April 15, 2007 - April 21, 2007
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April 21, 2007

To: rita from lakeville, MN
i can understand why you cannot come to me in hawaii with the weather improving and the bandstand at Lake Harriott coming to life. please send jewelry back and quit dating e-harmony boys .
—robert young

To: Aileen
You would have turned 80 on May 15th, but you died one month short. What a wonderful blessing you were. You loved your children and friends. Good cook, good gardner and fantastic artist. We will always miss you, Patrick, Michael and Judith
—Judith Pittman

To: David Hilden
Hope the philosophy conference in Ann Arbor was enlightening and you and the other 9 U.P. philosophy students and that you're full of Indian food and listening to Prarie Home on the journey home. Wouldn't want you to miss Daisy May and Seth!
—Carolyn Hilden

To: David Chambers
Happy Birthday, 25th, up in Vermont! This year, *we* get to sing "Will you still love me when I'm 64?" to *you*! Love you, Cuz!
—Cis Porter

To: Daisy May
Hi May! We here in Athens, OH are rooting for you ~ you and Seth were great. Come and visit soon! Love Aunt Sue
—Sue Erlewine

To: Peggy in Redwood City, CA
Happy 50th birthday, hope you have a great day. Thanks for have a great sense of humor and being a riveting story teller.
—Devin Mehta

To: Peggy in Redwood City, CA
A very Happy 50th Birthday Mom.
—Jillian McNamara

To: Garrison Keillor
(MEE-Kyeel Nordwind) sends Garrison greetings from listeners in Faeria, in the virtual world of Second Life - you bring us much joy, and we thank you.
—Mykyl Nordwind

To: Karen
Wishing his wonderful wife a happy first wedding anniversary
—dave reinowski

To: Aunt Therese and Cooper
Greetings from Copenhagen, hope you're enjoying the show and balmy Minnesota,it's freezing here...see you Sunday. P.S. Don't let Cooper drive home. love us
—Victoria and Bill Cliby

To: Beverly
Dear Bev I dont think the lucky underwear will work but if Guy Noir does come home with you Ill buy you guys a beer. Debora
—Debora Simmons

To: Beverly
Dear BE\ev I dont think the lucky underwear will work but if Guy Noir does come home with you Ill buy you guys a beer. Debora
—Debora and Krisanne Simmons

To: Anya and Lia Balke
To Anya(9)and Lia(7)from Mom and Dad: We hope that you are enjoying your 1st in-person PHC show. Maybe someday Garrison would pick you to play your cello (Anya) and viola (Lia) together on his talent show.
—Tim and Sharon Balke

April 20, 2007

To: Dan
(Sat, Apr 21) Dan, here we are in the Fitzgerald Theater at a live performance of A Prairie Home Companion. Carleton Prospective Student Days were awesome. Wish you were here. Liza and Rose.
—Liza Blaney

To: Paul Svingen
Happy 60th Birthday Today April 20th to Pastor Paul Svingen. A true Lake WObegon Fan, straight from the "Lake Wobegon" City of Benson. I did not understand your family and why said things like Little lunch" and "for Cute" until I started listening to Praire Home Companion! You and 40 of your family members are in the audience tonight to share the experience! Its been an interesting 20 years living with these real life Lake Wobegon Characters. A special thanks to all who venture up to the BIg City to share this event with us!!
—Susan Baldwin

To: Lone Writers Special Interest Group (SIG) members attending the 24th Annual Society for Technical Communication Conference and the May 12th show
Now your bosses know why you really needed to fly in a day early, this is what you get for leaving me at home.
—Dori Green

To: Bill and Kath
All the way from Licoln NE to see the show, and still married after 55 years. We'll be listening on the Armed Forces Radio from Italy. We love you.
—Sally and Corky malcom

April 19, 2007

To: Bob
(we're flying in from Texas for your May 19th show)..Sharon has a pre-nuptial agreement in which her husband agrees to outlive her, and after 29 years,, Bob's doing a darned good job.
—sharon douglas

April 18, 2007

To: Deb Allert
Hi mom, Happy birthday from your son and daughter-in-law in Christchurch, New Zealand. We love you & we'll see you in June.
—Joe Allert

To: Garrison Keillor
only twenty-five am i but i feel of eighty-three there are many things i'd like to do before my maker i see but most of all i must admit there is one thing i'd love to do to take a trip to Lake Wobegon and shoot the breeze with you.
—Ben Womelsdorf

To: Anita Stendahl Erskine
Happy Birthday to the prettiest and nicest Norwegian daughter-in-law in the world! Love from us all in Pasadena, New york and Mill Valley.
—Georgianna Erskine

To: Auntie
Just thought I'd say hi from snow country. I'm telling you, I'm envious that all you got was rain. Can't wait to see you for little Chuckie's birthday party!
—Grace G

April 17, 2007

To: Natasha
Greetings to Natasha at Gustavus Adolphus College in St. Peter. Your brother and I are looking forward to attending your graduation there in May and send birthday love to you on April 25th. You are one of the top 10,000 daughters in the world today! MOM
—Barbara Petite

To: Mom, Dad, Olivia, and Ben
Well, it's almost as cold as Lake Woebegone in winter down here on the southern tip of New Zealand. I sure miss you guys a lot. Good thing I've got the penguins to keep me company. Only 9 weeks till I come home!
—Alexandra Franzen

April 16, 2007

To: Sarah Boyer
To Sarah and the Grinnell gang: Happy Belated 21st Birthday. Sorry your birthday got eclipsed by granpa's funeral. Love, Mom and Dad
—Mary Boyer

To: Emily Weber
Daughter Emily, Happy 12th Birthday! We couldn't afford a limo ride, but thought a radio greeting might take it's place? Love, Mom & Dad
—Geoff Weber

To: Wayne & Mary Cernohous
Happy 45th Anniversary! We celebrate your personal "village" of family members: 5 kids (each with spouses), 8 grandkids, 7 grand-dogs and countless grand-cats. We revel with you in your happy life together and with us all! Blessings to you both!
—Mike & Jo Cernohous

April 15, 2007

To: thomas eaton
Happy 64th birthday twin brother... love ,your twin sister, theresa
—theresa eaton
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