December 16, 2007 - December 22, 2007
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December 22, 2007

To: Adam
Proud of you this Christmas behind the wall in Bethlehem Palestine supporting Christians that have been forgotten. We'll miss you singing Morning Star. Love, Mom & Dad
—Rick Stamm

To: Charlie Cole
Happy 60th Birthday! Professor, Ski ranger, tutor, piano player, great husband and great father. You didn't want a big deal made of it, so we got tickets for your favorite radio personality instead. Love, Your Family (Mary Lou, Michael, Allison)
—Mary Lou Cole

To: Connie and Bill Stine
Happy 36th Wedding Anniversary. Gee, we have certainly enjoyed sharing our life and family with both of you - looking forward to many more fun times. The Cole Family
—Mary Lou Cole

To: David Abramson
If you can't be in the midwest, the mid-west comes to you via the PHC Christmas Show, so glad we are seeing the show together. Happy Birthday with Love.
—Alison Hudak

To: Mom and Dad Burns
Hi Mom and Dad! Merry Christmas! I can't wait to be home with you and the family enjoying this special time together! On that note, could you please send money so I can get home! Let's face it, it wouldn't be Christmas with out me! Thanks so much. I love you - even if you don't send the money! See you soon, I hope! Love Your favorite daughter, Marie Louise
—Marie Burns

To: Joe Starr
Happy 6th Wedding Anniversary from northern Iraq. We'll get to spend our anniversary together one of these years. I love and miss you. I'll see you in New Zealand for R&R in a couple months.
—Sarah Bammel

December 21, 2007

To: Matt
We will always remember the good times at the Boyd Theater. Its been in Bethlehem from vaudeville to The Heartbreak Kid. Greetings to you and your beautiful bride from your old South Side compatriots turned Southerners,
—Ken and Ann Tsang

To: Ken
From Bethlehem to Kalamazoo to Oxford to Naples -- a Lehigh love affair almost 17 years in the making. Loving you even more by the decade. Your wife,
—Annemarie Connor

To: Alan
The pepparkakor and spritz are hot out of the oven, and the coffee's on. I saved you a few pecan dreams, too. God Jul from your sister
—Lesley Swanson

To: Mrs. Shoemaker
Hello to my 6th grade reading teacher! I'm here in the audience in Bethlehem and want to remind you about that extra credit you promised, for seeing a real live author!
—Lianna Bickhard

To: David Anderson
For a Swede from North Dakota, you've adapted pretty well to East Coast life with a Steel Magnolia! Still yours after 27 years, and looking forward to at least 27 more...
—Rebecca Symmes

December 20, 2007

To: Susan DeLongis
For Susan in Chicago, You took me through your life, I embraced it, and did not judge. We experienced a wave, you touched me deeply. You called me your Angel. I fell in love. Where are you? I Am Still Here.
—Arthur Romano

To: Libby
Happy 12th Birthday to our Solstice baby. It's a good thing you love the snow. Glad we could get those braces off in time for your big day.
—Julianne (mom and dad) Dean Anderson

To: Cate Brewer
Dearest Cate, On this, our anniversary, it does not seem possible to love you more than I did that day 10 years ago, but I do and I thank you for each moment since then. Love, Matt
—Matthew Brewer

To: Loraine Weiss
Loraine Weiss- Happy 60th Birthday, Mom, on December 22nd. I checked with the pastors at East Hills Moravian Church in Bethlehem, and they said that attending the live broadcast at Zoellner Arts Center on your birthday counts as a lovefeast, so we can skip church on Sunday and also the Christmas eve services. Enjoy the weekend off.
—Candace Weiss

December 19, 2007

To: Susan and Dave Morrison
I'm saying Merry Christmas to you both. Mostly becaase I know you're listening. I miss you now that you live in Maine and we live in Bethlehem,PA. We haven't seen each other since we worked in NYC. Let's keep in touch better huh?
—joanna Lovell

To: Adam Kelsey
Happy anniversary darling. I'm yours, always and forever.
—Yun Hui Wang

To: Val & Mark
This is our first Christmas with out Daddy II but I can still hear his beautiful bass singing 'O Holy Night' in the choir. Love Diana
—Diana Daskalos-Chesny

December 18, 2007

To: St. Paul's Lutheran Church in Collingswood, NJ
Hi everyone! Thank you for checking in and taking care of my folks after mom's surgery. Internship is going well and I haven't been put in any more dunk tanks much to my confirmation classes dismay. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas and I will see you all this summer.
—Laura Esposito

To: Christian Long
To Christian in Oshkosh On the webcam, you looked like a hairy creep. I hope you shave before going to Tokyo or you will scare the Japanese! Your mother in Lancaster PA
—Jacqueline Long

To: Godfrey Daniels
"Greetings to all of our friends at Godfrey Daniels on Fourth Street who couldn't get tickets to the show but are faithfully listening to the broadcast. We'll stop over for carols and Christmas cookies after the show."
—Mark Gibson

To: Chris Hanley
For the little girl from Broken Bow, Nebraska you've come a long way chasing your most adoring lover. XXXOOOXXX Your Loving Husband Hamilton, New Zealand Told you I'd take you to the ends of the earth!!! All my love, all the time, and for all time.
—Richard Hanley

December 17, 2007

To: Ted
Happy 50th birthday, I guess all those years raising me on public radio have finally paid off!
—Valerie Meiss

To: Father Ronald P. Bowman
To bad your commitment to God had you miss the live show in Bethlehem ... Merry Christmas
—John Semanchick

To: Kay & Aden
We know you're listening, sipping tea by the woodstove in your Wisconsin woods! All your friends at Moravian Theological Seminary send our warmest holiday greetings!
—Jane Burcaw

December 16, 2007

To: Wes
You are my favorite snow shoveler! I also think you are pretty cute in that wool coat. Love, the snow leopard
—Leslie Jaimes
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