October 6, 2007 - October 13, 2007
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October 13, 2007

To: Judy Wolgang
Happy upcoming Birthday Judy! Wish we were both celebrating it in Baltimore tonight, with Garrison and Carole!
—gina Capuano

To: Louise Render
To Louise (in Dallas) on her 50th Birthday from her whole loving family: These are the good times birthdays of fifty make, Happiness, love n' fam'ly as much as you can take, Life is flowing like ketchup on your cake! (with all respect and reverence to GK and RD!)
—Richard de Koeyer

October 12, 2007

To: Andy Deveau
Happy Birthday, Dad. How thoughtful of you to buy us a sailboat for your birthday! Love from your girls.
—Emily & Claire Deveau

To: Fritz
To Fritz in Nampa, ID, from Lisa in Baltimore, MD – I sure wish you were here but since you can’t, this is your invitation to join me for my big 60th birthday celebration at the PHC show in NYC on Nov. 30th. I’ll be the one wearing the propeller beanie cap perched on the crest of the slippery slope praying you join me for a wild ride down the other side!
—Lisa Forrest

To: Vaughn
For the Charlotte show Oct 20th - we'll be there and my friends too. Greeting Happy 3rd Anniversay Vaughn, From Selena, You are the love of my life. And Happy Birthday to Rick Cammer, also in the audience, from the only other nerd in the office that came to the show.
—selena talbert

To: Bruce
You have stumped the doctors with your strange symptoms - don't let them poke and prod you too much! Feel better fast.
—Alyson Wilson

October 10, 2007

To: Hannah
Hello to Hannah and all of her friends in her engineering study group at UMBC, the best college in Baltimore. Go Retrievers!
—Alyson Wilson

To: Darby and Bill McGraw
Hi to Darby and Bill in Henniker, N.H. Remember Big Sandy Pond and Deely-Bobbers and Prairie Home 30 years ago?
—Claudette and Bill Warner

October 9, 2007

To: Grandma
Hello Grandma, I know its getting chilly up in Fargo, but hang in there! I will see you Saturday afternoon, after the big game in Grand Forks!
—Megan Ring

To: alfred salva
—kristine salva

To: Carl
Little brother, I'm sorry you're not here and I'm not there. Or, mostly I'm sorry that you're in prison. Love you!
—Marion Foster

To: Robert Griffin
Congratulations on your graduation and all your recent success, I know all will be well in your future.I'll make sure I put your cds back in their case so you don't yell at me again. Thank you, You will always be my best friend.
—Robert Pearman

October 8, 2007

To: Robert Krinsky
To my podster-pea, happy 45th birthday. May you have 45 more happy, heallthy and adventurous years ahead. Love your Pea-Pod!
—Robyn Katz

To: Janice Beck
Welcome to Janice Beck of Columbia, MD. At 88 years young this week, Janice has run a Scrabble Club for 28 years and plays bridge and mah jongg weekly. Still sharp as a tack! Happy Birthday from Betsy, Sue, Jim, Phyllis, Irwin and all of us here.
—Susan McNamee

To: Susan And Mark
Mumsy and Poppers, You're my very favourite puffs of fluff. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! Bin
—Brynn Damon

To: Ariel
Ninth day in the hospital? This sure is a bad flu. Don't tell mom but the house is a wreck and I still can not cook. We all miss you terribly. Feel better soon so we can bring you home. P.S. Your dog needs walking. Love, Dad
—Joe Parr

To: Howard Hong
Til Lykke på din 95th fødselsdag, kaerste Far! I can't make it from upstate NY to Northfield by Oct. 19th, but I'll put the metal to the pedal soon after and clean up from any hoopla.
—Mary Hong Loe

October 7, 2007

To: Beth Mahar
Hope you have fun allemande-ing and do-si-do-ing with your family & friends at your 50th birthday party. Wish I could have just sashayed over from Boulder to Boston to join the festivities!
—Amy Tavrow

October 6, 2007

To: Ken
At 70 new love is still special. To our future whatever and wherever it may be.
—GeorgeAnn Moore

To: Dave & Val
Enjoy your first trip to Minnesota and the PHC. Doesn't look good for the kayaks back home in Maine, but thanks anyway. Love, Mary and Bill.
—Bill Blais

To: Janet Sarbaugh
cough so I know your really in the audience
—Bill McAllister

To: Tom and Louise
To Tom and Louise Hartley in California, PA. It took me 20 years (in audience 10/5) to make it here. It is almost as good as the first time listeing at home gathered around the radio and listening to the Pittsburgh Broadcast. Don't tell Mr. Keillor i still have that cassette tape!
—James Lohr

To: Jen, Sarah, Boo and Drew
Minnesota greetings to you ohioans, enjoying the sights with brother Steve and Joan. It's great at the Fitzgerald with friend Garrison.
—Paul Butler

To: Mom & Dad & Uncle Allan
We made it. Know you are watching from the big tomato patch on high. We brought Steve along, just so you know he found us.
—Anita Butler
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