March 2, 2008 - March 8, 2008
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March 8, 2008

To: Becky
I miss being home with you and the family. Wish i could be up in Orinda with you on this nice spring day. Love Lisa
—Lisa Winter

To: David Andersen
I hate being it!!
—Joni O'Donnell

To: Joni
To the little girl in the yellow dress who is too far away from me right please never forget that: "Tag! You're it!"
—David Andersen

To: Emily
Dear Emily, Flag football season's here. Make some great plays and don't get 'pantsed'! Coach T.J is watching. Love, Mom
—Kate Poage

To: Craig
Happy 13th can't wait until NY city April 5th for the PHC show, from your girl in Pratts Hollow geographical center of NY state! Love
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Marlene Plaisance
Grandma hope your enjoying the show! Remember: Don't forget your coat! Love Cami and Caitlin
—Cami Plasiance

March 7, 2008

To: Rich Stein
Rich,happy birthday. 56 years old and still much better than most of these jokes. I love you, your very lucky wife
—Phyllis Genest-Stein

To: nick stevens
the world of music welcomes you back from your space travel, thanks for waking from your coma, how many can do that so artfully!?
—john berry

To: Bill
Happy 9 month wedding anniversary, from Liberia! Can't wait to be back listening to PHC with you next Saturday. All my love,
—Nancy Stafford

To: Andy and Kay(aka "Tyke")
Happy Big Seven-O to both my husband on the 15th and my "older" sister on the 18th whose birthday I have shared for the last 66 years.
—Alice Durkin

To: jane
William Augustas and Fannie Lee Steen picked much cotton during their lifetime in addition to raising 3 fine kids. Those remaining, Elizabeth, Frances, and William are having a gala reunion this weekend on the gulf coast.
—joe o'mara

To: Melissa
Wishing myself a happy 28th birthday in Bemidji, despite being home alone, sick with the flu and missing my loved ones in Shakopee, Mankato, Madison, and Superior.
—Melissa Pond

March 6, 2008

To: Mom
Friday March 7th Show Happy 70th Birthday Mom who is with her favorite husband and daughter in the audience listening to some of her favorite jokes. The best joke is that a good German girl is still smiling after over 40 years with a Norwegian Lutheran boy!
—Kari Bostrom

To: Tim
Five years ago today you knelt in the snow and asked me to marry you. That was very brave -- especially since we were standing on a cliff. Thank you.
—Karen Sutherland

To: Karl & Ellie
Congratulations on your 6 month anniversary and being freshmen at St Olaf.  May your future be great like your past.Love - Mom, John, Kristiana, and Remmy
—Debbie Lapo

March 5, 2008

To: Emmit and Andrew Loughney
Welcome home Emmet and Andrew. May you grow strong and dream big. Go see the world and believe that you can change it. Love, Uncle Chris and Uncle Michael
—Chris Pratt

To: Ginny "Nanna" Brodeen
Nanna, 55 years old. 55 chevy. Good luck with that. Wisconsin Willy sends his love.
—Patty Maher

To: Bruce & Marilyn Reiter
Flying out of Las Vegas tomorrow and looking forward to seeing you guys for Saturday's PHC broadcast and dinner at Kincaid's afterwards.
—David & Carol Peace

March 4, 2008

To: Carla and Allan Schneeberger
Thanks for listening to the joke show with us tonight, we told you you'd like it. If nothing else it beats watching the Minnesota winter wind blow over the snowdrifts!
—Chrissy and Tim Bayless

To: KK and Steve-o
Thank you for painting my bedroom. Please don't make me ride the bus when I come home next week. I love you both.
—Hannelore McElheny

March 3, 2008

To: Bruce & Marilyn Reiter
Really looking forward to attending this Saturday's broadcast at The Fitzgerald with you guys and breaking bread afterwards !
—David & Carol Peace

March 2, 2008

To: Papa and Mama
Congratulations on your 70th wedding anniversary! You are such a good example to all of us.
—Steve Sywulka

To: Mikkel and Suzie Hong
Congratulations to Mikkel and Suzie on their beautiful leap year baby - Clementine Ann! Sending love from San Francisco - Casey and Pablo
—Casey Federico

To: Dain Lyngstad
(***FOR 3/15/08) Congratulations to my favorite sailor for your first birthday on land since you joined the Navy. This time next year we'll be getting ready to go back to Minnesota. Your Queen loves you!
—Megan Rooney

To: Trailer Park Phil
Greetings Phil, and to your canned jokes!
—Lauren Trent
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