April 13, 2008 - April 19, 2008
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April 19, 2008

To: David
I think the 2005 vintage matzoh will be ok again this won't know the difference.
—Carla End

To: Michael Taylor
I've enjoyed the times we listened to Prairie Home Companion together; they are some of my favorite memories. Good luck going back to Indiana. I'm sure you'll have a great time.
—Staci Shank

To: Jules Campbell, aka. Dad
Hope thesis writing went well and your reviewers are helpful. After 20-plus patents, a thesis defense will be a walk in the park! Love from your little sweet pea.
—Jen Campbell-Allison

To: Bronwyn
Keep up the hard work at Sunnyview in Schenectady. Give all the doctors, nurses and therapists heck, but please stop kicking grandmom in the head. Love from, Betsy & Andy
—Betsy Donovan

To: Margie Kuchinski
Hello to Margie and Fritz in Albany! Keep baggin' four-thousand footers! Love from Harry and Monty.
—MaryBeth Tabacco

April 18, 2008

To: Paige Hood
Happy Birthday!
—Justin Greene

To: mom & dad
We finally made it. We can scratch this off of my "bucket list". from Columbia, South Carolina

April 17, 2008

To: Richard and Geri Martinsen
from Pennsylvania to Wyoming we congratulate you both on 50 years of wedded bliss and send our love, can't wait to see you in June!
—chris ,kim, Lindsey sauers

To: Marion King
Happy 90th birthday to our favorite east St. Paul Mom with the candy-floss hair, Marion King. We love you. From all in your Royal Court.
—Randy & Shirley Kopp

To: Marion King
Happy 90th birthday to our favorite east St. Paul Mom with the candy-floss hair, Marion King. We love you. From all in your Royal Court.
—Shirley J Kopp

To: Bernice
Happy 5th anniversary to a beautiful and inspiring woman. Mother to our daughter. Bass player to our band. Cloth diaper guru to the community. I can't wait for the next 50 years. I am glad to be spending tonight with you in the Spa City.
—Bryan Hembree

April 16, 2008

To: Craig
Happy 13th wedding anniversary. Loved our trip to NYC to see the show, it was great! Almost as much as I love you.
—Mary Lou Jackson

To: Jerry Bogart
Happy 4th Anniversary Hon! Thanks for driving your life away with me in the big rig. We're living the dream! I don't know who's dream it is, but we're living it! Oodles and Bundles of Love.....
—Ruth Bogart

To: Mom and Dad
Love you very much and I hope to see you soon. P.S. estimated GPA of 3.25
—Stephanie Whitsett

To: sue
Thank you for the wonderful 50 years of our marriage , our 3 sons and the 6 grandkids.
—tom williams

April 15, 2008

To: Joanne Lindberg
I'd be sitting in an apartment somehwere screaming at the curtains if I hadn't met you. Happy Anniversary! Love ya.
—Charles Lindberg

To: Kynn Wilson
Happy 58th Birthday, May 19th.
—Jack Wilson

To: Elissa Thompson
Eia, Listening to the radio instead of writing your papers, little sister- me too! Your sister in London, Sarah
—Sarah Thompson

To: Andrew
Hi Sweetie! I am so lucky to have you. You are amazing!!
—Sandra Freborg

April 14, 2008

To: Blaine DeLancey
Your fiance and friends would like to wish you a very happy 27th birthday, remember: its not the end of the world!
—Lysander DeLancey

To: Pat Jandel
Looking forward to seeing you when you visit your daughters (et al) in Atlanta. I can't believe Mary Ellen is still bringing in our 83 year old Mom as a ringer in her golf tournament.
—Jean Jandel

To: Happy 14th Anniversary Mike
They say it's all about the ride-Hindsight, I see how mad-dash-crazy you were for me to come round and see the light. And you were fine hanging out with me playing pool, drinking beer on Fridays, it was all you had-it was I who needed convincing. But when my sorry-excuse-for-a-car needed fixing, when all I had was you, there you were waiting, biding time, just waiting until I was ready. I'm glad
—JoEllyn Belka

To: kate
Happy 12th Birthday - she is here tonight -(4/19) from Mom ,Dad and your wonderful older brother Jack.
—john burns

To: Jeb and Ryan
Can't wait to get to there and see your smiling faces-- the only thing better than April in Paris is April in New York.
—Amanda Fickett

April 13, 2008

To: Benjamin Alexander
Your 15 trips around the sun Sure have been a lot of fun Don't mean to make a birthday fuss But we're glad you're riding here with us. From Lizo and the gang.
—Rick Toyne

To: Riagan
Hey wee one, happy 1st birthday! You grew so fast, and you're such a blast! We love you, Daddy, Mommy, McKinney and Aodhan
—Susan Fry
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