June 3, 2007 - June 9, 2007
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June 9, 2007

To: Robert
In spite of spending far too much time listening to NPR, you're graduating! I am so proud of you. Love you.
—Tiffany Reagan

To: Nel and George Damasco
Mom and Dad, Grandma and "Pop Pop, twe wish you many more years. You have created "our" family, and it is and has been one that is just WOW! You have touched so many lives. Words cannot express the kindness and beauty of the both of you. Your Children, Tom, Dawn, Brenda, Beth, and (our significant others, and children, grandchildren, pets, etc!!!
—Dawn Durell

To: Jeannette Setter
Although you don't celebrate birthday's, this is special. So happy 39th birthday again, again and again. With love again, again and again. Yak sheh koham!
—Joe Setter

To: Bob
Congratulations on your retirement; you're driving me crazy already
—Barb Royce

To: Abigail, Madelyn & Amelia Hervey
Hello to our 12 week old triplet girls! We are so excited to bring you to your 1st Ravinia and Prairie Home Companion show. We're sure you'll remember everything, but we'll tell you about it someday too. Thank you for giving us our first 6 hours of sleep last week! We love you- Mommy & Papa
—Deborah Hervey

To: Jason Potter
Hi baby sending all my love from Scotland wishing i was with you everyday looking forward to being Mrs Potter i love you muchly xxxxx
—moonlight MITCHELL

June 8, 2007

To: Terry, Lynn Tristan and Cody
Forget Yosemite in August, just come to LA. We miss you guys! Paul, Lisa and Becky
—Paul Scheer

To: Mary
To my beautiful wife Mary. May a bathroom never come between us.
—Leo Bell

To: Jeanne O'Shell
Happy Birthday Doctor Jeanne, All the best to you on your special day from the California Pelenskys here at the show: Steve, Maryann, Mike, & Katie - who still say the West is the Best!!!
—Steve Pelensky

To: Rob
To my Woo, I love dancing with you in our living room every Saturday night to the opening tune of our favorite radio show. You will always be "my sweet, sweet old someone", Love Bunny
—Lisa Van Noordwyk

To: Patty
Happy 50th, Patty. See you in Strasbourg; this time we'll make sure the credit card runs out. Love you, Steve
—Steve Sprague

To: Betty Tollefsen Day
Yeg elskar deg to my Norwegian bride on our 50th anniversary! Thanks for your infinite love and patience. Do you think we can stand another 50 as exciting and upredictable as these first 50 have been?
—Bill Day

To: Steve
A very happy birthday wish to my lover and my friend; with a billion stars all around, love from your co-pilot
—Molly Brown

To: Scott
Happy 40th Birthday Mango! Thanks for the best 9 years of my life. Love you always, Kiwi
—Julie Olson-Raymond

To: Jalin (Jah-leen)
Glad we're at the show together today (6/8), laughing our heads off in front of people we'll never see again! Happy Birthday to you from your cuter twin sister!
—Yilin (E-leen) Hsu (Shue)

June 7, 2007

To: bill sherman
Happy 75th birthday, Grandfather William. I hope you're enjoying the show. With lots of love from your newest granddaughter, Emmyroo.
—maurina sherman

To: Jeanne O'Shell
Happy Birthday to Sister & Aunt Jeannie in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania- From Brother Steve, Sister-in-Law Maryann, Niece Katie, & Nephew Mike,the Pelenskys in California - who still say the West is the Best!!!
—Steve Pelensky

To: Holly and Ben
Congratulations! I love you with all my heart and wish you much happiness and a very very very very very long engagement! Mom
—Anne-Marie McKissick

To: Sarah Di Cicco
Happy Anniversary to Sarah Margaret Towne Jezewska-DiCicco. Another twenty-five years, and we'll figure out how to fit your name on our checks! Love, Albert
—Albert Di Cicco

To: My Beatiful Marina
Congrats on acing your finals this week! Three years ago you came from your native Russia in pursuit of a career in psychology, and today you've come one step closer to realizing your dreams. Take it easy in your summer classes, and for now, enjoy the show!
—Tony Chow

To: Eric
Anne and I are very proud of you and your academic accomplishments. Yay Eric! We'll be watching your future career decisions with great interest: following in your father's meandering footsteps or your mother's more linear ones? Much love!
—Jerry Mosser

To: Melissa McKenna
Melissa, We met a year ago and have never parted since! May our engagement be only the beginning of a lifetime of love and happiness! All my love to you! Rory
—Rory Leos

