May 20, 2007 - May 26, 2007
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May 26, 2007

To: Melissa Smith
Congratulations on your graduation from High School. I am proud of you and your accomplishment. I Love you more, Mom
—Adele Smith

To: Joy and Christopher
congratulations on your college graduations. I know your futures will be bright!
—Colleen S Bennett

To: Iris, Judy, Jan, Sue, and Kay
Thanks to you, best friends for the ages, for walking beside me on my journey of breast cancer. Three months of chemo down and six more to go. I love you girls!!
—Carolyn Link

To: My Loving Wife, Donna
Celebrating 33 wonderful years together in Meadville, PA
—Lee Needler

To: Martin and Mike
Greetings from Greencastle. For leaving us home while you are at Wolftrap, you both get to wear the pink hat of shame upon your return!
—Denise Horn

To: Michael and Beth
So glad we could we could finally make it. Thank you for raising a strong young woman and a good looking young man.
—Zac Gordon

To: Kate and Matt
Greetings to Kate and Matt, in the audience, from Mom. I'm enjoying the show from the patriotic grandeur of the spa tub back in Albany, NY: The candles are red, the wine is white and the bubbles are blue. OK, I lied about the color of the bubbles, but two out of three isn't so bad.
—Cynthia Galivan

To: Sarah McNamara
Dear Sarah, Pet Guy Noir, the cat, for me, and I'll say hello to the real Guy Noir tonight at Wolf Trap! Your friend, Stacie
—Stacie West

To: Susan
(True story) Remember when I bought tickets for the Friday show instead of the Saturday show two years ago here and the Swedish ambassador, overhearing our plight at the ticket window, gave us his extra box seats? Weren't we the lucky ones?
—Chris Cole

To: Michele Duell
Happy Birthday! You can remain young forever. I love sharing this Prairie Home Companion show with you.
—Rich Duffy

To: Beth Bertolin
Congratulations from the whole family on graduating from college with honors. You did it! Now comes the easy part. Good luck with the job search.
—Gordon Bertolin

To: Jim and Diana
Mom and dad thanks for letting us get to this show, next year you get to go. Love, Jason & Melanie
—Jason Morris

To: Jeff
Happy 54th birthday! Tonight's show is just for you. Hope you're enjoying the party and remembering those summer days on your Grandpa's farm in Blue Earth, Minnesota. From your loving wife--
—Lorna LaVerne

To: My "baby " sister Chrissie
I'm sorry for all of those years that I chased you with slimy worms.Now you're almost 56 and I'm 61, will you forgive me?
—Susie Sterner

To: Mom and Dad
Hi Mom! Hope the snow has melted in New Hampshire. Love from Maryland, Eliza and Willie
—willie johnson

To: Pat in North Reading, Massachusetts
Hi from Susan and Chris - we're enjoying the show live at Wolftrap - we wish you were here!
—Susan Harris

To: Burt Johnson
The natural mellowing agents of the ketchup you put on all your vegetables as a kid have served you well in life. You grew into the kind of man who brings his Mom to A Prairie Home Companion! Thanks & Love, Mom
—Laura Wehrly

To: Matt
Having a great time, wish you were here. Really sorry we didn't get you a ticket, thought you were going to be in New Orleans this weekend. P.S., don't forget to walk the dog and feed the cats. Love, Mom, Dad, Megan and Seth
—Eric Hein

To: Scott & Marietta Jemison
Happy Third Anniversary! (Third week, that is.) We'll enjoy being with you tonight at Wolf Trap! Love, Mom & Dad
—Terry & Marilyn Jemison

May 25, 2007

To: Tucker & Maddie
your dad & i hope you are eating Powder Milk Biscuits & getting enough Ketchup this Memorial Day Weekend. love, dad & brandi
—brandi cummings

To: will
it is our 4th annual pilgramage to PHC for Memorial Day weekend. i knew you were a keeper the first time you mentioned Garrison Keillor. oxoxoxox
—brandi cummings

To: Bella
I thought I'd never find happiness, until I found you. I can't wait to grow old with you. Let's be the crazy grandparents on the beach. I love you.
—JP Castle

To: Jeanne Allen
Congratulations on finishing your year at SciencePo. Mom and Dad say you do have to come home from Paris for your senior year.
—Hank Allen

To: Ann Crehan
(We will be at the show at Wolf Trap on May 26 so please feel free to include this greeting on air) To Ann - To 16 months together - that's a lot of Fridays! Love, Mike
—Michael Felner

To: Bess Kozlow
Bess, Look at turning 31 backwards and you are 13 again. Thankfully you don't have to suffer teenage awkardness anymore and you can still have some teenage fun. Happy Birthday sweetie! Can't wait to enjoy our teenage weekend together! Love you! Alex
—Alex York

To: The Texas Flatts
Just wanted to send my love from sunny southern California to amicable Austin Texas. I miss you guys and hope all is well!
—Courtney Flatt

