November 5, 2006 - November 11, 2006
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November 11, 2006

To: Melissa Patton
Aloha to my lovely redhead sisiter Melissa, sorry your cold in New York and I'm warm, from your hawaiian Ohana Valerie and Nicholas
—Valerie Patton

To: Neal and Marsha
Miss you both a lot, college is so much fun. Please send me money.
—Lily Fahrenwald

November 10, 2006

To: Mike
Greetings from COLD KODIAK Mike in and your new K9 partner, MAX..hurry home soon from training, WE MISS YOU.
—Martha Barnett

To: Jenny and Anya
It was great to meet at the Prairie last week and enjoy the show together. I'll be thinking of our fun everytime "I hear that ole piano..."
—Cathy Martin

To: Coast Guard 1500
Captain Bill send out a "Bravo Zulu" to the crew of Coast Guard One Five Zero Zero and to the survivors of Alpha Foxtrot Five Eight Six who were together 28 years ago in the frigid North Pacific Ocean and who wil always be togehter.....
—Bill Porter

To: Otto
Best wishes for the happiest of birthdays. I hope that your 37th year is your best one yet. Sending a big hug and kiss.
—Your Hunny Bunny

November 9, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Good morning Garrison, You probably get many messages like this. My friend (great fan of yours) is visiting TC in Jan. Are there any shows on Jan 13, 2007? We will visit your bookstore for sure! Wish she could meet you! Sue Shoemaker
—Sue Shoemaker

November 8, 2006

To: Grandpa Jimmy
Hi Gramps, thanks for the hockey season tickets, hope you enjoy the games as much as I do, try not to fall asleep at them again!
—Elliott Spinder

To: Dad Charles
Thanks for our honeymoon trip from Maui to be here tonight. Mahalo to the Civic Media Center in Gainesville, Fl for your support upon Mother's death.
—Gillian James

To: Art
Happy 66th Birthday Art! You can still blow out all the candles in one breath ( one looong breath). love, Rho (We will be at Shea's in Buffalo on Dec. 2, Art's birthday)
—Rhoda Zucker

To: Emily Ostlund
Hello To Emily Ostlund and a very big get well soon so you can get back up to Mon's Lake and see the ice form up there in Swanville up by Lake Wobegon! From you daughter in Colorado who will be back again in a few days to help take care of you!
—Colleen Ostlund

November 7, 2006

To: Heather
seven years and it seems to have been longer. I'm an English Teacher now let's hope we don't die from hunger.
—Phillip Hanamaikai

To: Jim Stewart
Having fun in the big sandbox of Iraq. Can't wait to get back. Send more cookies.
—Julie Stewart

To: Margaret and Ben Deering
Congratulations on your wedding day! November 11th is the big day and Chris and I would like to wish you a very happy life together!
—Megan Brown

To: Garrison Keillor
Mr. Garrison Keillor, Hi. My family and I want to Thank You for your excellent views about hunters how they get drunk, etc. We too are sick of seeing hunters, they are so mean. After being awakened by a so-called, "Louisiana Sports-man" driving by in their camo four-wheel drive toy, I walked outside to watch the Doe and her two fawn twins that were jumping and playing in a circle. This Doe and her twins pass through our pasture every night, we believe because they feel safe from these blood thirsty hunters that frequent our area, every year. I want to commend you on your excellent views about politics, hunting, and everything else, we agree with you 110%. Every year we go through a living hell because of over zealous hunters shooting in all directions. Last night someone fired a shotgun across our pasture, ruining our efforts to finish our dinner. Anyway, thank you for being a true humanitarian and decent human being that you are. We listen to your program everyday! Sincerely, Rex Stuart and Family Our petition below:
—Rex Stuart

November 6, 2006

To: Juli
Hi from your Oregon sister, Annabelle, a d Charles to the mid west family. Juli, good luck putting on "Footloose" with the Baldwin City Highschoolers. Break a leg!
—Jacque Wells

To: Diane Prorak
Diane, Happy birthday and happy anniversary. After 50 years of life, 25 years of marriage, and 10 years of two above-average children, life is still good here in Moscow Idaho, up on the Palouse Prairie.
—Al Poplawsky

To: alfrdo salva
To my husband happy birthday.I Love You
—mary kristine salva

To: Mom, Dad, and Emily
Make sure you put my surfboard to good use when you're down in Hawaii. I'll be back to pick it up eventually, so I hope it's still in one piece.
—Adam Mehlhorn

To: Earl Nierode (pronounced 'nearodie')
Happy Birthday, Dad! We miss you... (Born November 11th, 1920 in Grafton, Wisconsin)
—Children of Earl Nierode

November 5, 2006

To: Craig
Craig...finally listened to're's funny...even though we can't be least we listen to this together...I love you more!! Jessica
—Jessie Duncan

To: Jeremy
I want to say hi, I love you, and you had better be going on all of the 4-H camping trips this year or I will gave to start girring you, you're not allowed to any more.
—Jen Butterfield

To: sara, sal joyce
you sure have made the month of november a credit card dream. happy birthday to all. we're lucky to have you. love mom and michael
—linda brogan

To: Norman Racicot
Greetings to Normnan from your daughter-in-law, Jennifer. When I give you a grandchild, I promise I'll raise her up to love rhubarb and to bake good apple pies.
—Jennifer Frank
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