June 17, 2007 - June 23, 2007
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June 23, 2007

To: Don Dixon
Happy Birthday Don. May good wishes come your way and may you recieve the gift of good health and much more happiness in the years to come. Your Friend, Guy Noir in Derborn Heights.
—Christopher Jordan

To: to len,janis,emily,elizabeth,katieandlaura-bethchayka
my name is danielle scott from Ireland and i stayed with these people in 1998 tryin to find them please let them know pass on e-mail thanks
—Danielle Scott

To: Mary
We're getting the 90 year old house ready for the 93 year old girl! Hang in there until your NEW room is ready for occupancy. Love you, Terry and John
—Terry Murphy-Latta

To: Barbara
We are thinking of you and hoping for the best.
—m turing

To: Kay Marie
Happy Anniversary Sweetie! A child born on the day we were married is now old enough to vote... good thing "W" will never be on another ballot! Here's to the next 18 yers and beyond.
—Michael Briddell

June 22, 2007

To: Mom and Dad
The world keeps turning, time marches on only 4 hours and 23 minutes until I turn 30. Thanks for all your love and support! Love, Elizabeth
—Elizabeth Hill

To: Tall Guy Metz
Tall Guy, When I found out you play karate games with your dog, I knew was right about you. Thanks for always insisting you love my cooking, even when I make Swiss Steak that even the Swiss wouldnít touch. ~From your Curly Girl
—Kendra Metz

To: Fred & Colleen Kuchem
Happy 57th Anniversary to Fred and Colleen Kuchem here in the audience tonight at Starlight Theater and looking forward to the show.
—Lorie Bowman

To: Kimberlee Mason
I just wanted to say after knowing you for 15 years, 6 years of dating, and finally, after 3 weeks of being married, that it's just as wonderful to be with you. You still need to have the spark plugs on the car changed next week.
—Richard Mason

To: Kelly
To my darling Kelly Lynn; I love you, and I apologize for all the stupid things I have done to you in the past. I have finally found something useful to help our relationship..... its a new drug called..... "Forgettium" the "temporary amnesia inducer"... take it on those days you really just want to forget!
—Jason Sisk

To: David and Erik
Hello to David and Erik in Wisconsin from Cheryl in Kansas City. They kayaking isn't the same as it is in Wisconsin and Minnesota, but the mosquitoes are smaller.
—Cheryl Barnes

To: Marilyn
Looking forward to spending another 25 years with the one I love. Love you always Doug
—Doug Wilkinson

To: Larry & Marie Shore
Greetings to the Shores from Kansas City & St. Louis. Looking forward to the Shore reunion at the shores of Port Clyde, Maine. See you in three weeks!!!
—Sara, Matt & Katie Towns

June 21, 2007

To: Tina
Happy birthday to the best older sister a lazy girl could ever ask for. Congratulations on getting married recently--and let's see how my future neices and nephews enjoy the focus of your get-off-your-butt-encouragement.
—Bren-nee Louie

To: Erwin Benz
G'day to all our mates in the Australian Outback. We'll be back home from Kansas City on Wednesday - it was great over here and it "Bob's your uncle"!
—Erica Benz

To: Gerrie and Jerry Swords
Congratulations Mom and Dad, fifty years ago this very day you were married. Thank you, from all five of your above average children, for provinding a warm loving home.
—Michael Swords

To: Bridget
You truly are beautiful. Love you!
—Andy Akright

To: Michelle Weber
My dear wife, congratulations on your 36th birthday and your new style of glasses.
—Jacob Weber

To: Paul
Happy 18th wedding anniversary on June 24.
—Tami Nowland

June 20, 2007

To: Mom & Dad
Mom & Dad- thanks for coming to the PHC show with us- I told you that you wouldn't get food poisoning! Love, Lisa & Jerry
—Lisa Klima

To: Ron Gormont
So happy to connect again after 46 years. Don't ever forget the summer of 1961 at Canterbury Hall, Longport, NJ. Happy Birthday!
—Dee Bodell

To: Alex Ragsdale
Please remember us when you're mayor.
—Will Sommer

To: Pam
Sorry about the mess we left at home.
—Melvin and Walter Baker

To: Mr Keillor
I loved your recent Father's Day Show in Detriot at the DSO. My youngest daughter(23)made dinner for me on Saturday the day before my oldest daughter (30ish) brought me to your show on Sunday. Best Father's Day(s) I can remember ever. They make me proud to be their Dad. You made remember just how important these little thing are.
—Jerry Davis

