January 21, 2007 - January 27, 2007
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January 27, 2007

To: John McFarland
Happy 70th birthday to one of PHC's most faithful and enthusiastic fans ever, from his faithful and enthusiastic wife of 48 years.
—Helen McFarland

To: Steve & Lauren
Enjoy the show and hope you'll carry on the Saturday night tradition, Prairre Home, wine and cheese,and... Mom
—Mary Falkowski

To: Merry Ann Midnight
Merry Ann, no special occasion for this greeting, just wanted to say hi and tell you how much we appreciate and love you.
—Kate Midnight

To: Adam
Son I miss you so much! Enjoy canoeing and shooting your bow and arrows with Papa Walt in heaven! We love you! Mom, Jane and Sarah Fletcher.
—May Winiarski

To: utrata/faenza clan
eleanore lillian (nana) faenza utrata has made her transition. congratulations eleanore on a life well lived.
—jj utrata

To: Jonna (pronounced like Donna but with a J rather than the D)
Happy 40th Birthday (today!) to my Love through 14 wonderful years of marriage. Sorry I couldn't get tickets for the show today on your birthday, but figured we could listen to it over a candlelight dinner. With Love from your husband Doug! (...and 40 isn't THAT old!...)
—Jonna Dersch

To: Margit and Doug
Margit and Doug , We hope you are enjoying the Kimmel and that you might catch a glimpse of the Prince tonite . Dexter ,Lucy and Lucky
—dexter baker

To: Kristina & Carolyn
Happy Birthday to the most beautiful women in my life!
—Steve Reisinger

To: Broker
Please don't puncture the Mail while were gone. We promise not to stay out too too late. Try to hold it just a little bit longer.
—Janice and Randy Gehron

To: Jenn Ward of Easton
South Florida is so busy, humid and fake. The only thing that reminds me of home is the distant crow of the rooster on the near-by polo farm. Its a shame that there is no snow in New York yet, I know that you were looking forward to clearing the drive with the new tractor. The garden here is growing well and the pork that I brought down from the red hog is a hit. I can't wait to come home in april for the spring plowing. Thanks for looking after my good hens and be well.
—Erika Marczak

To: Erin
Happy First Birthday to Erin who has spent her whole life without electricity or water, but loves to listen to the radio and the tales of Lake Woebegon!
—Michelle VanGurp

To: SJ-1995
Greetings to the best son, brother, uncle, friend, and social studies teacher ever - we love you more than words can express. Thanks for sharing your extra ticket!
—Your Two Favorite Sisters

January 26, 2007

To: annette
happy birthday to the cookie lady from the dough boy!
—tom connell

To: Charly
Menopause, mid-life , teenagers and we are still talking to each other. I love you very much and look forward growing older with you!
—Sheri Norgard

To: Tom & Seymour
Congratulations on your 35th anniversary. West 4th Street loves you!
—Suzanne Souder

To: Karen Donaldson
Thank you for making me the luckiest man in the world by becoming my wife, I love you !
—Mike Donaldson

To: The Cabin Ladies
Wishing all of you were here with us at the show tonight. Can't wait to see everyone in February. Once we have all at the Cabin we can play Phase 10 and Super Scrabble, while we pray for snow. Wendy, we only have 87 coffee filters left from the 100 pack you brought last year-can you pick up a few more just in case? Love to all of you, Dolores
—Dolores Coyle

To: Terry
As our beloved Libby used to say, "You'll get through it; you may never be the same, but you'll get through it." With all my love to the best sister ever, Merry
—Merry May

To: The 80% OldTime String Band
Hello to the rest of "The 80% Old Time String Band" in Philadelphia, Amanda, Barb, Linda and Patty from Sara and Harry. Wish you were here, his voice really is as soothing as an aquarium in a Chinese restaurant.
—Harry and Sara Robbins

To: Shelly crosby
serving in Owkanawa is alright just want to say hi and i love you
—stephen` crosby`

To: Shelly crosby
serving in Owkanawa is alright just want to say hi and i love you
—stephen` crosby`

To: Allie and Gator
Jack and Anne send greetings from France to all the folks back home in Wimberley (Texas)"Bonjour y'all!" P.S. Tom don't forget to feed the dogs. We miss them terribly.
—Jack Westin

January 25, 2007

To: Steve
Steve, Ever since you learned to talk Minnesotan, I've loved you even more! Thanks for bringing me to the show tonight. (submitted for Jan. 27, 2007 show at the Kimmel Center)
—Nancy Beaubaire

