March 4, 2007 - March 11, 2007
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March 11, 2007

To: Annie
*** Please read this on April 1st if possible -- we will be in the audience at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center and I am hoping to make this a surprise to my wife *** Annie - you are more beautiful now than ever and are carrying the greatest gift I could ever ask for, my child. In love always, Matt.
—Matthew Lane

To: Annie
Annie - you are more beautiful now than ever and are carrying the greatest gift I could ever ask for, my child. In love always, Matt.
—Matthew Lane

To: Charlie & Linda Davis-York
Happy Spring and blessings on your 26 years togther. You give me hope and a reality check! Thank you for all your years of friendship. Go out of town and I'll feed the animals and water the plants. You are REAL people, a rare find. Love and hugs, Jennifer
—Jennifer Barfield

March 10, 2007

To: Rose
I miss our Indiana wanderings--- even with my bike gears stuck and you speeding ahead. Enjoy Nashville. Don't turn around.
—Jackie Luzar

To: Donna
Happy Birthday Mom, from Kelley and I, and the many people who you have loved but are not with us anymore. May we have many an alpaca in our futures.
—Harmony Wolfe

To: susie
susie i love you my darling, thank you for your unwaivering love during my time stupidity. you are my heart, my soulmate, forever yours, joe
—joe w

To: Lucinda VanHouten
Hello to Lucinda and the Ladies' Gossip Society at Tendercare Nursing Home in Alpena, Michigan. I've heard the current rumors, and, no, I'm not having twins.
—Stephanie Skaluba

March 8, 2007

To: jim
thought you and kay might enjoy this site you have likley seen it already.stay smiling and everytime i use my clipboard or one of my pencils or brew some tea i think of you and kay . jerry
—Jerry van laanen

March 7, 2007

To: Debbie
Greetings my dear. Thinking of you and a pair of bowling shoes and the fact that you came back to the Blue Crystal on Decatur Street in New Orleans at 3:00 in the morning. You said you had to take your friends home and that you would be back. I thought for sure that I would never see you again. You came back just like you said and you keep coming back every day for 15 years. We took it to the brink and almost watched it fizzle and die but there was no luck involved. You wanted it and I wanted it deep down and now it is paying off. I can't wait to cave with you again in Toronto at the Rock Paper Scissors World Championships. Room service and $12.00 cigarettes and those lovely Canadians with pictures of people skating on their 5 dollar bills. I love you to death but you know, I will beat you at the tourney. Always lead with rock, Meaty
—William Amland

March 6, 2007

To: Louie Linder
Greetings to my childhood buddy in Camby Indiana. I haven't reached the stage where I can hide my own easter eggs but when I do please introduce yourself as I pass by. Your friend way out west.
—Frank Thornburgh

March 5, 2007

To: Sarah Freeny
It has been 5 years since you moved to Sapporo, Japan. I still miss you, my darling daughter. When you coming home? Dad
—Carl Freeny
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