jim
Happy 40th anniversary. Yes, still with the same wife and pick up truck! Sorry we can't be at Tanglewood but we can listen together!
—Helen Murray

To: Christa
** Please read at Tanglewood. I/We will be under the shed. ** You bring such happiness to my life, I hope I do the same for you. Can we do this forever? Will you marry me?
—Jim Whitten

To: Doug Harper
Doug Happy 22nd anniversary,July 17 I love you Lilly
—Lilly Harper

June 26, 2006

To: Terry Altena
I Corintians 13:4-7 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
—Sonya Dee

To: Lee
To my husband Lee, Did you know our first date was 7 years ago today? I knew you were the one for me, when I discovered you **also** spent a good ten years in your quiet apartment listening to Guy Noire and Ketchup stories. Well, now our Saturday nights are far from quiet; yet you faithfully tune...despite our 3 toddlers bouncing around... ‘neeeeding’, screaming, hitting, and spilling. If only those mellowing agents would kick in for them during this show. Looking forward to seeing the live show this week, kid free! : ) HM
—Heather M

June 25, 2006

To: Rudy
To My Darling Rudy--as we enter our eighth month of wedded bliss--I want you to know each day is better then the last! At we progress into our late 50's, our time on this plane as husband and wife will find us joy with each passing day.
—Sally Seifert

To: Ian
We love you and thanks for wearing your seltbelt so we are able to tell you.
—Rick & Mom Tillotson

To: Cindi
Though we must leave thee, someday, forever, thee we shall ne'er forget.
—Todd Schroeder

To: Sam and Spencer
Big Hi from Dad and Shari at Tanglewood and good luck, Sam on your tonsilectomy on Monday. Don't say a word; I'll bring the ice cream.
—Michael Mackin

To: Tim
1 child, 1 grandchild, 2 beds, 3 dogs, 5 dwellings, 7 cars; all in 9 years of love. I never want to come up for air. Happy anniversary.
—Melisa Pull

To: Larry Mehlhaff
Your multi-culturalist friends across the country thank you for the great stories of growing up in South Dakota, and the Harmon Killebrew lore. (note to PHC: Larry, a great fan of PHC and a Sierra Club regional rep. for the northern Plains, passed away 6/21)
—Carolyn Hales

To: jen,steve,christina,jake,and will kolk
Hi from Tanglewood. Anticipating seeing your sweet faces soon is almost as exciting as seeing Garrison's tonight.
—barbara and mike kolk
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