March 18, 2007 - March 24, 2007
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March 24, 2007

To: Ben Coller
To my son Ben, the aspiring writer. Good Luck at your upcoming Bar Mitzvah. Thanks for coming with me tonight, I promise you it won't be as long or as hot as the last show you attended in Ocean Grove 4 years ago. Love, Dad.
—Mark Coller

To: Betty Sauvey
Hey, Mom, Dad always said you had a hole in your head; now we have proof! Feel better soon, Claudette & Dave
—Claudette Wolfe

To: Grace
To Grace, Sorry you didn't get to go to this weekend...We'll get you to Minneapolis as soon as we can! Love from the Windy City...Mom and Dad
—Denise Kinnison

To: Maddie & Brad
Greetings from Long Island City. Glad you made it to the show. Hope the Hot water heater works when you get home.
—Kenny Greenberg

To: Keillor
Happy 1st birthday to Keillor on Sunday, our 1 year old baby weimaraner! Love Ma and Pop
—Frank Bezaire

To: Concordia College & Atlantic District
Congratulations and continued blessings to Concordia College - New York on your 125th anniversary and the Atlantic District LC-MS on your 100th!
—janet george

To: David
Special hi from Mom and Dad while you listen as you groom the ski slopes at Sugarloaf, Maine. Stay warm!
—Mary Ann Perry

To: Tubby Smith
We Wildcats are weeping like kitties over losing you, Tubby. Minnesota, take good care of a terrific guy and an outstanding coach! Go, Golden Gophers!!
—marcia schneider

To: Jeff, Kyla, Berit and Tate
Well, it is spring in California. I am so glad not to have had winter in Cleveland, althought I would have enjoyed the time with all of you. I know how busy you all are...and I just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you as I start working in my garden this year. Love Mom
—Carole Elderton

To: celeste
Aren't you glad we came to the st. george theater tonight to see the PHC live. Wouldn't you like to say to me "mom you were right, this is so much fun!"
—helen albanese

To: Dr. Gerhard Roggenkamp
Happy 71st Birthday, Dad! With love from New York City and New Mexico. Love, Christoph and Siobhan (pron. shavahn), John Paul, Hannah and Gavin. PS. You don't look a day over 67!
—Hannah Roggenkamp

To: Chris and Carrie Miller
Birthday greetings to a brand new Harry, who we are all just wild about! Now there are five Millers! Carrie and Chris, Fiona and Georgia, and the one day old, Harrison Samuel Miller.
—Uncle John and Auntie Ellen (withheld)

March 23, 2007

To: Dante and Gabriel
If you needed proof that our parents have finally gone over the edge, here it is. Love from your brother, Lael (rhymes with whale, sail, tail...)
—Lael Costa

To: Eric and Karl
You are the two best sons we could ask for. It's great that we can all be together tonight (Saturday) at the show in the Big Apple. We love you LOTS. Mom and Dad
—Lisa Nivison

To: New husband Kyle
love to my red-bearded Swede - 19 YEARS after falling in love, now we are 3 months married. This thing just may take, after all!
—nancy olson

To: John
Happy Birthday, John! Love Mom, Chris & the Torka-Butt
—Chris Sidwa

March 22, 2007

To: Dana
Happy big 18th birthday from Mom, Dad, Dewey, and Fabio Lancelot. To a wonderful daughter, dog co-owner and big sister.
—Jennifer Chaffiotte

To: michael rowley
Congratulations to Deputy Chief Mike Rowley, retiring from the NYC Fire Dept. after 42 years of service. See you at the Long Island Marathon. Your brother Martin
—martin rowley

To: Annie
*** A week or so ago, I asked to have a message read at the 4/1 show in Newark, NJ. It was a message to my wife about our pregnancy. We have since lost our baby and I am hoping that this message will not be read. We will still be in attendance and it would be so very much appreciated if this message is not read during the show. Please email me to advise me that it is not scheduled to be read. Thank you so much in advance, Matt
—Matthew Lane

To: McGuangle and Reidy, Ltd.
Thank you Ken and the ladies from M&R for sharing this day in New York with you. I am looking forward to the show.. But as I say,its going to be a "Prarie(Car)Confinement" driving in the car with you up and back for 6 hours. But the show will be worth it....and it will all be Done in "a timely manor" (A little personal funny from me to you) HI-HO....Enjoy the show everyone from McGunagle and Reidy, LTD.Love Debi
—Debi Dyer

March 21, 2007

To: Maddie
Hey kitty! Thanks for keeping my lap warm, and my heart light.
—Kristina Ciangiola

To: My son and hero, in Afghanistan,
We love you Joe, and hope you have the best birthday cake the army can provide! Love from Dad,and the whole gang!
—Bryan Atneosen

To: Uncle Bob
You hooked me onto this radio show as I feel I am sitting in your living room in St. Paul. I am honoured you will be by my side at my wedding. You are a treasure and my inspiration! Much love.
—chrissy fulton

To: Pauline
Happy 30th anniversary, sister! You've survived the drag-racing and fishing phases. Now you just have to make it through golf, the final frontier.
—Margaret Fitzgerald

To: Tom MonPere
even though i know i'm playing second fiddle to prairie home companion in your visit to new york, dad, i'm still glad you're here. i love you!
—Sarah MonPere

To: Jon and Gay Tempas
Happy Birthday mom and dad, thanks for having your birthdays one day apart, otherwise I would almost certainly forget both of them instead of just mom's. From your loving but memory-challenged daughter, Kim.
—Kim Mihal

March 20, 2007

To: Matt Rusen
Hey Matt, Just wanted to thank you for taking care of the pugs. I know that Mitch drives you nuts! -Your loving wife, Rebecca
—Rebecca Rusen

To: Cathleen and Brad
Mom and Dad- I figured this was the safest way to tell you I want to quit school and stay on spring break forever. See you next weekend.
—Amanda Hegge

To: Mountainman & Woodswoman
Happy second anniversary! Hope you're enjoying the PHC show on the 24th! From Scott, Cheri and the entire Labrador Lodge Gang
—Scott & Cheri Hughes

March 19, 2007

To: Sarah Monpere
I am coming out of the Califonria forests and headed for New York City so that we can see Praire Home Companion on the 24th. I think it will be as good as the one we saw in St. Paul.
—Tom Monpere

To: Employees of McGunagle and Reidy
The following employees of McGunagle and Reidy, the law firm from Cranston Rhode Island, Diane, Sue, Debi, Shirley and Ken who are in the audience 3/24/07 send their best to those employees who did not make the trip to NYC....
—Ken McGunagle

To: John
Happy Anniversay on March 14. Married almost all of our lives (43 years). What a ride it has been!!! Not at all boring that is for sure. Love you so much!
—Joene Owen

March 18, 2007

To: Bryan Atneosen
Happy Birthday to the Falconer in Park Rapids on March 23rd from your "Donalds"!
—Mike Atneosen

To: Jon and Colleen
[Message for Saturday, July 7, 2007:] Congratulations on your Wedding Day! Married on Nicollet Island, the maid from Lake Minnetonka and the lad from Lake Champlain. Love & Happiness, Kathy and Jim/Mom and Dad
—Kathleen Manchester
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