December 31, 2006 - January 6, 2007
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January 6, 2007

To: Marty Gearhart
Dear sister Marty – I can’t believe Geoff and I have tickets to the San Francisco performance. Hope you’ll listen! Love, Maryl p.s. if only the show were in the "Peace” Memorial...
—Maryl Gearhart

To: Richard
(BIRTHDAY IS 1-22-07) Happy 54th birthday.ALWAYS
—Cyndee Dvorak

January 5, 2007

To: Brigitte
A vous tous une bonne année 2007. It was great having you here in Montreal during the holidays.Looking forward to seeing you soon. Mon and Dad
—Liette Laflamme

To: ed and bessie smith
happy 50th anaversery mom and dad!!!!!! weather your home or up at the CABIN IN THE WOODS!ps johnydog too
—roger smith

To: Cindy Ortman of Two Harbors MN
Back from Tampa. Saw PSU beat Tenn in NYD Outback Bowl. Drove 17 hours straight in our PSU mobile, wore me out. Watched GK's NYEve Nashville TV show by myself; my PA family doesn't understand. Got your letter. Congrats! I'll be at your daughter's MN wedding - alone. Love, your high school girlfriend
—Leslie Ballantyne

January 4, 2007

To: John
Happy 50th Birthday to John. Love Jennifer. Thanks for sending me to Russia.
—Jennifer Hasler

To: Kevin Burne
Wishing you love and laughs
—Debra Hart

To: Mr. Keillor
I loved the New Year's Eve show. I'm borrowing my New Year's resolution from you (via the Good Book) and plan to clothe myself in compassion this year.
—Lora Waters

January 3, 2007

To: Garrison Keillor
Been listening for years. Thanks for that and for the recent Tribune article. You go, Mr. Keillor!
—Joan Qualiardi

To: Jim
Jim You are the love of my life and I will always adore you. Love, Sweet P.
—Jodi Palmehn

To: Mrs. P
My love is true and goes out to you. Forever and always my love. Your husband Jim.
—Jimmy Palmehn

January 1, 2007

To: Garrison Keilor
Garrison, The New Years Eve Program was just stellar! I was spending the evening alone, my husband had been injured over the holidays and it made my New Years so much happier to see this show. I was feeling rather lonesome on New Years Eve and the show made me feel like I was with friends. I am a fiddle player/teacher from Topeka Kansas. Thank you so much for spending you holiday giving joy to others!
—Diane Gillenwater

To: Grandma Wile
Hi to you, Grandpa, Cory and Oreo. My dad's still trying to cool off his mouth from your salsa. Consider it a success!
—Grace G

To: Cyndi Lange, Chandler AZ
Happy 40th Birthday and thank you for getting me hooked on A Prairie Home Companion. Love Mom
—Jan Mayer

To: Garrison Keillor
Tried to get 6 tickets for Feb. 13 at King Center 8:00p.m.- but can't. All sold out. BooHoo! Would it help if we were waiting by the rear entrance about an hour before?We are willing to sit backstage anywhere we can hear - live! You could spend thenight with our family-with your wife and daughter, too. "Research - interviewing an entire clergy family with Methodist/Quaker roots" Smile.
—Annie Otto

To: Garrison Keillor
Mr. Keillor, I've haerd you on the radio (WNYC-NYC). On Dec. 31/Jan. 1, I viewed your PBS New Year's program. Mighty good show! I perceive that the essence of the "Prarie Home Companion" is: life is a mystery; as of now, we can't change that. But, at any rate, we should smell the flowers and bite into the apple and get to know others and try to be kind - - because we all need each other. So, it's Bergman-like [Ingmar] most especially as depicted in his "Fanny and Alexander" film. David Chowes New York City (One of the more interesting apples to bite into.]
—David Chowes

December 31, 2006

To: (Lutheran) Chaplain Major Richard Graves
Welcome home Chappy G. We are so grateful that you are finally getting to celebrate a New Year's Eve back in the U.S. with your family. May 2007 bring you a portion of the peace and joy you have so humbly helped others to find. Have a blessed 2007, Suzanne & David
—Suzanne & David Raddle

To: Pauline King
Matt sends a loving hello to his mother Pauline. He sure hopes there is radio in Lutheran Heaven and that you are listening.
—Matt King

To: JP
JP, Hope you took the rain with you back to Seattle and that the rum cake made it through security. Love, Mom and Dad
—Joyce Stewart

To: Thursday Hikers
Thanks for the splendid hiking in the Smokies in 2006. .AND. .wishing happy trails in 2007 for all of us! George Schenk (Seat B-5 @ Ryman on Dec. 31) Gatlinburg, TN
—George Schenk

To: Douglas Corzine
Thank you so much for taking us all here tonight! You are a great brother and I love you! Have a great New Year!
—Zara Corzine

To: Uncle Dan and Aunt Heidi
Greetings from Washington. Maybe hearing this greeting on air will convince you that A Prairie Home Companion is not just a movie and is in fact still on the air. Love, Melvin
—Melvin Donaldson
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