April 22, 2007 - April 28, 2007
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April 28, 2007

To: Jake Fussell
The Amtrak dining car was only the beginning. Emma Lambrecht sends her best wishes to you and yours.
—Deborah Coffin

To: Sue and Raf
Sue and Raf are celebrating their 30th anniversary in Nashville, Tennessee...and they said it wouldn't work!
—Sue Seibert

To: Ellen Kogstad Thompson
Happy 25th Anniversary!
—Brad Thompson

To: Jo Ann
Hurry back to Pine Mountain, the Sunset Social isn't the same without you! Patricia, Tammy, India, Dixie, Charlie, and Chipley.
—Tammy Pierce

April 27, 2007

To: Uncle Tommy
Wishing you a happy birthday from the Great South. Love Tiger and Shortstop
—Trish Thorne

To: Meghan
Love you like Francis loves cup cakes.
—Corey Conant

To: Gramma Marie
Congrats on Grandchile number 10! So much for family planning. They're all so darn cute, why stop here? Cause Gramma doesn't have enough lap!
—linda riley

April 26, 2007

To: Ian Morgan
Happy 5th birthday,son. We thank God every day for having you in our life you are our sunshine our light joy and give us reason to live!
—Mom & Dad Morgan

To: Kent Francy
Just want to say thanks for getting me hooked on Prairie Home Companion. I'm usually driving when it comes on, and you should pray that you aren't the one driving next to, in front of, or behind me when it's tuned in. It's not a driver friendly program for me. I tend to laugh a little to hard.
—Greg Berkshire

To: Jud & Marsha Hine
Happy 40th anniversary Jud & Marsha! Hope you're enjoying your surprise trip to Georgia! Love, Jeremy, Nancy, Michael & Jacoby
—Nancy & Jeremy Hine

To: Lydia and Russell
Can you believe your parents are out on a Saturday night date? Good luck on your finals. Can't wait to have you home for the summer.
—Cindy Hofstetter

April 25, 2007

To: Richard and Linda Carter
Happy 50th Anniversary Mom and Dad! We love you. Love, Tad, Sally, Allison, and Coleman
—Sarah Dupuis

To: Marty O'Brien
You're the greatest dad that i've ever had. You're the only dad i've ever had, but that doesn't matter. I love you! Hope you're listening.
—Nathan O'Brien

To: Jennifer
Sorry I left your ticket for the show back in Montgomery. Don't leave the car radio on too long out in the parking lot or we won't make it back home!
—Ray Braswell

April 24, 2007

To: Nice Guy from April 13
We met at the Prairie Home Companion show in St. Paul on Friday, April 13. You were with your friend; I was alone. As you said, it was a "very enjoyable evening." But we were both so polite we didn't cross the line and actually introduce ourselves! I wish we had and wish we'd gone out for coffee to continue the conversation. It's not too late. Go to to connect. We're reminded again and again that life is short. Let's enjoy it! I hope to hear from you.
—Bonnie LakeWobegon

To: Laura Ingalls Wilder Literary Society
Hello to Sarah Sue and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Literary Society from Georgia! Proud to be a long legged snipe!
—Cheryl Whitlock

To: Patrick Mcdonald
My Dearest Love, Thanks for the wonderful life you've given me this past year. I Love you I Love you I Love you Your Wife
—Francine McDonald

April 23, 2007

To: Rachel
Hey Mom, Have a wonderful 35th B-day! (wink, wink) Love, Celia K
—Celia Knieff

To: Jay Gordon
A Happy 21st Birthday to Jay Gordon. His mom and dad are here in the audience in Columbus, while Jay is in Macon, partying till the cows come home tomorrow morning.
—Walter Gordon

To: Mr. Garrison Keillor
Sir- Witnessing the tragedy at Virginia Tech first hand, I (along with a campus and nation) have experienced some difficult days. I wanted to thank you, sir, for i have sought comfort and a much needed laugh in your online joke shows and in "Lake Woebegone Days." Your stories and jokes have taken me away from the terror and the deep aching in my soul, if only for a moment. I thank you for my laughter, which has been hard to find lately. You may never know how much it has meant to me. God bless, Matt Landes Proud Hokie Virginia Tech
—matt landes

April 22, 2007

To: Cranberry Lake Jug Band & friends,
Richie, Henry, Brian, Sally, Lew & Harvey (and Barb), Thought of you all when we heard the Powder Kegs on the PITT show. Don't give all of the lard away.
—Janet Kurman
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