September 17, 2006 - September 23, 2006
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September 23, 2006

To: lenny nachman
to the greatest d.o.d. in the world! your hundreds of tape recordings of p. h. companion make a great dowry. every weekend i remember waking up to mr. garrison's voice and the comfort of knowing i was home. thanks for yours and moms enduring love. love, ali
—alison nachman

To: Garrison Keillor
You mentioned Rosh Hashanah, don't forget to wish a blessed Ramadan to all Muslims listening
—Carol Scott

To: Bill Carey Sr.
Happy 75th Birthday Bill Carey of Pittsfield Massachusett-- cat whisperer, marathon runner, doctor and dispenser of remedies including blackberry brandy and ginger. Your six kids.
—Mary Carey

September 22, 2006

To: Oakley
Hello to _____ in Buckeye, CA, listening on the windup radio, hope the chickens are there too.
—Gary Miller

To: Willie Watson
Happy Birthday Willie! from The Droolers.
—Marie Arnold

September 21, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Hi Garrison: Thoughts from a Mid-West Minnesota farm boy in the 50's. 1.The flywheel on the old John Deere is hard to turn. 2. Keep your thumb out of the way when cranking the Farmall. 3. Don't put your fingers near a running chain and sprocket. 4. Try and avoid falling off the top of the silo. 5. Do not stand behind a cow who poops and coughs after eating fresh alfalfa. 6. Do not pee on an electric fence. 7. When using a drag do not turn too sharply as the cable will come over the rear wheel. 8. Pay attention when cultivating young corn otherwise there will be no corn. 9.Throwing chickens off the top of the barn is a useless exercise. 10 Putting 2 buck os gas in the car on Saturday night and expecting 5 bucks of mileage is self defeating-A long walk home. 10. Standing behind a baler on a skid on a hot humid day is really not much fun. 11. When you are young on a far you go to bed early. When you are old on a farm you go to bed earlier. 12. The Christian General store owner smoked cigarettes while candling eggs in the basement. 13. If you sniff tractor gas from the tank you get really sick. 14 Grandmothers don't really scare cows with their cane but they think they do. 15 You know you have had a blizzard when the snowdrifts have hidden the barn in the morning. 16 Chickens always hop up in the air 4 times after you axe their heads off. 17 Do not try to befriend a pocket gopher that has its leg caught in a trap. 18 Hay wagons loaded high in the back first tip over backwards. 19. You can drown kittens but never a Lutheran cat-So who cares anyhow as Lutherans are going to Hell eventually anyhow. 20 Rainbows on the farm are the best rainbows. Bob Erlandson Class of 1960, Glenwood, Mn. Faculty of Education,University of Ottawa. Ottawa, Ontario
—bob erlandson

To: Julius & Patricia Wangler
Happy 35th wedding anniversary and 57th birthdays! We'll see you two spring chickens/lovebirds at Shawna's wedding--be ready to polka! Love you lots!
—Melissa Wangler Gordon

To: Garrison
Dear Garrison. I share your loathing of the "Current Occupant," as you call him. Would you care to elucidate on your accusations that he has committed war crimes? Robert Ashley Martin, San Francisco, CA, by way of Minneapolis, MN. And a shipmate on cruise number 1.
—Robert Martin

To: John Sternberg
Thankful every day to be married to you. So glad this small town girl from Vassar, Michigan found her small town boy from Bad Axe!
—Jan Sternberg

To: Kate
Greetings! I am a HUGE fan of Prairie Home Companion, and I receive the Writer's Almanac through email daily. It was the most recent Almanac that exposed me to one of the saddest poems I have ever read...and also, one of the most beautiful. "Apology to the Wasps" by Sara Littlecrow-Russell almost brought me to tears. If you have ever read the poem, you are probably thinking, "This woman is beyond crazy," but the good Lord has blessed me with an empathy for all His creatures. I hope MANY people read this poem and think twice before carelessly dousing nature with pesticides after being buzzed in the ear or brushed on the arm. Thank you for choosing such wonderfully moving pieces of poetry! Sincerely, Nature Lover in Wisconsin
—Kate Krenzke

September 19, 2006

To: Mom-ums, Dad-um, and Ronnikins
Aloha and much love, hope to see Garrison with y'all!
—Marissa N

To: Joe Prow
Happy 70th Birthday Joe Prow. Lots to look back on - lots of fun and enjoyment. Many years ahead to enjoy laughter and happiness! Happy Birthday!!!
—Ann Prow
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