November 24, 2007 - December 1, 2007
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December 1, 2007

To: Helen Ostruske (long o, short u, long e)
Happy 93rd birthday to our Lutheran pastor's wife mama, from your four daughters. You are the best. We love you.
—Deborah Pretto

To: Alfons Bouchier
To my best friend, closest companion, and husband of over 30 years, I hope you enjoy the Richie Havens show in Durango on your 59th birthday.
—Stephany Bouchier

To: Moira & Michael O'Brien
December 8 - In the audience from New Jersey. Moira & Michael are on their way to Michael's home town of Decatur, IN to visit family for the holidays. Have a safe trip.
—Pat & Mark Fordham

To: Grammy Ruth and Grampa Keith
In Dayton, Maryland, Happy 64th wedding Anniversary . You have one credit voucher for homestead protection from all known and imagined calamities so you may attend your granddaughter’s wedding. I’ll be there five days early to help you get packed. See ya on February 16th. Signed, your retired son-in-law, Uncle Willy
—Jill Smith

To: Hilary Kane
The High Tech High School ( North Bergen NJ),chapter of the Prairie Home Fan club will be in house 12/1 to welcome you to New York, another city that knows how to keep its secrets.
—Kenneth Kane

November 30, 2007

To: Mother Mary Theresa Brady
Mom All is well here in the big city the stagehands have gone back to work the only problem is there working on writing jokes for the Carson Daley show

To: Lauren
Witty it's not. Love you I do. There's a 95 percent chance we're having a baby!
—Peter Monin

To: PJ
You got to drink first, but you also got to 40 first. Happy Birthday from Kittee, Melon & Augie
—Melanie Bordelois

To: Karen Toole
Thanks for tickets to the show. After listening for 15 years you finally figured out a great gift. If only you would have gone on-line the day the tickets were available we would be at the show they are broadcasting. At least the stagehand strike is over
—Robert Pursell

November 29, 2007

To: Marge Harris
Happy 100th Birthday to Marge Harris. Marge has not missed her "date will Garrison Keillor" for the past 30 years.
—Lynn Stanwood

November 28, 2007

To: Bruce and Marilyn Reiter
Heads up! Bruce and Marilyn are cutting short, and leaving others to deal with, this winter in Edina, MN by spending December and January in Florida. Have they no shame?
—david peace

To: Mom and Dad
Thanks for checking the air in my tires, a shame I still haven't filled them up
—Richard Cantwell

November 27, 2007

To: Julie Carlsen
Your bed is made and all is right with the world. Study hard and fence well. Go Brewers!
—Steve & Sue Carlsen

To: Mom
Thank you for staying married to Dad for all of these years. We know he can be difficult, but we also know he loves you very much. Congratulations on your anniversary.
—Zavier, Carter, Jacob, and Henry Miller

November 26, 2007

To: Samantha Briggs
All my sister asked for her birthday was a greeting aired on her favorite NPR show. So, Happy Birthday Sam! From your sister Felice.
—Felice Serrano

To: Bill and Rita Olson
At the show, (Dec. 1) for a Happy 40th Anniversary! Rita an Italian from South Philadelphia. Bill a Scandinavian from Hastings, Minnesota. Like ravioli with a side of potato sausage – a special pair in every way. Your kids and grandkids love you.
—JoAnn Olson Krenitsky

To: Ariel
Happy eighteenth birthday! Now we can hit the clubs together... or vote. Whichever one you want to do.
—Ashley Mui

November 25, 2007

To: Thomas and Agnes Ruest
Welcome back to the USA! We are glad we were reunited for a wonderful winter evening before you headed down to NYC to see Prairie Home Companion in person!
—Camille & David Bernstein

To: Lennie Atwood aka Pawpaw
The Army treats us well. Joe and Sophie are walking and little Ben is getting leg braces soon. Happier Holidays than ours from Minnesota!
—Kimberly Atwood Anderson

November 24, 2007

To: Mark and Julie
To my sister and brother-in-law: May your newly announced child-to-be be a beautiful little sister to Ian James, and she'll be a great PHC listener. You make me proud to be your brother.
—James Brock

To: David in Belfast
Congratulations on new grandbaby and I'm thankful that you beat the Cancer!! You ROCK!
—Sandra Anderson

To: Mom and Dad
Hello to Mom and Dad, Uncle Bob and Aunt Lois from Hannover -- North Dakota's "Lake Woebegone!" Where the woman is tired of cooking, the men are playing games, and the children are noisy. We love you and hope you are enjoying the big apple!
—Sara and Greg Zillinger
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