January 7, 2007 - January 13, 2007
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January 13, 2007

To: Mom, Dad, Xavier
I'm doing just fine, California is warm and sunny. Job offer fell through, but I found a better one. Tell my little brother to be brave for me this Feburary.
—Brian Golden

To: Baylee
Have a great birthday. We miss you so much!
—Karen Hess

To: Marijka and Ranger Steve
Happy Engagement and thanks for the tour guide services and the floor space last week in your new place there in San Francisco. You've come a long way from Dinosaur, CO baby!
—Emily Spencer

To: Trinity Lutheran Church
To the members of Trinity Lutheran Church in Alameda (across the bay from San Francisco), I'm hoping to get some sermon ideas from Garrison Keillor at today's show. Otherwise we'll sing hymns from our new hymnal tomorrow. Pastor Bringman ps-don't look for me next week - I'm going to Maui.
—David Bringman

To: Laura Sandoval
Laura, Mom and I are excited to enjoy tonight's show with you as you sit in the audience and we listen from snowy Colorado. Love, Dad
—Dean Sandoval

To: Our Parents
Thank you for caring for the kids: Rebecca, Jonathan, Joley and Lua -- there's mac and cheese in the cupboard, and we'll see you in 2009!
—Kelly and Kelly Costa and Cole

To: Dorothy Gullixson in Santa Rosa, California
Happy Birthday from Paul and Tamara. We're glad you found the tickets to the show and you finally remembered what you wrote that check for. It was for that class on improving your memory.
—Paul Gullixson

To: Carrie Manley
A very happy 50th birthday from your loving family, Brian, Will and Ellie. I'm sorry the Guinea Pig, Snowy, could not be here to celebrate with us. And thank you for 18 years of married happiness, I hope we have many more together. Love, your husband, Brian
—Brian Goncher

To: sandy goodspeed
Dearest, Thank you for prparing the lefse and krumkake as they both were so delicious and I know your Norwegian grandmother who passed away a few years ago @ 99 yrs would be so proud of you.
—donmichels michels

To: Tasha were no Tudor but you were a great feline friend! Today we said farewell, and,as grandpa Wrenn would say, "may peace be with you". Love always...
—Dave, Deirdre (Dear-Dree), Jack, Mac, and your feline buddy Wrenn

To: Bev King Palm
Happy birthday to my sister in Buena Vista, CO. Have those 6' piles of snow melted yet? Do not shovel on your birthday -- just eat cake and promise to enjoy many more happies.
—shirley king kopp

January 12, 2007

To: Merle Eggen
PLEASE send a Get Well Soon greeting to my Grandpa Merle Eggen. I had bought him ticket to the show, but now he can't make it because he's in the hospital. He's a Norweigen, Lutheran who was born and raised in McGregor, Iowa. He loves your show. I am one of his 13 Grandchildren and he has 11 Great-Grandchildren. He is the BEST Grandpa in the world, and God has blessed all of us with him. He and my Grandma have been married 62 years, after only dating 20 days. Hopefully he will recover soon and be able to see you at some other time. Thank you so much, his grandaughter, Sarah
—Sarah Eggen-Thornhill

To: Mary "Mimi" Neal
Happy 87th to Mary “Mimi” Neal. Hope it’s warmer in Atlanta than it is here. Love, Charles & Barbara, Dawn, Misty-Bronwyn, and Aaron.
—Bronwyn Neal

To: Linda and Volker Renner
Thank you for all those wonderful Saturdays listening to stories from Lake Woebegone when I was young.
—Tanya Renner

To: the family and friends of Ashley j. Peterson
We have never met and we never will. Ashley was always a cheerful and patient person. My thoughts and prayers are with you. sincerely, Allen Cook ,Corpus Christi TX
—allen cook

January 11, 2007

To: Betty
Hello Betty in Cincinnati. I hope your New Year is prosperous and warm. I should have married you one or both of the times we thought about it. Oh well, as usual, I'm too late too smart.
—Bob Losh

To: Mike Trimble
Dear Mike, Thank you for sharing this little piece of home with me tonight. Our snowy New Year's Eve in Minnesota was a joy. Much love, Amanda
—Amanda Kezar

January 10, 2007

To: Sarah Monpere
Thanks for alerting me to the Town Hall presentations in March. I will fly back to see you and Praire Home Companion -- what a duo.
—Tom Monpere

January 9, 2007

To: Deb Zuczek
Greetings From Weston Super Mare, England....home of John Cleese! Been playing God Save The Queen on the harmonica. Can't wait to jam with you.
—Mary Louise Bove

To: Grandpa Joe in Chicago
We sure enjoyed having you visit with us in Alameda. Hadley hopes you remember to send her a card for her 8th birthday on Tuesday.
—Greg Klein

To: Sue Bacigalupi
Happy 59th Birthday to Sue, San Francisco native, Napa transplant, hope you retire soon and stay home with me. Love, Paul
—Paul Bacigalupi

To: John
Happy 50th Birthday! Thanks for sending me to Russia and making my dream come true.
—Jennifer Hasler

To: Adam & Bethay Kuehnel
Ohmygosh Im so excited you are going to see and hear PHC LIVE and IN PERSON! See, living in Minnesota does have it's benefits! I'll be listening just in case I can hear you breathing heavy!I hope you leave Savannah and Bella in good hands! I love you both so much. Mom Jo
—Jo Miglio

January 8, 2007

To: Jack and Phoebe Benjamin
To ... in Merced, California; Happy 59th wedding anniversary from your scattered sons.
—Bob Benjamin

To: Brett
Happy Birthday Dad I hoped you liked your wine dinner with mom and whad do you mean that you want more than rice pudding
—Parker Peltzer

To: Richard
(birthday is 1-22-07) Happy 54th birthday! ALWAYS
—Cyndee Dvorak

To: Renate of Washington, D.C. and Mary Jane of Bakersfield, CA
Linda from Virginia says ship ahoy to my cruise mates. Can't wait until July for the PHC cruise when we can joke around and eat what we choose.
—Linda Erdberg

To: Faith
FOR THE FEB 3rd SHOW:::: Happy Birthday to FAITH GIBSON aka Robbie Mathews - The BEST midwife in the world (3 Feb 194X)
—Richard Mathews

To: DeLis Mingo
Hoping you are taping this right now like I did for you when you went to the show instead of our reunion? P.S. You made the right choice!
—Diane Dorato

To: Kitty
I am so happy to be engaged. Let's drink lots of water and eat grass so we can spend the next 90 years together.
—Timothy Litzenburg

January 7, 2007

To: Gil Burke
Wow--we're here! We send best love to you and to Sal, who is always with us in spirit, Love Your S.F. family
—Molly, Mike, Rosa and Bruno Burke-Valan

To: Elana (we're in the audience in San Francisco)
Happy 29th birthday. I love you more than ever!
—Charlie Silver

To: Ruth Manchester
Happy 65th birthday to Ruth Manchester, the best nurse ever from Brownsdale, Minnesota! Love, Paul & the family (for Jan. 13 show)
—Paul Manchester
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