January 28, 2007 - February 3, 2007
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February 3, 2007

To: Douglas
A little girl is learning about God in her Sunday School class. She comes home and says "Mom, is God black or white?" Her mother says "I don't know, he may be either." After the next Sunday, she comes home and asks her mom "How do we know if God is a boy or a girl?" Her mother again responds " We don't know for sure, honey." Later, the girl walks in very seriousley and says "Mom, I thought a lot about what you told me and I figured out who God is. It's Micheal Jackson!!" I love you Douglas!
—Zara Corzine

To: Mom, Dad, Curtis, Diane and the boys
Don't worry, I'm still thriving at school even though you havenít heard from me in awhile. The groundhog didnít see his shadow and we got our first snow on the day he announced we were supposed to be getting an early spring! Miss you all, much love.
—Anna Fuglestad

To: Vicki and Pat Merrin from Sand Point, ID
"How do you get an elephant across a 6-lane freeway? You take the 'F' out of "Free" and the 'F' out of "way"... (There is no 'F' in way?!)
—Terry and Kolette Paulson

To: Mom
I will take good care of dad when he visits. We'll listen from the shores of the Pacific. Convince him to buy his lovely daughter some groceries.
—Tracy Steinkruger

To: Curt Cost
Happy Birthday Curt Cost... a loving dad, incredible husband, special friend, patient mentor, and role model. All our love, Your Favorite Daughter and Knuckle Head Sons!
—Margaret Cost

To: Mariah Martinez
For my wife, she is sick in St George UT. Get better; wish you were here with me for the show. I love you
—Javier Martinez

To: Ben and Zoe
Congratulations on your Illlinois girl to a Minnesota guy...what should we know about how to behave when we visit you in Red Wing Minn?
—Kathy Zehner

To: lizzie henderson
For Christmas I gave you a diamond necklace, hoping it would reflect your luster, brilliance and beauty. Thanks for these lousy radio tickets.
—kevin doyle

To: Pat
Tomorrow we celebrate our 30th anniversary. It's been the greatest adventure, and I look forward to the next 30 years and beyond together.
—Tom Mugridge

To: Noah Gray
Happy 14th Birthday, Noah, from your mom and the whole fam damily. Now your age finally surpasses your shoe size!
—Nora Garland

To: Joyce and Marge
Verona Wisconsin- Valentine's Day greetings to our mothers; Marge celebrating 84th birthday that day and Joyce a traditional Norwegian Lutheran with a fully stocked refrigerator.
—Danford & Susan Bubolz

To: Allison Joy Bright
Greetings and Love from sunny Califoria to our California girl. From your Dad and dog " Mac " We miss you and hope you are warm and cozy tonight. Mac just loves the walks in the Garden. We saw some whales last Monday. Dad
—Dennis Bright

February 2, 2007

To: Jeff Elderton
Hope your 41st birthday was a sucess. I know how much you enjoy your bicycle riding, and that's why I sent you the magazine subscriptions, but the magazine companies are bombarding me with catalogues and calendars and all sorts of Misc. things... What do you want me to do with them? I'm 62 and no longer ride a bicycle. Love and Kisses, Mom
—Carole Elderton

To: Traci Palmero
So sorry to hear you had to have a root canal. Hope your trip to Pittsburgh goes well, and business is good. Keep taking those self-portraits with you cell phone, you know how I love to get pictures of you. Love MOM
—Carole Elderton

To: Christy Noble
Happy 29th Birthday Christy, Your Husband Dan
—Dan Noble

To: Pa
It snowed in north Texas this week so the kids think it looks a bit like Minnesota. The driveway is bare though, so no sliding into the cactus this year.
—vicki & mike neus

To: Jim Wonnacott
Dearest Hubby ~ I hope you enjoy the hockey game that we are going to see ... by going with you, how many brownie points will I earn for me?
—Mary Jo Wonnacott

To: John
To my high school sweetheart, the man I've thought about every day since high school, since I married over thirty years ago. Can we get together this weekend? I'm thinking a warm fire, some lovemaking, and tuning into Garrison Keillor. Life and fantasies can't get any better! Love, Rae
—Juile Gardner

February 1, 2007

To: Rivers Herrington
Rivers - Pops is speaking to me again. Happy one month anniversary of getting hitched and happy day 53 of knowing each other. Love you!
—Kristi Herrington

To: Pete Luellen
Happy 50th Birthday Sweetie! Hope you catch some lunkers this year.
—bridget brennan

To: GK
I am so excited!! I have waited for 27 years ( the age of my youngest baby) and i am finally getting my winter vacation in Minn. !! I arrive tommorrow and will be in the audience on Sat.!! Yah Rah- Go UUs Mama Cleone from Maine
—Cleone T. Graham

To: Kara Jex
Hi Honey, Don't Worry, all evidence suggests that pregnancy can't possibly last forever.
—Shaun Jex

January 31, 2007

To: Nick
I still think about you, and I'm glad that we're friends. Thanks for everything, especially introducing me to Prairie Home.
—Andrea Slosser

To: Amanda
Darling! I hope you feel better! I'm so glad we talked today. We will always be friends.
—Andrea Slosser

To: Mom and Dad
Best wishes on your thirtieth wedding anniversary. We are waiting see which of you proves to be more spontaneous! We love you.
—Meghan & Matt Melloy

To: Don Halpenny
10 February 1967 - 10 February 2007; well, here we are. Love,
—Bobbie Halpenny

January 30, 2007

To: millie
hey you, hope you've recovered from that fever of a hundred and four! you're a friend that i can count on for laughs, reassurance, and more! did you really think 7th grade was going to turn out the way it's turning out to be? good luck on your tests called E.R.B. !
—camille degors

To: Kurt
send greetings to their son at the University of Arizona...and thank him for introducing them to the concept of the "7th Year Senior"
—Karl and Margie Schultz

To: Stan and Jean Starkenburg
Greetings from the frigid midwest! Hope you're having fun browsing through the seed catalogues - we miss your garden fresh meals and paddling down the creek.
—Matthew Bakker

To: Pam Schwallier
*****Happy Birthday to my beautiful Pam wife(50???) on Febuary 3, 2007. We will be in the audience on Saturday Night at the Fitzgerald Love, Paul
—Paul Schwallier

To: Mom
I will take good care of dad when he comes to visit this weekend. I will not let him get into trouble! Maybe you could convince him to buy his daughter some groceries?
—Tracy Steinkruger

To: Steve Rashid (Rah-SHEED)
Hello, Steve old boy: You're 50 and better than ever. Congratulations on your surprise visit to the Fitzgerald theatre on your 50th Feb. 20 -- wouldn't it be nice if Mr. Keillor let you sing a lullaby on the show? a grand gift! Love always, vicky z.
—Victoria Zielinski

January 29, 2007

To: Cheryl Harkey
Happy Birthday to the Love of my life, and my beautiful wife. Every year has been a new bloom, can't wait to see what flower you will become this year. Happy Birthday.

To: test
woh doude.
—George Papodapolis

To: Dick Odehnal
Dick our Crazy Norwegian is turning "80" UFF-DA! Daddio we'll see you in Houston for the Big Birthday Celebration...last one there bring the Lutefisk!
—Lynne & Marvin Carlton

January 28, 2007

To: cami
zmaka liki choo bi! bill charty opuru my house! IK NIK!!!! i know you understand....
—millie christie

To: Bill
Honey, I look forward to our move back home to Minnesota...I hope you do too.
—Kari (scandinavian pronounciation) Bushnell

To our tiny tiny Lu, Just passed one, onto two. Our world is bright because of you. Forever, our love is true. Mom and Dad
—susanna greenup
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