November 19, 2006 - November 25, 2006
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November 25, 2006

To: Mr. Keillor
I love your voice. Do you know a place in Minnesota where I can order a Rhurbarb pie to get shipped to Mansfield, Ohio?
—Yvette Yetter

To: Wayne and Helen
Now the world knows how wonderful you are. We have always known it! Congratulations.
—Hollis Wild

Two Kansans traveling home after a wonderful Thanksgiving, wishing to give thanks for making two hours of our trip brighter! Love, Joel and Erica (Posted using free wi-fi at an Iowa highway rest stop.)
—Joel & Erica N/A

To: Jerry and Alison
Hi Mom and Dad, It looks like its going to be a great show in Cincinnati tonight! Wish we could be there with you to see it. We'll be listening out here in the West. Love, Lara and John
—Lara DeRoule

To: Auntie, Poppop
Hey to (recipients) in Binghamton, from Grandma, Mom, Noah, Aunt Kathleen, Chuckie, and Grace We're on our way home whether you like it or not!
—Grace G

To: Dad Kemp
Happy birthday wishes from all the Kemp family to Dad, born in Minneaplois 81 years ago today and celebrating by driving 8 hours in the motorhome to be in the audience tonight.
—Bob Kemp

To: merton dillon
Greetings to you in Jerome, Michigan, from John and Vickie. John didn't grade many papers this holiday weekend. It could be worse.
—John Cimprich

To: Ben Eldredge
16 years ago today, we were anxious first-time parents as you entered our lives. Trying to calm our nerves then, the doctor said, "just wait until he takes the car for the first time...." You've brought us love and joy, and taught us much about ourselves. Happy Birthday!
—Tripp & Margaret Eldredge

November 24, 2006

To: Matthew Kraus
Greetings to Matthew Kraus who introduced his parents to Garrison Keilor 25 years ago (we've listened ever since) but could not be here tonight because he is celebrating his 25th reunion from Walnut Hills High in Cincinnati. Mom & Dad Kraus
—Gerry Kraus

To: Mom and Dad
Happy 40th Anniversary. Your forty years of marriage is an inspiration to everyone that knows you. Thank you for everything that you have done to guide and support your children over the years. With much love,
—Ed Helms

To: Charles Parker
Happy Holidays friend! Who knew our luck would get us into two great shows this year. Tom Waits in August, and now this one.
—Matthew Heinrich

To: Barb Schwendenmann
Thanks for 25 years of marriage and 3 beautiful daughters.I've loved you all that time but started liking you again the last 3 years or about the time the last one went away to school.Love you Val.
—Brian Schwendenmann

To: Bridget Callahan
Best of luck dear Bridget on your senior viola recital at St. Olaf. Love, Mom and the sibs in Portland, OR
—Julane Jenison

November 23, 2006

To: Jan Norris
After thirty-nine years I finally remember we were married on November 25, the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Where has the time gone? Loving you is easy and joyful. Your loving husband. Ted.
—Ted Norris

November 22, 2006

To: Galluppos and Jacksons
To Alice, Rick, Joel, Linda, Paul and Karin on Madeline Island for Thanksgiving -- may all your sauna dreams come true!
—Paul Jackson

To: Melinda Tilton
I hope our new kitchen is finally done. I'm tired of eating in the garage!
—Doug Tilton

To: Jim & Margie McMullen
When it comes to in-laws I really hit the jackpot - just one more item we share in common... P.S. Happy Birthday Jim!
—Doug Tilton

To: Mom and Dad
Good luck with your new endeavors. Thanks so much for bringing us to the show. Aren't you glad we finally grew up and can now appreciate it?!
—Moira Bigane

November 21, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
When we gather as a family, we will thank God for you and yours.You bless our home regularly, with your special gifts - and we give God thanks for you, Garrison - and pray that you live to be an old, old man.
—Annie and Rev. Tom Otto

To: Garrison Keillor
Cannot go along on the Norway cruise this year. Health situations needing attention for both ofus. Have a ball. We'll try for another year. Rev. Tom and Annie
—Annie and Rev. Tom Otto

To: Eddy Bakeberg
To Eddy: happy 65th birthday from the girl who adores you and who thrives in your gentle, warm light.
—Lynn Worth

November 20, 2006

To: Rob & Karen, Jana & Mike
Hello to Jana in Maine and Rob in New Jersey - Sorry you couldn't join us in Cincinnati for Turkey-Day. The oven fire was only in the kitchen so how about Christmas? There will plenty of space for sleeping bags and the kids on the living room floor. Luv, Sue and Rich
—Uncle Rich & Aunt Susan Eiswerth

To: Pat Billingsley
You've done a good job raising us, taking care of us, and generally making sure we always knew what snots we were growing up. Thanks to you, we have large stomachs, friendly atittudes, and a healthy fear of your belt. You've touched 3 generations already, teaching us what it means to be good people. We're going to miss you, but it bothers us more to see you in this condition. Go on and go home, G-ma. You've already done your job here.
—J.C. Tabler

To: Rick
I wish you a happy birthday and want to tell you how much I love what you are doing to our house to make it gorgeous. I want to thank you for introducing me to A Prairie Home Companion also. I look forward to our Saturdays together. Thank you . . . Chester
—Gail D Wagner

To: Mom and Dad
Greeting from Portland, Maine to mom and dad in Albert Lea, Minnesota. We have been informed of the recent gun cabinet to wine cabinet conversion. Please send pictures - no one believes that you actually did this! Love, Sarah, Nick and Betsy
—Sarah, Nick and Betsy Haglund

November 19, 2006

To: Helen Ostruske (long o, long e)
Happy 92nd birthday to our sweet mother, and Lutheran pastor's wife. With love from your 4 daughters.
—Deborah Pretto

To: Carol
Here we are at a live show and it's just as much fun without the drinks and camp fire. [I'll see you in Cincinnati .. in the first row! Yahoo!!]
—Mick Dugas

To: Rachel Dudding
Happy birthday, Rachel! Congrats on 19 years of existence! have an awesome golden birthday! your favorite, Jacky
—Jacky Brustuen
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