June 24, 2007 - June 30, 2007
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June 30, 2007

To: Garth
Oh no Garth!! The Tanglewood bus from NYC to Lenox, Mass did not arrive at Grand Central Station for the 12:30 sharp departure. There were ten of us there at noon, including myself (garth's mom) and your brother Calen, Samantha, Bill, Joan, and others. We waited and waited sharing our past experiences seeing PHC live such as at the Town Hall Theatre in NYC... now you are at the show alone, because Calen and I are stuck in NYC... time for us to take a catsup break or do we need bepop rhubarp pie to help us through the disappointment? We love you and hope you have a great time on the lawn at Tanglewood 6/30, even without us. Love, MOM XX00
—andi sutherland

To: Susan Griffin
Looking terrific at 28! How's your 17-year-old daughter Emily? Drunk any good pepper vodka lately? Yee and haw, Sara and Jerome from Dallas
—Sara Weeks

To: Susan Griffin
Mazel Tov Susan! You don't look a day over 36. You've come a long way since Catholoic School & short plaid skirts! Can't wait to see you Gary & Emily at the surprise party! With Love, Dick & Leona Frank
—Dick Frank

To: Sally Ann
I knew 17 years ago she was the girl for me while at her company Christmas party. The hypnotist had her on the stage with the others acting like chickens. She would do no wrong. She just said my name is Sally Ann
—Al Ritchotte

To: Marcia Glazebrook
To my big sister Marcia: Happy 60th! It was really me who broke the ottoman even though you got blasmed---SORRY! your little brother Beej
—Bill Dodds

To: Jamie and Sharon
Just wanted you to know I finally made it to one of your live shows tonight at Tanglewood with Garrison.
—John Glick

To: Mom
Hi Mom , At the last minuet we got tickets to the show tonight. So we jumped into the old jalopy and two hundred miles later were here. Don't hold supper for us, Love Ruth and John, Londonderry Nh
—John Reynolds

To: Julia
You could have learned as much Spanish at the chicken factory in Arkansas with Uncle Chris as you will paying out of state tuition in Madison. Love, Mom & Dad
—Brigid Sullivan

To: West Coast family
Hi to all on the West Coast; we're celebrating John's 62nd. Special get well to Amanda in New Orleans
—John and Kathy Farquhar

To: Suzy (and all my fishing buddies)
Happy Birthday to Suzy, my lovely wife. Since we're here at Tanglewood tonight, does that mean I can go fishing Tuesday?
—Bill Abrams

To: Alex Smith
Congratulations on your graduation!Sorry we missed your party but we're having a great time at the show.
—Sue & Mike Godlewski

To: Carissa
Happy 29th Birthday! You're 9 days overdue.. Babies are not like library books ya know!
—Dust & Relle Liddle

To: Gigi Pope
Congratulations on your centennial birthday celebration! Hope we are blessed for another 100 years.
—Kat and Ken Liddle

To: Dick and Jane Donovan (Mom and Dad)
We are here at Tanglewood getting in touch with our Minnesota roots. Keep practicing your "YAY" therapy, mom, on the countdown to dad's retirement. Love,
—Shannon and Bridget Rose Donovan

To: Susan Griffin
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best mother I know. You remember the old days without your beautiful Emily; and how lucky we both are now to finally have the precious joys of our world. I will always love you and know how much you mean to so many people.
—Barbara Vaughn Davis

To: John in Houston
Best of luck on your first wedding Saturday - 30 days shy of your 50th birthday. May you survive the wedding night.
—Rich Stromberg

June 29, 2007

To: Carla Hellekson
Love and Greetings from Connie in the Berkshires to Carla, Liv and Teal, on vacation in Alaska. I'll trade you two black bears, a ground hog and a moose for one Ptramigan. Just don't send it until I find out what one is.
—Connie Bullard

To: Mark Ash
Dear Mark - happy 58th birthday. You must be doing something right. You don't look a day over 40. Love Martha, Peggy, and Bill
—Peggy Bliss

To: Susan
Susan (SGRIFFIN), Thanks to you from all of your co-workers for always making the best (even if it sometimes is achieved through sarcasm) of situations. We all appreciate the many "Laws of Susan" and "Susanism's" that you have brought to the work place and our lives. Take today and this weekend to enjoy yourself and your family- RELAX!! Cheers to you! Team East
—Team East

To: Annie-the-good
Good luck in your new career endeavor, whatever the Good Lord has planned for you. Retirement in da Northland wouldn't be so bad either. The Carolinas are a long way from Duluth don't cha know. Jimmy-1
—Jim Accurso

To: Mary
Congratulations! Our Yankee Doodle Dandy about to celebrate her 50th birthday and the Grand Opening of the Gosnell Memorial Hospice House in Scarborough, Maine. Love, Dan, Greg and Steve
—Dan Goldstein

To: Ralph and Margret Mociun (motion)
Happy 60th Wedding anniversary , celebrating at Tangelwood with several of their children and grandchildren
—thomas mociun