To: Garrison Keillor
Please include "The Curse of Billy Penn" in your Philly opening. Since time immemorial, a gentlemen's agreement existed, that decreed "Philadelphia's City Hall topped by its Alexander Calder statue of William Penn shall be the tallest structure in the city". Since One Liberty Place rose above and beyond Billy Penn in the early 1980's, No major Philadelphia professional sports team has won a championship - a 23 year drought!
—Hal Sacks

To: Allen
You are almost 61 and they asked you to join their company! Congratulations! You are the best!
—Faye Phillips

To: Stephen Featheringill
Hey just want to say hi! Want you to know we are having a bad case of food poisoning, we think it was you salad. We love you and miss you.
—josh jahns

To: Alexandria Maged
A very special HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY to our little girl this past Sunday, January 21st from Zach, Daddy, Mommy and Grant!
—Pam Berentsen-Maged

To: Peter & Lee Purches
You will be pleased to know that we are here tonight in Philly, listening to the show you heard so often on the ABC for so many years at West Wyalong on the Western Slopes in New South Wales, Australia. Lets pray that the drought breaks soon.
—Ralph Gray

To: Jim Vick
Jim, As we come up on our 30th wedding anniversary (June 18), all I can say is, "I'd do it the same all over again...even though I never thought I'd end up living in New Jersey. However, Haddonfield, NJ isn't all that different from Lake Wobegon. And that's good." ILY, Julie
—Julie Vick

To: Patricia A. Fink
Billie in Philly sends big-time Birthday Greetings to Pat in Gettysburg. Yes, Dearie, life WAS cheery in the good old days gone by. (SING): "Do you remember? If you remember, then Dearie, you're much older than I"!
—Billie Rorres

January 24, 2007

To: Katri Morley
Happy Birthday, I couldn't get you tickets to the show, so this is as close as I could get!
—Jesse Jackson

To: Garrison Keillor and all listeners from Saratoga Springs, NY
Hi GK, While you were for years my regular road companion when I lived in Saratoga Springs, NY, something was missing since I travelled to Africa and finally returned to my originating town of Brussels in Belgium. Tonight, I have set-up high speed internet at home and started listening to your show. Man, it's good to hear you! Welcome to my home. Keep up with a great show. All the best.
—Ben Trémérie

To: Eurydice
Eurydice Hi sister how are you just passing by to day Hi! and stay short. bye.
—Mauricio Saucedo

To: Kim
You watched the movie, now you're listening to the show. See, I told you it was good.
—Doug Renze

January 23, 2007

To: Jimmy and Lo Shapland
To Jimmy and Lo From Rico and Bo Happy 60th anniversary, early. We're at the show You couldn't go So please don't be surly. (submission for the Jan. 27 show)
—Rico and BoBo Ross

To: Dan and Cheryl Roberts
Happy 32nd Anniversary!! We only hope to be as lucky as you 32 years from now! We love you both...
—Alissa and Paul Meyers

To: Town and Country Players
To all of our members and supporters - Happy 60th anniversary to a gem of a community theater!
—Bill Weir

To: Prairie Home Companion
In May of 2006, I lost my wife of 57 then found "Prairrie Home Companion," for my evening Saturday company and if I miss a show I listen to it from the web. Great stuff!
—Mike Copper

To: Nancy Bartlett
For Mom, Nancy and Grancy in Apex, North Carolina: Here's to 65 years of fine livin'! Love Alan, Susan and Tommy in Kingston, Washington.
—Alan Bartlett

January 22, 2007

To: Sally Forester
We're sorry you're not feeling well -- hope Waldo and Widget are keeping you cozy. Many thanks for the tickets to our favorite show.
—Jennifer Hanner

To: Garrison Keillor
Would you consider joining the Board of the Rocky Mountain Leadership Institute? We are working in 16 western states to return America to a more progressive political agenda. Who knows where this could lead...Garrison Keillor for President?
—Dayle Spencer

To: Kitty
I'm so delighted that you've agreed to marry me. I hope I can live up to your expectations.
—Timothy Litzenburg

To: Tom
You are still in my mind and very much in my heart... Elizabeth
—Elizabeth Steenwyk

To: Mom & Dad
Happy 30th Anniversary! Have fun and stay out late. We're having a party while you're gone.
—Emily, John, & David Vick

To: Penny (Mom)
Oxford isn't as hard as I thought, but fish and chips has nothing on your tuna hotdish. The English beer is ok, if warm. Love,
—Katy Beebe
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