To: Kitty
We had to make some power moves to get tickets, but here we are at Wolf Trap on the one year pre-anniversary of our wedding date. Here's to growing old together.
—Timothy Litzenburg

To: michael
To my Harley guy. I can't imagine my life without you. Let's ride forever!
—rose davidson

To: Mark Mietus and Matt Jackson
Happy 30th birthdays to two of my favorite people in the world!! I've been blessed to have 12 years of friendship with both of you. Love you both! Many more to come!
—Austin Cooper

To: Grace and Sam
Congratulations on your graduation from high school, Grace! And good luck on your percussion auditions, Sam! I love you both - RR
—Robin Ringler

To: Lisa Gibbs
My love - I think they'll still believe you're 29 if you try it. Happy Birthday!
—Stephen Gibbs

To: Don McBride
Sweetie, I am glad you made it safely to New Bethlehem for the summer. I will be seeing you soon 24 days..whose counting...
—Patti Drolet

May 24, 2007

To: Mark
Happy one-year anniversary! Maybe the fire that broke out the day of our wedding wasn't a bad sign after all. I love you so much.
—Tara Kawar

To: Mike Crowe
As the country reflects on this Memorial Day, I want to thank you and other veterans for the service given to your country. Alberta T-Bird
—Paula Rodriguez

To: Bill French
Happy Almost Birthday to my husband - a man from God's County -- the Midwest!!! I hope you enjoy your present -- tickets to Wolf Trap to see Garrison Keillor, your favorite entertainer.
—Clara French

To: Rachel
Pookie: Thanks for 9 amazing years (5/24) and for being here tonight (5/25)! Together, nothing is impossible, except the Os winning the pennant. Go Yankees!
—Jeff Weiss

To: Lew Ketcham
Happy Birthday, Schweet! Who knew a blind-date could turn out so good. I love you. Baba
—Barbara Ketcham

May 23, 2007

To: Liz Bayne (wife)
Happy 30th Birthday!! Remember, You're only as old as you feel... or how people make you feel! Love you
—Ethan Budiansky

To: Calvin and Ruth in Farmville
Hello from California. I think of you every time I listen to this show.
—Margaret Tapper

To: Ryan and Ines(eenez)
Congratulations on your 7 months of newlywed bliss. I love you to pieces The best son in las and daughter I could ever ask for!
—Esther Poblet

To: Captain Llewellyn Bigelow, MD
a Haiku on the occasion of your birthday: Lake under Great Pond Mountain's hulk, silver, silent. Oar dips; bull frogs croak.
—Bob Crabtree

To: Fairfax Symphony Orchestra and William Hudson
Happy 50th birthday to the Fairfax Symphony Orchestra, happy 35th anniversary to musical director William Hudson, and thank you for your wonderful music!
—Dan Westman

May 21, 2007

To: Clelland and Ellen Darr
WOW! SEVENTY years of marriage, June 2. Beacons of inspiration to generations, you worked the land well and loved deeply. Thanks.
—Shari Darr-Gibbs

To: Amy Kopperude
Went to Minnesota for an education and came home to New Jersey with a wife. 10 years in October! Thanks for keeping me warm on those frigid Minnesota nights. Love you always- Russ
—Russ Bailey

To: Greta and Josephine
Hi Greta and Josephine- be good for Grammy and Poppie or no icees! In bed by 8:00
—Russ Bailey

To: Heidi Coy
Happy birthday to my beautiful wife. You are a wonder woman. You are the best mother a child could hope for. I couldn't ask for more.
—Dan Coy

To: Harry (the 3rd) Taylor
Happy Birthday! Thanks for hosting Pop this Holiday weekend. Hope you both shoot your ages all three days at Piper Glen. (63 & 87 respectfully.)
—Ken & JoAnne Taylor

To: Mary Kate
Thanks for a great 10-years of marriage. Two boys, and four "Navy-moves" later, and we are back at Wolf Trap enjoying a show. Happy Anniversary, Happy Birthday.
—Ramiro Gutierrez

To: Frances Loomis
Hi Mom! We are really going to be there for the LIVE broadcast of the Prairie Home Companion from Wolf Trap! We miss you! Love you! Leon and Cathy.
—Catherine Zachmeyer

May 20, 2007

To: Hunter
Congratulations Hope you enjoyed the 5 years in Austin at UT.Good luck We love you We are indeed proud Papi Mom Betsy Freda Greta
—David Lohse

To: Lew Bigelow
Happy Birthday Dad! You've been listening since the show began, but it took us all these years to get the hint and bring you live!
—Anna Bigelow

To: Lois King
Congratulations on your graduation from Iowa State and landing a job in Sioux Falls. We are very proud of you! Please send money.
—Terry King

To: All the Hirsch kids who are not with us
Hello from Wolftrap We are here having fun with our favorite child. You too could be a favorite. Just take us places.
—Mom and Pop Hirsch

To: Carolina
Carolina, Happy anniversary! Thanks for spending the last 15 years with me...even thought I became a goverment employee. I love you with all my heart. Chris
—chris diez
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