December 10, 2006 - December 16, 2006
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December 16, 2006

To: Addison
Dearest Sediment Specialist/CMM Metrologist You are gone from the St. Anthony Falls Hydrology Lab (guess the great Mississippi can sediment without you) I LOVE YOU Let's do it at Al's Dinkytown Breakfast or Tom's or the middle of the bleeding Mississippi river. I want to be signed sealed and delivered YOURS!
—Carol Lee Sirkin

To: Bekah, Joel, & Skelly
Hi Kids! Hope you got tickets to Sat nite's show - we'll be listening! (hope Skelly learns a new Sven & Ole for our entertainment!:) Luv, Mom, Dad, Sis & GMa in Indiana
—Kay Birum

To: Grandad
Glad you made it back again for Christmas. Sorry we could not make it to the airport, but hope you found the bicycle waiting, with the tyres all pumped up. Happy 86th Birthday!
—Tina, Ed and Rebecca Miller

To: Mother Mary
Hey ma, do you think I could borrow $50 to buy you and dad a christmas gift? Thanks...
—Emilie Bupp

December 15, 2006

To: Vivian Efthymiopoulou
To my Sounian Mermaid, from her cuttlefish five thousand miles away, with all my heart. If this is not magic, I don't know what is. S'agapo, my friend.
—Mark Henn

To: dave edwards
happy 76th birthday to David Edwards from your favorite child, who is the only one who cared enough to take you to NYC to see A Prairie Home Companion live.
—Katie Cassidy

To: buku
We're going to the show tonight! Thank you for being my partner in crime, my best friend, the love of my life... Merry Christmas. Lets sail away....
—alissa pempek

December 14, 2006

To: Mary
Will you marry me
—Mike Cavanaugh

To: Eva Goodman
Hello to Eva from Doug Goodman who is celebrating 30 years of listening by attending his first live show at Town Hall in New York!
—Lauren Godes

To: Jen, Paul, Mom and Dad
Our move to the midwest has payed off! We got tickets to the broadcast from the Fox! Wish we were near. Love to all.
—Jessica Clay

To: Sylvia
Sylvia... Thank you for the PHC live show x-mas gift. Love William
—William Mellott

To: Tom & Donna Kowalig
Wishing Mom & Dad a very happy up-coming 50th Wedding Anniversary - thanks for always being there. With Love, Dee & Peter We will be at live broadcast in NYC on 12/23/06
—Dee Gibson

December 13, 2006

To: Ted and Connie Danielson
Happy 35th Wedding Anniversary
—Leif Danielson

To: William
Our first live show...Merry Christmas, I love you. Sylvia
—Lisa Mellott

To: Garrison Keillor
I forgot to note, in my Dec. 12 entry, that Kay and I will be at Town Hall this Saturday, Dec. 16, Seats # D124 and D126.
—George Schenk

To: Allie Lerner
Happy 9th birthday to Allie Lerner. One of Prarie Home Companions Biggest Little Fan. Love, mommy and daddy
—Christine Lerner

To: Sue, Mae, and the rest of the Rainy Day Quilters
That was some holiday quilting party, but unforuntately we have to requilt as all the stitches are cockeyed.
—Carol Scagnelli

December 12, 2006

To: Beth Kline
Mom I can't tell you enough how much I love you. You are an inspiration to everyones life you touch, I can't imagine a single day without your love. P.S. Thanks for cleaning my house the other day!
—Mark Kline

To: Sara Fernow
Happy 16th birthday to our favorite granddaughter Sara. Love, Grandma Ruth and Grandpa Rick
—Ruth Fernow

To: Schenk family (167,+/-)
"Hello" to all 167 (+/-) Schenk kinfolk in KY, OH, CA, OR, ID, MT, FL from George (Gatlinburg) and my delightful sister Kay (Providence)
—George Schenk

December 11, 2006

To: Donna
Sorry I didn't do this last week when I saw the show, but this week maybe this will be read and we can hear it together. I love you and Kelley very much and thank you for everything. Even though we lost Frank, I feel like part of a family; don't worry, we're in this together.
—Harmony Wolfe

To: Garrison Keillor
A friend was driving the car as we approached an intersection. A lady walked across the street in front of us without a glance at traffic. Friend said, "Look out Lady...I'd just as soon run over ya as look at ya... and now that I look at ya I think I'd rather.
—William Bruner

To: Larry Elkin
(will be attending the 12/23 show in NY) "Happy birthday Larry. Congratulations- You brought the New Yorkers to the Prairie. Love, Linda, Jess Ali and Jon"
—Linda Elkin

To: Pam Strodtbeck
After 22 years you are still my scintillating bride. Of all we share together I most enjoy embarassing our kids about what you like about my Moustache. Passionately, deeply, and lovingly, Your husband
—Bob Strodtbeck

To: Jim
Wishing you Dad a Happy double nickle Birthday from your sons-Jonathan and Joseph and Mom too!in Edmond Oklahoma
—Jonathan-Joseph Leckie

To: Phil Heckman
To Phil Heckman in Chicago: Happy Birthday from Christina, Steve, JoAnne, and your new granddaughter Baby Ellie. A very Merry Christmas to you, Mom, Marianne, Annie, and Peter. We love you and we miss you!
—Christina Heckman

To: Becky Garrison
up from Richmond, Virginia to see the show - Happy Birthday!
—eric garrison

To: Mom & Dad
Have a Happy 43rd birthday from all your kids
—Matthew Korsholm

December 10, 2006


To: Tim
Happy Birthday on Monday! Now, again, for a few days, you are almost as old as me! Not as wise, but almost as old... Love your darling wife, Adrienne
—Adrienne Waterston

To: Stepdad Bob in Door County, WI
Thanks for co-signing on my student loan- I always knew you were good for more than just shooting squirrels in the front yard while naked.
—Jeff Miller (@ the U of Minnesota)

To: Donn and Susan Breshears
I miss to drive in your car and listening to this great show.I'm listening to it right now on the internet and hope you do it too. Greetings from your Norwegian Exchange student. Norwegians are so much funnier in the US than they are in Norway! i WISH I WAS BACK WITH YOU, GUYS!!
—Henriette Lønn Jenssen

To: Jay Bogash
Roses are red and voilets are blue, I want all to know how much I Love You.
—Lynn Marie

To: Schenk Family
I, from Rhode Island, George, from Tennessee came to NY to celebrate FAMILY. Wish you were here to experience with us Mr. Garrison Keillor's words and music. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
—Kay Schenk

To: Laurie Beck AKA Mom
Happy Birthday Mom! Hope you are having fun at the show! Love Charlie
—Charlie Beck
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