September 23, 2007 - September 29, 2007
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September 29, 2007

To: Mom and Dad
Hi! Just wanting to tell you how great you guys are and thank you for being so wonderful. Also wanted to congradulate Mom on her promotion and Dad for finishing out the hay crop, way to go! Love Always
—Thadd Evans

To: Tom and Marylee
(In the audience 9-29-07)Hope you are enjoying your anniversary trip. The sofa is safe from the Airedales this weekend.
—Scott and Naomi W

To: Garrison Keillor and everyone at the Prairie Home Companion
Thanks for the great times saturday evenings. We look forward to every show down here in dried up Kingsport Tennessee. Send some of that water from Lake Wobegon!
—Peninnah and Herbert Wolfe

To: Stan
Get out the Martini shaker and turn up the volume. It's time to flat foot to the Powder Milk Song and your boy "Guy Noir" is up to his foolishness again! I love our Saturday date night!
—Sonya St. Jacques

September 28, 2007

To: Chuck Kosse
To Chuck After 29 years, you still irritate me LESS than the rest of the world. Happy Anniversary on October 14th. Pat
—Pat Salkowicz

To: Sarah
Wishing Sarah a happy 104th--Hope you're laughing til it hurts.
—sean twomey

To: Jessica Ford
Jessica, Sarajevo has turning leafs and pumpkins - but it doesn't have you, our son, or the Labs to enjoy them with. Keeping listening from Germany as will I from Bosnia and jar a few apples from the tree to share when I get back next year. I love you, Christopher
—Christopher Ford

September 27, 2007

To: Paul
My Paul, Thank you for proposing to me. You chased me until I caught you and I am one lucky girl. Love always, Peg
—Peg Lilly

To: dad
Dad, I'm still waitin' for you to tell me how i can hear the show in London. See you in December
—elizabeth widlake

September 26, 2007

To: Aaron
I just moved to St. Paul and want to say hi to all the gang back in Houston, Texas. I miss you; and no, it hasn't snowed yet!
—Dan Fenn

To: Jacqueline Christensen
In Albert Lea, Minnesota, in my youth, I found my First Love, the Fair Jacqueline Christensen. Alas, our engagement of those early years didn't work out and our lives took us off in different directions. Fate and faith crossed our paths and brought us together 33 years later. We are now to be married on what might have been our 34th anniversary, October 20, 2007, in Edina. This Irishman is now surrounded by a Scandinavian multitude in my new family. I am assured a steady supply of rubarb pie and other delights for the rest of my days as I have re-found my very own Prairie Home Companion. If you would, if you could, please send my greeting on your Charlotte show (our wedding day) to my bride Jacqueline.
—Robert Craig

September 25, 2007

To: Mary Hannon
We want to wish you good luck as you start your college years at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. We are very proud of you and we love you. Mom, Dad and sister Amelia
—Bethany Hannon

To: James Brock
Dear dad: Happy 65th! Hope you have a lot of surprises, all good, down there in Alabama. Will be thinking of you here in Brooklyn. Love you.
—James Brock

September 24, 2007

To: Kate
Dear Kate, if I'd known you were going to grow into a woman after only 12 years. I'd have made a few more just like you. p.s. You'll always be Katie to me. Happt trails. Love, Doc
—Doc Johnson

To: Tabitha
Happy Anniversary BithyBee, I love you! - Chonie
—Ernest Escobedo

September 23, 2007

To: Marty & Dick Purcell
To our beloved "M" & "D" from Grinnell, Iowa, a happy, belated 44th anniversary from "the kids." Enjoy Lutsen. Go Hawks.
—Gene & Lynn Purcell Valek

To: Bruce
Thank you for 32 wonderful years. You will always light my fire, and walk my dogs!
—Lloyde Newman

To: Marie Lee
Happy 75th birthday, Mom/Oma! Today's the day. Did you ever think you'd hear your name on the radio? Have fun at your party tonight!
—Steve and Maia Wright

To: Bill Brown
Dad, I hope you enjoy the live show in Charlotte on October 20. It was quite a feat to find those tickets so Happy Birthday!
—Jennifer Olsen

To: Pawel Korink, Age 8
Happy Halloween Birthday Boy back in Berlin from your step father in a faithless based Sonoran Desert Federal Witness Protection Program
—Richard Posner

To: Don
Happy 50th birthday on October 2nd!! Wishing you many more years of great health, wealth, and wisdom. Your loving wife,
—Kristy Heppelmann
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