To: Ronald and Arlene Myers
Congratulations on your anniversary! What started 40 years ago in a tiny church in Pratt, MN has blossomed into something very special. Your sons love you very much! (June 10)
—Chris Myers

To: Yura Yutz
Tra lay, tra la Tra lay, tra la Lie is merry, and life is gay So let's anon and let's away for tomorrow may be our very last day!
—Ima Yutz

To: Hayward R. Alker
To Word in the La La Land Audience. 20 years ago, I used my juvenile wit to get your anniversary announcement on this show. I'm shooting for 2 for 2. Happy 70th Birthday. Love, Pin.
—Gwendolyn Alker

To: Pau Nowland
Happy Anniversary from your wife of eighteen years. May we have many more .
—Tami Nowland

June 6, 2007

To: Stephen Hooper-Rosebrook
Congratulations, Stephen! 7560 hours of class, 532 chapel services, and 3780 recesses later, you are graduating from Saint Mark's; we're proud of you!
—Betsy Hooper

To: Dean
To Dean in Seattle, a big hello from Los Angeles! The oranges from my backyard are delicious, and it looks like there will be a nice lemon, tangerine, nectarine, and guava harvest this year too!
—Angelica and Brett in LA

To: Jonathan and Brianna
It took your father days to come out of the shock and awe of learning his first born was coming as a pair. Now as you celebrate your 2nd birthday, be kind to him. Love you Mucho
—Grandmother (Yolanda) Henry

To: John Shedd
I know you're on the ferry to Juneau and home, but hurry up, the contractions are getting closer together.
—Arlene Shadde

To: Amy Lachmanek
Thank You for the joy of being married 25 years in a row, to each other, only! It really is an excellent mystery.
—Paul Lachmanek

June 5, 2007

To: Sherry and Ron Ream
A Happy 45th Anniversary from Urbana, Ohio
—Ron Ream

To: Bruce
We're so very proud that you've achieved your Masters in Dentistry! You'll always be "da Mastar" of our hearts.
—The Girls Logan

To: Jimtown Junior High Summer School Students
Make sure you're taking notes. Your essays are due Monday and I expect to see plenty of details about the show!
—Mrs. Valerie Williams

To: Rory and Melissa
Congratulations on your engagement! Good thing you picked someone who likes Garrison Keillor!! All our love.
—Ronald and Elisabeth Leos

To: Maria Wrona
Hi Mom! Greetings from Woodbridge in Suffolk, England. The degree is going well! Imagine doing a BA in Photography in a country where it rains 9 months out of the year!
—Steve Wrona (pron: Roe-Nuh)

To: Family and Friends of Robert Lewis
Three years ago, Bob went to a place with no public radio affiliate - but we know he's still listening to the show anyway. We miss you, Dad.
—Michael and Sarah Chaskes

June 4, 2007

To: Nancy
Happy Birthday, sis on June 1st. Was the best spending it in Lanesboro watching Garrison with Kim and Becca. Will have to go to more Praire Home shows...they are wonderful.
—Mary Hatfield

To: Joan and Dick Hartl
Congratulations Mom & Dad on your 46th Anniversary. You did a wonderful job with your two wild daughters ...and you survived.
—Richard Hartl

To: Gloria Herman and Gale Nore
Happy 60th Birthday to the twins celebrating with family and friends in Ft. Dodge, IA.
—Lila Riley

Happy 3 month dating anniversary. You said we could be totally honest with each other after three months. I've never been to prison; how about you?

To: Connie and Ken Graham
Congratulations, Mom and Dad, on fifty years of marriage, from your three kids, two in-laws, and seven grandchildren. We love you!
—Gael Graham

To: Camille Townsend, Ward Hanson, & Eve Hanson
To Mom & Dad, Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary! And congratulations Eve on your high school graduation. Don't be afraid to become an English major. Look where it's taken me - to South Korea!
—Cressida Hanson

To: The Crazy Walker's
Mom and Dad, thanks for letting me move to L.A. Ken, Vee, Josh, and Tom missing you all and I can't wait to be an aunt one more time!
—Lisa Walker

June 3, 2007

To: Pop
Thanks for tonight's great tickets! You always take care of the one's you love.
—Mary-Kate Leos

To: Bill Nelson and Nancy Shapiro
Congratulations Nancy and Bill on getting married by Bill's dad, a Lutheran Minister from Minnesota, on Cape Cod June 9, 2007.
—Steven Cohen

To: Susan and Milan
Congratulations! If your marriage has lasted these past 29 years,it will for the next 29. Enjoy your celebration visit with family in Memphis.
—Marcia Phillips
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