To: Debby Bailey
They'll usher at Starlight, For Garrison Keillor, But their Prairie Home Is more than mere folklore. June 22nd makes 32 years; Their marriage we toast! They're happy to share it, with Keillor the host. They wear yellow vests, Quite easy to find, Ambassadors . . . Yes! They're two of a kind. As Prairie Home comes to Starlight this night, The Baileys are out there to share their delight. They're "working" this concert As Am-bass-ador-ists, While sneaking a kiss These secret amorists! There's Tom holding hands with Debby -- how sweet! Don't let the boss catch them not up on their feet. They're supposed to be working Not having a date! Tom gets Deb in free, Oh what a cheapskate! But she loves him still ... has for thirty-two years. So they're here together, These two volunteers. Happy Anniversary, Tom and Debby Bailey!
—Tom Bailey

June 19, 2007

To: Beth Kline
Happy Birthday Mom, I still dont know what to get you and I'm hoping Garrison will read this on the air and I'll be off the hook! Thanks for being so wonderful. Love Mark
—Mark Kline

To: James and Mary Theunick
Mom and Dad, I just want to wish you a happy 43rd wedding anniversary coming up on the 27th. Here's to another 43!!!
—Mike Theunick

To: Trisha
Happy Birthday and Happy 20th Anniversary you've still got the fire!
—David Kocour

To: Fred & Linda Fischer
Hello to Fred & Linda visiting the grandkids there in St Louis. When are you going to retire to that cabin in the woods?
—Sandra Hogrefe

To: Jean Jackson
Dear Mum, 75 Years young and your name read out on US Radio! Have a wonderful birthday and many more to come. Lots of love Ian
—Ian Jackson

To: Sybil
Nine years ago A Prairie Home Companion conducted a show at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas Ctiy and Garrison made mention of the couple getting married at the zoo across the parking lot. We were not able to attend that performance because we were the couple getting married. Nine years and two kids latter we are still going strong. Happy aniversary to my lovely wife Sybil.
—joe chandler

To: Al & Shirley on their Diamond Anniversary
There was a young Shirley from Maine Who looked for an Al she could train Well now, training's for puppies Not for psyches, nor hubbies Here's to sixty! - Sit, stay, drink your champagne!
—Anne, Sue & Amy your loving daughters

June 18, 2007

To: Kevin Opperman
Happy Birthday to Kevin Opperman from your loving wife, Cindy. You just keep getting better with age, like fine wine, but without the calories and the hangover!
—Cindy Hill

To: Ms. Anne Moore
My darling, MN is getting hotter and more humid by the day. I miss you and can't wait to see you at Silent week! Tell Jupiter, Jerry, and Sharon hi for me! Love, Zak
—Zachary Morrow

—rex martin

To: Jim & Ginny Coburn
Happy 40th Anniversary, Deedee and Grandpa. Lots of love from the kids and grandkids.
—Joe, Cara and Thayer Coburn

June 17, 2007

To: Jane
Happy Birthday, Mom, from Joe, Paul, and Merryl.
—Merryl Terry

To: Jack Marksbury
To know Jack is to love Jack, and we know Jack. Happy Birthday from Wyona, Paul, Erika and Rick.
—Paul Marksbury

To: Gerald for 6/30/07
Hi Guys, Here we are at Tanglewood seeing Prairie Home Companion! We could say we miss you, but since we prefer not to lie, let's just say we're having a blast! Yours Fondly, The ladies of the "2nd Annual Gibson-Mork Families Ladies Weekend" at Bard's haven in Ashfield, Massachusetts
—Ann Cullen

To: Dennis Durfee
I always knew your heart was extraordinary. I love with all of mine, Bear.
—Jo Durfee

To: Barbara Duchini
Happy 50th Birthday, Mom! We promise to clean our rooms and weed the garden.
—Alex & Peter Duchini

To: Jake Potter
Your mom called and let me know whats happening. Stay strong honey. And happy fathers day from our future babies. I love you sweetheart. Keep you head up. Moonlight
—moonlight MITCHELL
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