To: Mom
Your picnic is no doubt the envy of all those around us on The Lawn. So glad to be here with you and Dad. It's like I am an only child - let's leave the others behind more often!
—Maureen Naff

To: Lindsey Herrick
Arizona? Alaska? Where are you now? Not where you should be which is on The Lawn. The grass is not as sweet on my feet without you here.
—Maureen Naff

To: Susan Griffin
Susan - Best wishes for a very happy birthday and your best year yet!! Sarah
—Sarah Terrelonge

To: James Taylor
JT, Your lyrics have made a difference many times -- thanks for the music. How Sweet It Is! Sandy from California
—Sandra Gilman

To: Anne
Looking forward to another wonderful season with you at Tanglewood. Thank you for putting up with me for the past 38 years. Would another 38 be too much to ask for??
—Phil Bernstein

To: Susan Griffin
To a great mother,wife,friend, cook and political commentator - wishing you everything wonderful on your milestone birthday
—stephanie,Charlie & Jesse rothschild

To: Garrison
Last week you said you had never seen anyone dancing to the Powdermilk Biscuit song before. On the lawn at Tanglewood, Cath and Bon dance EVERY year! Cheers!
—Bonnie Sudell

To: Captain Mark
Even though our daughter is off to Europe, I'll be here waiting for you... I miss you! Happy Birthday!
—Connie Adamson

To: Susan Griffin
Happy birthday Susan from her loving family, celebrating her 55th on the Tanglewood lawn. Sorry we forgot to drop the party invitations in the mail.
—Gary Skeggs

To: Susan Griffin
A special messenger told me you are having a birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the most delightful people I know! You deserve to have an incredibly wonderful day and year to follow. See you in September. VALARIE ELKIND
—valarie Elkind

To: ed smith
HELLO TO theturkeyshooter/maudie fricker and johny dog!from your son roger. mom take care of that new knee! i will keep the cabin swept and the ticks ya rog
—roger smith

To: Susan Griffin
Boom, Baby, boom! Wishing you the happiest of birthdays -- today on the lush green lawn of Tanglewood, and forever after.
—Sue Radmer

To: Stephanie
I imagine us listening to the show each week, cooking together and laughing. I miss you terribly.
—James Brock

To: Ken & Susan
We will miss you at Tanglewood while you are off across the pond at your nephew's wedding. Safe journeys and mark your calendar for next year!
—Amy Klein

To: Susan Griffin
To my Sister, Susan Griffin. You are truly a wonderful person. Your overwhelming kindness, compassion, is so very special. The world is such a beautiful place with you in it. Happy Birthday. God Bless! Love, Sharon
—Sharon Ross

To: Suni Williams
To Astronaut and world's biggest Boston Red Sox fan Suni Williams who listened to the show every week aboard the International Space Station, welcome back to planet Earth! Congratulations on your record breaking flight of 195 days. So this week you'll have to listen to the show at a slightly slower pace, none of this 17,500 miles per hour stuff! Your friends at Mission Video - Johnson Space Center - Houston, TX
—John Thayer

To: SSgt. Bryan Haldeman
Looking forward to having you home from Iraq in August, we rented a camp. It's a big camp, we've got room for the other 160,000 .......bring 'em home.
—Jerry Haldeman

June 28, 2007

To: susan griffin
Hi Susie dear, Sorry I can't be with you at Tanglewood to celebrate a non- surprise birthday party with you. You may be sure I wish I were there, surprise or not. Remember age is only a number! Ask one who knows! Love xoxo
—nancy longacre

To: Susan Griffin
Susan! Happy Praire Home Companion birthday on the lawn of Tanglewood!!!! You look Mavelous and always will being the youngest of the five Griffin Girls! Thank for introducing me to Lake Wobegon years ago as we listened to the radio on the porch of the Ct. Home. Love you lots. Nancy
—Nancy Griffin

To: Susan Griffin
As a wise women once said, the best thing one can wish upon someone and his family is "be well!". Happy birthday! The Good Dr., Ronit and Michael
—Amir Kishon

To: Susan
Susan, Cheers to another great year! So happy I have had the pleasure to work with you. You always know how to make me laugh on the most stressful of days! Happy Birthday and Best Wishes! Noele
—Noele Weed

To: Susan Thelma Griffin
Louise sends joyous birthday greetings and eagerly awaits our next ticket-taking session together. Can't believe you've got such great legs at your age!
—Betsy Rayner

To: Megan
Here we are again at Tanglewood. These past four years have been a blast, and I am excited that I will see you in all your radiance and resplendence at our own "Prairie Home Wedding" in September. I love you!
—Jeff Lukens

June 27, 2007

To: Tom
Dad... Just wanted to say I love you and all of our Prairie Home Companion memories that we continue to create.
—Rachel Fenster

To: Ian
We love you and thanks for wearing your seat belt so you can be here with us at the show in Tanglewood.
—Mom & Rick Tillotson

