June 10, 2007 - June 16, 2007
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June 16, 2007

To: Tom Harjo
Dear Dad, Happy Fathers' Day! You may be gone on this fine holiday, but when you get home I will give you one of the best Fathers' Day presents yet: The house is not on fire and all the alcohol is still here. Love you! your favorite child, Maya
—Maya Harjo

To: Rachel
Happy birthday a little early from Mom, who wanted to give you something extra-special: Guy Noir live and in person, here in the Berkshires.
—Ilene` Roizman

To: Mick and Ana Brungardt
Mick and Ana, today you tie the knot, remember to keep laughter in your home, it really can help a lot! Love Mom and Dad
—Cheryl Brungarrdt

To: Scooter
Happy Father's Day and Happy Birthday! I love you!
—Susan Platt

To: Mom
Mom, Wow!! Of all the things you've taught me in my life, teaching me to love "A Prairie Home Companion" is one of the lessons that actually stuck. And look at me now, all these many years later--I'm here! Aren't you proud? :) Love ya! Kirstin
—Kirstin Larson

To: Howard Strickler
Happy Birthday on your 66th. With wishes to keep enjoying your 100 mile bicycle rides well into your 90's. Your Proud Wife, Vivienne
—Vivienne Strickler

To: Kristen
I hope the bachelorette party isn't too awkward for everyone. Sorry you can't be here! Sending you love and good vibes from the Ravinia!
—Ryan Miller

To: Jerry G
Happy 85th Birthday (June 25th), Jerry of Baltimore, MD -- from your daugher Licia (pronounced Lee-sha). Be good and keep playing your violin and taking walks with mom.
—Licia G

To: Margie
Hello Mum! We may not travel too far, but at least we have Ravinia.
—Julie Nelson

To: Mr. Behm
Thank you so much for being an awesome Earth science teacher this year. I'm seeing our home planet in a whole new way now. And yes, I promise to pass the Regents on Tuesday
—Grace G

To: Jake Potter
Hi honey i hope you are well and smiling. Im missing you everyday how is that for weirdness call soon. I love you. your moonlight
—moonlight MITCHELL

June 15, 2007

To: Pam and Jeff
We hope you don't need us to pay you back for the tickets to tonight's performance. We already spent the money on snacks and beer.
—Sherry and Rick Lundell

To: Mom & Dad Peters
Love and Happy Father's Day from cicada-covered Chicagoland. Can you hear them on the air there in Kentucky?
—Deanna & Tom Denk

To: Quinton and Brandon
Sunday is Father's Day, while I am sad that you are not here I know we are together in spirit and mind. Love Dad
—Anthony Kennedy

To: Quinton and Brandon
Sunday is Father's Day, while I am sad that you are not here I know we are together in spirit and mind. Love Dad
—Anthony Kennedy

To: Max
Happy 35th Birthday! Thank you for not complaining when I gave you tickets to the broadcast as your birthday present.
—Anneliese Dickman

To: Ben Fouty
From 10,000 miles away, Mom sends her love. Thanks, G.K. Ben is serving in the Peace Corps in Africa.
—Ann Fouty

To: Iliana Rucker
Congratulations to Iliana who receives a Master's Degree in Communications graduating from De Paul University on June 17. Your family is so very proud of you.
—Nia Rucker

June 14, 2007

To: Chris Dessent
Hello to the crew in the parking lot, and be careful with those Caddies, Son! From Mom and Dad
—Karen Dessent

To: Ron and Julie
Thanks Mom & Dad for everything. I could not have made through nineteen continuous years of schooling without your love and support! Love, your Tara-bugs
—Tara Boyer

To: Nathan Petts
Really, no hard feelings at all because you chose to stay in Chicago to see Garrison instead of coming home for Father's Day! Just get his autograph and all will be forgiven. Love from Dad & Mom too! Hi to Cynthia!
—Dave Petts

To: Judy and Tom Hayhurst
To Mom and Dad, who met in third grade at Forest Park Elementary and later became high school sweethearts. Happy 40th Wedding Anniversary!
—Anne and Susan Hayhurst

To: Paul
Happy 18th wedding anniversary on June 24. Wishing many more years of happiness
—Tami Nowland

June 13, 2007

To: Ali and Mark Van Doren
Miss you here at Ravinia for the show, but since you're hopefully busy giving birth to our new nephew Max, we'll forgive.
—Keely Hakala

To: Jim Radcliffe
Yes, I still need you. Yes, I will still feed you since your 64. Happy 64th birthday!
—Alice Radcliffe

To: Max Madalinski
(Greeting follows; his birthday is June 16th, we will be at the show): Happy 21st Birthday Max ! Enjoy your travels from your backwoods Vermont cabin to Nagasaki, Japan We wish you the best this year and beyond - love, Dad, Mom, Uncle David & Aunt Leslie
—Somara Madalinski

June 12, 2007

To: Edna M. Day
Thank God I found you in Corona, CA!I love you. Frank
—Frank Day

To: Mike and Katie
Best wishes Katie and Mike on your wedding day. May you ALSO have children that are above average. Love, Mom and Dad
—Beverly Kalisz

To: Jeannette Setter (Busia)
We know that you don't celebrate birthdays, Busia, but this will be a big one. So Happy 29th Birthday again, again and again. With our love again, again and again. From all the grandkids, "YAK SHEH KOHAM!'
—Joe Setter

June 11, 2007

To: Dave Domke
You've been missed at St. Stephen Lutheran, Marlborough, MA. We know you are still listening to PHC, so we thought we'd send you this greeting.
—Melanie Whapham

To: Todd Jolley
Good luck at Nationals, do your best and have fun. Hope you survive the trip across Kansas, and the humidity once you get there. Don't drive your coach crazy.
—Dawn Jolley

To: larry
Happy 60th birthday, and thanks for sharing a "PHC" with me for half of your life.
—penelope eddy

To: Jerry Allen
Happy birthday, Daddy. Love, Snorty Pig
—Elizabeth Yarmoska

To: Julia
With Thursday being Flag Day and also your birthday. Happy 20th. Love Daddy.
—Andy Walker

June 10, 2007

To: Elizabeth Bradley
Congratulations to Elizabeth, formerly known as Betty Ann, upon reaching her fiftyth year with such vim and vigor!
—Peggy Qvicklund

To: Treva and Dave
Hi Mom and dad, Thinking of you from Texas, bet its getting as hot up there in glenwood as it is down here see you in Joly for Waterama Love You Rod, John Maddie and Ian
—Rod Benton

To: Margie
I can't believe my little Margie will be turning 60 on Friday June 22. Dave
—Dave Klein
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