August 27, 2006 - September 2, 2006
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September 1, 2006

To: Kay & Charlie Brown
Dad, Looks like Mom is keeping you around for good, despite all those PHC and Bob Dylan tapes laying around. Happy 46th! Enjoy the fair. Love Josh
—Josh Brown

To: Margaret
Happy Birthday Mom. Hope you're enjoying your day at the Fair. Congratulations on looking a whole lot younger than you actually are. With love from Mike & Emily.
—Michael Reif

To: Steven "Housofunk" Bateman
Happy 22nd Birthday from Mom and Dad, Sisters Brynna and Kaly, and Brother Patrick. We hope you and Breanna enjoyed the State Fair. After the show, go make some music!
—Tom Bateman

To: Dad
To Dad in Montana...Thanks for listening to the "liberal" station...see? it's not so bad. To Gretchen at Marquette in Milwaukee...So glad to be paying $30K tuition so you can play ultimate frisbee. Enjoy!
—Si Matthies

To: Jim
You proposed at the 2/12/05 show, we wed during the 9/2/05 show, so let's pretend the show at the State Fair is a first anniversary party just for us! Happy Anniversary -- I love you!
—Kristin Erickson

August 31, 2006

To: Elmer and Alta McDonald
Mom'n'Dad, Is Minnesota south enough for retirement from Alaska? At least we'll be warm together Christmas 2007 in Australia. Love, the kids, grandkids, and grandbeagles.
—Bruce McDonald, Sylvia Radford, and Families

August 30, 2006

To: Mairin
Happy 19th Birthday! Wish I could be with you celebrating!!!
—Sheila Augustine

To: Garrison Keillor
We flew all the way to Minnesota from Atlanta to actually HEAR your show at the Minnesota State Fair. Not ALL Atlantans are impolite, some are just bad-mannered. Come see us at the Fox next time.
—Pat Kask

To: Sheri Norgard
Happy 17th anniversary. I've been blessed with two wonderful boys, the best pet rabbit ever and the girl of my dreams.
—Charly Norgard

To: Kimberly Willis Holt
Happy birthday, my friend! Now get those bags packed and hit the road. You have places to go and books to sign! From The-One-Who-Keeps-You-Organized...
—Holly Alexander

August 29, 2006

To: Beth "Mama" Hastie
Itís your 60th birthday, Mom. Sixty years of being a child and then having your own, of blazing your path and learning to share it, of bringing home the bacon and cooking it too. Congratulations!
—Amy Hastie

August 28, 2006

To: Barbara Nylen
Happy 70th birthday to beloved aunt and sister, Barbara Nylen. She is a born and bred Minnesotan who is in the audience today, having attended every Minnesota State Fair for over 50 years...she is obsessed. She has donated over 150 gallons of blood to the American Red Cross,, so be nice to her, you might have some of her blood in you. She is the state of Minnesota' s biggest supporter, and in her eye's, Minnesotans can do no wrong. Personally, I think you people are too nice and are up to something. Happy Birthday Barbara!
—Christine MacDonald

To: Peg Wack
Peg Wack turns 75 on 9/1/06, an avid listener of your show. She raised 7 kids in Grand Forks, ND. Thanks for all you do mom, We Love You!
—Christine Mullady

August 27, 2006

To: Keara Beth MacKinnon
On 7-13-2006, a 13 year old girl from Florissant Missouri caught her first fish in Wisconsin. A 54 inch, 47 pound Muskie with her hook in the water for only 10 minutes! From now on, everything else you catch is bait! Love Daddy
—Rich MacKinnon
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