April 6, 2008 - April 12, 2008
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April 12, 2008

To: Nghiem
Pookie, There is no one else I'd rather travel through life, love, and New Jersey with. I can't wait to marry you on April 26. Always yours, Amanda
—Amanda Best

To: Beth Wirth
Beth, Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday. For these reasons, April is forever my favorite month. Love, Court
—Court Wirth

To: Mom and Dad
Hey, hows it going in the front of the car? It's fine back here. LOVE YOU!
—Rachel Trieble

To: Sean
I don't even remember what we were fighting about. I still love you too. You still make me tingle all the way to my toes when you kiss me, even after almost 7 years.
—Jennifer Richardson

To: Grandpa Arnold
April 13th. The best brithday ever. We love you. From your favorite oldest daughter, your favorite middle daughter and your favorite youngest daughter.
—Diana Shaul

April 11, 2008

To: Lori & Sean
Lori & Sean, Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter, Jaylee. Can't wait to spoil her like her sister!! Dad.
—James A. Heath

To: BoB & Linda Schiefer
Bob & Linda Schiefer we wish you were here with us. Next time we will get four tickets! love Matt & Carissa
—Carissa Houppert

To: Amanda
Ryan and I can't wait for you to arrive. Maybe we can finally finish that card game.
—Jeb Knight

To: Sara Nicholas
To Mom: Wishing you a joyeux anniversaire from France and wishing I was there to celebrate it with you...because I feel really bad about leaving you alone with just Dad and the dog. Sorry again about that.
—Tess Herzenberg

To: Marlene O'Connell
Happy Birthday Marlene. You're the limit.
—Tim O'Connell

To: Tara Amari
Hello Tara, Thank you so much for all your kind patience and loving embraces as we embark on our first year as husband and wife. i love you more than my silly words and goofy smile can ever convey.
—mike amari

To: Sandy
Happy birthday from me to you. From Guangzhou, China to Iowa U. I miss you much and I hope you miss me, too.
—Victor Marz

April 10, 2008

To: Nathan and Jen
So how's the food in New York? And did you get to see the film preview for Hangar No. 5? Pretty cool, eh? Have a great time together!
—Tom and Sheila Matsuda

To: Dalia and Lewis
Happy 34th Anniversary! And have a great time in Shreveport! Love, your kids
—Abby, Boaz, Tamar Reisman

To: Bob and Linda
At Town Hall, front row. If I close my eyes its almost as good as it is on the pourch. I can hear the crickets now.
—Matt Schiefer

To: Dan & Cosette
Happy Birthday to the hardy "Hibbing-ites". Hope you dug out and will live to tell the tale.
—Kaydi Johnson

April 8, 2008

To: Shelley
Happy 37th anniversary. I will love you forever and still get warm and fuzzy when I hear your sweet voice, Your hubby George
—George C Fahrlender

To: Daniel
My sweetheart, my love, my joy! You are my soul mate, and we will forever be together in my heart. Your smile makes my heart leap! Your cowgirl loves you.
—Franziska Brauer

To: Jason
Jason from Queens by way of Austin, TX (who will be in the audience on the April 12 '08 live show at Town Hall) - back from Iraq - we missed you and glad you are back safely! Love all those who care about you!
—Rob Imig

To: Jan Sonnek Green
To my beautiful Minnesota gal Jan Although several thousand miles separate us with me in the UK and you being needed by your family in Minnesota for a while listening to PHC on line makes me feel like you are by my side. I look forward to your safe return back into my arms on the 21st April. British Bill Green PS Hello to the Sonnek clan and everyone else who knows us on both sides of the pond.
—Bill Green

April 7, 2008

To: Philip
Ten years ago we married on a mountain in Malibu. Today we're making a life in England. What a wonderful adventure it's been. You'll always be my favourite travelling companion.
—Susan Cozzolino

To: Ron Angres
Hope you heard the Jean Redpath songs - I wouldn't have known to listen if not for you
—Christina Paige

To: James
Next Monday you begin a new chapter in your life as you start with the VA. I am so proud to be your wife and will always be by your side.
—Annetta kastner

April 6, 2008

To: Annie Petrie
Thank you so much for marrying me 39 years ago today (April 12). It is a joy to be your husband. I love you, Always and Forever.
—Jerry Petrie

To: Mom, Dad and Rags
I tried to think of something funny to say in case they decide to read this on the show. I miss you guys, I'll be home in a few weeks to annoy the dog and help out with the garden.
—Brittany Bugge

To: Pat
Here's hoping you never highlight your hair. I appreciate you just as you are! Sending you all my love....
—Kate Macaluso
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