December 3, 2006 - December 9, 2006
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December 9, 2006

To: Garrison Keillor
Sir: So proud to have you use my story on the Iwo Jima flag raising. Hoping you've spread the truth afar!
—William Bruner

To: kevin broyer
happy 25th wedding anniversary.i love you.many more great years to come.
—laurie broyer

To: Eric and Loraine Small
Happy Chanukah!
—Your Kids: Zoe, Elana & Jesse Small

December 8, 2006

To: Andre and Birte Jensen
Guess What Mom and Dad, I'm pregnant! The donor sperm was successful! Thanks for all of your love and support throughout the process.
—Noelle Jensen

To: Winter
From Moose Jaw to Verona, Fort Collins and now New York. So much more to come. Happy Birthday my gracious, gorgeous, and most wonderful Winter.
—David Owen

To: Mom & Dad & Michelle in Washington
We know we moved all the way across the country and we're sorry we can't be there for Christmas this year. We hope you have an enjoyable, snow-filled Christmas! Oh, and by the way, you're going to be Grandparents (and Auntie Michelle) in June!
—Luke & Brenda Joyner

To: Abe
Dear Abe I love your stories. You are just like Garrison only cuter and funnier.
—your Minnesota pen pal T

To: Sarah Lasitter & family
My brightest hello from the birthplace of country music and warmest wishes for a happy and healthy new year!
—Mark Horner

To: Joe, Dave, and Amanda, from Tony, Karen, and Bill
Greetings you guys... we are missing Joey... the silence is unbearable - actually I guess we're not...take your time coming home.
—Bill LaBarge

To: Joe, Dave, and Amanda
To Joe, Dave, and Amanda, from Tony, Karen, and Bill: Hope to see you all in the gazebo on New Year's Eve, where we can punish our livers for all their sins of the last year.
—Tony Kuhlman

December 7, 2006

To: Gray Thing
H. Fifteen-and-a-Half-Month A. to my S.H., sitting next to me at T.H! I love being here with you for P.H.C. in N.Y.C. So glad that we both speak Acronym. P.S. Hope you didn't forget to feed the C.A.T.
—Green Thing

To: Amanda, Dave and Joe
For the December 9th show: Wish you were here.... so we could enjoy tonight's show from your seats.
—Karen Hambleton, Bill LaBarge and Tony Kuhlman

December 6, 2006

To: Marisa Pearl
Well, he's not Harry Potter...but isn't radio more fun than the computer? Thanks for coming to the show with us. Love, Mom and Dad
—Karen Gershenhorn

To: James Thurber
In Remembrance on the Occasion of James Thurber's birthday, December 8th - From garrick warbs to naive wine The Thurber world entwines in mine - Excelsior!
—Mary Armstrong

To: Garrison Keillor
Sir: We met at the Admissions desk of Mayo Clinic, Rochester MN, 8ish am,Tue.Dec 5, 2006. I mentioned the Iwo Jima FIRST victory flag raised. We had no time to finish the story but I'd like to tell you all about it. Great to meet you!!
—William Bruner

December 4, 2006

To: Karin Jensen
Birte, Andre, Noelle, Sharon and Jan wish you were here with us to enjoy the show in person. We'll see you in California for Christmas! Love you lots!
—Noelle Jensen

To: Patrick
Happy Birthday Patrick, Keep up the good work We love you Mom and dad.
—Larry Kearney

To: Brigitte Kearney
Hi Brigitte, Greetings from Montreal.Hope you have a chance to see A Prairie Home Companion (the movie) and eventually tune in to the radio program.I must say I am hooked on the show and am listening to previous shows as accessible via the archive feature on the web site. Your dad, Larry P.S. Give my regards to the kids ;Kevin and Emmanuel and to Rosel. (Go Habs Go)
—Larry Kearney

To: beanie
happy 7th month are growing so fast. Love, mommy
—amanda miller

To: Gypsy aka Richard Bell
Happy Birthday Gypsy on December 28th. I hope that your travels bring you back home this same time again next year. And as a matter of fact, I wouldnt mind the next several years after that. From your ever lovin' Vickie.
—vickie Smith

December 3, 2006

To: danny
Happy eleventh birthday from the top of Freeman's Bluff. Glad we don't have to shush you through the News anymore.
—Mom and Pop Clague

To: Fiona
Happy fiddling on your new fiddle and happy 11th birthday! Love,
—Mom and Dad

To: Don Dixon
Hi: Hope all is well and the trip to Minnesota went well. I'll be getting in contact with you soon.
—Christopher Jordan
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