To: Toonie
Happy 50th Birthday, a day we can do whatever you want. That's why we drove from Maine to Tanglewood. Love, Steve, Greg and Dan
—Steve Goldstein

To: The kids
We're having a good time here, please don't trash the house while we're gone. Love, Mom and Dad
—Winsor and Donna Smith

June 26, 2007

To: Rinky Black
Happy Birthday to Rinky Black from her sister! Born Maureen, my grandmother called her "Maurinka" and my sister and I called her Rinky for short. Rinky has stayed with her for 54 years. She listens faithfully every week and will be at Tanglewood to celebrate!
—Deborah Deskavich

To: Joon
To my dear husband-- I, a Missouri Synod Lutheran farm girl from Minnesota, never expected to meet her future city-born Catholic husband from Korea at the college on the west side of the Prairie Home Cemetery. It's funny how English majors will settle for chemists! How exciting it is to be here at Tanglewood with our son Luukas SongYoon! All my love!
—Desiree Cho

To: Art Ingalls
Dad: Sorry you couldn't make it to the Kansas City show. We found a nice Italian man to take your seat.
—Lee Ingalls

To: Dear Alex
Happy early 40th birthday! Thank you for sharing your life with me (and for making the move to NYC). You are the best! Love you.
—Lisa Starzyk

To: twin valley, mn
My moms home town....thank you for many good memories.
—lorie craven

To: Carolyn Dailey
Happy 16 years, Carolyn! So many years ago we started our summer with a concert date at Tanglewood, sitting like drowned rats in the rain. Now we're sun basking with friends, sipping wine, enjoying listening and laughing. Life just gets better and better. --Your Winged Foot Boy with Wheels (Mike)
—Mike Dailey

To: Jen
Jen... Happy Birthday on the Fourth of July, I hope you appreciate all those fireworks displays I have set up all over in your honor... I will be working a little overtime to help pay for them!
—Kevin Boyce

June 25, 2007

To: Ellen
Happy 26th birthday. Thanks for the past seven wonderful years despite your parents' words of wisdom against dating philosophy majors.
—Larry Burns

To: "Mimi"
To Mimi from Ryan: I hope you get to hear this because I know would mean alot to have a greeting read on your favorite radio show. I hope all is well and I'll be over to see you next week. Love, Ryan
—Ryan Maxwell

To: Donna
The Buffalo Girls wish a Happy Big Birthday to Donna. She will be on the Norway Cruise and we hope you introduce her to a Norwegian Batchelor Farmer .
—Judy Stover

To: Edna Murphy
Dear Gramma Edna, Enjoy the show at Tanglewood! Sorry that my dad took your car away. He did that to me, once, too, when I was nineteen! Your loving granddaughter, Deborah
—Deborah Murphy

To: Bob Rudolph
We have attended the PHC show at Tanglewood every year with Bob "Rudy" Rudolph and his wife Beth. Rudy has been in intensive care at Albany Medical Center since February and will obviously not be in the audience this year. Rudy and Beth are avid longtime fans of PHC. Could you please send a message of goodwill and enouragement for recovery to Rudy. He and Beth will be listening from the hospital room. We invited Beth to come with us as always this year but she spends every day and evening with Rudy at the hospital. (She knows about prioritizing her devotions.) Just so you realize the seriousness of the situation, Rudy has been near death, had dialysis, been intubated, and had both legs amputated. (None of this need be mentioned, of course.) He has made a remarkable recovery recently and good wishes from Garrison Keillor would mean a lot to him. Thank you, Lenny Collins
—Lenny and Warren Collins

To: Ken Murray
Happy 60 Birthday to Ken from Kennebunk..."still trying to find the answers to life's persistent questions..."
—Anne Murray

To: Jeremiah Mew
I'm so glad we're here at Tanglewood, even though you took another date last year! It's been a great year – here’s to many more.
—Briony Angus

To: John
Happy Birthday, you are 40 years young! A milestone they say, now get on that surfboard that is sitting in our familyroom. Love your wife.
—Faeeza Khan

June 24, 2007

To: Friends and Family
Elizabeth Caswell of St. Paul is recently engaged to Matthew Dyer. Matt may be a Texan, but I love him anyway and make him eat rhubarb pie.
—Elizabeth Caswell

To: Chuck and Lyn
To the Nalbach (nel-bock) family in upstate NY: I'm only a few hours away from you, in the Berkshires. And to Chuck and Jan in North Carolina, I'm only a few STATES away from YOU! Hope everyone's well, Cheryl.
—Cheryl Nalbach

To: Karen
Roses are red, violets are blue, June 30th six years married to you. Life is love, Life is good, Celebrating us, tonight at Tanglewood.
—Jim Esslinger

To: Elizabeth alias "Betty "Bradley
Elizabeth....welcome to the Red Hat Society....please show some id as we have a hard time believing you qualify !!!! Happy 50th!!!!
—Mary Svelnis
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